Mha Girl Characters : Our Top 22+ The Sexiest My Hero Academia Girl

Mha Girl Characters

The “Female or girl characters in My Hero Academia (Mha) are very similar to those of the males.

They are formidable competitors in terms of fighting style, ability and fighting style.

We’ve compiled a list with the most sexy “My Hero Academia” women characters.

They will be ranked based not only on their beauty, but also on their personality.

Let’s begin with the ranking and see if our favorite female character makes it to the top.

22. Ryuko Tatsuma (Ryukyu)

Mha Girl Characters My Hero Academia

Our number 10 has been occupied by the hero who became Uravity’s mentor and Froppy his friend. She is in the right place for me because she isn’t too high up on the list, where it is filled with stupidly hot female characters but not too low.

Ryukyu is the perfect size for her body. She’s not too tall or too short. Even though she will be a dragon, her appearance is quite slim. Her outfit isn’t too obvious, which is why she is not considered a sexy woman.

Maybe if she had more opportunities to show her sexiness (and don’t worry, she will have her moment soon), people would appreciate her sexiness more. She will remain here as a hot, female character right now.

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21. Tomoko Shiretoko (Ragdoll)

Mha Girl Characters My Hero Academia

It will be occupied by Wild Wild Pussycats, starting at number 9. Ragdoll would be the first. Ragdoll is very attractive in terms of her body. We couldn’t see her body because she only has limited screen time.

Ragdoll had her quirk taken by All for One. She became depressed and was unable to display her cheerful, energetic personality. Bright personality can increase a woman’s sexiness.

After a while, she was able to return to her normal self. The Ragdoll that we all know is finally back, although there are certainly some scars to be buried.

20. Shino Sosaki (Mandalay)

Mha Girl Characters My Hero Academia

Mandalay is one of the most popular Wild Wild Pussycats. This is an opinion, and you can change the order to suit your preference. Mandalay is, without a doubt, the most popular of her co-stars because she gets the most screen time.

Mandalay is the most bust of the three. Does Mandalay’s big chest mean that she is worthy of the number 7 spot? Well, perhaps? It isn’t wrong to love big bust.

Because it is often forgotten, I also want to mention her physical strength. Remember that Mandalay has telepathy as her quirk. She is strong enough to fight Spinner in hand-to-hand combat. As you may know, I love strong women. This may have influenced Mandalay’s placement at number 7.

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19. Mitsuki Bakugo

Mitsuki Bakugo

It’s easy to please My Hero Academia lovers, especially the boys. All they need is a beautiful female character. This is why there was a moment of peace among anime fans when Mitsuki Bakugo first appeared in the anime.

Mitsuki ages like fine wine. She is the oldest character on the list at the moment, but she still looks great. She is a quirk, and this makes her so beautiful.

Mitsuki’s “Glycerin” quirk is hers. It allows her to secrete Glycerin through her skin. It moisturizes her skin and keeps it healthy, even at age 66. She is a role model for women looking to be beautiful and young despite their age.

18. Fuyumi Todoroki

Fuyumi Todoroki

Shoto’s sister doesn’t look attractive. If you look closely, however, you will notice that she doesn’t wear tight suits like the other female heroes. She is very confident about her body.

Fuyumi is a little boring to be honest. Because she isn’t a hero, she doesn’t get much screen time. She is usually seen in the most heartwarming parts of the series, though she does occasionally appear.

Fuyumi’s story is a great example of how sexiness can be redefined. Many of the female characters in this story have something that will warm our “certain area of our bodies”. Fuyumi does the same thing as them, and she warms our hearts every time we see her.

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17. Camie Utsushimi

 Camie Utsushimi

She is 17 years old. (I checked.) The first time she appeared, this Shiketsu High girl stole the show. Fans, especially the boys, have been excited to see her every time she has appeared since then.

Her most memorable moment was when she was naked in front Deku. Crazy part is that the anime changed Camie’s body to white by censoring it. Horikoshi displayed her skin in the manga and it was a feast for boys.

