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Wapol One Piece

WapolThe ruler of Black Drum. In the past he ruled Drum and was the captain of the Bliking πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Pirates.


WapolHe is a large, heavy man. His blue-purple hair is accentuated by a slender, cylindrical jaw that looks almost like it’s made from tin. When using his πŸ’ͺ powers, WapolYou can slim down by eating less and shaping your body.

Drum’s tin armor was worn by Drum along with a hooded cloak of white walky fur. He also wore a pair brown gloves, brown, white and orange wool short pants, a belt and short boots. He wore a gray shirt and no fur gloves when he was ruler of Drum.

After being defeated by RufyHe still wears his cape but now has a shirt with the following text. “TOY”Wapol at the opening of his toys store. He also wore a striped tuxedo and tights while he talked about the discovery of the wapometal. Wapol wears a shirt emblazoned with his name and a crown on the top of his toy store. O and LLater on, he wore a tuxedo with bow tie.

After the time jump, Wapol wears a burgundy royal outfit, a cape identical to his previous one but black instead of white, short black boots, a pair of brown gloves, pants with vertical yellow and black stripes, and the black mask typical of his new 🀴 kingdom. A black mustache was added to his beard, which is the same as his hair.

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He was wise and moderate, unlike his father. WapolRuled in an evil and authoritarian manner, only caring about his own welfare. Being the 🀴 king is his obsession and he wants no one to question his sovereignty and authority. These ideas are what he has clashed with. Cobra in one of the Reveries. When he discovers that he is no longer a 🀴 king, he bursts into tears and subsequently becomes depressed. He is also selfish and self-centered, leading to his exile from all doctors. DrumIn fact, he was determined to get that citizens would be able to heal themselves. They would need to ask him to allow them to receive the care of one the E.C. E.C., the twenty doctors that the 🀴 king had decided to keep at his service. This was how no one would rebel since the only healers were under his command.

His wickedness is uncontrollable, and he can hit anyone. BibiStill a child, she can take revenge on her father’s humiliation. His escape proves that the tyrant was also cowardly. Blackbeard’s πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Pirates attacked Drum and the fact that he offered Rufy the role of vice 🀴 king to save himself when he was about to be defeated.

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Wapol One Piece



WapolHe doesn’t even give the slightest thought to his soldiers’ lives, or to the wellbeing of the troops. E.C. E.C.He seems to be too concerned about Kuromarimo, on the other hand. Chess, whom Wapol trusts greatly; they are the only people Wapol has on during the avalanche RobsonHe tried to save his own life, refusing the medical help he was being offered by doctors despite having saved his life just moments earlier.

He seems to enjoy it. RobsonHis white walky, he tells him to reassure him that he was acting for his own safety when he killed his family. He didn’t care for the animal at all when it was put to its death.


Wapol is ruthless with anyone who challenges his authority. The same sentiment applies to Chopper, Hillk and Dorton, who in addition to being the only doctor along with her colleague who did not leave the island as ordered also took up residence in the 🀴 king’s castle during his absence. Wapol thought Hillk was a dumb man and set a trap in order to get rid of him. He also laughed at Hillk’s death.

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Wapol was told Dorton that he would forgive him if he apologized for his rebellion, but when the latter was elected as the new 🀴 king taking away his title, the former tyrant began to harbor a desire for revenge against him, and plans to take revenge on him at the Reverie. He thinks ChopperHe has declared him a monster and ordered his execution despite Hillk’s requestHe did not hurt him shortly before his death.

Straw Hat Pirates

Wapol hates also the Straw Hat πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Pirates again due to the fact that they don’t respect him as 🀴 king. Even before RufyHe made it clear to them, however, that he considered them his enemy, accusing them, among other things, of lying about having not had an affair. Eternal Pose of the DrumThey discovered they were on the island, causing an avalanche to kill him.

Nefertari Family

Wapol feels hatred for CobraHe was humiliated by the ReverieHe despises his daughter BibiShe was diplomatic and kind to the tyrant, even though he claimed she was the one who chased him, and she apologized for it.

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Strength and Skill

He was once ruler of Drum and had πŸ’ͺ power and authority over the soldiers in his service and the entire population. As captain of the Bliking πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ PiratesHe was also the commander of his crew. Later, Wapol becomes the manager of the various toy stores he opens and has decision-making πŸ’ͺ power over the company and the multinational corporation he founds. He also becomes the ruler of the kingdom during the time jump. Black Drum.

Combat Wapol is strong enough to single-handedly 😀 defeat an individual of Dorton’s caliber and withstand several blows from Rufy before being 😀 😀 defeated, earning praise from the pirate himself.

Also with Kuromarimo and ChessHe was also able to defeat a group de lapins who are some of the fiercest and strongest animals in the country. Drum.

Physical abilities

He survived an avalanche.

Wapol One Piece



He succeeded his father to the throne and began to rule the kingdom with ruthlessness, evil, and only what he wanted.

