Zeke Jaeger : Everything You Need To Know

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Zeke Jaeger of Marley’s army of Eldian warriors and the last user of Beast Titan power.

Also, Zeke was the child of Grisha and Dina Jaeger In addition to being a half-brother older than Eren Jaeger, Zeke was one of the last descendants of the royal Fritz family. Through the majority of his life, Zeke demonstrated a deep devotion towards Marley and confessed his parents for Marley’s Public Security Authorities after they entered the warrior program with the sole purpose of getting the founding Titan to the Restorers of Eldia.

But his real goal was to acquire the power to eliminate his fellow People of Ymir by mass sterilization and so free humanity from the wrath that the titans impose on us. In secret, he forged the group consisting of anti-marleyan volunteers to win the confidence that of The Army of the Walls and join forces with his half-brother.

Appearance Zeke Jaeger



In his human appearance, Zeke Jaeger has a muscular and toned physique with matted blonde hair and beard. He was spotted shirtless and with only an outfit of combat boots, a pair of pants as well as circular glasses. Zeke can see well however, the glasses he keeps as they were owned by Tom Xaver, the first wearer of the Beast Titan. There is a massive mark on his left arm, and appears to not be able to regenerate.

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In his titanic form, Zeke Jaeger is 17 meters tall and is a remarkably tall titan when compared to a standard titan. Although the titans that have been shown so far display an appearance that resembles human and appearance, Beast Titan is a different beast. Beast Titan possesses characteristics that resemble animals, and has a distinct Ape-like appearance. Yet its facial features look a bit like those of humans and also walk straight like one. However, his titanic appearance does not bear even the least resemblance to the human counterpart.

Dark fur covers the majority his body, with the exception of his hands, face, feet, and his the torso. Like that of the Colossal Titan, Beast Titan’s figure appears be unbalanced, with a an enormous torso and rather tiny head, as well with unusually thick and long arms.

Personality Zeke Jaeger

Zeke Jaeger was an extremely intelligent and curious person. He tried to get in touch with Mike Zacharius to obtain information on the three-dimensional moving equipment and determine if they were speaking in the same dialect. Also, Zeke was an incredibly cruel, brutal and sarcastic character, though not always cruel. 

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Personality Zeke Jaeger

Zeke Jaeger killed a number of soldiers on the ramparts with no hesitation, and then let Mike be devoured by the titans of the group and showed his disinterest in seeing the hurt he felt at the time, and instead ridiculing him and saying the fact that he was able to talk. In Addition, Zeke declared that it was more important to find his founding Titan rather than save him from his servant Annie Annie, who was being detained by the enemy, even though, according to him there was no way that she had been taken prisoner or even being treated badly.

He possessed the traits of an authority figure, giving orders and instructing others on the right thing to do. When he confronted Mike as he was questioned, he instructed the monster that was devouring Mike to stop. If his instructions were not obeyed, Zeke Jaeger did not hesitate to use force, such as when he slashed the beast that was devouring Mike and at the same moment he confronted Reiner to force Reiner and Bertolt obey his commands. In spite of this. Zeke was shown to feel sorry for the residents of the walls. He also mentioned that it was a tragedy that the King has erased their memories and consequently they are forced to repeat the same mistakes again and repeatedly. To ease these fears, Zeke reminded himself not to dwell on such issues and to just enjoy the moment.

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Personality Zeke Jaeger

It’s not clear what his opinions are regarding the people from Paradis but He has killed some of them and turned some into titans, and promising that Levi to murder all of them, implying that he is averse to his islanders. However, in contrast to his warrior friends. Zeke Jaeger has demonstrated no sign of embracing the anti-Paradise philosophy propagated through the Marleyan government. He also doesn’t seem to be blaming those who live there for the ills of his own people, just as his co-workers do.

Zeke’s personality was shown to have altered a bit following the failed operation in Paradis and he never was a person who appeared to be cold or cruel, instead, he showed humility before his superiors and only gave his word when permitted and showed a certain disapproval toward the war. He also grew less assertive with his subordinates , and rather, he had with them a more friendly relationship.

Relationships Zeke Jaeger



Zeke happens to be Reiner as well as Bertolt’s superior and their commander as warriors. Reiner and Bertolt are both feared by Zeke and he never fails to remind that they are superior, and even threatens them if they don’t comply with his directives. In the course of settling their disputes Zeke will not be afraid to show his superiority even going as that he fights Reiner to force Reiner and Bertolt to give up their dream of saving Annie. While they work in a perfect harmony, Zeke has no qualms about securing his own life, over the lives of his colleagues, because even though he helped Reiner at the time it was possible but he abandoned Bertolt to die when he felt threatened.

