Historia Reiss Aot : Everything You Need To Know

Historia Reiss Aot

In Aot, Historia Reiss, the illegitimate child of Rod Reiss , is the last member the royal Reiss Family and currently the Queen of the Walls. She was raised on an estate belonging to the Reiss family until the fall of the Wall Mary. Her mother was murdered in front of her and she was forced into renunciating her name, taking the pseudonym Krista Lenz.
She joined the military shortly after that. Ymir helped her to become the tenth-best soldier in Recruit Trooop Cycle #104. After this, she chose to join the Exploration Corps. She decided to reclaim her real identity and, through the Scout Corps’ rebellion against royal government, was able to ascend to the throne.

APPEARANCE Historia Reiss Aot

APPEARANCE Historia Reiss Aot

Historia is a slim, fair-skinned girl with a short stature. Historia is the smallest soldier in the Troop 104 (at most, among the main characters). Her blonde hair falls just below her shoulders. She usually wears it down, but she does tie it up when she is on expeditions. Her eyes are large, and her iris are aquamarine.

Historia is described as being beautiful by many of her friends. This, along with her kindness, led to many times when her friends called her “goddess”. Historia usually wears the standard military uniform and, later on, the Exploration Corps uniform. Historia is noticeably taller than she was four years ago after Wall Mary was recovered. She now looks closer to her half-sister Frieda. Historia’s belly has grown larger because she was pregnant shortly after discovering the ocean.

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PERSONALITY Historia Reiss Aot

PERSONALITY Historia Reiss Aot

Historia was Krista Lenz’s character. She was kind and willing to do good deeds no matter the cost. However, Historia was also shy and unsure of how to respond to certain situations. Ymir said that Historia’s attitude was purely based on her being viewed as a good person, and wanting to improve her self-esteem.

This attitude probably developed after she was not given the same love as the other children. She believed she made a terrible mistake. These tendencies were most prominent in her suicidal tendencies. She expresses her desire to die with the hope that others will not hate her or forget her existence.

Historia’s attitude shifts dramatically after Ymir leaves her to go along with Reiner and Bertolt. Historia begins to be disinterested in the world around her. She says that Krista Lenz was kind and the real Historia is not like her. Eren made it clear that she is now more sincere, but she still feels like a person without an identity.

PERSONALITY Historia Reiss Aot

Historia’s father tried convincing her to inject herself using the syringe containing the titan serum. Historia, despite initially wanting to be close to her father, flatly rejected the idea. She said that she wouldn’t be anyone’s puppet and would now live how she wanted. She was unsure if she was acting in the role of Krista or Historia after killing Rod Reiss. However, she felt certain that her feelings and perceptions were her true self, which made her happy.

Historia was a dedicated queen after being crowned. She helped to implement many reforms such as the opening of an orphanage that takes in orphaned kids. Historia is the queen despite being raised in the country. She manages the orphanage with the help her friends from the Exploration Corps.

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SKILLS Historia Reiss Aot



Historia was the last to make it to the top 10. Her skill with three-dimensional maneuvering equipment was superior to that of an average soldier but inferior to her peers who were higher.

Historia’s score was not sufficient to place her in the top 10 because Ymir awarded him the spot. Historia has been able to defeat a few titans, including his father, Rod Reiss. However, he is able to do this most often with the help of his teammates.


CLOSE COMBAT Historia Reiss Aot

Historia, like all soldiers, was trained in hand to hand combat during her training. Despite being larger than her father, Historia was able lift and throw him to the ground easily. Historia’s strength is not remarkable. Her punches against Levi, who has better physical training, are completely ineffective.

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OTHER SKILLS Historia Reiss Aot

Historia has also been shown to have the extraordinary ability to revive memories by touching people, as she did with Eren’s memories. This ability was not known to Historia until her father Rod Reiss , , who also has it, told her to touch Eren in order to revive his memories.

Historia then was able to assassinate her father and gain some of his memories. These abilities are likely to be related to his Reiss family.

Reiner says he has an amazing ability to work with horses. It is due to his mysteriously kind aura.

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RELATIONS Historia Reiss Aot


Ymir  Historia Reiss Aot

They are close friends and even Ymir feels for each other. Historia said that no matter the circumstances, he would stand beside her and that he trusts in her more than any other person.