One day WapolThe law exiled all doctors on the island with the exception of twenty who he selected. E.C. E.C.. Then he set out to search for the remaining doctors. He reached one of his soldiers, and ordered him to board him. If he refused, they would kill him.

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Only six years had passed since the beginning of the story. Hillk and Kureha remained.

He also went to university in the same year. Marijoa for the ReverieWhere? Taras LucasThe Dragonphoto. He stated that his ideology was a threat to all of them and that he would become their number one enemy within a few decades. World Government Wapol retorted that his country had nothing to fear and that his policy didn’t favor people like that, so if they wanted to capture Dragon, they would have to leave his 🀴 kingdom out and make do. Nefertari Cobra then heavily criticised him, calling his country irresponsible. WapolHe cursed himself, as he was jolted to the point that he fell from his chair.

When he got out of the palace he said that ReverieHe was in a bad mood and he realized the problem. Alabasta princessHe hit her with a slap on her left eye, leaving her with a bruise. Wapol claimed he was careless, and that he did it accidentally. The little girl told Wapol that she felt sorry because he had an inept dad. IgaramI cursed him and asked how he could have done it, but Nefertari BibiWapol was stunned when Wapol replied that it was her fault as she had bumped into him. He pointed out her conceit and said that she was a stupid know-it all. DortonFollow him.

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After returning to DrumHe rode down the mountain by cable car with a group if soldiers. They laughed and wondered what kind of law they might pass.

Wapol then asked Dorton to tell the fake news a year later. E.C. E.C.Had fallen ill, so that HillkHe would be taken to the palace and sentenced to death. Dorton declared that he was against such tactics and demanded that doctors be hunted. The 🀴 king replied that no one had asked his opinion and that HillkHe wasn’t a doctor, but was a criminal.

HillkThe cable car took us to the castle, and we reached it by then. WapolI was told that he laughed because he had fallen into the trap. He revealed, upon exiting the building that he could see the trap. E.C. E.C.All was well, and this would be his final resting place. WapolHillk continued by stating that he had always escaped and now he was going after him for defaming him. He ordered his guards to imprison him and proceed with the death sentence. Hillk wept as he realized that the doctors were okay. Wapol then ridiculed his abilities as doctor and ordered Hillk to be executed. HillkHe asked them to be patient and explained that one dies when everyone forgets him. Then he saw him sitting down, open his briefcase and pour himself a drink. He stated that if he could disappear, it would be a relief for all the residents. DortonSo, I cried. WapolHe was then asked what the meaning of his tears were. The doctor explained that a strange entity would likely come and asked them not to hurt him. He finally drank and then blew himself up. Some of those present were knocked to the ground by an explosion. Wapol himself.
Wapol One Piece
That’s it! Wapollaughed and said that HillkA fool, who did everything all by himself, was this poor fool. He ordered the killing of the monster immediately afterward. DortonFaced him in his hybrid form and pushed the other way, letting go. WapolHe was criticized for letting him escape and asked him if he knew what happens to those who don’t follow his orders. DortonThe king shouted at him not to speak because he was no longer able to save the place. He had died after all other doctors had abandoned him. The 🀴 king replied that his death meant nothing and asked him to apologize immediately. Dorton rHe stated that the country’s fate was more clear to him than he thought. It was destruction. He claimed that there was no cure for these idiots, regardless of how many treatments were discovered and how many cures were created.

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Wapol called Wapol impertinent. He said that he knew exactly what happened to him when he got mad. The two thus confronted each other and the 🀴 king got the better of them. He asked him his identity and then asked him if he meant to suggest that he was stupid, given the things he had stated earlier. He then wrung the neck and said that he understood that his goal was to be the champion of justice for the people. However, he was a arrogant fool.

He told him that he would be kept in isolation confinement until he could think. Wapol said that he would forgive him as long he apologized. DortonHe did not. He told him that he would honor the will of the former ruler and that he would not die until the country is at peace.

Afterwards, WapolI took the cable car down the mountain to laugh at Dorton’s stupidity.

One day, he was murdered Robson’s BrothersHe named him his pet.

It was almost four years later. Blackbeard’s Pirates πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ attacked Drum and Wapol fled, taking Chess, Kuromarimo, Robson, E.C. Twenty and all the soldiers of the 🀴 kingdom with him, leaving the island without any defense or care. He founded the Bliking Pirates πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ, of which he proclaimed himself captain. He sought a way to go back to Drum later, since he was unable to find an alternative. Eternal Pose or a Log Pose.

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Drum Saga

He orders his subordinates to resurface in front of a ship, who then board it, holding four piratesΒ πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ at gunpoint. Wapol boarded the ship while he was eating meat and the blade from a dagger he had used to stab her. He says it’s strange that there are only so many people. realm of DrumSo he inquires if they’ve had an Eternal Pose or a log poseHe eats the remaining dagger while he waits. Wapol responds that he will take the treasure and the ship, even though the crew tells him they don’t have any. Because he is hungry, he takes a bite of the hull and then continues with the anchor top. He then eats another part of the ship, declaring that it isn’t very appealing while his subordinates fire at him. He then sees one boy running towards him and opens his mouth wide. He starts to chew the ship, asking why it was so rubbery. He notices that the young boy, who had extended his arms before swallowing it, has retracted them quickly and is thrown away.

