When Will Top Boy Season 5 Release Date?

Top Boy Season 5 is shaping up to be an interesting season as season 4 ended with an unexpected twist and I imagine season 5 will pick up right where the series left off. Sully is going to have to face the wrath of Duchenne at some point in season 5.

Sully killed Jaime in the final moments of the season and essentially ruined Duchenne’s plans to get off the streets and retire. There is going to be unrest between the two men. Jaime was Shane’s way out by handing everything over to him and Sully has now ruined that by killing Jaime because he wasn’t I think Sully is going to have to watch out for him in season 5 because the murder wasn’t done quietly.

Aaron and Stefan witnessed the murder outside their front door, so they know Sully committed it, and Aaron and Stefan were both there, which could also change their minds, with a loss so close to home. It will be interesting to see how Deshane’s character stacks up in season 5 of the series with her way out and the Summer House development not happening, all of her plans had to change and the direction her life was going took a 180 degree turn.

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Yes!! Netflix has confirmed that Top Boy will get a fifth season.

The streaming giant announced Thursday, March 31, 2022 that the series will return for its fifth and final season.

Top Boy season 5 release date:

Top Boy season 5 release date:

As of the beginning of August 2022, there is still no official release date for the final episodes of Top Boy.

However, we do at least know it’s in production, and will be ending the show completely.

At the current state of play with the series, it’s likely we can expect the series in early 2023 at the earliest. We’ll let you know when anything is confirmed.

Top Boy Season 5: Plot

Top Boy Season 5: Plot

Well, one thing is for sure, someone is going to catch smoke. There was too much betrayal in last season for there not to be repercussions.

Sully’s actions most likely drove a new wedge between him and Dushane. Handing over the reins of the drug business to Jamie was supposed to be the path to retirement for Dushane. Now that Sully has pulled the plug on that plan, we can imagine that Dushane won’t take it lightly.

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Unless, of course, he’s lying paralyzed by the anxiety he seems to have developed throughout Season 4. Dushane’s mental well-being could be a point of contact in the future, which will be a different problem for him to solve.

Speaking of revenge, the look that passed between Sully and Jamie’s younger brother Stef was telling – a long look in which Stef’s confusion and shock was exchanged for sorrow, a touch of guilt, and perhaps resolution on Sully’s part. It would not be a stretch to assume that Stef, the schoolboy, and Aaron, the bookworm (Jamie’s other brother), might want to settle the score.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Aaron now that he is the breadwinner, responsible for Stef’s tutelage. Will he give up his college career and take to the streets like Jamie? Only season 5 will tell.

Jamie’s brothers aren’t the only ones being scorned, and it’s likely that Jaq’s sister Lauryn will have to watch her back. You’d think that by killing her controlling and abusive ex-boyfriend Curtis (Howard Charles), she’d be out of the woods in case of danger.

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Top Boy Season 5: Plot

Not a chance: her sister Vee makes Curtis look like a lapdog in comparison. A deranged lapdog, but still. There isn’t a universe where she wouldn’t avenge the death of the brother she fiercely loved.

Dushane’s girlfriend Shelley has at least one skeleton that we know of in her closet, and it could potentially burst out. For now she’s been able to cover up the murderous actions of her ex-boyfriend by digging up the body and getting rid of it. However, her blackmailer (who happens to be the victim’s ex-girlfriend) could blow things up for her in the following season by exposing her secret.

So many tangled strings to unknot. Hurry up season five. We can’t wait!

Top Boy Season 5: Cast

Top Boy Season 5: Cast

Ashley Walter’s Dushane and Kane Robinson’s Sully made it through another season unscathed… or pretty much unscathed. Neither died, at least. So we expect them to make a return. Whether they’ll make it to the final credits though, we cannot promise you anything.

However, it’s highly unlikely that Jamie (Michael Ward) survived a shot to the head by Sully, so it’s pretty safe to say we’ve seen the last of him.

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Jamie’s best friend Kit (Kadeem Ramsay) will also not be joining the cast for another season, after being shot by Jamie.

It seems a bad time for best friends as Ats (Keiyon Cook), Stef’s best friend, turned up dead midway through season four as well.

We do, however, expect to see a return of the following:

Shelley (Little Simz)
Jaq (Jasmine Jobson)
Aaron (Hope Ikpoku Jr)
Stef (Araloyin Oshunremi)
Lauryn (Saffron Hocking)
Becks (Adwoa Aboah)
Lizzie (Lisa Dwan)
Ruben (Theo Ogundipe)

Pebbles (Erin Kellyman) and Vee (Ava Brennan) will likely be back.

As well as this, there have been two major names joining the pack – Marvel’s Eternals star Barry Keoghan and Peaky Blinders‘ Brian Gleeson have both signed on for the upcoming episodes.

However, their characters are yet to be known… though you don’t pull in star power if you don’t intend to use it, do you?

