Setsuna Tokage Mha : Everything You Need To Know

Setsuna Tokage Mha

In Mha, Setsuna Tokage is a Class 1-B student in Yuei High School. There, she trains to be a Pro Hero.

Appearance Setsuna Tokage Mha

Appearance Setsuna Tokage Mha

This girl is medium-built with large, green eyes and sharp teeth. She also has long, dark hair.

The Hero costume includes a blue-skinned jumpsuit with matching mask, black boots and orange fingerless gloves. It also has a three-ring collar, a cuff with three rings, and a belt that features a jewel as a clasp.

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Setsuna is confident, talkative and very assertive. Setsuna is one of few Class 1_B students who seems to have no baggage for Class 1_A.

She is also a good listener, astute, and thinker. Her classmates regard her as reliable and responsible. She is uncompromising and serious in combat.

Skills Setsuna Tokage Mha

Skills Setsuna Tokage Mha

Her classmates say that she has the highest level of skill and is considered the best in her class. She is considered a multi-purpose fighter, and her Quirk makes it possible to track and trace with great accuracy.

She is a highly recommended student and is confident in her abilities. This is why she is respected by her peers. She is an extremely talented and creative student who is considered to be one of the most gifted in her generation.

She is a brilliant thinker and strategic thinker. Her goal is to be unpredictable. To distract her enemies and to keep the area under her control, she uses her Quirk strategically. She considers all factors to attempt to dominate the situation.

She is obsessed with organization and detail, but lacks creativity and adaptability.

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Sport festival saga

  • Yuei High School sports festival/first year phase
  • Obstacle race
  • Battle of the Cavalry

Forest Training Camp Saga

  • Quirk Training Camp
  • Genesis Team Invasion

School Festivalsaga

  • Yuei High School Festival

Reunited Learning Saga

  • Reunited Training Battle
  • Fourth round: Reunited training battle

Saga of the Research Agency

  • Schoolwork by Hero Round Two

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