Trinity Seven Season 2 : Everything You Need To Know In 2021

Although season one was released with an original anime ...  Here's everything we've learned to date about Trinity 7 season 2
Trinity Seven Season 2

The anime genre can be awe-inspiring in regards to themes and genres, plots music and visuals. People love anime because of these factors, and consequently, they’re fascinated by the majority of their shows. One such anime is ‘Trinity 7 known as Toriniti Sebun: Shichi-nin no Masho Tsukai in Japanese. It’s an Japanese manga created by Kenji Saito, and illustrated created by Akanari Nao. In 2014, the manga was turned into a novel light by the same artist and writer shortly after which it was transformed into an anime with 12 episodes produced by Seven Arcs Pictures that premiered on October 8, 2014 until December 24, 2014. The manga series first came out four years earlier the release date of the 9th of December, 2010. Although season one was released with an original animated (OVA) Special Episode, as well as two films the fans are eagerly looking forward to the next installment of ‘Trinity 7.’ Here’s everything we’ve learned to date about the upcoming renewal.

Everything We Know About Trinity Seven So Far

Everything We Know About Trinity Seven  season 2 So Far

Trinity Seven is a group comprised of seven members, who are of whom Arata Kasuga is also a member.

He is the protagonist of this animated series. The anime is part of the Royal Biblia Academy where Arata receives his training.

For those who haven’t watched the show Here’s a brief summary before moving on. Arata Kasuga had a very happy time with his loved ones.

Although he is surrounded by several people in his life but he’s closest to just one person. The person he is close to is his cousin Hijiri Kasuga. Hijiri Kasuga.

They were close friends from the time they were children. The sun one day went into black. The world was in chaos. globe.

It was referred to as The Breakdown Phenomenon. Hijiri knew that she would not be able to withstand the event.

The grimoire is then given to Arata. Also, she gave him a mystical book that could aid him in his struggle to survive.

While Arata does not escape it but he’s left on the planet. He is convinced that his life has been destroyed and that he’s lost.

Then he breaks down in tears. The grimoire is activated that hangs around his neck. It acts as if magic, and recreates the world around him.

It appeared that things were back to normal. In a flash, and out of thin air, Lilith Asami appears.

Lilith is a witch with magical powers. She is able to destroy the reconstructed Arata world. Arata.

It’s actually an illusion, but Arata doesn’t understand the concept. Lilith who appears rough at first, tries to negotiate with Arata.

She has two demands on him. “Return the magical book which Hijiri gave or perish”.

Arata didn’t want both. He was determined to live as it was the thing Hijiri desired. Additionally, he didn’t want to give away the gift that Hijiri left him.

He is in a state of confusion and is unable to make a decision. He finally attempts to bargain with Lilith.

This is when Lilith suggests the option to join Royal Biblia Academy. It was a highly private and restricted school for sorcery.

This is where He met the other six members of Trinity Seven. The animation depicts his performance in the Academy.

The book also explores his relationships with other members. The remaining Trinity Seven members are female.

That’s where the Harem part comes in. There are also many funny moments as well as romantic.

The first season ended with a bloody battle. The entire team of Trinity Seven had activated their Magus mode for the event.

Following the conclusion of Trinity Seven Season 1 concluded in 2014, there weren’t any updates for a long time. Fans have waited for years with baited breath for a glimpse of hopeful signs in 2019.

But, it proved to be an error. Maybe the second movie was confused with the second series of the show.

It will be discussed in the next sections.

Official Announcements And Release Date Of Trinity Seven Season 2

There aren’t any official announcements regarding the release date of Trinity Seven Season 2. The public was a bit confused over the release date earlier in the year 2019.

There are rumors that claim the show would premiere on April 11, 2019. There are no official announcements on Trinity Seven Season 2.

So far in the franchise there’s been one show that has been released, an OVA and two films which have been released between 2017and 2019.

We will keep you updated if any news about season 2 becomes available.

Source Material Information For Trinity Seven Season 2

Trinity Seven Season 1 was based on the Trinity Seven manga. The series used approximately 30 chapters from the manga source material.

So season 2 is expected begin on the 31st. The films that were released in 2017 and 2019 had already shown a few portions from the comic.

It’s therefore difficult to guess the exact date that Season 2 will begin. The first manga volume was out in the year the 7th of July in 2011.

It was the first release in Japan. in Japan. In 2015, it was made available across North America, after translation.

The main manga series has still to be completed. The most recent installment was out just recently (April 2021).

There was an Tankobon compilation that contained 25 volumes. This was the complete collection of manga dating back to the year 2011.

