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Best Jeanist

Tsunagu Hakamata Also called Thread Hero Best Jeanist (Beast Jeanist in the official Russian edition) previously No. 4, and now Professional Hero No. 3 and the winner from the Best Engineer award for the last eight years.

Appearance Tsunagu Hakamata

Appearance Tsunagu Hakamata

Hakamata Tsunagu is an athletic tall, lanky guy with long, blonde hair whose fringes are tucked below his eyebrows, leaving the eyes of his pale green. A large portion of his face is hidden by the neckline of his jacket. It is part of his outfit. His neck is extremely long. Tsunagu always has a neat appearance and neat, with his hair shaved and neatly dressed in denim. He expects from his entourage too.

The superhero costume is almost entirely made of denim. The costume comprises an outerwear with a high collar and jeans with two belts (one around the collar and another around the waist) and dark brown boots that have a massive sole.

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Identity Tsunagu Hakamata

Identity Tsunagu Hakamata

in the comic Hakamata Tsunagu is an affable, calm and sometimes impulsive personality being both cynical and paranoid. He’s cautious about his appearance , and the method that he runs his company and also has the ability of “reeducating” people he sees potential in, and also changing things that he believes are unacceptable.

“Re-educating cocky types like you is my calling as a hero,” Hakamata Tsunagu speaks to Katsuki Bakugo.

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Identity Tsunagu Hakamata

“I thought I was going to blow the whole place up, but you immediately took everyone away by clothing, this prevented the victims from being destroyed. The analysis of the incident as well as reflexes and the nerves with steel …” — All for One transforms into Tsunaga Hakamata.

However, during the battle the villain did not remove Tsunaga’s quirks, telling him: “I see, your power requires a great deal of experience and control.”

This is clear evidence of the hero’s inner strength and determination. The skills he developed were refined to perfection and he became greatly admired by the public (according Hawk, according to Hawk, Tsunagu would have been the #1 hero in terms of ratings for approval This allowed him to be the hero of #4 and then the #3 hero.

Identity Tsunagu Hakamata

Tsunagu Hakamata is a man who takes his work and the duty of Hero extremely seriously. His selfless nature and courageous because he did not hesitate to help his friends, and, in addition was he borne the brunt of the attacks for all.

He’s definitely the possessor of good manners, and so the world is his playground. Even with these distinct characteristics Tsunagu is smart and an excellent hero.

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Appearance Tsunagu Hakamata

Appearance Tsunagu Hakamata

Episode 4 (Season 1 Episode 4) or Chapter 3
In discussing Yuei, Midoriya speaks of Three Professional Heroes. In particular, Almighty, Prospector and Best Genie.

Episode 27 (Season 2 Episode 14) or Chapter 48

Episode 27 (Season 2 Episode 14) or Chapter 48

This episode Bakugo gets placed in an internship with Hakamata, the Best Genie agency. Hakamata was always as per his own account been a good student. The best Jins goal was to transform Bakugo into the hero of his dreams.

“It is part of my heroic duties to correct the misfits like you. Villains and heroes, two sides of the same coin. I will demonstrate to you what makes a hero a hero.” Tsunagu replied. Tsunagu responded to Bakugo’s anger.

Episode 27 (Season 2 Episode 14) or Chapter 48

Episode 27 (Season 2 Episode 14) or Chapter 48

Bakugo’s “hell” continues. Hakamata is responsible for Bakugo’s appearance. This includes the hairstyle and clothing.

“You have to reassure the people you have to save. You have to be compliant. The speech, the actions, it all has to be elegant,” Hakamata states when she is combing the hair of Bakugo.

Episode 31 (Season 2 Episode 18)

Episode 31 (Season 2 Episode 18)

Best Gins gathers all of his subordinates including Bakugo and gives the command to calm the crowd.

“Let’s put our minds and bodies in tight jeans!” – Tsunagu says.

Episode 32 (Season 2 Episode 19)

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Episode 32 (Season 2 Episode 19)

When he’s out on patrol together with Bakugo, Best Jeans asks him a question “Patrols are meant to deter villains from committing crimes, but they have another function. What is that function?”

Bakugo responds incorrectly in a way that is not correct. Jeans responds, “The answer is to show themselves to the public, to reassure the public. “

The student isn’t very happy with this concept. However this creates Best Jeans wonder what to do about him right now.

