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white hair anime girl

We’ve been doing an ongoing compilation of Best Anime Girls With White Hair of specific shades. This time, we decided to focus on white. There are many girl characters from anime that sport white hair. I’m pretty sure that a few of them have popped into your head right now. When it comes to this color, white represents tranquility, grace, divine and purity, and so on. Are anime creators simply going with what they think will work in the direction of the crowd and do they look about the meaning beneath the color of hair of the character? What is the reason someone would be a brunette? Why should we not try to answer out the reason on our own before we dive into the top anime actresses with white hair.

40. Kiriko Shikishima, Denpa Kyoushi (2015)

Kiriko Shikishima-Denpa Kyoushi

Kiriko Shikishima is one the characters from the anime series ‘DenpaKyoushi’. Her hair is white that she braids at her lower ends. She is usually seen wearing the Hiiragi Academy uniform. Kiriko is an assistant maid and often appears dressed in her maid’s uniform. Although we can see in the beginning Kiriko is shy however thanks to Junichirou she is able to transform herself to be better. Kiriko is an gentle and a good-natured person. She’s quite adept in dance and singing, and, after Kagami challenges and encourages her to pursue her goals, she is able to take her talent more seriously.

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39. Laura Bodewig, IS: Infinite Stratos (2011)

Laura Bodewig-IS:Infinite Stratos

Laura Bodewig is one of the characters in the sci-fi anime “IS: Infinite Stratos’. Her genetic abilities have been boosted to be a powerful soldier, which makes her a super-smart girl. She hails born in Germany as a first-year student at the Infinite Stratos Academy. Her home is in Germany Laura is currently a part of the military group there. Laura is awarded her rank of second lieutenant within her unit of home. Her style makes her look far more sexy. She is blonde and wears an eye patch on the left side of her eye. Laura Bodewig’s exoskeleton can be described as the Schwarzer Regen IS.

38. Eucliwood Hellscythe, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? (2011)

Eucliwood Hellscythe-Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka

“Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?’ is a genre of comedy that is inspired by zombies. anime. The main character Ayumu Aikawa killed by the serial killer. Before we can get down Ayumu Aikawa is revived from the dead by the Necromancer with the name Eucliwood Hellscythe. The only issue is that he’s now the zombie. Things get more complicated when he steals the dress of a mysterious girl. He is then required to wear a costume and fight the evil creatures that are in her place until he has determined what must be done. Eucliwood is the person that returned Ayumu and is the one who is now his guardian. Eucliwood doesn’t speak, but her powers allow her to transform her words into reality. She’s pretty cute and has long, white hair.

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37. Lisanna Strauss, Fairy Tail (2009)

Lisanna Strauss-Fairy Tail

“Fairy Tail” is a series of fantasy animation that is full of magical elements (It’s an enchanting show that is literally). The series follows Lucy Heartfilia who wants to become a mage and join a guild, but she is looking for a guild that she can join. Then she is kidnapped by a man. She is later rescued by Natsu. Natsu is one of the members of the famed Fairy Tail guild which Lucy would like to join. Then she is asked to join the guild by Natsu to become a member of the group and begins her adventures. Lisanna Strauss is among the female characters from the show. She is the sister to Mirajane Strauss. She has short, white locks and eyes that are blue. Lisanna is a fan of the Fairy Tail group a lot and considers it to be her family. She is willing to do anything to safeguard her friends.

36. Five – Terror in resonance

36. Five - Terror in resonance

Well, Five from Terror in Resonance is the first on our list, for she has the most negligible “spectacular” effect among the others on the list. Her understanding character has an expectation that won’t attract you that much. While Twelve as well as 9 were messing around, it was Five that made a scene. So she could not be one of the most identifiable white head, however she without a doubt is just one of the most effective.