VolumesEnglish Release Date
Volume 1May 19, 2015
Volume 2August 18, 2015
Volume 3November 17, 2015
Volume 4February 23, 2016
Volume 5May 24, 2016
Volume 6August 30, 2016
Volume 7November 22, 2016
Volume 8February 21, 2017
Volume 9May 23, 2017
Volume 10August 22, 2017
Volume 11November 14, 2017
Volume 12February 20, 2018
Volume 13May 22, 2018
Volume 14August 21, 2018
Volume 15November 13, 2018
Volume 16May 28, 2019
Volume 17August 20, 2019
Volume 18December 10, 2019
Volume 19February 25, 2020
Volume 20May 26, 2020
Volume 21September 22, 2020
Volume 22January 19, 2021
Volume 23June 22, 2021
Volume 24TBA
Volume 25TBA

The spinoff was an from the original manga by Kenji. It was Trinity Seven: Levi Ninden.

The first time it was published was the year 2015. This spin-off was concluded in the year 2018. In the meantime they had also begun an additional spin-off manga.

The show was launched in 2017 and was completed in the year 2018. The show was titled Trinity Seven: Liese Chronicle.

Then there was a light novel written by Kenji. The first volume of the series was published in 2014.

The manga was a flashback. It covered the history of the characters. This was where the story of Hijira was presented.

The light novels comprised three The light novels were Trinity Seven The Novel: Night Episode and Lost Memory | Trinity Seven The Novel: Eternity Library and Alchemic Girl The Novel: Eternity Library and Alchemic Girl Trinity Seven The Novel: Holy Shrine Maiden and the Eighth Library.

Expected Plot Of Trinity Seven Season 2

The finale of Trinity Seven Season 1 was full of action. The episode ended with a fight in the midst of destruction.

Arata as well as all the members in Trinity Seven was excited. They were activating their Magus modes as the signal of readiness for the war.

Headmasters from the Academy were watching the events unfold. You would also have noticed that Lilith has something nefarious.

The next few paragraphs might be interpreted as spoilers. But, we’ve left the most intriguing part of the story.

The anime will be enjoyable as long as the next season airs. Trinity Seven Season 2 would be a rollercoaster of happenings.

It will reveal more of the Abyss Trinity as The Demon Lord. Lilith is an incarnation or a component of this.

There could be pursuit by Arata and the other. Judecca The imperial sword is the object of attack.

Arata might be able to bring Abyss return to his fatherly instincts back. Arata will meet Antasia-L an ex- Trinity Seven member.

This person was destroyed after Lilith’s arrival to the universe. They are in love, and Antasia utilizes her power to confine him in an endpoint.

It is because he could cause a catastrophe for the world. Arata will join Liesse to form an unison fighting.

The remainder of the show will be focused on the competition. It will cause you to hold your breath and be amazed.

Why Trinity Seven Season 2?

Why Trinity Seven Season 2?

Trinity Seven Season 1 concluded quickly. The episode did not provide viewers a variety of perspectives on the plot.

It was more about creating excitement and keeping people interested. In the preceding section you’d have been able to read about the end.

The characters were in magus mode turned on. It signaled the imminent war. Although the following films did show some progress however, they weren’t enough.

There needed to be clarity as to what would happen in the next step. The other reason could be the material used as the basis.

The manga isn’t stopping. The new episodes will be released and the last episode is scheduled for April 2021.

Manga can be a great marketing method to boost the sale of manga.

Reviews And Ratings For Trinity Seven Season 2

Review and ratings for anime are on offer on websites such as

  • IMDB
  • Myanimelist
  • AniDB
  • Crunchyroll etc.

We are going to look at the figures gathered by IMDB. Check out this data from IMDB.

The series has a decent score of 6.8 out of 10. However, did you see the Mean that is seven, and also the Arithmetic Mean which is more?

The majority of voters gave it a rating of 7, with 8 being the next, followed by 9 and 10. on 10.

This is a fairly good score.

Sales And Profit Information For Trinity Seven Season 2

Manga sales light novels, manga and anime affect decision-making. The material sources haven’t yet been finalized.

The film that was released in the year 2019. However, there isn’t any confirmation on when the movie will be released. Season 2. Trinity Seven.

Let’s look at the causes of profit and revenue.

Source Materials Sales

The basis to develop this idea is the Manga comics created by Kenji. The concept hasn’t been completed until now.

The most recent issue was published on April 20, 2021. It began in the year 2010 with Monthly Dragon Age – a shonen magazine.

