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In Mha, Gigantomachia is a Villain associated with the Union of Villains. He was the loyal former bodyguard of All For One. His body was genetically altered to make him a war machine. Gigantomachia could become Tomura’s ally in the event that All For One was defeated, but only if Tomura proves himself worthy. Gigantomachia has always doubted Tomura’s abilities.
Gigantomachia was a member of the Supernatural Liberation Front after its birth.

Appeareance Gigantomachia

Appeareance Gigantomachia

Gigantomachia, a humanoid about the same size as a tree, is called Gigantomachia. Gigantomachia’s hair is long and spiky. Some parts of its body like its jaw and back are as hard as rocks and wrinkled. His lower canines are protruding from his mouth, and his teeth protrude large and protrude.

He always has a portable radio on him. He holds it around his neck with string. He wears a large, hooded suit in public.

Gigantomachia, after the New Advent wears an armour that is made specifically for her huge body.

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Character Gigantomachia

Character Gigantomachia

Gigantomachia is a polite person, but he quickly becomes aggressive and impatient towards people who are not cooperating.

Gigantomachia, a faithful servant of All For One, doubts that Tomura Shigaraki can be considered the successor to Ri-Destro. Gigantomachia recognizes Tomura’s strength in defeating Ri-Destro and tears of joy stream down his face as he acknowledges Tomura as his rightful master.

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Skills Gigantomachia

Skills Gigantomachia

Complex Abilities Gigantomachia was an extremely powerful entity that served as a bodyguard to All For One. He also became stronger after his body was altered and Quirks were placed. Gigantomachia defeated Gran Torino, a number of policemen and scared the old Hero away. He then pierced a mountain side to side. Gigantomachia was able to defeat the giant, and even the Villain Union couldn’t stop it. The Union could not make any progress even after months of constant battles against the giant. Tomura claims that Gigantomachia was “too healthy” and it with this, it could not resist the blows and exhaust its enemies.

Incredible Strength: Gigantomachia’s massive build and enormous size allowed him to smash through a building’s facade with just one hand. Gigantomachia is able to pulverise and dig holes in the ground as well as destroy buildings nearby with a single hammer fist. Gigantomachia has powerful retractable claws that can dig underground thanks to the Quirk Mole. Even the Mt. The behemoth threw Lady away.

Incredible Speed: Despite his massive muscular mass, Gigantomachia runs at a phenomenal speed, knocking surrounding trees to the ground whenever it runs. He can travel at least 100km/h (62,137 miles).

Extreme Resistance: Gigantomachia has an extraordinary resistance to pain and toughness thanks to Quirk Pain blocking and Tough Muscle. After being smashed by Dabi’s flames, the behemoth was almost unharmed. Gigantomachia managed to fight his way through the Superpowered Liberation Army members, despite being attacked from all angles.

Incredible Durability: Gigantomachia is able to fight for 48 hours and 44 mins without stopping. This is thanks to Quirk Energy Efficiency. It allows him to save energy from liquids and nutrients to prolong their lives. He needs to rest for 3 hours after all that running.

Developed Sensitivity: Gigantomachia developed excellent hearing and an exceptional sense of smell through the Quirk Dog. Even when asleep, his senses are so sharp that he can’t be taken by surprise. He can sense smell and locate Tomura even from far away.

Gigantomachia is a giant. The back of the giant, which is large and filled with rocky ledges is the perfect place to hide and cling to and then let it carry you around.

Enhanced Air: Gigantomachia’s size and strength can drive away Yuei students, and cause serious environmental damage by taking a deep breath.

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Absolute Loyalty Gigantomachia has an inexhaustible loyalty to All For One, Tomura Shigaraki, and follows every order. Its only weakness is its loyalty. Due to Quirk Endurance, Gigantomachia can’t move or do any thing until he gets a command from its master. He can only do what he needs to do, which is to find his master to support him as he waits for orders.

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Quirk Gigantomachia


According to Kyudai Garaki Gigantomachia is a bodyguard who was created and modified to make him unstoppable.

  • Endurance – Gigantomachia’s first Quirk allows him turn his loyalty to his master into physical energy. This will allow him to build his endurance and strength.
  • Pain Blocking The second Quirk from Gigantomachia permits him to feel no pain.
  • Growing – The third Gigantomachia Quirk enables him to grow in size and allow his bones and teeth to grow out of the flesh. This gives him additional protection.
  • Dog – The fourth Gigantomachia quirk allows him to use a dog’s sense of smell and eyesight.
  • Energy Efficiency: Gigantomachia’s fifth Quirk lets him conserve nutrients and fluids so that he can go on for hours without stopping.
  • Tough Muscles: Gigantomachia’s sixth Quirk allows him the ability to make his muscles tougher than normal, giving him the appearance of a rock.
  • Mole – The seventh Gigantomachia Quirk gives him the ability to develop long mole claws with his fingers. These allow him to dig underground and cut through trees or other obstacles.
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