Supergirl Vs Wonderwoman : Who Would Win ?

The DC Comics Wonder Woman, and Supergirl represent two of the most powerful superheroes in the world. But, should they ever have to face off, which one would win? The Amazonian Princess comes from Themyscira , where the Amazons train and live, while the latter is from Krypton which was the home of Superman and Jor-El. The clear winner is not the DC heroine fans will be pleased with.

By Green AlienX

In-universe, Wonder Woman is older that Supergirl. In All-Star Comics #8, Wonder Woman first appeared in 1941. She was created by William Moulton Marston (and uncredited H.G. Peter, although Wonder Woman wasn’t the first woman superhero, she was the most loved and recognizable. She was created by William Moulton Marston (and an uncredited H.G. While Wonder Woman was not based on any other hero, Supergirl, which was created in 1959, was little more than a feminine version of Superman, at least at the beginning, and was intended to increase sales. Kara Zor-El was a well-known character.

Supergirl and Her Powers

Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl) is a DC Comics Character. She debuted in Action Comics #252, 1959. Al Plastino and Otto Binder created her as a younger cousin to Kal-El, aka Superman.

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The Girl of Steel is a member of the Kara Danvers, Kara Kent and Linda Lang families. After being raised on Argo City (a small piece of Kryptonian planet that survived the initial destruction, which was the one that sent Superman to Earth), her parents sent her to Earth.

Kara was sent to Earth by her parents after a meteor shower destroyed Argo City. She will be cared for and raised by Kal-El, her cousin. Superman and she kept her identity secret. However, she continued to investigate the new powers she gained from absorbing the energy of the yellow Sun.

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Superhuman Strength and Speed

Supergirl is just like Superman. She comes from Krypton a distant galaxy that was destroyed by a disaster. Their alien physiology enabled them to have incredible superhuman abilities and powers that they couldn’t get on Earth.

Krypton’s atmosphere is lighter and more diverse than Earth’s. Our yellow Sun’s energy can be absorbed by both of them to enhance their abilities. They are able to absorb the energy of the yellow Sun, which gives them their superpowers.

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Supergirl is still a teenager and absorbed less energy from the yellow Sun than Superman. Despite having the same powers, Kara has a significantly lower power than Kal-El.

Despite her incredible strength, Wonder Woman is the only woman on Earth capable of matching her power. This fight would not be fair if Kara had as much training in combat and martial arts than Wonder Woman. She’s still very raw and does not have the battle skills or experience of Princess Diana.

Supergirl is not only physically strong, but she also has incredible speed. Supergirl can fly and run at almost the speed of light and can survive in outer space without any help. Kara is able to avoid nearly every attack because of her superhuman reflexes and superspeed.

Invulnerability & Durability

Supergirl never loses hope when she fights – mostly because she doesn’t have any reason to quit. She is practically invulnerable and can withstand and even surpass incredible damage while fighting. She is resilient and has taken down threats far beyond her power. Supergirl never gives up.

Her superhuman abilities mean that she is never tired. This makes her virtually invincible. The Girl of Steel is immune to all types of diseases. But there is a catch.

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Supergirl is not perfect, but some of her weaknesses are right at Wonder Woman’s disposal. Kara Zor-El, for instance, is susceptible to magic (just as Superman), and Wonder Woman is reliant on magic for her power, her abilities, and her weapons.

Supergirl is also susceptible to Kryptonite. Although there aren’t many, Wonder Woman could be the one who can.

Amazing Abilities

Supergirl is almost invulnerable, superstrong and superfast. She also has the ability to fly.

She is able to absorb, manipulate and project Solar energy as well as other forms. This is primarily due to her ocular abilities, which include heat, infrared and X-Ray vision. Her laser beams are capable of melting metal and blasting her enemies far away. They can even cut them in half cleanly if they’re not superhuman.

Her breath can freeze and blow away any object in her path, which gives her another tool to use in combat. Kara is also able to heal herself from injuries.

Wonder Woman and Her Powers

Since her debut in All Star Comic #8 in late 1941, Wonder Woman has been a huge hit. Her real name is Princess Diana. She is an Amazon woman living in Themyscira (an island nation blessed with the gods Mount Olympus), also known as Wonder Woman.

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The Amazons were Princess Diana’s training ground throughout her life. She quickly rose to prominence as their most powerful warrior because of her extraordinary superhuman abilities. We discover that Diana, the daughter of Zeus, is a demigod. She has extraordinary superhuman abilities as well as magical powers.

She’s also an extremely well-trained and experienced warrior with no known weaknesses. This makes her one of the most difficult characters in DC Comics. As a female superhero, she is one of the few that gets the respect they deserve.

Here are her top five qualities.