Animenewsnetwork said that they has sold three million copies by 2017. This should have provided enough money to the producers.

The role that Trinity Seven Season 1 played in this campaign was significant. The two films were not released until 2017.

Therefore, these figures aren’t affected by it.

CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Sales

The year 2014 was the one where it had impressive sales. It is estimated to be about 10,000 copies.

The subsequent years didn’t show the same kind of sales. Overall, it seemed to be at break-even.


Two films were made inspired by the manga. Trinity Seven the Movie: The Eternal Library and the Alchemist Girl came in 2017.

When Trinity Seven: Heavens Library & Crimson Lord was released in the year 2019. The reviews have shown a good reception.

The films, however, appeared to have been performing at a moderate level. What impact they might have on the original material’s sales is not known.

Trinity Seven RPG

Trinity Seven RPG means Role Playing Game. It was tabletop as well as a mobile version.

The game for Android is available on the Play store. There’s no information on the amount they made.

The Android game is part of Avex Technologies.

Merchandise Sales

The sale of merchandise is an additional revenue stream for creators of anime. Trinity Seven has a few of its products available on

An estimate rough is that they could have made about 1 million dollars in sales.

It’s a passive and regular income. A few of the items are stickers, stationery phones cases, digital art, etc.

Production Cost And Commercial Success Of Trinity Seven Season 1 Anime

Trinity Seven Season 1 was produced by Seven Arcs Pictures. There’s not much information available regarding the cost of its production.

We can however make an estimate based on current data. This is based on an investigation that was conducted by the Media Development Research Institute in 2010.

The results were released in the year 2011. The results stated that a 30-minute animated film costs about 11 00,000 in yen.

The cost was reported in 2010, and was estimated at around $145,000. They even provided breakdown of the costs.

Direction, script photography, and sound would have taken the majority of the part. The rights of the original script could be purchased at a lower cost.

There were 13 episodes of Trinity Seven Season 1. This includes the OVA that was released after the 12th episode.

Therefore, we could estimate their cost to be in the region of $1,885,000. In the revenue section it is clear that their combined sales would have exceeded this figure.

The majority of the revenue was from sales of manga and films. The anime, however, did have a positive impact on manga sales.

So, it can be described as a fair commercial success, even if it’s not an outstanding one.

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Famous Characters We Hope To See In Trinity Seven Season 2

Trinity Seven consists of 7 members. Beyond that there are other members as well.

Arata Kasuga

Famous Characters We Hope To See In Trinity Seven Season 2

He’s the main protagonist and principal attraction in this animated series. Because the anime is romantic and harem and romantic, he is a perfect part to play.

He’s also the Demon Lord as well, of the Superbia archive. He is the cousin of Hijiri and with whom the two lived together.

Following the breakup after the breakdown, he was grieving over losing Hijiri. He has the power to duplicate the magic of another.

He also has the ability to nullify their own. This made him a formidable and strong Demon Lord. Arata’s life after death is driven by his determination to bring back Hijiri.

This is what leads him to Royal Biblia Academy. He’s calm and cool when managing difficult moments.

He speaks with an edgy voice and can sound sexually distorted at times. He could create his own universe and also.

Hijiri Kasuga

Hijiri Kasuga

Hijiri was cousin to Arata, and an extremely close friend. The two had a intimate connection.

Their relationship was an integral element of the initial episodes. A Breakdown phenomenon causes them disintegrate.

The magus was her name prior to that. She was reborn into an alternate world as part of the Iscariots. Iscariot.

It was a group that was planning to take down Arata, the Demon Lord. Thus, she is an adversary to Arata The Demon Lord.

Anastasia who was fighting her claimed she was”the “fallen saint”.


Sora Trinity Seven Season 2

She’s a grimoire that’s associated with Arata. The grimoire that was given as a gift from Hijiri.

This person would appear as Hijiri and would be able to comprehend the universe. He remained with her until the time Lilith came to the scene.

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The full title was Ilias Fragment. She was a replacement for Hijiri. When she was required to leave to Magus job, Ilia would replace Hijiri.

She’s the one with the Hijiri’s memories in her file.

Lilith Asami


Lilith is an instructor of the Royal Biblia Academy. However, she’s Arata’s age that’s why she’s not easily identifiable.

She was taken into Arata’s universe to study The Breakdown Phenomenon. She was Arata’s first acquaintance, following Hijiri.

It was because of her recommendations that Arata was accepted into the Academy. Lilith makes up the Trinity Seven group from Luxuria.