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There isn’t much information about their relationship. However, following Zeke defeated Reiner during combat He told Reiner along with Bertolt his friend that the rescue mission of Annie would be delayed, with an “Coordinate” being the top priority even though they believed that Annie was in a state of torture for many months. But, Zeke did not believe that Annie was in fact tortured as he was convinced that her talents could keep her safe from being captured.

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Zeke Jaeger is Grisha’s the oldest son. Even though Grisha believed in Zeke to infiltrate his clan as part of Eldian warriors who were loyal to Marley and with the real intention of aiding Eldia Restorers, Eldia Restorers, Zeke did not avoid the temptation to betray his father and denigrate his activities before the Marley government. The truth that Zeke stated to Eren the truth that Grisha “brainwashed” both of the two, suggests that Zeke was a snob to Grisha in a certain degree.


zeke and eren yeager

Zeke Jaeger is the older half brother of Eren. Even though they have no contact, Zeke claims to understand Eren and would like Eren to realize that they both were victims of their fathers, and hopes that one day he will be able to “save” him.

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zeke and tom xaver

Tom was his teacher, a precursor of The Titan Beast and the person Zeke would consider his father figure. Xaver convinced Zeke to turn his parents over to authorities after he revealed the truth about what they believed about the man and what they planned to revolution in the fight against Marley. Every evening , they would gather in an alleyway for games and conversed and Zeke discovered the history of Tom. After eating him in order to gain the strength that was The Titan Beast Titan Beast, Zeke took off the glasses Tom always put on to put on his glasses even though he didn’t really need glasses.

People Killed By Zeke Jaeger

people killed by zeke jaeger
  • om T om – To gain strength from “the ” Beast Titan“, Zeke was transformed into an inscrutable titan which consumed the previous holder for the strength. This way, Zeke became a changing Titan.
  • Lynne Lynne In the course of battle in Castle Utgard, Zeke toss a chunk of wall towards Lynne and Henning and killed both immediately. Lynne – In the course of fight during the battle at Castle Utgard, Zeke threw an entire wall at Lynne and Henning and killed both in the process.
  • Henning Henning the fight at Castle Utgard, Zeke was able to throw a piece rampart at Lynneand Henning and killed both in the process.
  • Dirk Dirk Dirk and his team were crushed by rocks being thrown by Zeke as they fought the lesser titans. Marlene was killed by Zeke. Also, Marlene and her team were killed by rocks that were hurled at them by Zeke.
  • Marlene and her team were depressed by the rocks Zeke hurled at them when combating the lesser titans. Klaus Klaus Klaus and his team were dismayed by the rocks Zeke hit them with as they fought small titans.
  • Klaus Klaus Klaus and his crew were depressed due to the boulders Zeke dropped at them while taking on the small titans.Klaus and his team were depressed due to the stones Zeke toss at them when fighting smaller titans.
  • Marlowe Freudenberg during the final strategy of attack in the battle against Beast Titan, Marlowe is one of the soldiers who dies during combat. A rock that is thrown by Zeke breaks off a portion of his head.
  • Sandra Sandra the final attack of tactical warfare on The Beast Titan, Sandra is among the soldiers killed during combat.
  • Gordon – In the final attack strategy against The Beast Titan, Gordon is one of the many soldiers killed during combat.
  • Erwin Smith – During the final attack of the tactical in the battle against Beast Titan, Erwin is injured by a stone on the stomach’s side. Floch discovers that he is in a state of death and brings Erwin to Shiganshina District, hoping to revive him with the aid from titan’s serum. Erwin is stricken to death when Levi opts to inject Armin instead.
  • A number of soldiers from the Exploration Corps – Zeke was throwing rocks at veterans Corps soldiers as they were fighting the tiny giants of Shiganshina. Then, he employed the same strategy to kill the majority of the young soldiers in the Corps. The majority of the members were killed in both attacks. Many soldiers of the Corps fleet in Shiganshina suffered fatal injuries.
  • A few soldiers from the Allied Forces Middle East fleet after the destruction of Fort Slava, Zeke transformed into a titan , and hurled numerous shells at the Middle East fleet, destroying the warships, and wiping out the crew members on the ships.
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  • Mike Zacharius – Mike was knocked down after Zeke hit his horse with him. Then, Zeke subtracted his EDM3D and ordered the titans nearby to take him to the ground. The two other titans were also the same.
  • Nanaba Nanaba In the night after the investigation into the breach that was alleged to have occurred in the Rose Wall, a group of titans under the leadership of Zeke assaulted individuals of the Exploration Corps at Castle Utgard. Nanaba is slain because she’s not able to fight.
  • Gelgar Gelgar In the night after the investigation into the alleged breach of the Rose Wall, a group of titans headed by Zeke took on those in the Exploration Corps at Castle Utgard. Gelgar is slain after becoming incapable of fighting any longer.Gelgar was killed titans.
  • Colt Grice – Following Zeke screamingly turned the Eldians that had consumed the spinal fluid (including Falco Grice), Colt is killed by the transformation of Falco into an unbreakable titan.
  • Porco Galliard – Following Zeke commands the pure Titan of Falco to take down Reiner, Porco allows himself to be eaten by Falco and is able to inherit his jawed titan.
  • Residents of Ragako Inhabitants of Ragako Zeke transformed the entire population of Ragako into titans to test the human defenses. While this didn’t end their lives however, those who fought for the Exploration Corps and Garrison Troops removed them, without even knowing what was happening.
  • Many Middle Eastern soldiers – In Marley’s aerial attack against Fort Slava, Zeke transformed many Eldians into titans who were taken from the airship and sank in the castle, and began to devour the inhabitants.
  • Eldians transformed to titans in the conflict The titans that were used to take down Fort Slava would later be removed with Anti-Titan artillery.
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Abilities Of Zeke Jaeger