Top Boy Season 5: Cast

There’s been a question mark surrounding Ra’Nell Smith, played by Malcolm Kamulete, ever since Top Boy‘s second season. The character was one of the key players in the original show on Channel 4, but has not appeared since its renewal by Netflix – and with no on-screen explanation as to Smith’s fate.

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In a recent interview, executive producer Ashley Walters addressed whether fans were likely to get a resolution or to see a return in the final season.

Walters confirmed to Radio Times that “no”, while “Malcolm was a brilliant addition” to the cast, “and was one of the founding members of the show”, the actor ultimately “had different things that he wanted to do with his life.”

“So unfortunately I can spoil this for the fans,” he concluded,”Ra’Nell will not be coming back.”

Is Top Boy season 5 the final season?

Is Top Boy season 5 the final season?

Yes. As previously stated, Top Boy season 5 will be the final season of the series.

There have been no comments on sequels, spin-offs or continuations so at the moment it appears that this will well and truly be the end of the line.

Who will survive?

Is there a trailer for Top Boy season 5?

Is there a trailer for Top Boy season 5?

We don’t have a full trailer for Top Boy season 5 that includes footage but we have been treated to a teaser trailer to announce the show’s renewal.

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Top Boy season 4 ending explained

Top Boy season 4 ending explained

Simply put, Sully has never trusted Jamie. which isn’t entirely surprising, given that Jamie repeatedly tried to kill Sully while their respective gangs were at war over Summerhouse last season.

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This past season saw Jamie establish an uneasy working relationship with his former rival and sometimes ally of Sully – Dushane Hill, after Dushane framed Jamie for weapons possession, then worked to secure his release from prison in exchange for Jamie’s cooperation.

Dushane seemed to respect Jamie, even if he didn’t fully trust him. After discovering the truth about what happened to Ats Dushane ordered Jamie to execute his friend and second-in-command Kit as a final test of loyalty, an act Jamie reluctantly performed.

This was proof enough for Dushane, but not for Sully, who still disliked Jamie, leading to a confrontation between Dushane and Sully that foreshadowed the latter’s later actions.

Standing on the balcony of Dushane’s apartment, Sully is appalled when his former partner refers to Jamie as their “retirement plan.” Dushane now sees the young upstart not only as an ally but as his successor as the top boy of the Summerhouse estate and beyond.

All it took was a little push for Sully to go after Jamie – Dushane crowning him as his successor was the final straw. (In Sully’s defense, he wasn’t entirely wrong about Jamie, who earlier in the season had once again plotted to overthrow Dushane.)

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Is Jamie dead in Top Boy?

Is Jamie dead in Top Boy?

We hate to say it, but it does appear as if Top Boy has seen the last of Jamie.

In the new season’s closing scene, Jamie is at home with his brothers Aaron (Hope Ikpoku Jr) and Stefan (Araloyin Oshunremi). There’s a knock at the door, which Jamie leaves the dinner table to answer – their unexpected visitor is Sully (Kane Robinson), who shoots Jamie twice in the chest.

Stefan arrives in the hallway just in time to see Sully ruthlessly finish off Jamie with one final shot to the head. Sully departs, leaving a heartbroken Stefan and Aaron cradling their brother’s bloodied body.

What will happen after season 4 of Top Boy?

What will happen after season 4 of Top Boy?

Obviously, Sully’s actions will put him at odds with Dushane again after the latter named Jamie as his heir apparent, but future episodes will certainly seek to explore the impact of their brother’s death on Stefan and Aaron. Will young Stefan be drawn further into a dark criminal world as he seeks revenge for Jamie’s murder, and will the studious Aaron, who has always refused to be involved in Jamie’s criminal activities, end up following a similar path? We don’t see Aaron taking those exams now…

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A question mark also hangs over Tia (Conya Toccara), Stefan’s friend who arrives at his apartment only seconds after Jamie’s murder, even passing Sully in the hallway on her way out. The camera lingers on Tia and Sully as they pass each other, and Tia doesn’t run to help Stefan when she hears his screams, but instead calmly enters the apartment – could she have been involved in the plot to kill Jamie?

What will happen after season 4 of Top Boy?

Earlier in the season finale, Tia got Stefan involved with a rival gang, with Jamie arriving just in time to save her brother. Perhaps this gang was also involved, joining forces with Sully to oppose Jamie?

Dushane, Sully and company were also pitted against the psychopathic Liverpudlian gangster Curtis (Howard Charles) this season – the violent Curtis was eventually killed by his pregnant girlfriend Lauryn (Saffron Hocking), with Sully ordering Curtis’ sister and the rest of his gang to return to Liverpool and never return to London. Will they heed Sully’s warning, or will they return to seek revenge on Lauryn and her sister Jaq (Jasmine Jobson)?

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