When Will Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date ?

Moon Knight

Moon Knight has finished its amazing first season run on Disney+. However, there have been discussions about a second set of installments on social media following the explosive finale. Episode 6 concluded the story of Marc Spector’s fiasco with Steven Grant’s Arthur Harrow. However, the post-credits revealed the character’s third personality, of the much more dangerous Jake Lockley. Many believed that there were more stories to the Fist of Vengeance after the alter was introduced.

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Moon Knight

Marvel Studios creative and Moon Knightexecutive producers Grant Curtis said that although a second season has not been confirmed, he believes Oscar Isaac’s MCU hero fits in “any corner”of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hawke noted that Moon Knight is a “limited series” but could be “the origin story for a larger thing.”

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After a Disney+ run it seems like there is more evidence about a second season of Moon Knight.

Will Moon Knight be back for season 2?


Disney has commissioned Moon Knight only as a limited series. This would mean that there is no second season.

In an interview with RadioTimes.com Moon Knight actor Oscar Isaac stated that there are no solid sequel plans.

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Isaac stated, “You know, I think that we approached it like ‘this story’.”

Will Moon Knight be back for season 2?

Let’s just say that we have all the facts. It’s not something that the government has any plans to do. It would all depend on the story.

However, Moon Knight’s after-credits scene introduced Jake Lockley, the third major character from the Moon Knight universe. It’s evident that Marvel plans to continue developing the character of Moon Knight in some way moving forward.

It remains to be determined if this will be in the form a Disney Plus sequel, or if the character will just appear in a future MCU project.

Will Moon Knight be back for season 2?

Are you interested in #MoonKnight season 2, or an appearance on the big-screen MCU

As mentioned above, Moon Knight’s director Mohamed Diab is also uncertain about this point.

He had previously stated to Collider that “[Marvel] continue expressing every day how much they love this show, but it isn’t like any other show.

Will Moon Knight be back for season 2?

“Any TV series that’s good will get you a second-season. WandaVision was fantastic and you didn’t get another season. You went to something else. What I am certain of is that Moon Knight will be around for a long period, according to me.

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We don’t know if Moon Knight will be returning, despite rumours on social networks. We can still keep our fingers crossed in a Marvel universe that brings together three generations Spider-Men.

Disney+ Teases Season 2 of Moon Knight

Disney+ Teases Season 2 of Moon Knight

Disney+ Hotstar India published a tweet suggesting that Moon Knight might be returning for a second season. It shared that it couldn’t decide which was harder: dealing with heat or .

Marvel Studios is yet to confirm that the Oscar Isaac-led series will be aired on Disney+ as of this writing.

It’s not the first time Disney and/or Marvel Studios teased Moon Knight for their second season. The official Twitter account of the studio promoted the episode with the statement that the “season finale” instead of the series finale.

Moon Knight Season 2 Announcement Soon

Moon Knight Season 2 Announcement Soon

Although international social media accounts of the Marvel brand have been wrong in past, this tweet could be a hint that Moon Knight‘s next season might actually happen, especially since it has been teased before.

Moon Knight’s first run on Disney+ was an origin story. There is still room for more stories. It’s up for debate what avenue will be used to tell these stories.

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Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab had previously expressed his desire to make the character “into a movie,” with him stating that it could focus on Marc Spector’s adventures with another MCU hero. It’s appealing to see the Fist of Vengeance make its big screen debut, but Marvel can give Moon Knight another season which will allow Marvel to flesh out the character in a six-episode series.

Moon Knight Season 2 Announcement Soon

While it is not yet clear if Marvel Studios will announce Moon Knight’s second season, it is safe to assume that an update regarding the character’s next appearance may be made sooner than expected.

Moon Knight season 2 plot. What’s the second season about?

Moon Knight season 2 plot. What's the second season about?

Moon Knight is intentionally strange and experimental for Marvel. It makes it more difficult than usual to predict the next step.

We imagine Jake Lockley, the third major Moon Knight character, will make his post-credits debut. Is he a friend to the other alters or a foe? The final shot in season one suggests Jake is not someone you want to mess around with.

These are just hints that classic comic book villains like Bushman might be worth your while. However, this assumes Moon Knight returns for a second season.

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Why Moon Knight’s Jewish backstory causes division

Why Moon Knight Jewish backstory causes division

We wouldn’t be surprised, given the show’s low reception and its current status of a limited series. Moon Knight, or Layla, as Taweret’s new superheroic avatar, could just appear in other MCU stories from now.

This could make for some interesting reading. Moon Knight, just like Batman can be molded into many styles depending on its writer. We can easily picture the Fist of Khonshu fighting alongside street heroes such as Daredevil. However, it is also possible to imagine him fighting with or against the Avengers depending on his mood.

After the finale, Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab said that he is still unsure what the show’s next form might look like (via Comicbook.com).

Why Moon Knight Jewish backstory causes division

“I don’t know what’s going on… Moon Knight is here to stay, that’s the truth. Is it going be a movie? Is it going on TV? It will be a part of another character’s next adventure? I’m not sure. I would love to be part of this story. I hope to be part of that one day.

Moon Knight finale did some groundbreaking

If Diab is interested in this project, he would like to kick off season 2 with a deep dive into Jake Lockley’s life.

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“I want to explore his world. Everybody is so curious about him, and [I] want to] see his world. It’s fascinating to me. It’s amazing to me that people waited for Jake every episode. It was a good timing, as he was introduced at the end.

Layla? What is the future for the Scarlet Scarab’s new Scarlet Scarab?”

Moon Knight finale did some groundbreaking

In an interview with , Diab also hinted at the next chapter for May Calamawy in a separate interview:

“We left it open because Layla could start from here. It should be temporary. It would be interesting to have her partner with someone else, like Tawaret. They can also drive each other insane.

“Her learning is she required to become a superhero now? She hates the idea. Or maybe she needs to learn that it’s important. There is so much to do, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Moon Knight streaming now on Disney+

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