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35. Black Hanekawa – Nekomonogatari: Kuro

Black Hanekawa-Nekomonogatari:Kuro

If the existence of catgirls doesn’t promote your hormonal agents, after that it’s very little of a criminal activity. But if the catgirl in question has 2 characters and among which is white hair charm, after that we can jail you. Simply take a look at her. She is nothing like the base Hankawa. This white equivalent is not only cute as heck however method a lot more dominant as well as hostile. We do not assume there is anything more to state concerning her to validate her getting on this list.

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34. Akane Kowata – Flying Witch

Akane Kowata-Flying Witch

An easygoing elder sibling is the imagine lots of. So it’s no surprise that sweet as well as laid-back Akane-nii is on the list. This dark-skinned charm is the older sister of Kowata and also it is her that gives Kowata such an unique individuality. She has the capability to make any conversation seem as if all stress of the world is gone. She is the perfect personality to chill with.

33. Alka – Blade And Soul

Alka-Blade And Soul

As the main personality of this anime, Alka has a strong and also never-give-up personality. She is honest and also assertive. If you are into retribution, after that she is the ideal match for you. She is not just eye-catching but also has the capability to back it up.

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32. Urd – Ah My Goddess

Urd-Ah My Goddess

One more loveable and magnificent elder sister personality is Urd. She is not as caring and chill as Akane, however her personality has an unique panache. Her outfit as well as personality are everything about teasing. Urd will certainly make you lust for her however also not at the same time. In an anime concerning “Siren,” it’s no surprise the females will be extraordinary. But Urd is in a completely different organization.

31. Kamyu – The One Being Sung

Kamyu-The One Being Sung

Take an off-the-chart stunning teenage girl and also mesh her with a juvenile and innocent personality; this is when you get Kamyu. She is wonderful as well as innocent. With her favorable power, she has the capacity to make you succumb to her. It is rather transmittable. But her character is not the only point that will certainly attract you. Simply view the anime, and also you will certainly know what we indicate.

30. Koyomi Hiiragi – Denpa

Koyomi Hiiragi-Denpa

Kyoushi Birthed in a rich family members, this purple– considered elegance is highly intelligent. However, she is a sensei who has a deceptive personality. But she just does so when it is the most effective for her pupils and her academy. Koyomi offers the very best to the ones she looks after and the most awful to those that deserve it. She is like a mirror who will certainly mirror what you do to her. This is what makes her personality a mystic one.

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29. Tama – Selector Contaminated Wixoss

Tama-Selector Contaminated Wixoss

As a fight fanatic, Tama appears to be a ruthless and terrible girl. But that is not what she is. Her only dream is to eliminate together with Ruko. Besides this sudden wish, she is a personality who is innocent as well as childlike. Before you call the FBI, feel in one’s bones that she is simply an L-RIG. However this does not imply that she is not a charming character. In fact, this only adds to her charm.

28. Noire – Black Heart

Noire-Black Heart

being the more youthful sibling of Uni, one might think about her to be a petite loli-type lady. Ou boy, will you rejoice to know that it’s not the situation. She has a figure that will certainly make anybody lust for her. Her individuality is a little bit moody, however she is not scared to speak her mind. And also when she talks her heart out, it’s constantly in the right location.

27. Teletha Testarossa – Complete Steel Panic

Teletha Testarossa-Complete Steel Panic

In a world full of sophisticated tools as well as a fierce military, there is a soft, adorable, and also charming weapon that will slice weeb hearts effortlessly. It’s none apart from the white head Testarossa. She is just one of the military leaders. As well as when you know about her, you will start following her despite just how tough she trains you.

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26. Orphelia Landlufen – Asterisk War

Orphelia Landlufen-Asterisk War

Being the childhood pal of Julis Alexia Van Reissfeld, one may assume Orphelia additionally has a happy as well as bright character. But that can not be much from the truth. She is one of the really few whiteheads who have a serious as well as tragic past. And this gives her a dark personality which is a must for lots of goth-loving weebs. This cold girl is chilly sufficient to chill you to the bones with simply a glimpse.

