When Will American Horror Story Season 13 Release Date ?

American Horror Story Season 13 is a popular television series that focuses on horror stories. Each season’s main story is a miniseries about new characters set in a fictional world. Each episode has a beginning and an ending, as well as being inspired by real-life events.

Some cast members have appeared multiple times in the series, including Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe. Frances Conroy, Denis O’Hare, and Jessica have been regulars for six seasons. The rest of the cast members are Jessica, Jamie Brewer and Kathy Bates. Finn Wittrock and Emma Roberts have been cast in five out of ten seasons.



American Horror Story was created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and is a horror TV series that focuses on American anthology. It was produced for cable network FX. Murphy and Falchuk also serve as executive producers along with Dante Di Loreto (timminear), James Wong, Jennifer Salt (bracebuecker), Alexis Martin Woodall (crystal Liu), Adam Penn (John J.) Gray, Sarah Paulson and Manny Coto.

The series premiered on October 5, 2011 and ran for nine more seasons on FX. The last season, which aired on October 20, 2021, was released on August 25, 2021. FX renewed the series three more times in January 2020.

American Horror Story Season 12: The ending

American Horror Story Season 12: The ending

American Horror Story – NYCdefinitely was a season on television. That’s what we’ll tell you. However, opinions about how the season performed vary widely.

Many lamented the lackluster direction and likeable characters. Others praised the sweeping metaphors, and hard-hitting facts that season 22 covered in relation to HIV/AIDS. This episode is a great example of how to reverse the long-standing curse of a muddled ending.

No matter what you think, we can all agree this was the most gay and sweatiest season yet of American Horror Storyyet. This is a great achievement that deserves to be commended. How did it all end? What hot gays survived, and which didn’t? Most importantly, who is Big Daddy and why did he survive?

American Horror Story Season 12: The ending

Grab your popcorn and join us for the finale of American Horror Story season 12.

Theo’s funeral is the beginning of things, but Theo stays around, playing A Christmas Carol-like ghost that gives Sam a glimpse into his past. As you would expect, the future is filled with disease, grimy hospitals, and angry ex-partners who are furious at him for their pain.

Theo isn’t done, though. He then travels back in Sam’s past to see the homophobia and abuse he suffered from men who detested him for being gay. That included his father.

The episode ends with Sam running away from Big Daddy on Fire Island. However, it is explained to him that darkness will always be there so he decides to stop running, and instead succumbs.

American Horror Story Season 12: The ending

Sam then unmasks Big Daddy and reveals… a random blond hottie. Someone expecting him to reveal someone familiar, or something monstrous might be surprised to see a random Abercrombie & Fitch figure instead. Is that Big Daddy? We’ll get back to that.

The rest of the episode jumps ahead to Patrick’s 1987 hospitalization. He is now permanently blind due to the disease that has landed him there.

Even then, Patrick still sees Barbara as another Ghost from Christmas Something. Just like Theo was for Sam. They look back together at other harrowing, but formative moments. He pretended not to kiss another cop, and his father accused Patrick being a sissy on their hunting trip.


Barbara tells Patrick that all the shame he feels for being gay is part a cycle. It wasn’t one he started but it has continued. Then, it’s American Horror Story. Barbara takes Patrick to see the f**ked up monstrosity Whitely has created. She even compares them both.

Gino is back in the real world with Patrick, and Kathy sings to him out of this world into the next.

AHS: NYC Finale explained

AHS: NYC Finale explained

The second half of the final double bill kicks off with a morbid surprise. But this time, it’s Hannah who’s dead.

Adam arrives just in the right time to witness her body being taken on a stretcher. While the police claim that she died from “natural causes”, anyone who has ever seen even one episode of American Horror Story will know that this is not true.

Billie Lourd’s character doesn’t die at the end. The finale, which follows Patrick’s tragic death in the final episode, shows Gino’s rest of his life. He manages his illness and fights Big Daddy as long as he can.

Gino continued to fight for his community by protesting and being relentlessly active, as you would expect. Gino succumbed to the disease in the late 90s. Big Daddy was also present at this time.

Adam tries to deliver a speech at Gino’s funeral but is overwhelmed by emotion. This is how the season ends.

Adam found out through Hannah’s research, that he may have given Hannah the disease she died from. He therefore went to his doctor to confirm the findings and shared them with others.

Who is Big Daddy?

Who is Big Daddy?

Big Daddy’s presence throughout this finale of two episodes is felt constantly, even when he isn’t onscreen. However, his true identity is never revealed.

This would seem to prove that Big Daddy didn’t exist in real life. Big Daddy was instead a supernatural being, or something else, a symbol for AIDS, homophobia and death (or a combination of both).

