Hisoka death : Everything you need to know

Hisoka is a Hunter antagonist, and his popularity in the fan base is all that incredible. A question arises lately hisoka death, is it true ?
Hisoka death

Hunter x Hunter is a popular series both in Japan and internationally. Despite the fact that the anime was discontinued and a long hiatus, it has remained a popular shounen series.

The manga continues to be published and recently concluded Hisoka Vs. Chrollo, which was the most anticipated fight of all time.

hisoka death

The results were not what many expected and Hisoka, an antagonist and one of the most intriguing characters, died.

Fans wonder if Hisoka death is the end of a truly anti-climatic story.

1. Hisoka death : is it true ?

Hisoka is a fighter against the strong and he longs to face the leader of the Phantom Troupe. Kurapika sealed the Nen of the Phantom Troupe.

Hisoka left the group to fight Chrollo in his prime and found a way for him to break his seal. Hisoka fought Chrollo at the Heavens Arena, and he died in the Hunter x Hunter series. He was revived however.

2. Hisoka death : what happened ?

Hisoka finally agrees to face Chrollo in a final match at the Heavens Arena after his Nen has been unsealed. Chrollo, now able to use two abilities simultaneously, proves difficult to defeat. Hisoka is killed by him using multiple explosive puppets.

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Because a leg is broken, the victim cannot escape to the ceiling and dies in the blast.

Shalnark explained that Hisoka used large portions of the puppets to protect him from the blast, but eventually succumbed to his injuries.

3. What is Hisoka’s Secret to Regaining Hisoka’s Life?

After fighting against Chrollo, Hisoka died. His aura returned to his body when Machi tried to fix it. Hisoka had told his Nen, before he died, to use Bungee Gum in order to restart his heart and lungs.

A person’s Nen will not disperse if they have a strong will. Hisoka’s intense desire meant that his Nen didn’t disperse, and he followed his instructions. This is how Hisoka was brought back to life.

4. Hisoka: How Strong?

Hisoka’s power is so great that, except for his fight against Chrollo and the rest of his team, it was almost impossible to match him. Hisoka was defeated by Chrollo because he had prepared a strategy beforehand and had gathered Nen skills to fight him.

Hisoka was a formidable opponent despite all of these negative circumstances.

He is a formidable fighter with extraordinary physical skills and combat ability. His Nen and tactical genius as well as his flexibility and agility allow him to quickly adapt to any unexpected circumstances.

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Illumi Zoldyck was a magician’s estimate of being even more powerful than Zodiacs. He was cautious about crossing Hisoka.

Hisoka has a sinister aura that is powerful and dangerous, in addition to his fearsome strength, agility and endurance. He is a Transmuter, and manifests it through Bungee Gum, his Nen ability. He’s also skilled in Enhancement, Emission, Conjuration.

Hisoka can also use Gyo, Ren, and Ken which enabled him to survive multiple explosions caused by The Sun and Moon. He is likely to be proficient in Zetsu or Ko.

Hisoka is a strong character and top enemy of Gon because of his strength and abilities.

5. Hisoka vs Chrollo

This is the most confusing fight in all of HxH.

The TLDR version of the story is that Chrollo pulled a Batman on Hisoka.

Nen ability

Let’s now get to it. Hisoka and Chrollo are among the smartest fighters in the series. However, Hisoka’s Nen abilities seem to be quite simple. He just makes use of them with his cunning.

Hisoka death

However, Chrollo’s Nen abilities aren’t. He would have spent hours studying the best Nen and making decisions. He used 5 abilities to complete his master plan.

  1. Kortopi’s Gallery Fake ability
  2. Shalnark’s ability: Black Voice
  3. Order Stamp
  4. Convert hands
  5. Sun and Moon
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(I bolded S&M as this is my belief in true checkmate ability. The other four are distractions.

chrollo sun and moon

Chrollo also revealed that he upgraded his spellbook and can now use two abilites simultaneously by bookmarking one of the pages.