25. Index Librorum – A Certain Magical Index

Index Librorum-A Certain Magical Index

As Index is a 14-15-year-old girl, she could not seem to be that much of the most effective white head candidate. However don’t get deceived by what you see. She has the intelligence, maturity, freedom, and also responsibility that not also a grown-up can compete with. And equipped with her photographic memory, she is just one of the candidates of “most intelligent white head.” She is intelligent, pleasant, and adorable.

24. Origami Tobiichi – Date A Live

Origami Tobiichi-Date A Live

It’s not a surprise that a girl from Date A Live gets on this listing; as gotten out of an anime with the Harem tag. Well, as for the personality in question, Origami, she is a charm to behold. Her certain and also independent individuality is rather attractive. Unlike the various other harem women, she has rather a flirty individuality. She isn’t shy to talk her mind.

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23. Seitenshi – Black Bullet

Seitenshi-Black Bullet

A pair of blue eyes integrated with white hair is the formula for a fatal weapon called Seitenshi. She is the de facto leader of not only Tokyo but a countless variety of weeb hearts. Her positive personality as well as glorified attitude make her an intriguing personality. Even when under extreme pressure and also stressful minutes, she will not fluctuate for a bit. Her ability seems to be an add-on to her extreme beauty.

22. Shiro – Deadman Wonderland

Shiro-Deadman Wonderland

Being an unaware, adorable, and also lovable person among the oddballs of Circus Prison is on its own remarkable. So it’s no surprise that Shiro is on this checklist. She is all care free and also just offers a damn regarding things that involve Ganta. Yet she isn’t all lovey-dovey when she flips. If Shiro were really what she appears to be, after that the Circus Jail wouldn’t have been there to begin with.

21. Kanade Tachibana – Angel Beats

Kanade Tachibana-Angel Beats

Angel Beats has a lots of women, but none can hold a candle to Kanade. Well, this is only our point of view but prior to you begin naming various other Angels, hear us out. Kanade is the best autist. She is sweet and also quiet as well as appears to constantly be in her very own globe. But once you are familiar with her, her personality takes an exciting turn. Her introvertness makes it difficult for her to make friends, once she turns into one, she ends up being the best.

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20. Eris – KonoSuba


KonoSuba is a trick by itself, as well as Eris is a prime part of it. She is a petite lady that appears to be a harmless traveler. Her significance isn’t that much apart from being the informal target of Kazuma as well as Aqua’s intimidation. Eris seems a featureless personality. Yet that is till we learn more about her real identification. Once her identity is discovered, her appeal and stupidity end up being both charming as well as irritating. She is the excellent dandere that everyone weebs desire.

19. Misha Necron – The Misfit of The Devil King Academy

Misha Necron-The Misfit of The Devil King Academy

White-haired, withdrawn, and quiet. Who wouldn’t like these three high qualities in a lady!! Equipped with all 3 of these variables, Misha is a sweetheart with none of the wacky nature that the remainder of the whiteheads in this list have. Rather, she is simply a lovable little sister personality that we weebs love. And also clearly, do not take it otherwise.

18. Tomoya Sakagami – Clannad

Tomoya Sakagami-Clannad

The first time you see Tomoya, you will assume that she is a callous woman. Her physical violence understands no bounds. She is so fierce that even boys hesitate of her. But this is the exact opposite of what she actually is. Her personality is soft and also kind-hearted. She will certainly make you soup when you get ill, however just if you open up to her. So don’t evaluate her by what others state and try to be familiar with her.

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17. Canaan – Canaan

Canaan-Canaan anime

Being the girl that is called after the anime, it’s no surprise that she is special. This anime could be similar to Naruto as it’s an anime called after the character, yet the characters are nowhere the same. Canaan is a personality who is tranquil, calculative, and rational. She is a mercenary but is kind and practical to those she takes care of.

