Selkie My Hero Academia : Everything You Need To Know

Selkie My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, Selkie Is a professional hero, and captain of the Oki Mariner.

Appearance Selkie

Appearance Selkie

In Mha, Selkie is muscular and has a grey beard. His costume is a diving suit with yellow goggles and retractable flippers, as well as a stylised “S”, on his shoulder.

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Personnality Selkie

Personnality Selkie

In My Hero Academia, Selkie is confident, kind, and professional. He prioritizes his hero’s job and protects his team. To the dismay of his henchmen, he tends to be cute despite his masculine appearance. He can still be very tough when necessary.

Histology Selkie

Hero Killer Showdown Arc

Hero Killer Showdown Arc

In Mha, Selkie, who is aboard the Oki Mariner, shouts at Sirius And Tsuyu Asui about slacking off but later apologises for his “cute personality” and sets sail to pursue a group of stowaways accused of stealing cargo from a trade boat. Selkie and Tsuyu leave Sirius and Tsuyu behind when they find the criminal ship.

He and two of his henchmen investigate the ship, but are soon trapped by Innsmouth’s lackeys. Selkie later returns to action when Tsuyu sends a distress signal using Sirius’s radio. Selkie learns that Innsmouth blinded Sirius and Tsuyu with his ink. However, Selkie uses her echolocation to defeat the villain. The stolen items are later returned to Selkie, who claims she will be a great heroine one day. A heroine is the hero.

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Abilities Selkie My Hero Academia

Abilities Selkie

Spotted Seal – Gomahuazarashi Gomafuazarashi: Selkie’s gift allows him to do everything a spotted seal can, including being able to breathe underwater. It also grants him greater strength than a human. Echolocation is also possible when crossing dark waters or when his sight becomes obscured during combat, such as during his fight against Innsmouth.

Super moves

  • Selkie Punch (serukipanchi Seruki Panchi ? Selkie uses his Gift to punch his opponent in his face.



The Hero Killer

  • Tsuyu Asui, Sirius & Selkie vs. Innsmouth: Victory


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