Ability to be Superhuman/Demigod

As I said, Princess Diana is Zeus’s daughter, which means she is a demigod. This is where the majority of her powers are from, they were granted by Olympus and Zeus.

Her superhuman strength, speed and stamina are unparalleled. She is able to defend herself against any type of damage and can take the most severe hits without being hurt.

Wonder Woman tells Supergirl in one of their comic book encounters that their speed and strength are very similar. Supergirl may be slightly faster and stronger than Diana, but it is not enough to be an advantage.

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Wonder Woman’s superhuman speed and strength is only a small part of her abilities. Her powers go beyond her physical attributes because she is a demigod. Her divine power gives her magic abilities and resistance to magic.

Her enhanced senses and superhuman intellect give her an advantage over anyone.


Wonder Woman is a powerful superhero because she seems to have no weaknesses. Her physical strength and endurance are remarkable, and she can take enormous amounts of damage. However, her magical abilities protect her against any telepathic, mental or magical attacks.

She is nearly unbeatable. A fight against her is not a sprint, but a marathon. Unless she beats you in seconds. Princess Diana is virtually immortal because she is immune to all diseases and heals and regenerates incredibly quickly.

Magical Artifacts

Wonder Woman is a formidable physical force, but the Amazon has access to all sorts of magical and mystical artifacts. Each one is used to its full potential by her.

The Lasso Of Truth is her favorite tool, but it can do much more than just get people talking. Once, she bound Supergirl with it. She rendered her totally unable to move.

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Her magical shield and sword are used often, as well as indestructible bracelets and a magical tiara. Supergirl is known for her weakness in magic. While regular weapons may not be harmful to her, Diana’s magical artifacts render her vulnerable.

Training & Experience

Wonder Woman is now in the lead. Diana, an Amazon, spent her whole life learning combat and martial art, and using magic weapons, artifacts and powers. She is a skilled combatant who has been trained in hand-in-hand combat as well as weapon use.

Diana is a skilled tactician and is very focused on battle. She uses even the smallest errors made by her enemies to her advantage.

Supergirl was trained in Kryptonian martial art as a child, and she still has amazing superpowers. However, her battle skills are far less than Wonder Woman’s. This is why Diana will be the ultimate winner in this fight.

Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman: Who would win and why?

Both Wonder Woman and Supergirl have amazing superhuman abilities. Both have incredible strength, speed and endurance. They also have additional superpowers they can use to their advantage: Supergirl has ocular, energy-manipulation and magical powers. Wonder Woman has divine empowerment, magic and superhuman strength. Who would win?

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Wonder Woman would win if you draw the line. There are many reasons I don’t believe Kara could outmatch Diana.

They have fought many times in comics and Wonder Woman won every time. Supergirl may have more power, but Wonder Woman is more skilled and more adept at combat. Supergirl can use Wonder Woman’s inexperience quickly to incapacitate Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman does not hurt Supergirl in Supergirl #17 but manages to tie her up, incapacitate her and avoids inflicting any damage. Imagine what she could have done if she didn’t hold back.

In one of their encounters Diana also stated that Kara and she are very similar in strength and speed. However, her battle skills and experience are what make Supergirl so formidable and why they could never defeat each other.

Even though Wonder Woman was fighting an evil, bloodlust Supergirl (in Supergirl #38), she still beats her silly with the Lasso de truth. Kara is too emotional and reckless to risk the experience and composure that Diana has.

Their powers are very similar, with Supergirl having more power, while Wonder Woman has the most skill. We can’t look at their weaknesses to decide who wins.

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Wonder Woman seems to have no weaknesses – she is immune to physical and magical harm, heals quickly, and uses her magic abilities to increase those powers even further.

Supergirl is strong and durable, but she also has a few weaknesses. Kryptonite is her biggest weakness. However, it’s difficult to find so it can’t be considered an advantage for Wonder Woman. Supergirl and Superman, however, are vulnerable to magic.

Supergirl can be hurt just as any other opponent, because Diana’s powers are mostly derived from magical sources energy and artifacts. The Girl of Steel may have difficulty finding the weakness in the Amazon warrior.

Supergirl might be able to take on Wonder Woman if she matures, learns how to amplify and use her powers more effectively, and has more experience. If the situation continues as it is, Diana will destroy Kara every time.

Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl: Which would win?

It is safe to say that superhero comics without Wonder Woman would be very different. Wonder Woman was a woman who showed that even though she was a superhero, there were still men out there. She was quickly a member of the DC Comics Big Three, and is one the most formidable superheroes.

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Supergirl might have appeared later than Wonder Woman but she is just as important in the superhero pantheon. Superman was her younger cousin. She was one of the first female teenage superheroes to be in the limelight and she was loved by all. She is a powerful superhero, much like Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman or Supergirl would win a fight if they were to meet.

