When Will Devil In Ohio season 2 Release Date?

Devil In Ohio season 2

Devil In Ohio Season 2 became a hit for Netflix when it dropped, because after all who can resist a tale of a Satanic cult hidden in suburbia?

Mixing themes including childhood trauma, religious guilt and parental instinct, this series delivered one hell of a twist by the show’s end. 

If you’re reading this though, we guess you already knew that, and are now looking to see what the future holds for the show. 

Well, praise be – we’re here to provide you some answers. Here’s what you need to know about the show’s future… 

Devil In Ohio season 2 release date : Will there be one? 

Devil In Ohio season 2 release date : Will there be one?

Unfortunately, as a limited series, Devil In Ohio looks set to just be a simple one-off with the chances of a return unlikely. This was most recently echoed in the sentiments of the book’s author Daria Polatin, who seems adamant the show end in a similar way to the book. 

“It’s interesting to think where it might go, but for now it is just an all-in limited [series],” she explained to TV Insider.

Elaborating further, Daria said: “We leave them in that moment because that’s a huge moment and there are different ways it can go.

“That’s what’s fun about it, too, as a conversation piece. I like to write stories that people can engage with and talk about and discuss, and so it’s a good question and it’s something fun for the audience to engage with as well in conversation.

“What would she do? What would you do? I like stories that encourage some interaction as a viewer as well, and I think this gives us that to stimulate conversations with people.”

However, with the show being such a captivating success, we wouldn’t rule it entirely out just yet. Especially considering that ending… 

Devil In Ohio season 2 plot: What will happen? 

Devil In Ohio season 2 plot: What will happen? 

Season two’s ending definitely gave the writers a lot to play with should they be given the opportunity – not least of which with Dr Suzanne Mathis, who discovered she had been played by seemingly traumatised cult follower Mae. 

It appears Mae had it in her head for a while that she wanted Suzanne all to herself, and had successfully driven a wedge between her and her family after conning her way into their home. Mae then managed to stage her own kidnapping, and in Suzanne’s efforts to get her back to safety from a literal devil-worshipping cult, her biological mother died. 

(It’s very complicated – here’s our full recap of the finale!) 

Amontown’s residents can’t be that far away either. Sure, their houses and village had been severely burned, but the satan worshippers are clearly on a mission for the devil, and we somehow don’t see some flames doing much to stop them. 

That’s before we take into account Suzanne’s efforts to repair things with her two children and her husband, while also working as a psychiatrist to other patients who may not be as devoted to her as Mae clearly is. 

Devil In Ohio season 2 cast: Who will return? 

Devil In Ohio season 2 cast: Who will return? 

It’s hard to imagine the show will return at all without the two leading ladies – Bones’ Emily Deschanel as Dr Suzanne, and To All The Boys’ Madeleine Arthur as the complicated and calculating Mae. 

Other returning faces may well include: 

• Sam Jaeger as Peter
• Gerardo Celasco as Detective Lopez
• Xaria Dotson as Jules 
• Tahmoh Penikett as Malachi

Apart from that, due to deaths and disappearances, your guess is as good as mine. New additions would also be likely as the story expands. 

Devil In Ohio season 2 trailer: Any new footage? 

Devil In Ohio season 2 trailer: Any new footage? 

Sorry folks – no new trailer if there’s no new season. But we will keep you updated if there is suddenly any development. 

Maybe pray on it, and we’ll get a little lucky. 

Devil In Ohio is available now on Netf

Devil in Ohio Season 1 Preview

Devil in Ohio Season 1 Preview

Mae, what happened? Is she still there?

This is the final episode of Devil in Ohio, Episode 8. Malachi says to his crow that it is time for him to implement his plan. It turns out Mae is in fact at the Dodd home, back in Amon Town, after she was snatched by Sheriff Wilkins. He is also responsible for the planned hit on Suzanne’s vehicle, but he considers his next move after he discovers that she has been fired.

The compound is happy to see Mae and believes that her death will save them. Mae, who is wearing a veil covering her face, reminds herself that no greater sacrifice can be made for one’s family than what she is about to do. She doesn’t know that Suzanne is coming to save her. Suzanne’s footprints aren’t subtle because of the wet mud outside. Wilkins, of course finds it instantly.