After that, we discovered that she was Toga Himiko disguised. Some fans believe that Camie will do the same thing as Katsuki and Shoto when she gets the chance. It’s possible, but it is difficult to believe.

16. Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura
Nana Shimura

Shimura Nana is described as a strong woman by her.

She was tall and slender, with a voluptuous frame.

Her skin was fair except for a prominent, small mole beneath her lower lip.

Also, Her eyes were sharp and intelligent, as well as her long eyelashes.

Her dark, straight hair was brushed to her shoulders with the exception of a few long bangs that hang over her forehead.

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She often wore half-up and half-down buns.

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15. Emi Fukukado

Emi Fukukado

Emi is a young lady with an athletic build and visible muscular arms.

Her sea-green hair extends just above her shoulders, and her short, splayed strands are often covered by her bandanna.

Her striking features include her bright, deep green eyes and joyful smile.

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14. Itsuka Kendo

Itsuka Kendo

Kendo Itsuka is a tall and slim girl of medium height.

Itsuka is a long-haired, orange-coloured woman with teal eyes.

Her hair is usually pulled back on her left side.

Just around her eyes, her bangs are split into three clumps.

Her hair is all tangled at the top.

13. Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido My Hero Academia girl

Mina Ashido is also known as pink. She is a class 1-A beauty and one of our favorites. Her figure is curvy, with thick thighs, athletic build, and a curvaceous form.

Also, Her Quirk makes her skin pale and pink, with two horns rising from the top of her head.

Her curly, fluffy locks match her skin color and cover the horn.

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While performing hero activities, she wears a tight-fitting, skin-tightening cap.

She wears a mask that covers her eyes, much like Kendo.

She wears a mask similar to Kendo to protect herself against acid attacks

12. Himiko Toga

himiko toga my hero academia

Himiko Toga, despite being a villainous character is loved by male fans as she is one the most sexiest MHA characters.

She has a wild personality and a messy personality. Blonde hair in two buns. One on each side.

She is often seen smiling with a bright smile.

She wears a schoolgirl uniform, usually with a red scarf and beige cardigan.

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11. Camie

Camie Mha girls

Camie, or Maboromicamie, is a high schooler.

The hourglass shape of her is a draw to most male MHA characters.

Her blonde hair and glossy lips make her attractive.

To school, she wears a dark shirt and dark skirt.

Camie has the same shirt and skirt as Shiketsu High’s all-female Shiketsu High student.

Camie also wears Shiketsu’s signature hat in both her school uniforms and her hero costume.

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10. Nemuri Kayama

Nemuri (Midnight), Our beloved teacher at UA High was sensei.

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They also had a playful rivalry. Mt. Lady.

Her curvaceous features were reminiscent of MHA’s female characters. She had blue eyes and clear skin.

Her hair was purple and spiky with a beauty mark below her left eye.

During her time at U.A., Nemuri’s original attire was more clearly revealed.

She wore a black dog collar and a protective plate covering her breasts.

She was dressed in no undergarments, and she wore a utility belt to hold her whip.

Except for a trench coat, which she wore unbuttoned and high-collared with no collar, she was naked.

The current mask was also different because of her large, angular colors.

9. Ochaco Uraraka – Our Prefered Among Mha Girl Characters

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco draws inspiration from her hero’s naturality.

She is charming and has won over the hearts of her fans.

She is charming and cares deeply for others.

Her bright and cheerful personality makes her beauty more radiant.

It is a pleasure to be able to admire her curvaceous, fair-skinned physique.

She wears a black, skin-tight, full-body costume that is her hero costume. It has a pale pink design at the center of her body, and two black circles at her chest. There’s also a rectangle running between her legs.

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Over her shoulders, there are two more pink spots.

The armbands are dark pink and match her thick choker.

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8. Uwabami


Uwabami is a beautiful, curvaceous woman with long, blonde hair.

Her hair is styled in curly curls on the front and back, with pressed curls at her back.

The golden eyes are made with vertically slit pupils. They are then pressed with a curved plate.

