Which Naruto Character Is Your Sensei, Based On Your MBTI? 

Which Naruto Character Is Your Sensei, Based On Your MBTI? 

Many Naruto fans around the world have pictured their lives in the Shinobi World many times. So Naruto character is your Sensei? It is appealing to imagine training to be an exceptional ninja just like their favourite characters.

However, everyone is different and some characters’ teaching methods may not work with others. There are many ways to match up fans with their favorite characters on the internet. These are based on people’s favorite colors, food, astrology, MBTI, etc. Today’s list will match a Naruto character to be their sensei for a particular MBTI type based on how they teach and how the students learn best.

Each type of MBTI has its best Naruto sensei

Shikamaru Nara – ENTJ (The Commanders)

Shikamaru Nara ENTJ Character

ENTJs are able to identify every aspect of the problem and solve it. They don’t like working without a plan and take their time with any problem.

Although Shikamaru is lazy, he knows how crucial it is to understand the task before you can take action. His methods of teaching as a sensei would be perfect for the attention to detail Commanders he would be responsible for.

Hiruzen Sarutobi – ISTP (The Virtuosos)

Hiruzen Sarutobi ISTP Character

ISTPs are known to be curious by nature and have a deep interest in the way the world works. They enjoy putting the theory they have learned into practice and applying it to their daily lives. Virtuosos are motivated to learn more the more they can.

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Hiruzen is often referred to as the teacher because of the vast amount of jutsus he had learned. He would make the ideal sensei for the ISTPs. His students would only increase his drive to learn and teach. They would be able to become a formidable duo by being more active in their studies.

Orochimaru – INTJ (The Architects)


INTJs don’t care as much about solving a problem as they do about understanding why it happened. They love to learn as much as they can about a topic. They would give their entire lives to uncovering the secrets of the universe. Knowledge is their best weapon.

Even though his methods can be a bit extreme, Orochimaru has the most valuable teaching method for an INTJ. Sannin, a snake, spent his entire life trying to learn every Jutsu and Kinjutsu within Naruto’s universe. Because he was genuine in his interest in the subject, his students would feel at home discussing their findings with him.

Jiraiya – ESTJ (The Executives)

Jiraiya ESTJ personality

ESTJ’s are people who prefer to concentrate on the practical side of what they learn. They will seek out practical solutions to problems if they are passionate about a topic. They would therefore need a teacher who can match their passion for learning hands-on. 

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When acting as a sensei, Jiraiya is able to forget about the theory. The Sanin believes that experience is the best teacher a person could have. This ideology would be perfect for an ESTJ. Executives will never get bored learning from Jiraiya.

Sasuke Uchiha – ISTJ (The Logisticians)

Sasuke Uchiha ISTJ character

ISTJs are people who are most interested in learning about subjects that can be beneficial for them in the future. They want to be prepared for whatever situation comes up, so it is important to have a sensei who has a lot of experience.

Sasuke Uchiha would be the one who could best understand their desire for improvement. The Shadow Hokage spent many years searching for Jutsus or abilities that would help him achieve his goals. He saw himself as a reflection of his ISTJ students and made it his mission to be the best sensei for them.

Minato Namikaze – ESTP (The Entrepreneurs)

Minato Namikaze Mbti from naruto

Telling an ESTP that they will be more productive in the future is the best way to motivate them. Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to improve their skills and abilities. Entrepreneurs love to be efficient in all they do. They would also need a sensei who shares the same passion for personal development.

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Minato, the Fourth Hokage was a man who had a never-ending desire to improve himself and his village. He worked hard at improving the jutsus of others to make them more effective in combat. Minato, his ESTP student would modify and create more jutsus to change the Shinobi World.

Naruto Uzumaki – ENTP (The Debater)

Naruto Uzumaki mbti from naruto

ENTPs are well-known for their innovative thinking and exceptional improvisation skills. ENTPs are able to find all possible solutions when faced with a problem. They will always find a way to overcome any difficulties, no matter what the outcome. This is possible because of their creativity.

Naruto Uzumaki, the most unpredictable ninja of Konoha would be their perfect sensei. Naruto relied on his intuitions and unpredictability to find a solution whenever faced with a problem. His students would be thrilled to learn these tactics from him, suffice to say.

Asuma Sarutobi – INTP (The Logicians)

Asuma Sarutobi INTP from naruto

The INTP type is characterized by people who are very pragmatic and enjoy finding multiple solutions to problems. They enjoy analyzing situations until they know the best way to solve them. They love solving problems and want to be the best at it.

