Rent A Girlfriend Characters & Personnalities Explained

Kanojo Okarishima’s Rent A-Girlfriend is a controversial and emotionally charged rom-com. This romcom is different from any other. It is able to divide anime fans like none other. It is possible to disagree or agree with anyone online or with Otaku friends.

Despite Kanojo Okarishimasu’s fantastic storytelling style, the real strength in Kanojo Okarishimasu’s stories is its characters. We cannot get enough of their characters.

Miyajima (author of Rental Girlfriend), has done an amazing job creating characters that are beloved and loathed in anime.

Rent A Girlfriend Characters & Personnalities Explained

Hire a GirlfriendPerhaps the most beloved series in the genre. The story is about Kazuya Kinoshita, who was dumped by her girlfriend of one month. It also shows how he uses an app called “rent-a girlfriend” to get help. This section is where he meets Chizuru Mizuhara. She is an attractive young girl who works at the rental company and whom he initially doesn’t like. Things become more complicated when Kazuya, Chizuru, and their renters begin to feel more themselves.

Kazuya Kinoshita:

Kazuya Kinoshita

Kazuya is the main character of anime. He is a cowardly pervert, and wants to live a life that deceives without ever taking responsibility.

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Kazuya lives independently and is at University. However, he does not have a part-time job. He survives solely on the support of his parents.

He is proud of his accomplishments and sometimes imposes his selfish views upon others. Kazuya has never been influenced by his girlfriend from university. He preferred to pervert Mami than to develop an understanding and feelings of love for each other.

A month later, he lost his first girlfriend and was left in deep despair. Kazuya rents a girl through a Rental App every day to help him feel better. This allows him to develop a romantic relationship with Chizuru.

Kazuya was a self-centered individual who followed his own path. Kazuya was a selfish person who never had a conversation or considered social nuances. This meeting changed his perspective and enabled him to accept responsibility for his actions.

Chizuru Ichinose:

Chizuru Ichinose

Kazuya is a selfish person with poor grades. However, Chizuru has outstanding grades. Chizuru is a brilliant student, with amazing grades and a loving personality. His kindness will melt hearts.

She is an actress who has the talent, personality, and brains to be a star. She uses the alias Mizuhara to hide her true identity on the Rental Girlfriend App.

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Chizuru began her career as a Renting Ladyfriend to improve her acting skills, and to make enough money to pay tuition. Chizuru looks very simple on college campuses. Chizuru is a confident and calculating individual when she’s not in Rental Girlfriend mode.

She is sincere about her feelings and firm with people she doesn’t love. She looks up to her grandfather and is hardworking.

Chizuru doesn’t care about what others think of her. She will never change her beliefs, so long as they are right.

Sumi Sakurasawa:


Sumi is a first-year college student with a timid personality. Chizuru was her first Rental Girlfriend. Chizuru introduces Sumi Kazuya, her first client, to her because she’s new. Sumi can communicate better.

She is calm, shy, soft-spoken, and calm. Sumi is shy and cannot speak. Sumi was very shy and could not speak even when she was able spend some time with Kazuya her rent girlfriend.

Sumi is determined, despite the difficulty, to overcome it.

Sumi, a Rent-A–Girlfriend Character is a perfect example of a shy but strong-minded character. She is the only character to possess pure motivations.

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Mami Nanami


Mami was Kazuya’s first girlfriend. Mami was her first girlfriend. She didn’t have any experience dating. In high school, she briefly dated two men but ended up splitting with them.

In their freshman year, she was in a relationship with Kazuya. However, she ended the relationship a month later claiming that she had found a better guy. Mami also blocked Kazuya on Twitter, but kept a friendly relationship with him at campus.

She believed that Kazuya would not be able to find another girl to date due to his unusual behavior. Kazuya, a pretty girl, was invited to a party and introduced himself as his new girlfriend. Mami was unhappy and finally she revealed her true self.

Mami may appear to be a sweet little girl, but Mami is actually an addictive personality that can manipulate and connive great deals.

Ruka Sarashina:

Ruka Sarashina

Last but not the least, SarashinaRuka, one our most beloved Rent-A-Girlfriend character. Ruka is very different to the other characters. She doesn’t pursue her dreams and isn’t trying to conquer insecurities. She is unable to feel emotions because of her heart condition.

Ruka started her career as a renter’s girlfriend to try and find a man who would make it beat faster. She was a high-schooler who tried many things, even though it was more difficult than others.

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That was until she met Kazuya. Ruka had the unique opportunity to meet Kazuya. Ruka’s heart rate was faster when he met Kazuya. He also treated her with respect.

Ruka fell in love Kazuya. He was even forced by her to be her trial boyfriend.

Mini Yaemori

Mini Yaemori

Mini is a tireless researcher and has a passion for learning. Mini can sometimes act on impulse to her disadvantage. Mini can be impulsive, rude and blunt. Mini is a confident and friendly character in anime.

Get a girl friend to rentThis anime and manga series has been airing since 2017.

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