Your Lie in April Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

Your lie in April season 2

Your Lie in April Season 2 will be the anime romance series most anticipated in 2021. We are happy to share the news with fans who have been waiting for it for years. Continue reading to learn all about Season 2 of the Anime.

Your Lie in April, also known by Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso or Kimiuso, is an anime series that has a large following. It is no wonder that it is so popular. The story seamlessly combines music and romance. It is based on a manga series that has been a hit and has a live-action movie adaptation.

Is there a season 2? Or Your Lie in April Season 2 Release Date

Is there a season 2? Or Your Lie in April Season 2 Release Date

The OVA followed season one in 2014. No information has been released about season two.

You can find a lot of rumors about the revival of the show on the internet. However, nothing has been confirmed and there is less chance of it being extended. Although the show ended with Kaori’s passing, it could be considered a concrete end. However, there were still a few loose ends that could have been used by the makers to make it more complete.

The informal news about a show renewal has been circulated, although it is not confirmed. However, it is possible that the season 2 will be available sometime around 2023, or earlier. This is dependent on the makers, which seems less likely. It is no surprise that fans would demand the revival of the season. While we have to wait for official information, we can still keep our fingers crossed that this romantic plot is revealed.

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Your Lie in April Season 2: Who could you be?

Your Lie in April Season 2: Who could you be?

Season 1’s characters were admirable, and we can expect them to return if the story goes on. However, the story ended so it is certain that not all of the cast will return. But we could have some new protagonists with additional faces. It is difficult at this stage to guess. When the makers publish the information, we will share it.

The Plot Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Season 2

The Plot Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Your Lie in April follows Kosei Arima, a piano student who is well-known among child musicians. To become the greatest ever, he dominates every competition. He is also a controversial figure in competitions. But tragedy strikes and Saki, his mother, dies at a recital of piano music. He can’t bear to hear the sound a piano makes.

Even though he is close to friends, Kosei can become lonely and reserved. He hasn’t played the piano in two years. Kaori, a free-spirited violinist, enters his life. With the help of Kaori, Kosei returns into the music industry and falls in love. He believes that his love is not reciprocated.

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Soon after Kaori’s death, Kosei is again grieved at a recital. Kaori’s parents send a letter to Kosei when she dies. She says that she knew she would die, and that she wanted to bring joy to Kosei before she died. She also admitted that she was in love with Kosei since childhood and wanted to be able to make music with him.

Fans want to know the next chapter in Kosei’s story after such a beautiful and heartbreaking story. Fans have been asking for Your Lie in April 2.

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Trailer Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Trailer Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

The trailer for season 2 has not been released because the show has not given any indications of renewal. Only if the season is renewed, then we will have the trailer two months prior to its release. If we receive the trailer officially, we will share it. However, you might find fan-based teasers on the internet. You can also relive the memories from season 1. We will let you know what the makers are thinking, although it is hard to predict.

Your Lie In April is a fan favorite and a very popular show. It has a wonderful story, filled with music, romance and joy, and it is a great show. Although we are excited, there are no official hints about its renewal. Stay tuned for more information.

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Your Lie in April season 2

Your Lie in April season 2

Your Lie in April was first shown in 2014. However, there have been no signs of S2. The series concluded with Kaori’s death and the aftermath. This story was also told through film and musical adaptations. Fans are keen to see season 2, to continue Kosei’s career.

The author claims that most of the plot is already resolved so you won’t see Your Lie In April soon. The April lie was Kaori’s lie about her love for someone else and not being very sick. The show is over and the storyline will end.

Your Lie in April Season 2 Characters

1. Miyazono Kaori

Miyazono Kaori

It is important to live every moment of our lives. You never know what tomorrow might bring.

Kaori, a violinist was also inspired as a child by Kousei.

She began playing the piano. Also, She saw him perform and decided to quit the piano to learn how to play the guitar.

In addition, She long to be on the same stage as him.

She is plagued with a crippling illness that forces her to return to hospital often.

Kaori discovers that her illness can lead to her death at any moment, despite all the efforts of her parents.

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Also, She refuses to give up on despair.

In addition, she lives each day as if it were the last. Kaori eats whatever she wants, dresses however she likes and pursues Kousei even though she was shy in the past.

We don’t need to be sick in order to do the same.

Each day could be our last.

It’s possible because of an accident or sudden onset illness.

A violinist once said:

It is important to live every moment of our lives. You never know what tomorrow might bring.

She did exactly that. She first contacted Tsubaki to get closer to Kousei.

April was the one who lied.

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2. Kousei Arima

Kousei Arima

Kousei is one the main characters of the series.

When his mother died, he lost the ability to hear the notes he played.

He suffered from crippling depression for many years because he couldn’t pursue the art he loved.

Also, He discovers that it is his fear that is keeping him back, and not her death.

Kousei confronts his fear by the end, and sings a beautiful song with all of the passion he can muster.

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Courage isn’t being afraid. It’s facing your fears and persevering despite them.

Kousei is a rare breed of courage.

3. Tsubaki Sawabe

Tsubaki Sawabe

Tsubaki and Kousei have been friends since childhood.

She witnessed his rise as an artist, and was there to support him every step of the way.

She doesn’t seem to be aware that she has a crush upon him, even though she admits it.

Because she is afraid music will take Kousei away, she is reluctant to let him return to his musical roots.

It is important that she accepts the theme, despite any reservations.

He can achieve his own happiness.

She allows him to go. He is still her friend and she doesn’t worry that he will make bad decisions.

Sometimes, letting go can bring happiness not only for us but also for our loved ones.

4. Takeshi Aiza

Takeshi Aiza

Like Kousei and Takeshi, Takeshi has been playing piano since childhood. He practices every day.

Takeshi was inspired early on by Kousei’s methodical and masterful performances and he hoped to be able surpass him.

When Kousei confronts his tragedy, all of this is abruptly halted.

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Takeshi wouldn’t know why his inspiration vanished, even though Kousei-related characters and viewers could understand.

He works hard to continue to find the inspiration he once looked up too.

After so many years, he finally meets Kousei.

His determination is a shining example of what everyone should strive for.

5. Nagi Aiza

Nagi Aiza

Nagi, Takeshi Aiza’s younger sister is one of Kousei’s rivals.

Kousei initially resented her because of her loyalty to her older brother.

She is upset that Kousei has to tutor her later.

She protests about the fact they must practice a piece for her school’s performance.

While she becomes closer to Kousei, she still has anxiety about performing for her classmates.

This nervousness persisted even before the performance.

She doesn’t let nerves keep her performing when it’s her turn.

We can all be better people every day with her simple message of growth, natural character development, and simplicity.


Your Lie in April wallpaper

Season 2 is unlikely, but the series itself is a wonderful slice of anime. Your Lie in April is a romantic tragedy that will not disappoint. Enjoy the music and let’s all hope that we will see season 2 of Your Lie In April.

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