16. Noelle Silva – Black Clover

Noelle Silva-Black Clover

If there is any aspect of Black Clover that is much more irritating than Asta’s screams, after that it needs to be Noelle’s stubbornness. Regrettably, her weak point in the direction of Asta and her would-be noble attitude get excessive used. Yet these are the facts that make her character likable. It adds an appeal to her as well as makes her heartthrob. Her tsundere qualities and IDGAF attitude suffice to draw in the weebs.

15. Nao Tomori – Charlotte

Nao Tomori-Charlotte | white hair anime girl

So you are stating that you do not like a tsundere character that kicks you right in the face but also cares enough to fight for you? After that why are you shouting waifu when we state Nao? Well, we can not blame you. She has a character that knows when to be a tsundere and also when to in fact express the hidden sensations. If you ever discover such a woman, after that don’t even blink, simply marry her. Well, that could be hard therefore a character can just be in anime, and it’s none apart from Nao.

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14. Sakura – Danganronpa ( Definitely not Prejudiced though!).

Sakura-Danganronpa(Definitely not Prejudiced though)  | white hair anime girl

Now you need to be questioning why even exists a Danganronpa character on the list of “best girl.” Well, that is a legitimate issue however just have a look at Sakura’s individuality. She is caring, sweet, as well as has a large heart (well it’s more like broad). Yes, she may not be as eye-catching as other girls on the checklist, however she is effective. She is undoubtedly skilled, or why else would certainly she be embeded a “college” of talented individuals. Ou and the very best feature of her is that she isn’t as ineffective as a certain pink head most of us understand of. She’s a female CHAD that even males will certainly stan.

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13. Alisa Ilinichina – God Eater.

Alisa Ilinichina-God Eater | white hair anime girl

God Eater is an anime that is quite similar to AoT. Aside from the tale, both of them also have a character that is rather similar. In both these anime, there is a female lead that is badass in all facets. We all learn about Mikasa however let us inform you regarding Alisa. She has the kindest personality when she is protecting the weak. Yet she will likewise make you sob if you ever hurt the ones she looks after.

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12. Altair – Re: Creators.

Altair-Re:Creators | white hair anime girl

In simple terms, Altair has a tantamount character. Well, what else could one expect from a personality that does not speak much? However her character is just brilliant. Amongst the personality poon of Re: Creators, she is the only character who has the very best, as well as we imply the most effective Reddit fanbase amongst all the white head females. As well as she has the “power” to shield her fans from injury’s method one of the most harmful possible way.

11. Koneko Toujou – High School DxD.

Koneko Toujou-High School DxD  | white hair anime girl

All of us find out about Secondary school DxD; there’s no need to lie right here. You are among your peers. So our team believe Koneko requires no intro. However still, for those amongst you that wish to declare that you have actually never ever come across this anime, Koneko is the woman who seems to be a loli. If that wasn’t sufficient, she is a catgirl loli.

10. Togame – Katanagatari.

Togame Katanagatari | white hair anime girl

If this were the listing about Anime ladies with the longest white hair, then Togame would have quickly been the initial. She has a tiny and small body, however that body has one of the densest as well as longest hair in anime. To provide you a concept concerning it, her hair is longer than Goku in Super Saiyan 3 kind. All jokes aside, Togame has a weak body but a solid heart.

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9. Ilena – Claymore.

Ilena-Claymore | white hair anime girl

Ilena is a quiet woman. She does not speak much. Yet she is one of the few swordswomen that we would certainly permit to puncture our hearts. She is tall, in shape, as well as has a specific severe beauty. Yes, dating her can indeed be a little bit boring due to her silent character, yet she is the perfect companion if you are a silent type. Oh and also don’t take place her wrong side, that never ends well.