abilities zeke yeager

Zeke Jaeger is a unique character in comparison to the other titans who change. One of the most notable is his ability to speak human languages quickly and effortlessly in his titanic form, effortlessly speaking or giving instructions to titans. He has incredible strength capable of lifting horses or smash large pieces of the Rose Wall and throw them far distances with great accuracy. Additionally, he has the ability in climbing up over the Mary Wall.

Also, Zeke Jaeger utilizes the cerebrospinal fluid that is found in his spinal cord to transform Eldians into titans. He activates the transformation with an oomph, though it’s still unclear what he does to extract the material from the body. Titans, like regular titans are, in contrast to regular titans, can move in the night, whenever they see the moon and they also take instructions from Zeke.

He appears to be an exceptional fighter, given that the man was able to take on and inflict a lot of damage on his opponent, the Armored Titan without suffering any obvious injury to himself. He’s also referred to by the name of “the most powerful titan”.

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  • The manga’s main character Zeke is seen being released in his first appearance from the titan during his middle in Shiganshina after beating Reiner. The event occurs two months following the military coup that took place on the ramparts. In the cartoon it is shown that he crosses the Mary Wall, under a mysterious context.In the show it is at the Mary Wall in some unknown circumstances.


zeke carla dina and eren yeager
  • Zeke’s appearance in his titanic form has a striking similarity to a species of hominids (ancestors of man during his evolution).
  • It is also reminiscent of various cryptids including Yowie, Sasquatch/Bigfoot, Yeti and Yowie.
  • Zeke’s debut appearance was in an illustration that Hajime Isayama gave to the Ueno Royal Museum before the release of Chapter 70..
  • He is among six titans that are said to to speak. One is that titan who spoke in a rambling manner and mentioned Ymir when he was speaking to Ilse Langnar. A different titan strangely enough, could be Ymir who talked to his fellow titans as Utgard Castle was about to fall. Then there is Mrs. Springer, who spoke to her son in Ragako and also Pieck who alerted Zeke that the Exploration Corps was present. Exploration Corps and the last one is Lara Tybur, who was capable of speaking direct to Eren Jeager, when Eren Jeager subjugated him through the transformation into Warhammer Titan.
  • In the endnotes to chapter 70 Zeke has been described by the chapter’s endnotes in the endnotes of chapter 70 as ” the most powerful titan“. But this is in contradiction to the information from the Attack on Titans internal guide that he scored 7 out of 10 on “strength”, being beaten by the Battleship Titan with 8 and the Colossal Titan with 11.
  • But, he’s got an 11/10 for “intelligence”, making him the most intelligent character of the series to date, next in line to hange Zoe which suggests that his danger isn’t just based on brute strength.
  • Hange Zoe speculated it is possible that the titans created in the name of Zeke can be capable of mobilizing during the night since the light from the Moon is reflecting the sunlight of the Sun which will provide the titans.Zeke is an avid lover of baseball and games, but he’s also a huge fan of baseball.
  • Zeke is a baseball fan Zeke is a baseball fan, and he refers to the stones that he threw at Exploration Corps Exploration Corps as “pitches”, and hoping for an “perfect game”. Both terms used by Zeke are commonly used in baseball.
  • He has the same birth date as Reiner Braun. Zeke is the abbreviation in the sense of “perfect game”.
  • Zeke can be shortened to ” Ezekiel” A name that is of Hebrew origin, meaning ” God will strengthen“. The Bible, Ezekiel was a prophet in the group of Hebrews who were exiled from Babylon who predicted that the fall of Jerusalem and the return of Israel. The Bible, Ezekiel was a prophet of the Hebrews that were exiled Babylon who prophesied the demise of Jerusalem and the return of Israel.
  • The katakana in Zeke’s name is also similar to that of the German words ” Sieg,” which means “victory.” This is in perfect harmony with Grisha’s expectations about Zeke He believed that Zeke could bring Eldia to glory.
  • Zeke has been the only Titan Power user who is featured in the show to die and not be devoured by pure titans.
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