Despite Historia’s assertion that Ymir has ” worst personality of all“, Historia says she will still abandon all humanity if it helps Ymir. Historia often tries and changes the negative aspects of Ymir, while Ymir tries change Historia’s behavior to make her more independent.

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Rod is Historia’s biological father and the source of most of her angst. In addition, Rod offered to bring her to live with his family when she was a baby. When confronted by the Central Military Police he denies any relationship with her and allows her mother to be murdered.

Historia grew bitter and contemptuous of Rod after watching her mother’s death and being abandoned. Rod attempted to win Historia back, but she was not interested in seeing him again. However, Rod informed her about his plans and treated her with kindness.

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Historia believed everything her father said to her, even though Kenny Ackerman told the truth. After learning about Frieda’s fate, the history and the ideology of the first King, Historia realized that her father was using her only to take power for the Reiss.

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Historia was unaware that Frieda was Historia’s older half-sister. Historia was treated with kindness and respect by Frieda in her childhood.

But, Historia would forget all about Frieda when Frieda erased their memories. Historia was overcome with grief after she regained her memories of Frieda. She also turned her back upon Eren, her father’s murderer.

Rod agreed that Frieda would be “brought back.” Historia recalled how Frieda became enslaved by the First Kings ideology. This led her to reject Rod’s plan that would have destroyed Frieda’s humanity.

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At first, their relationship was almost non-existent. After Eren was kidnapped by Reiner, Bertolt and Bertolt in a kidnapping, Mikasa made clear to Eren that she would kill anyone who got in her way, even Historia.

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But Mikasa was the first to go to Historia’s assistance, and not Eren’s, after she and Levi’s Squad reached Reiss’ chapel. They share some similarities, even though they don’t know it. Both have their own person and they act for that person.

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Eren jager

Historia was always envious of Eren‘s ability to set goals and work towards them. Eren, on the other hand, noted that Historia had always been a “phony” and disliked her personality. Eren now respects Historia and views her as a “regular, stupidly honest person”.

They have formed a friendship since her revelation of her true personality. Historia initially disowned Eren after her father killed her half-sister Frieda. However, Eren’s words to Historia were very important to her and what motivated her to stand up for her father and save Eren from being eaten by him.

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Reiner has been very kind to Historia, and even expressed feelings for her (though it isn’t known if these are true), which has caused jealousy on Ymir. Historia was kind to Reiner. Historia’s attitude toward Reiner has changed completely after his betrayal. Historia now only wants to rescue Ymir at all costs.

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  • Rod Reiss Historia murdered Rod after severing his back. His titan body had been suspended in midair after Eren’s head was blown into pieces. Eren killed Rod’s head.


  • According to the official website, most of her classmates fell in love with her. They refer to her as the Goddess of 104.
  • Historia has been called “Goddess”, on two occasions so far. Sasha first called Historia “Goddess” in chapter 15., and then again in chapter 24.
  • Her real name was only revealed in chapter 41.
  • Historia is her Greek name and means “History.” Krista, her pseudonym is also Greek and means “she who has been anointed.” The Hebrew word for “anointed” is “messiah.”
  • His surname, “Lenz”, is Old German for “spring”.
  • Between 1948 and 2000, Japan celebrated his birthday as Seijin no hi (Adult Day). It is currently celebrated on the 2nd Monday in January. However, it remains the occasion to celebrate the entry into adulthood for all who turn 20.
  • Hajime published a sketch showing what Historia might look like if he became a titan at the end of Volume 11.. This sketch was in addition to those of Mikasa and Jean, Armin and Connie. The same thing happens in OAD 2. Dot pixis has hallucinations with troop Ndeg104, turning into titans. She has wings and gives the impression of an angel, unlike the other characters.
  • Historia is her only living relative.
  • Historia is the only family member who is acknowledged by the people to be the true queen behind the walls. Her predecessors were secretly kings which allowed others to assume their roles in the eyes of the people. Historia is the only member her family to be recognized as the true queen in the Walls.
  • Her name is used in the names of two chapters in the manga (real and fake). Historia is the only known character in this realm.
  • Historia, Queen of the Walls is the only person known to be in the army with a rank higher than Darius Zackly.
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