Episode 47 (3×09) or Chapters 86and 88

Episode 47 (3x09) or Chapters 86and 88

Bakugo is in an accident. He is being held in a fight with The League of Villains, who attempt to drag Bakugo into their camp. This is a situation that forces the top heroes to unite. This includes the Best Genes. Jeans recalls inviting Bakugo to join his job. He believes of the fact that the young man will never give up to “give battle to the villains”. Orca is wondering if Jins was in a position to transform his behavior. “His stubbornness is beyond me,” says Hero #4.

The heroes are split by two teams. First ( Almighty, Sharp Arrow Tree Kamaui as well as Prospector) go to the bar, where Tomura Shagaraki and all his minions are The two groups ( Best Jeans, Lady Mountain, Tiger, and Orca) travel to the warehouse equipped with Nomu-making machinery. The heroes are quick to take care of the villains.

Best Gins sends a SWAT team to check the structure, stating that there could be additional than one Nomu there. At this point, All For One emerges from the dark in the apartment. Hakamata connects him immediately by his quirk, however All for One breaks the bonds and destroys the heroes.

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Episode 48 (3×10) or Chapters 88-89

Episode 48 (3x10) or Chapters 88-89

The moment the dust from the blast is gone the blast is revealed to be Best Jeans pulls the others out of the blast, with their clothing, within a flash. This is exactly the thing that All By One notices. The hero has done all the blame himself.

Hakamata is still conscious and in a position to move. As he reaches the end of his energy, the man gets up on his elbows , and declares: “Don’t get me wrong, but I won’t do otherwise. The best heroes should not suffer defeat! “
Best Jeans tried to attack All For One with his character, but he was repelled within the next. The attack was a blow to Jeans lung and destroyed him. This means that Hero #4 is incapacitated.

The Villain is then aware that Jins’s quirk can be difficult to master and has been taught by years of training.

This is why he didn’t accept this role because it’s not a good fit for his character. The villain is left to be killed at the hands of the enemy.

Episode 49 (Season 3 Episode 11) or Chapter 93

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Episode 49 (Season 3 Episode 11) or Chapter 93

Woody Kamaui, with the aid of his quirk is able to pull Jins, Lady Mountain and Kostaka out of the rubble. This is a result of the fight between All for One, the Almighty as well as All for One.

Episode 87 (Season 4 Episode 25) or Chapter 184

Episode 87 (Season 4 Episode 25) or Chapter 184

The ceremony was that announced Japan’s Heroes’ rankings, Gins was ranked #3.

“Even though he took a break, he’s still #3. He has the most support this time around. Hero of the Thread – Best Gins,” declares the reporter.

Episode 102 (5×14)

Episode 102 (5x14)

Hawk is seen at Best Genie’s home.

“Turns out a man can survive without a lung,” Gins replied Gins to Hawk’s queries about his health.

Jeans said she was looking to emerge from the shadows quickly.

“Too many people are waiting for my return,” He said while pondering his super-soft self.

Following shot Hawk taking out his firearm that acts like a sword or knife.

Then we’ll see him flying in a blue gym bag.

Quirk And Ability

Quirk And Ability

Lord of the Threads ( huaibamasuta Faiba Masuta? ) A quirk that permits Top Jeans to freely manipulate fibers of fabric from an in-between distance. The ability is most efficient with denim and is the least effective with sweatshirts and other clothing items. So long as people are wearing clothing – they’ll never be able to resist the power.

General capabilities

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Tsunagu demonstrated that he was highly skilled and proficient in managing his particular quirk. According to the books the technique was rated at a high level. In addition, his skills were assessed as high by the All By One team, whom Tsunagu was in a position to instantly incapacitate.

  • Greater Resilience: Tsunagu can stand up to All by one’s side and recover consciousness even after being severely injured and losing the lung.
  • High Intelligence Tsunagu is extremely smart and without it, he would not have been able to come up with his quirk to the level he has and Kohei Horikoshi himself has confirmed that. [5]

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  • The surname of Tsunagu is comprised from “Hakama” (Ku Hakama?) as well as “rice field” (Tian ta? ).
  • The animal that he likes the most is the wolf.
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