Suzanne leaves a message to Lopez before she enters the building, informing him of her plans. Lopez has been informed to drop the case because Lopez doesn’t have enough money and it is not possible to get a conviction. Lopez still decides to go over and find Mae after receiving her voicemail.

What is the distraction for cultists

Devil in Ohio Season 1 Preview

Mae arrives in the church with beautiful cinematography, and some stunning costuming. These guys are stylish, regardless of the grotesque implications of the ritual. Before the Book of Covenants is read, the purple-robed women sing chorally. Malachi reads passages while Mae is brought in for listening. Signing off, they remind Mae that the chain must be kept.

Suzanne is determined to stop this. Outside, she wrestles Wilkins with pepper spray spray in her face as he attempts to resist her. He grabs his handcuffs, but Suzanne triggers the jingling and pushes him into a torch. The torch ends up tipping over and lighting a stack logs. Uh oh!

Suzanne continues to pretend that she is a cultist and uses the platform as a temporary platform. It has carved wish sigils in the wood, oil on the wood, and a wooden platform. Just before Mae’s ritual ends, however, distant church bells sound. This signifies that the town is on fire.

Why did Abigail give her life for us?

Devil in Ohio Season 1 Preview

Malachi gives Mae’s ritual and burning to Abigail. Everyone else follows her back to town, hoping to salvage the remaining items. Suzanne is thrilled to see this and she tries to climb the platform. She fights against the triggering effects of the heights. Mae believes Lucifer is telling her to go. She doesn’t want her to die and urges Abigail along with her.

Abigail refuses, while Suzanne and Mae jump off the platform to see Noah waiting. He’s actually the one who ran into Suzanne’s car. Mae hits him upside-down with a shovel, knocking him out. Abigail remains on the platform and decides that she will sacrifice herself to ensure the chain doesn’t break.

Peter continues driving with the children away from their home, noting the red A on the front door. He realizes they aren’t safe. Instead, he takes the children to his apartment complex that he manages.

Lopez enters the complex and meets Wilkins. Lopez pulls his gun first, and the latter appears to be close to firing on him. We cut to Malachi, who takes control of the situation after Wilkins is dead. He claims that they are saved by Abigail’s sacrifice.

What can the family do to move on?

Devil in Ohio Season 1 Preview

It seems to work, and Mae’s self-sacrifice acts as a way to free herself. How does the pentagram symbolil fit into this whole thing? It doesn’t really matter as Mae appears to be free from the horrors at Amon Town. She is allowed to leave. It appears that the chain has been broken and she is free to leave the community with the death of the single sheriff.

Suanne leaves all this behind and returns to therapy to confront her past. She also vents to Dr Daniels. She believes that there was still a part of her childhood self that she wanted to save and that she has been able overcome her fears to help Mae.

After solving the Amon Town murder case and shooting that sheriff, Lopez was promoted to Lieutenant. Peter stops by to thank him for his assistance. Things are looking up now that the insurance cheque has been paid. Lopez will search Malachi’s compound after Peter leaves for groceries.

The place is abandoned when he arrives. The cult appears to have moved on to better pastures. Lopez calls Suzanne to inform her that she is having Thanksgiving with Mae alone after Peter and Suzanne separated. Peter isn’t too excited about the idea of Suzanne and Peter getting back together. Suzanne still believes they will.

What happens to Devil in Ohio season 1?

What happens to Devil in Ohio season 1?

Lopez rings her and asks her questions about Theodore Harrington, the third, or Teddy, as we have come to know him. Two weeks ago, Teddy’s car was reported stolen. This happened the same night that the dance. Mae was also lying, it turned out. She switched the red roses for white ones and hid them behind the dumpster. They were actually her order that day, and she took them to school. She also took Teddy’s keys, and drove herself to Amon Town. The Sherriff wasn’t responsible for it! Mae was the one who set it all up.

After receiving this call, Suzanne feels agitated and realizes that she has completely destroyed her family in order to save this little girl. The camera zooms in on Suzanne as she eats. It is now far away from her house and the shrine Mae has been creating outside. It is now much larger and the centerpiece of it is a photo of Mae with Suzanne, which was her wish all along.


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