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Later, his crew rescued him. The next day Chess calls his attention, so Wapol asks him if he spotted the πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ pirates’ ship, but he denies it and reveals that he spotted Drum. As soon as they disembark, the armed surveillance fires on them, so he sees his subordinates easily 😀 defeat their members while he is riding Robson. WapolChess is pleased that nothing has changed and asks Chess whether his castle still stands. After looking through his binoculars, he confirms the statement and orders them to return. He then states that he is done with piracy and will return to being 🀴 king.

As RobsonHe remains motionless. She asks him if it’s still in his mind about the time he killed his brothers. He tells her not to take it personally, that he did it for himself, and that it was for his good.

At that point a subordinate points out to him that the ship of the πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ pirates he met the day before is anchored there. Wapol is upset that the boy wearing a straw hat is still on his island. He doesn’t even think about how awful it was. He questions his subordinates about whether they returned there without eliminating pirates. They reply that the ship has been abandoned. At that moment,Kuromarimo and ChessThey can see that they are heading for Big Horn from the tracks made by the snow. Wapol congratulates the pair and stresses their reliability. Then, he orders them to reach Big Horn.

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Wapol One Piece

In the village where he stands RobsonHe then eats a portion of the buildings and tells his subjects that it is all like a delicious dessert. Then he asks KuromarimoTo explain why he’s the best, he states that he is their respected leader, which explains why he is so great. WapolHe confirms and adds how happy he is to be back on the island. At that point, the subordinate reveals that the πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ pirates seem to be heading for the castle, where KurehaNow lives. Wapol is incredulous and irritated, stating that he will flush out the old woman and the pirates πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ, ordering them to return to the castle. However, he did not stop there. DortonHe chases him down and injures him with his weapon. The E.C. E.C.He is given medication, but he returns to his bed saying that he was scared he wouldn’t make it. DortonThe ruler tells him that he and his wife must go because they can’t stay there any longer. The ruler reiterates his position, saying that he’s only a subject. He also said that it would have been more beneficial if he died. DortonReminds him of thisDrumThe country was well-known for being a place that made medical progresses, and he exiled all but twenty of his researchers. The ruler countered that it was part and parcel of the island’s policy. DortonHe is furious and asks him whether that’s okay. He tells Wapol that only twenty doctors were left and the sick had to be forced to prostrate at his feet in order to get the care they required. This was a crime. Wapol questions him about his motives and orders the soldiers who are following him to kill him. Dorton responded by saying that he was the son to the ruler, and he had been loyal for many decades. However, it was all vain. Wapol sees him transformed into his hybrid form, avoiding the blows of the soldiers, and 😀 defeating them many quickly. Dorton states that he has lost all respect for him and that the ruler of a country, who runs away from danger at any moment, is better off being eliminated. He then sees the point.ChessShoot three arrows at the residents who are just behind Dorton. Dorton gets hit to defend himself. Wapol laughs and says that this is a death that suits his needs. He hears a rumble, and wonders if this is an earthquake. But it’s an avalanche.

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Wapol tells Kuromarimo and ChessGet on it! RobsonThey leave the area to avoid the avalanche and the animal follows them. However, the animal soon realizes that he will be swept away. He then opens his mouth to cover his servants, the animal, and the snow above them, and then he spits them out, telling that they taste bad. He blames the πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ pirates and ChessHe is asked if he is certain. WapolHe replies that they took revenge on what had happened the day before. He convinces himself to climb up the mountain since the inhabitants of Big Horn had reported that no cable car had remained intact, ready to show the πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ pirates the technique of fighting on the snow. After climbing back up, Robson, they reach the πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ pirates shortly afterwards and he orders them to be eliminated.

He blocks then the Rufy is the wayThe boy, who is carrying the two other animals on his back, says that he has given him a lot. He tries to get away, but the boy laughs and says that he doesn’t feel like moving his animal as his friends are dying. RufyContinue reading Wapol tells him to wait, but getting no response he asks Chess to take note of a new law, which is the death penalty for those who do not answer to the 🀴 king. He then orders his subordinates to kill the πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ pirates, starting with the dying ones since they are the first to have not answered him. He watches them launch an attack on him. But the boy dodges their attacks so he disguises himself in snow and tries to swallow him. Wapol then sees his advisors being hit violently by two lapins. This amazes him. He orders Rufy not to be released by the advisors. But, more lapins arrive and he wonders what is going on. He,Kuromarimo and Chess then manage to 😀 defeat the whole pack, so he laughs at the fact that those animals wanted to go against the 🀴 king and that the πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ pirates are next.

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After they return, the three of you will be back together.Robson’s backThe animal moves to the top of the mountain where the castle is, and he starts to climb it. Wapol cheers Wapol on as he climbs.

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