This is evident in episode 9, when Sam is being chased on the beach by Big Daddy. While it was likely a fever dream, the way he surrenders to Daddy suggests that he is actually accepting his death in the form a hot blonde twink.

These episodes also featured Big Daddy again as a host for many deaths, including Patrick’s death in bed and Hannah’s death in Hannah’s apartment when Adam finds her gone.

Who is Big Daddy?

These losses could be directly attributable to Big Daddy, but it is also possible that he represents a gay and leather-clad Angel Of Death, a little like the one we saw earlier in the season during the tarot card reading.

At Patrick’s memorial service, Big Daddy scares Gino in a very symbolic moment. Several men of unknown names walk into a large grave that Big Daddy has dug. This also ties in to an earlier scene in which Adam considers Big Daddy the one who gave Adam the disease by unprotected sex at Central Park.

Big Daddy seems to be the spectre or death in HIV/AIDS panic, especially for queer people who were the most affected by this trauma in the 80s and 1990s.

Big Daddy is a constant presence in Gino’s world, killing his loved ones one after another. Gino refused to give in to this terror. Gino continued to fight him right up until the end and helps others in the community.

American Horror Story Season 12 Should Use the Black Death

American Horror Story Season 12 Should Use the Black Death

Ryan Murphy created a poll on twitter to allow viewers to choose the theme of the next season of American Horror Story. After fans demanded a recount, Murphy changed the poll to Bloody Mary against sirens. The latter won. The Plague, however, is an appropriate theme for future American Horror Story season, especially after the AHS experience in NYC. The spin-off TV series American Horror Stories already featured the Plague in an episode of season 2’s “Milkmaids”, but that was about a smallpox-infected village.

American Horror Story could continue to use the Plague theme by covering the actual Black Death. This was a bubonic plague pandemic which occurred in Western Eurasia from 1346-1353. The origin of the Plague, which is estimated to have claimed the lives of between 30% and 60% of Europe’s population, is still unknown. The Black Death is in line with American Horror Story‘s themes, as well as the horrors and mysteries surrounding its spread, its origin and its social consequences. The Black Death could be used as the show’s Plague, rather than COVID-19, since the mystery surrounding it allows for supernatural or horror elements to be added. It isn’t as recent and as current as COVID-19.

What other themes could American Horror Story Season 12 use?

What other themes could American Horror Story Season 12 use?

The team behind American Horror Story may decide not to use the Black Death, but there are three major themes that season 12 should use. They are Bloody Mary, sirens and Christmas Horror. Bloody Mary, just like the Plague was used in American Horror Stories. However, the story behind this legend can be fully explored and expanded on in the main series. The theme AHS should also use is Christmas Horror. This was covered briefly in Asylum with Leigh Emerson (a man dressed up as Santa Claus) who goes on a killing spree.

There’s also sirens, which are not to be confused or misunderstood with mermaids. Sirens, dangerous Greek mythological creatures that lure sailors with their songs and singing voices to the shores of their island, are believed to be dangerous. Their monstrous appearance is due to their appearance as a mixture of birds and women. The theme of American Horror Story season 12 has many interesting options, but it should not forget the Black Death.

What other themes could American Horror Story Season 12 use?

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American Horror Story Season 13 Release date

American Horror Story Season 13 Release date

This horror series was created for FX by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. It currently has 10 episodes. Each season has a unique title. The series’ first season, Murder House, was released in October 2011. It concluded on December 21, 2011. The last season, which was released on August 25, 2021 and ended on October 20, 2021 with the title Double Feature, was released in October 2021. FX then renewed the series for 3 more seasons, Seasons 11-12 and 13.

How will they confirm the release date of season 13th? The 13th season of the series will air in 2024 if season 11 is released by 2022 and season 12, in 2023.

American Horror Story Episode 13 Storyline

American Horror Story was the first horror show to debut. Both audiences and critics have enjoyed it. Season 10 was released in 2021. Season 13 is still unknown. It is an anthology series so there will be a unique storyline.

American Horror Story Season 13 Cast

American Horror Story Season 13 Cast

American Horror Story’s Cast includes Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Lily Rabe. Frances Conroy, Denis O’Hare, and Jessica have been regulars on American Horror Story for six seasons. The rest of the cast includes Jamie Brewer and Finn Wittrock, Adina Porter and Emma Roberts. Angela Bassett has been cast in five seasons. Season 13 has yet to be confirmed by the makers. We will notify you if they have any information or casting announcements.

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American Horror Story Season 13 Trailer

American Horror Story 13 TrailerAmerican Horror Story Season 13 has not yet been released a trailer. Seasons 11 and 12 have not confirmed their dates.

Watch American Horror Story Season 13 Online!

The FX will have the Season 13 of American Horror Story. Seasons 11 & 12 are still in development so we’ll have to wait a bit longer for Season 13.

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