8. Najenda – Akame Ga Kill.

Najenda-Akame Ga Kill | white hair anime girl

Now, this is a white head that needs to get on this checklist even if she not did anything. With her alpha features alone, she has the prospective to go head to head with the most effective whiteheads. Yet on top of that, this character has the body to back up her alpha character. Also her terrible jokes have a particular charm to attract the weeb mind.

7. Alice Nakiri – Food Wars.

Alice Nakiri-Food Wars | white hair anime girl

If I had a genie as well as had just one dream, I would desire Alice to be my sweetheart. She is pleasant, caring, as well as most importantly, can make food so good that it will certainly rip your clothes off. Well, besides the tearing part, every one of her is the excellent partner product. So it is no surprise that she would remain in the fight for the best white head in all of anime background.

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6. Mirajane Strauss – Fairy Tail.

Mirajane Strauss-Fairy Tail  | white hair anime girl

Deadly, pleasant, warm, and decent– if a weeb desires all these 4 things, after that there is no alternative to Mirajane. She starts as a personality that seems to be a damsel in distress. But every person is additionally scared of her at the same time. And also when we learn why, oh boy were we surprised or what !? She likewise cares for her family members, so you know she’s gon na be there when you need her. She is merely the most effective whitehead in all of anime background.

5. Eri – My Hero Academia

Eri-My Hero Academia | white hair anime girl

My Hero Academia is a anime which has action, action, as well as a lot more activity. Yet considering that the Overhaul arc, there is a specific character that made the fans go bananas. It’s our favorite Eri-chan. Well, she may be a kid who “might” not have the ability to reveal her stunningness. Nevertheless, her huge, round, charming eyes coupled with her cute smile are an effective weapon. Midoriya might treasure her, yet to us weebs, she is our priceless.

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4. Isla, Plastic Memories (2015)

Isla, Plastic Memories | white hair anime girl

“Plastic Memories” is a romance/sci-fi genre anime. It is an adaptation of one of the most common concepts of romantic genre: Man finds affection with Artificial Intelligence. The main character in the series is Tsukasa Mizugaki, who failed his college entrance exam. Even though he isn’t qualified, but he is able to land an interview at an advanced company in the field of technology, Sion Artificial Intelligence. Sion Artificial Intelligence manufactures androids that resemble human beings called Giftias. Isla is an example of such an android. She, along with Tsukasa is assigned the task of returning Giftias who’s life span has ended. Tsukasa is in love with Isla despite that she will never be around for ever.

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3. Elizabeth Liones – The Seven Deadly Sins.

Elizabeth Liones-The seven Deadly Sins | white hair anime girl

Elizabeth, who in their right mind won’t locate her magnificent?!? Yes, she does start as the “damsel in distress” character, but that is not all to her. But oh man, does she get a transformation or what. As the tale advances, two points changed. To start with, her character shifted from being the damsel to a heartbreaking damsel. As well as the various other is her power level that can even make Meliodas seem light. However the inappropriate foundling from the midget is something that stayed consistent.

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2. Shiro – No Game no life.

Shiro-No Game no life | white hair anime girl

If you like stupid women, after that Shiro isn’t a girl that will pique your rate of interest. Simply take a look at her IQ. It’s around 500, yet the way she moves and intends, it can be said that her IQ is OVER 9 THOUSAND. From a weebs POV, there is just one thing incorrect with her, and it’s her age (FBI coming right to your home). However if you can wait long enough, then felt confident that Shiro will be a white head that will certainly reconcile the best cry.

1. Emilia – Re: Zero.

Emilia-Re:Zero | white hair anime girl

Emilia being right here could be a shock due to her insignificance in comparison to Rapid eye movement. However this is not a checklist of best girls yet ideal whiteheads, and we believe this is the only list where Emilia also belongs. She could be worthless, but if we forget Rem for a moment, after that also Emilia has some quirky as well as cute minutes to her. Yet her irrelevance to the story and also Subarus’ craziness makes her a bad character, however she is undoubtedly a nice waifu.

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