Her abilities are based on creating a weapon and using it with skill. Because of her closeness to Arata and his perversions and becomes angry with him.


The Headmaster is the headmaster of the Royal Biblia Academy, where Arata is a student. Arata is also portrayed as a sexually agressive persona.

Presently, he’s the Paladin class mage. Prior to that the mage was a formidable creature. There was a report that he was among the most powerful mage mages within the top five groups.

Season 1 closes by him watching his fellow members of the Trinity Seven go into magus mode.

Lieselotte Sherlock

Lieselotte Sherlock

She is an integral part of Trinity Seven at the Royal Biblia Academy. She is a magician who has the ability to take or steal the magic of someone else.

It’s the same talent Arata also is blessed with. She is a determined and a steadfast part within the group.

It is evident in her desire to get inside the library. She did this to become an opponent of Arata.

The incident caused some tension in the relationships between her and the other members. She has to face and overcome an attack at the Academy.

Arata is there to help her. She has an older twin sister named Selina.

Selina Sherlock

Selina Sherlock Trinity Seven Season 2

She is the younger cousin of Lieselotte. Her job at the Academy is one of a reporter.

Due to her older sister’s status, she’s brought in close proximity to some of the most renowned. She was mysteriously missing out of the library.

It happened just within a couple of months prior to when Arata began attending the academy.

Yui Kurata

Yui Kurata

Yui is also a part also of Trinity Seven. She was involved in helping to save Arata from Akio.

She has the next-highest position after the headmaster within the Academy. This is why she’s known as Cardinal class magus.

She lives in a dungeon close to The Royal Biblia Academy. Her unique ability is to increase the magic of other.

She makes use of it to increase her friends’ power when they’re fighting. Yui as well as Levi are the best of friends in this season.

She’s an intellectual leader in members of the Trinity Seven members.

Arin Kannazuki

Arin Kannazuki Trinity Seven Season 2

She is said to be the wife of Arata. Her manner of conduct is described as calm and uninterested.

However, she’s a wonderful companion of Arata during this season. While he’s very in a close relationship with all the fellow members in Trinity Seven, he has an affectionate relationship with Arin.

Certain reviews have also described her as be adamant and sassy. Her magical abilities consist is the ability to create blockages.

She might be able to hinder the other heroes from unleashing their abilities.

Akio Fudo

Akio Fudo

Akio is a part of the Security Division at the Academy. She is also a part of the Trinity Seven group.

The priestess was assigned to guard a valuable. This role is also known as Spriggan.

The actress is famous for her physical force. Her secret is her amazing strength.

She was blessed through her mom. Being the sole survivor from her home town, she is calm and balanced.

Mira Yamana

Mira Yamana Trinity Seven Season 2

Mirais is the associate of Akio. She is also part of the Security Division of the academy.

She initially sees Arata as a threat, but she begins to warm up later. Her magic abilities are her ability to analyse.

She is also the intellectual leader in Trinity Seven. She has a great deal of similarities to Arata.

The reason she came out to him was when she was saved from a trance-like condition.

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Other Decisive Factors For Trinity Seven Season 2

In addition to its commercial successes and fan’s demands Other factors as well. They affect the producers’ decisions regarding Season 2 or any sequels.


The animation had a vibrant and captivating finale. It showcased all the characters getting ready for the war.

It was the start of something completely new. There were many instances of characters changing.

It was a bit unpredictable and exciting.


As there aren’t any official announcements until this point, there’s not a trailer. When an update becomes available we’ll notify you.

Controversy For Trinity Seven Season 2

It was reported during 2019 which claimed to have announced regarding Trinity Season 2. However, it proved to be untrue.

However, the rumor was been widely circulated that many people believe that it is true.

Have a look at this discussion. This image is a discussion forum on Crunchyroll. There is the user’s post, which includes all the details of the episodes from Season 2.

It is believed that the rumor could have revealed such detailed details. There are also reports that claim that the writer Kenji was unhappy with the film.


There’s only a 50 to fifty chance for Trinity Seven Season 2. Fans should not give up hopes until an official announcement is made.

Trinity Seven manga series have not yet concluded. The films of 2017 and 2019 also haven’t removed any of the content from the series.

This means that there’s plenty of source material. There are reports that indicate there’s a possibility for the third part of the film.

It was for release by 2021, similar to the goblin slayer season 2. However it seems that the COVID 19 pandemic might be a hindrance to their plans.

If there’s not a release for Trinity Seven Season 2 anime the fans will be left with the sequels to the films to look forward to.

Let’s believe in an outcome that is positive.

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