Ryuko Tsuchikawa Mha: Everything You Need To Know

Ryuko Tsuchikawa Alias Pixie Bob My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, Ryuko Tsuchikawa is a professional heroine and a member of the hero group Wild Wild Pussycats.

Personality Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Personality Ryuko Tsuchikawa

In Mha, Pixie-Bob is a highly hyperactive and loud individual, who has no regard for how she might appear to others.

Also, in mHa, Pixie-Bob is averse to those who aren’t educated about her team or herself and to those who do not agree with her views. In the event that Izuku refers to her age and says that their team boasts 12 years experience, they hits him and forces him to acknowledge that she has the age of 18 in her heart.

Personality Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Although she is older enough to get married and still not yet married, she’s determined to find a new partner. Mandalay states that Pixie-Bob appears to be attracted by young men, as she’s portrayed as slightly flirtatious with Izuku, Katsuki, Shotoand Tenya because they are all hopeful for a for the future of heroes.

Despite her crazy ways Pixie-Bob has demonstrated she can to manage her eccentricity and speak as a normal human. He even said Eijiro Kirishimaand Denki Kaminari strangers for acting oddly as they ate dinner. Pixie-Bob also expressed great regret in discussing Kota’s history.

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Appearance Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Appearance Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Ryuko is an attractive woman who has an athletic physique. Her blonde hair falls to her waist with long fringes that wrap around some of her forehead. She also has green eyes.

As with the rest of her group She wears an animal-themed hero costume and the same light blue shirt like a marching band uniform, that shows her stomach; a big frill skirt and blue tail that has darker blue stripes, an orange belt that has small pockets and a buckle that resembles an animal print that has blue cushioning; big gloves with claws that resemble white cat paws, blue boots that have white vertical stripes, and faux fur in white over the their tops; as well as a type of helmet that has headphones with protrusions shaped like cat ears, and blue glasses with rims. There is also a tiny blue spot on his cheeks.

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Skills Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Skills Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Earthflow Her Gift allows Her to alter the Earth, and create fragile creatures made from earth. They are what she refers to as earth beasts.

Super moves

  • Earth Beast Pixie Bob uses her gift to create a range of gigantic, golem-like creatures. Since they aren’t natural animals, gifts that only impact animals, such as Animal Voice have no effect on the creatures.
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EQUIPMENT Ryuko Tsuchikawa

EQUIPMENT Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Feline gloves: The gloves are retractable, allowing him to use claws that can scratch and attack the adversary.

Audiophiles The feline-like ear-shaped headgear and headphones is a great way to talk with the teammates of his team.

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CURIOSITIES Ryuko Tsuchikawa

CURIOSITIES Ryuko Tsuchikawa
  • His name has the word kanji which means “earth” (Tu tsuchi ? ), “stream” (Liu kawa ?) “stream” (Liu kawa?) “flow” (Liu ryu ? ).
  • His name as his hero, just like those of his teammates originates from a breed cat.
  • “Pixie Bob’s” Latin American voice actress, Gabby Villanueva, is also a character Fuyumi Todoroki along with Uwabami.

School excursion

School excursion

Pixie-bob is first seen when she introduces herself. She along with her teammate, Mandalay. They are trying to introduce themselves as part members of the Pussycat team, but they get interrupted by a student Izuku Midoriya who recognizes that they are Pussycats as well and tells their story.

Mandalay informs students in Class 1-A of the possibility that they’ll be staying at the foot of a mountain owned by them They have 3 hours to travel to the summit with their gifts however they like and those who fail to arrive before 12:30 pm are not allowed to eat lunch until after they realize that they haven’t arrived at their destination , and the fact that their education began and members of the Wild Wild Pussycats team as their instructors.

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School excursion

Students in Class 1-A attempt to get out, however Pixiebob uses his ability to cause an erupting landslide, which leads to Class 1-A falling into the forest , which is known as”the “forest of magical beasts” and must cross in order to reach the bottom. 1. Aizawa is released from the Pussycats to be the primary portion of the camp for training and then retreats back to the base in the mountains.