Uwabami’s most distinguishing feature is her three snakes sticking out of her hair (a rattlesnake, a yellow King cobra snake and a Japanese Rat snake).

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7. Yu Takeyama


Yu Takeyama (also known as Mt. Lady MHA is known for her beautiful features such as her purple eyes.

Her purple eyes make a great match. purple skintight bodysuit.

Yu is a young beautiful woman with violet eyes and white pupils.

Her long, elegant eyelashes are elegant. In addition, Her thick, long, and blonde, cream hair extends to her waist.

Her face is framed by two curled, shorter strands that are parted to her right.

Yu has a scar on her left eye from the Paranormal Liberation War.

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6. Mei Hatsume – The Most Creative Among Mha Girl Characters

Mei Hatsume Mha Girl Characters My Hero Academia

Mei is a petite girl but has a mature build.

The length of her salmon pink hair is typically about shoulder-length, but it can vary.

It is styled with thick dreadlocks, side-swept and side-swept.

Her eyes are large, sloped upwards and have some noticeable long upper eyelashes.

They look like scope lenses because they have a cross at their centre.

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5. Cassie (Star and Stripe) – The Most Powerful Among Mha Girl Characters

Cassie (Star and Stripe) sexiest mha girls characters

Jump straight to the woman you want (it’s a manga character so it might contain spoilers). We have warned you. Cassie, the United States’ strongest hero, is known for having a great body.

People who have read the manga will be familiar with her muscular body, which is similar to a bodybuilder. Some people find her body not “sexy” enough. For others, however, a strong, muscular body is a thing of beauty.

Personally, I don’t mind a muscular woman. The healthier she is, the more attractive she is to me. Most of the times. Look at female athletes. They have beautiful bodies because they take care of their health. Cassie is a strong advocate for her body in order to be able to become a great athlete.

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4. Lady Nagant – The Most badass Among Mha Girl Characters

lady nagant sexiest mha girls characters

Lady Nagant was just introduced to the series.

Already, she has created a buzz.

Lady Nagant is tall with curvy brown hair and angled eyebrows.

She wears light boots and a long, dark-sleeved gown.

She also prefers a metallic utility belt in which to keep bullets.

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3. Nejire Hado – The Most Beautiful Among Mha Girl Characters

Nejire Hado Mha Girl Characters My Hero Academia

Nejire is a girl of average height and fair skin.

She is curious and has wide, curious eyes.

Her upper eyelashes are long and thick, and her iris is royal blue.

Her hair is periwinkle, and it reaches her knees.

It curves inwardly around her legs and twists at her waist.

Side-swept bangs are hidden behind her ears, and just above her left eye on her left.

Two short clumps are found on either side her head. One is curved towards her face, the other behind her ear.

The U.A. The U.A.

2. Rumi Usagiyama – The Sexiest Among Mha Girl Characters

Rumi Usagiyama Mha Girl Characters My Hero Academia

Usagawa Rumi is slightly shorter and stronger than the average Rumi.

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Rumi has dark skin, long straight white hair reaching her waist and slightly inwardly tilted eyes.

Rumi’s ears are long and white, with a slight crook at her head.

A white round tail gives her an overall look that is very similar to an albino bunny.

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1. Momo Yaoyorozu – The Most Intelligent Among Mha Girl Characters

Momo Yaoyorozu Mha Girl Characters My Hero Academia

Everything Hero: CreatiMomo is My Hero Academia’s most attractive female character.

She is capable of taking charge and has a sense for dignity.

Momo is tall and mature for her age.

Momo’s Quirk can cause her to gain fat cells so she must be larger than her peers.

The ponytail is for her long, black hair.

On her right side, a large strand hangs.

Her eyes are dark and sharp, and her expression is determined.

Now, we are at the end of our Top 15 My Hero Academia sexiest male characters.

This list shows that women heroes can pack a punch but also steal hearts with the beauty they display.

Pro-heroes have also made their mark.

We’ll be back soon with more articles on “My Hero Academia”. Continue browsing!

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