Tom Xaver Aot : Everything You Need To Know

Zeke and Tom Ksaver Aot

In Aot, Tom Xaver in Marley was an Titan scientist from Eldia. He was a former bearer of the animal giant and a warrior, so he had the privilege of being an honorary citizen. Tom was a mentor and friend of Zeke Jager.



In Aot, Tom Xaver had a short dark hair, and a round facial. He wore the traditional clothes of a warrior, as well as a red armband to show that he was an Eldia honorary citizen and Marley. Xaver also wore glasses that Zeke Jager later wore when he was an adult.



Xaver was a generally friendly, cheerful and cheerful person. However, he also suffered from deep emotional turmoil. He reflected on the fact that humanity would not have suffered so much if the Eldia hadn’t existed. He agreed to Zeke’s plan to use Urtitan to alter all Eldia, and sterilize them, so that the race would gradually die.

Xaver was driven by guilt and sought a luxurious way out of his misery. He chose to become a titan shifter. Xaver spent the next 13 years as an animal titan researching the titan shifters. He was filled with curiosity, excitement, and euphoria. Xaver had a contagious passion for his hobbies. These included research and playing baseball.

He sought out a successor for his son in Zeke Jager after the death of his parents. Despite Zeke failing in military training, Xaver chose him to be his unofficial successor. Zeke was contacted outside of training. Unlike Grisha Jager’s father, Xaver was genuine interested in Zeke and encouraged his interest. He also listened to his concerns and fears. Xaver was always friendly and encouraging, even when Zeke was ill. Through their mutual interest in baseball, Xaver was able to increase Zeke’s self-esteem as well as encourage him. Zeke kept his glasses and wore them every day after Xaver died.

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STORY Tom Xaver Aot

STORY Tom Xaver Aot

Xaver was Eldia, and he lived in Marley ‘s ghetto. He left the ghetto at an unknown time, took his armband, and concealed his true origins. Also, He had a family outside of the ghetto. He married a woman and had a son. His wife discovered that her husband was an Eldia. She was so shocked and disgusted by the revelation, she committed suicide with their son. He found the bodies when Xaver returned to his home.

Xaver was driven by guilt and joined the Marley military’s warrior program. As he only wanted to find a way to end his life, he accepted that Marley would give him 13 years of his remaining life. He was a scientist and had a strong interest in Titans. So he decided to inherit one Titan and to use the remaining 13 years of his life to learn as much about the Titans, including their history, origins, and past. He was chosen to inherit the animal giant in the year 829. Xaver, watching Commander Magath train the new generation of warriors, noticed young Zeke Jaguar who seemed to not have any heart.

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Tom Xaver Attack On Titan

Xaver reached out to Zeke when he was about to be kicked out of the warrior program for his lack of interest in the program and poor performance. Zeke was playing with a ball nearby headquarters. Xaver rolled a ball to Zeke and asked if Zeke would throw it back. Xaver recognized Zeke’s ball and asked if Zeke would play with him. He would be bored throwing the ball against a wall all day. Zeke accepted, recognizing Xaver’s bracelet that made him an honorary citizen. Zeke was then introduced to Xaver by Xaver, who explained that unlike Marley other titans he had stayed behind Marley because his animal titan wasn’t suited for this war. Xaver said that Zeke was quite good at throwing the ball.

Zeke and Xaver continued to play ball together in the weeks that followed. Xaver tried to cheer Zeke up when Zeke failed a public practice. To the depressed Zeke, Xaver kindly stated that it didn’t seem that Zeke really wanted Titanhood and that it was a stupid decision to reduce his life to only thirteen more years to serve Marley as a warmachine. Zeke asked Xaver why he had become a Titan. Xaver answered that he was a scientist who had had the opportunity to see the Titans in person. In addition, Xaver spoke about his interest and admiration for the Titans, claiming there was still so much to learn about them. Xaver said that he wanted to learn so much about 2,000-years back that he would be willing to sacrifice his life for it. He claimed that he was unsuited to the actual war because he could see that Zike felt exactly the same way.

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Tom Ksaver Aot

Xaver saw Zeke crying by the side of the road a few days later and asked him why. Zeke, who Xaver was now a substitute father for, told Xaver his parents were resistance members and were about to become Marley’s military. Xaver was aware of the seriousness and asked Zeke if he was certain the situation was as dangerous as he said. Zeke sadly told his parents that they would soon be living as Titans on Paradis. However, he thanked Xaver and promised that he would always remember their training as a Titan. Xaver was moved and touched by Zeke’s story and advised him to inform the military about his parents. Zeke claimed that this was Zeke’s only option and that he could save his life and those of his grandparents even if it meant sacrificing his parents. Zeke led the military to his parents Grisha and Dina . They were later arrested as resisters.

Zeke’s parents were taken by Paradis to be convicted of treason. Zeke was left with his grandparents. Xaver held Zeke, comforting him when Dina and Grisha were taken away.[2] He claimed that Zeke had done nothing wrong, and that Zeke was a good boy. Xaver continued to train Zeke over the years, until it became clear that Zeke’s thirteen-year-old years were over and that he had to leave his animal titan. During one of their trainings, he casually told Zeke that he didn’t regret sacrificing his life for science. He also revealed that the Urtitan could alter the physiology all Eldia. This was something that the Urtitan had used 600 years ago to make Eldia more resistant to deadly epidemics. Zeke heard this and wondered if the Urtitan could also change the Eldia to stop them from having children. This would mean that their evil race could cease to exist and inflict no pain or suffering to the rest of the world.

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zeke and tom Jager

Xaver didn’t catch the ball Zeke threw at them. Zeke was stunned when he froze, and he somberly shared with him how his family had committed suicide after learning that Xaver was an Eldia. He said that he thought about the world if he hadn’t been born. Xaver said that Zeke was almost a surrogate son. Zeke then stated that he would make it his goal to inherit the Tiertitan and conquer the Urtitan, so that the world could be freed from Titan fear and the destruction of the Eldia. Xavier was open to the idea and moved to see that Zeke was also dedicated to a higher purpose, even if it meant sacrificing his future.

Zeke is chosen to succeed Xaver and eats his mentor over the next year. Also, Zeke inherits Xaver’s animal titans and is determined to carry out their shared plan. Zeke kept his glasses after Xaver died and wore them every day.

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Paradisia War

After his fight against Levi in Paradis Zeke is stunned to discover that he no longer wears Xaver’s glasses. While his wounds heal slowly, Zeke recalls a baseball training session with Xaver. He also asked him if he wanted to be a professional baseball player. Zeke said he was happy to fulfill his mission. Zeke, remembering his mentor’s plan and their common goal, then detonates his thunder spear, which was rammed into Levi’s stomach. Levi is killed by the blast.

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