How strong is Stargirl ?

On May 19, the premiere of the show Stargirl will be on DC Universe. The December teaser trailer featured strong visuals, explosive action, big names like Joel McHale and Luke Wilson. Based on DC Comics’ superhero Geoff Johns and Lee Moder, the show will be filmed.

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DC’s Stargirl: 10 Things To Know Before You Watch The Show

The best screen adaptations are often based on the source material. If the show does its job well, you should be able to learn everything without having to do any research. However, there are some aspects that you might want to look at before you go.

10 Character Inspiration

Stargirl is actually Courtney Whitmore. Name ‘Courtney’, as well as many aspects of the character’s personality and look, were inspired by Geoff Johns, the creator of Stargirl. Geoff Johns was only 18 years old when he tragically lost his sister in the TWA Flight 800 crash of 1996.

Johns says about the character, “Stargirl was obviously named after and inspired my sister Courtney. Stargirl was inspired by Courtney’s spirit and positive energy. It’s celebratory, positive, and forward-looking. It is hopeful that you will see this through as you watch these episodes.

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9 The Star-Spangled Kid

Courtney Whitmore, who is Stargirl in the comics, makes her first foray into heroical action when she assumes the role of The Star-Spangled Kid. Sylvester Pemberton, the original Star-Spangled Kid, made a name for his self fighting nazis during WWII.

Whitmore discovers Pemberton’s Star-Spangled Kid suit, and a cosmic belt while looking through Pat Dugan’s (a.k.a. her step-dad) belongings. She steals the items and puts them on, calling herself “The 2nd Star-Spangled Kid”, to upset Dugan and take revenge for his mother’s marriage.

8 The Staff

Only after Jack Knight, a.k.a Starman, gives Courtney his cosmic toolkit that Stargirl becomes Stargirl and joins The Justice Society of America. Jack Knight is the son and inventor of the staff, Starman Ted Knight. It can manipulate gravity and energy and give its user a variety of powers, including flight, levitation, and telekinesis.

You can also use it to absorb stellar energy. These can take the form of forcefields and devastating beams of power. Staff can form a close bond with their user, and can even receive and respond to mental requests from far away. Stargirl had to work hard to break the previous staff affiliation.

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7 Starman

The TV series seems to have combined the origin stories of Stargirl, The 2nd Star-Spangled Kid and Joel Mchale plays “Sylvester Pemberton/Starman”. This will result in a cleaner origin story that replaces the Star-Spangled Kid by Starman and honors the hero’s role with Stargirl’s birth with the name change.

Sylvester Pemberton, the show’s Nazi-hunter will likely be replaced by Sylvester Knight. He is an intelligent, independent soul who loves antiques and had a difficult relationship with his father, Stargirl.

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6 The JSA

The Justice Society of America, DC’s Golden Age version of what would become The Justice League of America in the Silver Age renovations, was DC’s original iteration of The Justice Society of America. The original lineup included The Flash (Jay Garrick), Green Lantern(Alan Scott), The Atom and Hawkman, The Spectre (The Sandman), Hour-Man, Doctor Fate, and The Atom. Stargirl and Starman would join the JSA later for most of their adventures.

The television show revolves around The JSA and also features rival organization The Injustice Society of America. Many of the cast members are fun, retro versions of classic comic book lines-ups from both organizations.

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5 Shiv and The Dragon King

Whitmore was known as The “2nd Star-Spangled Kid” during Whitmore’s time as The “2nd Star-Spangled Kid”. Her chief foe was Cindy Burman, a.k.a. Shiv, the daughter of The Dragon King, a supervillain. During WWII, the Japanese government employed the Dragon King as an agent. During this time, he discovered The Holy Grail!

The Star-Spangled Kid became increasingly hostile to him, using strategies like the Spear of Destiny to create an army of supersoldiers and, at one point, splicing his DNA to that of a lizard in order to transform into a reptilian humanoid. Although the Dragon King and his daughter are a regular character on the show, their back stories will likely be a bit less dramatic.

4 Solomon Grundy

Stargirl and Solomon Grundy have a personal rivalry. Stargirl’s mentor Jack Knight was driven insane by The Joker’s latest chemicals. It is Solomon Grundy that ultimately kills her. Later, he attacked the JSA headquarters with the head of the statue of liberty.

Stargirl fights Jakeem Thunder to defeat the insane revenant in the streets, sewers and just barely wins. Grundy became obsessed with Stargirl and held grudges. Solomon Grundy isn’t on the show’s roster of characters, but this storyline and relationship may be passed to another.

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3 Face Of The JLA

During what became known as The New 52, DC rebooted many of its comics. We were presented with a new timeline as well as a new Stargirl, who was a member of the government-sanctioned Justice League of America. Amanda Waller, Shady’s government agent, chose Stargirl as the face of the JLA’s public relations campaign.

The JLA was disbanded by The Crime Syndicate, a group of DC villains who had participated in the Forever Evil cross-over event. Stargirl would rejoin Justice League United in a lesser pivotal role.

2 Shazam


Stargirl was in a brief relationship with DC’s Captain Marvel, a.k.a Shazam, during her time in JLA. Although Shazaam was born Billy Batson, the secret identity of Shazaam, Stargirl had a brief relationship with him. However, to all other members of the group, he was clearly a mature man. This caused some controversy with Jay Garrick, a.k.a The Original Flash.

Garrick confronts Shazaam and, being physically unable for him to reveal his secret identity, Shazaam leaves Stargirl and the JSA. After that, there was probably a strange atmosphere at the office.

1 Not-So-Secret Identity

Stargirl is well-known for her carelessness with her secret identity. In Identity Crisis, she admitted that many of her school friends, and even some of her enemies, know who she is. This was her first act of blabbing to Mary, before she realized she would be a superhero. It quickly became a part of her character and some amusing results.