Asuma has a lot of experience in teaching students such as the Logicians. He knows exactly how to get them to give their best effort at every task and stimulate their minds. To pass the time, he would enjoy any type of puzzle or game that INTPs might like, just as he did when he was Shikamaru.

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Nagato Uzumaki – ENFJ (The Protagonists)

Nagato Uzumaki ENFJ character

ENFJ members have one goal at all times: to help everyone. They are driven to make the world better and are eager to learn about new subjects to help others.

Even though his methods were cruel and extreme, Nagato believed that there was a better way. Nagato, if not for Obito’s manipulation, would have been a caring and excellent ninja who would always assist his peers. Nagato could be a great example to the ENFJs and teach them a few things about compassion over suffering.

Kiba Inuzuka – ESFJ (The Consuls)

Kiba Inuzuka the consuls

When learning something, ESFJs believe that teamwork is essential. ESFJs are social people who don’t like working alone. They thrive when they are surrounded by people and a sensei who can work well with them would be a great help.

Kiba Inuzuka has worked with Akamaru in perfect harmony and would make the ideal sensei for the Consuls. Kiba would love to see his students enjoy the same thing as he does. His students would learn how to work in a team and be the best.

Kurenai Yuhi – ISFJ (The Defenders)

Kurenai Yuhi Naruto

ISFJ members are among the most disciplined and diligent people on earth. Learning is about improving one’s skills as a student and worker. They will learn anything that can help them in their work. To match their drive to improve, they will need a sensei who is as responsible as and as driven as them.

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Kurenai, one of Konoha’s most intelligent and strict jonins, would make a great teacher for the Defenders. Although Kurenai’s methods are too strict for other MBTI types, they are ideal for ISFJ individuals.

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Tsunade Senju – INFJ (The Advocates)

Tsunade Senju INFJ character

Advocates are motivated to learn and improve in order to make a difference in society. They consider themselves to be a valuable resource to the community and are always looking for ways to help.

Tsunade would be their sensei and the INFJs could not only learn how to use Ninjutsu but also how to serve a village. Tsunade was regarded as the most skilled medic ninja and one of the greatest Hokages Konoha. She can prepare the Advocates to make the most of their gifts and help their community.

Konohamaru Sarutobi – ESFP (The Entertainers)

Konohamaru Sarutobi ESFP character

ESFPs are a fun-loving group. They will quickly drop a topic that isn’t fun to learn about and move on to something else. To avoid becoming bored, they need to be kept busy and engaged in engaging activities.

Konohamaru is the only one who could understand their desire for fun more than anyone else. Konohamaru, a young boy, was always looking for ways to have fun and grow stronger. He believed Ebisu’s methods were too boring. He would invent the most entertaining and creative ways for his ESFP students learn any subject.

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Sai – ISFP (The Adventurers)

Sai Naruto Character ISFP

ISFPs won’t be interested in anything that isn’t related to beauty or art in any way. This group is very creative and open-minded. Their sensei should keep them motivated to learn new topics and show them the amazing things they can do with it.

Sai, who is a great sensei for ISFPs, has his creative and drawing skills as his main tools as a Ninja. With each lesson, he would be able show them the beauty hidden in life and motivate them to continue learning and improving their art.

Kakashi Hatake – ENFP (The Campaigners)

Kakashi Hatake ENFP character from Naruto

Campaigners are motivated by the desire to make others happy. This is why most of their subjects are relevant to people they wish to share their happiness. They are motivated by feeling valued for what they do.

Although Kakashi is not an ENFP, his experience with one of the most prominent Campaigners in anime has allowed him to teach. He has learned everything he needs from his time as Naruto’s sensei to keep his ENFP students happy and motivated. Kakashi would love to help the Campaigners in their mission of making people happy.

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Hinata Hyuga – INFP (The Mediator)

Hinata Hyuga Naruto

INFPs are more interested learning about how to help humanity than they are about the topic. Mediators often wonder if their work is worthwhile. It is therefore important to reassure them as they work.

Hinata may not be the strongest Konoha kunoichi, but she is one of the most kind. He is a wonderful sensei for INFP students, her compassion would perfectly match her students. Hinata is also very attentive, so it would be easy for her to see when students need assurance.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts Naruto

It’s a fact that no two people learn the same way. This fact wouldn’t change if fans were transported to Naruto. It is important that they know their ideal teacher.

Every Shinobi in Naruto will have a different way of teaching their student, so it is important that you know which type of student is best. It is a great help to know your perfect sensei when learning how to be a great Shinobi.

Thank you for reading the nntheblog article.


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