These four abilities formed the basis of the fight’s basic premise. Chrollo uses (1) to create puppets; (2) and (3) to make Hisoka attack them; and (4) to disguise him. Chrollo is aware that Hisoka can be a formidable duelist or assassin but does not possess the ability to fight multiple enemies at once.

The fight until hisoka death

Hisoka didn’t spec into AOE in gaming terms.

Next, we will get to Sun and Moon. This ability allows the target to explode if it reaches the opposite mark. It sounds simple but there is a catch. This Nen ability was granted to the original user by his will. It can be used even after death.

This is the part that is cheatIng the system. These marks can be used to mark the puppets until they explode.

Hisoka dead

Hisoka is unable to defeat the army of exploding Puppets (no AOE!). He resorted to another method of combat to outsmart Chrollo. He is now trying to figure out which combination of abilities Chrollo uses and how to disrupt them.

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Hisoka was unaware that Chrollo had sent him on a flawed path of thinking from the beginning. Hisoka believed Chrollo could combine two abilities.

It’s wrong.

Chrollo actually used three abilities together, thanks to the persist through Death property of Sun and Moon that affected his puppets.

Hisoka was tricked by him into believing that this was a game in 2D chess, when it was actually 3D chess.

As Chrollo stated, once this plan was in motion, it was impossible for Hisoka to win so Hisoka death.

5. Is Hisoka Weaker Than Chrollo?

hisoka vs chrollo

Although Chrollo was able to defeat Hisoka in the end, it is important to note that he had done a lot of preparation before this fight. Even he admitted that. He had prepared a strategy before the fight and gathered Nen skills to ensure his victory.

The actual battle took place at the place and time that Chrollo had set up. This allowed him to easily control the crowd and make use of them during the fight. Hisoka declared that he would be fighting Chrollo at the location of his choice the next time he revivifies.

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Hisoka was a formidable opponent, despite all the disadvantages.

6. Hisoka death and the limits of his nen

Although he has demonstrated the ability to recover from death, it depends on several factors.

First, his inner organs must be intact. Without a functioning heart his nen wouldn’t work.

The second is that the nen he has put in place must remain undisturbed. If it is damaged, interfered with or otherwise impaired, the process will be canceled.

Finally, as the manga shows, his body must be sufficiently repaired that he does not die again upon his return to his life.

Hisoka x Reader) As High as the Heaven's Arena - ~Bungee Gum Magic~ |  Hunterxhunter hisoka, Hunter anime, Hisoka

It’s all a gamble. And in our opinion if he had not reacted to protect his important organs from the explosion, he would have remained dead even with the nen.

the resurrection of hisoka is a feat that would not be easy to repeat due to its complexity. So for us, this is the last we will hear of hisoka’s death

7.Our hypothesis for the future

After the Hisoka death, he came back to life and became more aggressive than ever. He used to let his opponents choose, but now he has become like a wolf that attacks anyone. After killing 2 members of the brigade, he is probably hiding in the black hole trying to kill the members of the brigade 1 by 1. Our hypothesis is that Hisoka thanks to his nen took the appearance of a bodyguard of the prince and waits for the opportune moment to ally with Kurapika and destroy the brigade once and for all. Kurapika doesn’t know yet the presence of the brigade on the black whale and who better than Hisoka as an ally. Kurapika’s chains are very effective against the members of the brigade, especially the kurapika chain jail , so we think that by the end of the arc, the phantom Brigade will be mostly decimated.

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Hisoka vs Chrollo vs kurapika

8. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a Shonen animation based on the manga of the name. The story is about Gon, a young boy who discovers that his father was not dead but a legend Hunter.

Instead of feeling defeated, Gon decides not to feel depressed and follows the example of his father and becomes a great Hunter.

The job of Hunter isn’t easy. Gon must pass an exam in order to become a hunter. On this adventure, he makes friends and must work together to overcome obstacles.


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