Aizawa quits the Pussycats to assume the first section of Class 1-A’s Training camp, and then retreats towards the camp’s base, which is in the mountains. The group of heroes and Kota decide to go back to the base while the students are engaged in navigating it through the forests. 2. Later that day, at around 5 p.m., Aizawa leaves the Pussycats to oversee the first part of the Class 1-A training camp and heads back into the mountain base.

School excursion

The next day, at 5:20pm, once the class reached the base, Pixie-bob reveals that he was thinking that they would take longer to arrive and he lauds the group for being able to comprehend the land animals so quickly and swiftly. Pixie-bob also lauds Izuku, Tenya, Shotoand Katsuki for their quick actions against the ground creatures. He concludes that it’s because they’ve already had the rage of villains. Pixie-bob starts to think about the possibilities they’ll attain in three years. Pixie-bob becomes exuberant.

In the next scene in the hot springs Izuku is able to save Kota from an accident and transports Kota unconscious to Mandalay’s office Pixie-bob shows up and informs Izuku Kota’s parents were heroes. However, they perished their lives in the process. Pixie-bob shares a portion of Kota’s story. Two years ago, the parents of Kota sacrificed their lives to protect civilians from evil. In the end, they suffered a heroic death. Kota’s parents were honored and honored for their brave actions.

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School excursion

But, Kota was devastated as his parents were everything to him. He was devastated because he felt his parents had abandoned them and decided to complete their work rather than letting him choose in the aftermath of this, Kota began to dislike heroes. Pixie-bob informs Izuku that they know that Kota dislikes her or Mandalay because they are heroes, however since there are no other relatives He feels obligated to obey and follow them.

The following day, she is along with her team to introduce them and their gifts for Class 1-A as well as Classes 1-B which had just arrived with the intention of helping them with their learning, and in the case of Pixie-bob, she says that she uses her gift to provide the right environment for everyone’s training.

School excursion

Then, at the end of training she as well as Ragdoll talk to the students who are exhausted and say that fatigue is not a reason to stop having the ability to cook, in this instance, curry, and leave the class exhausted.

Then, when the class is over after the training is completed, the duo of Ragdoll speak to the students exhausted with the claim that tiredness is not a reason to excuse not having the ability to cook, as in the case of curry. The class is then left with the ingredients needed, and requiring them to find how to cook curry.

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School excursion

The third day is when the third day, a “test of courage” is planned for midnight, where one or more classes as in this case Class 1-A, has to go on a adventure in pairs, while Classes 1-B using gifts must “scare” them as best they can in the time of 15 minutes. The test will go through as normal up until the time they’re attacked by an armed group from the League of Villains.

The test proceeds as normal up until the time they’re attacked by an organization that is part of the League of Villains. Pixie-bob becomes unconscious following an injury to the head. 8] Following Katsuki’s abduction Pixie-bob is abducted to The League of Villains.

School excursion

Following Katsuki’s disappearance of vanguard action squad, Vanguard Action Squad, ambulances and firefighters arrive. It is discovered that Pixie-Bob was critically ill following the trauma he suffered to his head. [9] The incident is part of a raid at the hiding place.

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Hide-and-seek Raid

pixie bob mha

Pixie-Bob sustains a head injury during the attack, but does not suffer any further injuries. Following an attack by the Vanguard Action Squad invasion, Pixie-Bob’s taken to the hospital to be treated. A few days later, her wound is healed.

After the loss at the hands of All For One, Tiger returns home with Ragdoll she had abducted. The trio of Pixiebob Tiger along with Mandalay stand at her side while she weeps in denial about the demise of the Gift and the ending of her life as a hero. [10] The tale of Ragdoll’s passing and the ending of her role as a hero.

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