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Justice Society of America #26, the entire JSA arrive at her home and accompany her to the dentist, much to her dismay. It remains to be seen how Stargirl on TV is like her comic counterpart, so the show may give Stargirl a little more credit.

Stargirl: 5 DC Weapons That Are Weaker Than the Cosmic Staff (and 5 More Powerful)

Many fans are excited about the upcoming launch DC Universe’s Stargirl series, especially considering the inclusion of JSA in the series. Courtney Whitmore is a powerful character but not many people are aware of the Cosmic Staff that she uses to fight crime.

The Cosmic staff has a multitude of abilities, including flight, magnetism and energy absorption. It is easy to see why Courtney would choose it as her weapon. Despite being powerful, there are many other weapons that are much more powerful. Here’s a list of five weapons that are weaker that the Cosmic staff, and five that are stronger.

10 Bat-Tech (Weaker)

Despite being a popular Batman in relation to Stargirl his signature Batarang doesn’t have the same power as the Cosmic staff. The staff is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal, no matter how many modifications the tech billionaire makes to it.

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Actually, most of Batman’s equipment isn’t nearly as powerful than the Staff. This means that Batman would have a difficult time taking down Starman and Stargirl. This may seem obvious but Stargirl would have to make a lot of effort to defeat Batman.

9 Nth Metal (More Potent)

Nth Metal, despite being a single substance, is one of the most powerful substances within the DC universe. Although it isn’t as powerful as other weapons, its unique combination of magic and science makes it extremely difficult to use.

It makes a strong, durable weapon that can be used close to the enemy. Nth Metal’s magical properties also make it immune to magic and give its users superhuman abilities. Nth Metal is also far more durable than the Cosmic staff and has different properties that make it more powerful.

8 Soultaker (Weaker).

Although Soultaker is more deadly than the Cosmic staff, it’s still a weaker weapon. Soultaker, technically speaking, is nothing more than an ordinary sword that traps the souls of those it takes in itself.

This weapon can be deadly and extremely dangerous, depending on who is using it. However, the Cosmic staff is far more powerful than this weapon in general. Although Soultaker has taken more lives than the Staff overall, the Staff is still the more powerful weapon.

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7 Trident Of Neptune (More powerful)

The Cosmic Staff is a highly scientifically advanced piece of technology, but the Trident of Neptune has the potential to be the most powerful magical artifact in the DC universe. The Trident is imbued in Atlantean magic and gives its owner all kinds of power, from controlling water currents to altering organic life forms.

Aquaman, the ruler of Atlantis is often depicted as being the sole holder of the Trident. This ensures that the Trident is properly used. Although the Cosmic staff is still a powerful and deadly weapon, its effect is not as great as Aquaman’s Trident.

6 Lasso Of Truth (Weaker)

While Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth is a useful tool, it does not offer much power. Although a magic artifact with powers from the Greek Gods sounds powerful, the Lasso of Truth is often used to find the truth or assist Diana in battle.

The Lasso has its own unique properties, and it is more than just a tool for forcing people to tell truthful stories. The Cosmic Staff has far greater productivity and can be used for nearly any task. While the Lasso is limited to a few, it is still a powerful weapon. Although it is an important artifact in the DC universe, it can no longer be outmatched by the Cosmic Staff in terms of its raw power.

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5 Scarabs (More Powerful).

Scarabs, which are similar to a motherbox, is an advanced sentient technology that was sent by The Reach to aid them in conquering other worlds. The one that had found Dan Garrett and Jaime Reyes has been destroyed. This means that it is no longer able to control the mind of a host.

The Scarab is especially useful in Jaime’s situation. It has given him many offensive and defensive abilities, which can make for some very funny, but also terrifying, possibilities. Although both pieces of tech can do a lot, the Scarabs are clearly the more advanced tech in the DC universe.

4 Cold Gun (Weaker).

Both Mr. Both Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze have accomplished some impressive, but not so good, feats with their Cold Guns. It is understandable that this power can freeze nearly anything in a matter of seconds.

Despite both characters having suffered some very devastating blows to their weapons, the Cosmic Staff is still the most powerful of the two. Despite how devastating these weapons may be, the Cosmic staff simply has the advantage that it can perform a wider range of functions and could prove far more useful in robbing banks.

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3 Mother Box (More Powerful).

Mother Boxes, though they might not appear like much at times are some of the most powerful artifacts within the DC universe. Mother Boxes are sentient, living computers that are often associated with the New Gods. They have all kinds of advanced technological capabilities.

Mother Boxes, like the Cosmic Staff can graft themselves to an organic being to give them all kinds of abilities. Victor Stone, who was a DC character after the New 52, quickly rose to prominence. Cyborg’s inexperience and age are not what holds him back. A Mother Box proves that there are many possibilities.

2 Joker Venom (Weaker)

Joker Venom is the most likely weapon to have killed more people than any other on the list. Since its introduction, Joker Venom was a frequent weapon of choice for The Clown Prince of Crime. It has plagued Batman and Gotham ever since.

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The Staff is, however, still the most powerful weapon in the Cosmic Staff. Joker must also go to great lengths to reach large groups, while the Cosmic staff is easier to use. Despite killing more people, Joker Venom is still not up to the same standards of the Cosmic staff.

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1 Lantern Ring (More Powerful)

Lantern rings are powerful weapons in the DC universe, regardless of whether they’re green, yellow, or red. The color of the Lantern Ring can allow a wearer to tap into a specific emotion and create almost anything they want.

Lantern rings have a wide range of defensive and offensive capabilities. The only limit is the imagination of those who wear them. The Cosmic Staff has many abilities, but it is not as powerful as a Lantern Ring.

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