11 Wonder Woman: Fighting Skill

It is hard to overstate the skill of Wonder Woman as a fighter. From a young age, she was taught how to use a variety weapons and developed a proficiency in hand-to–hand combat. She quickly learned to fight both by herself and with a team, and became one of the most powerful women on Themyscira.

Supergirl is no novice in fighting, having studied Kryptonian martial art as a child. However, she cannot match Wonder Woman’s martial arts skills.

10 Supergirl Allies

Although Wonder Woman and Supergirl are able to call on each other for help, Supergirl is able to play a bigger role in relation to Superman, one of the most powerful superheroes. Superman is Superman’s friend but Wonder Woman is Superman’s blood.

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Superman has always supported Supergirl over Wonder Woman in the past. If they were to come to blows, and both of them needed help, he would choose Supergirl over Wonder Woman any day.

9 Wonder Woman: Experience

Supergirl is easily beaten by Wonder Woman in the experience department. Doomsday Clockretconned Wonder Woman’s origin, returning her membership to the Justice Society in World War II. However, even without that, Wonder Woman still holds a lot more experience.

She has fought against enemies who are far more powerful than she, and this experience has allowed her to overcome them.

8 Speedy Supergirls

Wonder Woman can fly and run very fast but cannot match Supergirl’s speed. Supergirl can cover light-years in a short time. This gives her a speed that is quite unusual for someone who doesn’t have the Speed Force.

She is also able to run and move very fast. This allows her to avoid attacks and knock out enemies with hundreds of powerful punches and kicks within seconds. Wonder Woman can’t match her speed.

7 Wonder Woman: Magic Weapons

Kryptonians are not known for their weaknesses. However, they have a lot of magic. Supergirl will have to deal with this problem in the fight. Themyscira can access magical weapons made by the Greek god Hephaestus. This includes Wonder Woman’s sword and shield.

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Wonder Woman’s sword is more powerful than a regular weapon and can penetrate Supergirl’s skin. Wonder Woman has an alternative to Supergirl’s combat strategy. She can even hurt the Kryptonian.

6 Supergirl: Long Range Attacks

Supergirl is a Kryptonian and can do much more than punch people hard. Wonder Woman is unable to match her system’s ability to metabolize the yellow sun. Supergirl has other options for combat: freeze breath, heat vision. Supergirl can use her frozen breath to immobilize her enemies and allow her to beat them without fear.

She can use her heat vision to see far and blast enemies with variable intensity, depending on their strength. These long-range attacks enable her to do some damage while still separating.

5 Wonder Woman: The Lasso Of Truth

Many people think that the Lasso of Truth is a simple lie detector. But, there are so many more and Wonder Woman knows how best to use it. This weapon can be used offensively or defensively, and it is very versatile.

It can be used to restrain foes and obtain information from them. Wonder Woman has a way to breathe while controlling her foes. Once she has them ensnared, her ability to swing them around and smash them into anything or to choke them into unconsciousness is unmatched.

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4 Supergirl: Tenacity

Supergirl is a young girl with the kind of determination that only young people can have. Supergirl, a teenager, believes she is unstoppable. This is not far from the truth. This attitude has helped her overcome her limits and defeat foes she shouldn’t.

Supergirl doesn’t give up, because she doesn’t recognize that she has limits. This will be a great advantage against Wonder Woman, who is a formidable foe due to her vast combat experience.

3 Wonder Woman: Demigod

Wonder Woman, a daughter Zeus’s son, is extremely powerful. Wonder Woman is a superhero who can be strong, fast, and can take great damage. Her incredible toughness has made her a legend among both the mythological creatures she encounters on her solo adventures and the world of superheroes.

She may not be the strongest but she is able to use her strengths to overcome any weaknesses against stronger foes and up the odds.

2 Supergirl: Kryptonian Might

Although she isn’t as old as her famous cousin , Supergirl still has the ability to absorb a lot yellow sunlight. This has made her very powerful. Supergirl is one of the most powerful beings in the world. Supergirl has a huge advantage over anyone she meets because of her Kryptonian abilities.

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Although she may not be the greatest fighter on the field, her powers are enough to make her a formidable opponent. She can defeat almost anyone she meets with her abilities. Even if she doesn’t, her skills will still be enough to win most of her encounters.

Supergirl is the 1st Winner

Although being the most powerful does not always win the battle, it is a good thing. Supergirl is stronger than Wonder Woman, although she’s not as powerful as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman has some options to hurt Supergirl, but Supergirl is better equipped and can use her skills and powers to overcome those disadvantages.

Wonder Woman can’t disarm Wonder Woman of her magical weapons because she’s faster than her. Without those benefits, Wonder Woman will lose this fight.

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