Maid Sama Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

Maid Sama

Maid Sama: Season 2, Episode 2 for those who have gone into the Rom-Com rabbit hole, Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama does not require much of an introduction.

If you’re wondering what the meaning is I’ll explain it to you. Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama, when translated, means “The Class President is a Maid”.

It earned fans across the world for its flawless portrayal of romance and drama.

The comedy has been so subtle that people could not resist a laugh. Another reason it gained popularity was the realism.

Maid Sama depicted the love story that exists between Misaki as well as Usui to be a natural element of the story.

It was among the rare occasions when an anime season had over 24 hours of episodes.

All episodes were from the manga. The first season aired between April and September 2010.

The central tension in this story concerned the way Misaki attempted to live two lives in a different way, while keeping it a secret.

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Everything We need To Know About Maid Sama

Maid Sama! HD Wallpapers | Background Images

The characters in Maid Sama weren’t extraordinary characters. They were designed to make them appear real, natural and accessible.

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The two main characters are Ayuzawa Misaki as well as Usui Takumi. Their stories, lives and relationship are the focus of the main focus of the anime.

Misaki even though she is a senior however, is the first student to be admitted to Seiki High School. The most notable aspect of the school is the fact that was previously a all-boys school prior to.

It has recently opened to girls as well. Because Misaki is a honest and intelligent pupil, Misaki gets elected as the president of the student council.

She was well aware of the dangers at school. Her determination and determination encouraged her to take action to enforce the school’s rules.

It was not widely known about her past outside of school. While she was a cult figure on the inside, her life outside was quite rough.

The family was abandoned by her father many years ago. The burden of this was placed onto the shoulders Misaki as well as her mother.

When her mother fell ill and she had to take care of her family. That’s when she became a member of her local Maid Latte cafe for work.

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Her life outside was in the dark, even in school. She is worried that she could lose her dazzling aura when someone finds out about her petty life.

But things get a little rocky when she runs into Usui Takumi in the cafe.

Usui is a well-known guy who attends that same high school. He is spotted by the school’s president in a maid’s dress in the cafe.

Although she is worried that he will let the cat go out of his bag, he is not.

The secret is kept between them because he never says any word about it to anyone else outside.

Usui is a multi-faceted student at school and this is also what draws Misaki. They soon are in love and admit their feelings to one their partner.

This is the point at which Season 1 closes.

Official Announcements And Release Date Of Maid Sama Season 2

The most disappointing thing is that there’s no reports regarding season 2’s launch. Season 2 release, forget any official announcements.

The expression is to never take anything for granted until it is stated clearly.

Here is where the great part begins. The production company J. C. Staff Studio J. C. Staff Studio has not ruled out the idea of Season 2. Season 2.

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Although there is a rumor that there won’t be a Season 2 as there has been enough time It’s not true that it will be.

Perhaps the odds are lower but it’s not impossible. There have been numerous popular anime seasons delayed for a long time before they were released.

The main factors that motivated the creators of those works was the continuous demand and the affluent sources of material.

In this instance both parties are content.

Check out how much of the source material is left to be modified?

More Source Material Information For Maid Sama Season 2

The majority of animes are meant to be a means for creators to get their name out there and to promote their original material. Once an anime is released the normal trend was an increase for Manga sales.

The reason is that people who watch the show, and are already familiar with the series, become curious about what’s to come next.

There are 18 volume (85 chapters) of maid-sama. The final volume was released in 2013. Manga is now over but we have to know the number of volumes do the anime covers?

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Anime covers till volume 8 chapter 34. Sure, chapter 34 has some side storylines in the chapter, but it aren’t animated.

So, for the next season, we will have more than just source material on which anime could be created. Season 2 may be the conclusion of the show.

Here’s a listing of all the episodes from Maid Sama Season 1.

The series aired all through 2010, and the special episode aired in the year 2011. It was meant to add more depth to the plot and the history of the show.

Misa is a Maid Sama!April 1, 2010
Maid-Sama at the School FestivalApril 8, 2010
What Color is Misaki? Natural Color?April 15, 2010
Net Idol AoiApril 22, 2010
First Time Minding the ShopApril 29, 2010
Men & the Ayuzawa Cram SchoolMay 6, 2010
President of MiyabigaokaMay 13, 2010
Misaki Goes to MiyabigaokaMay 20, 2010
Maid-Sama Does MomotaroMay 27, 2010
Sakura’s Indie-Label LoveJune 3, 2010
The Secret of Takumi Usui Approaches!June 10, 2010
Maid Sama & the Sports FestivalJune 17, 2010
Idiots & Juveniles & Heroes &…June 24, 2010
“Soutane Kano of Class 1-7”July 1, 2010
B. Rabbit at the Open CampusJuly 8, 2010
Maid Latte at the Beach HouseJuly 15, 2010
Usui Becomes the EnemyJuly 22, 2010
Maid Sama is a FootmanJuly 29, 2010
Footman Through a Change of PairsAug 5, 2010
“The Vice President is a Prince?Aug 12, 2010
Usui’s Rival?! Hinata ShintaniAug 19, 2010
Tag at the Forest SchoolAug 26, 2010
Maid Latte & a Whole Bunch of SweetsSept 2, 2010
Lovey-Dovey Through Latte MagicSept 9, 2010
Hinata & Misaki & UsuiSept 16, 2010
Too Cruel Ayuzawa & Usui the Idiot!Sept 23, 2010
It’s an Omake (New Special Episode)May 11, 2011

Expected Plot Of Maid Sama Season 2

Misaki Ayuzawa And Takumi Usui maid sama

Season 1 concluded in Usui and Misaki openly sharing their feelings and sharing their feelings.

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Misaki on the other hand was a bit confused about her feelings. Usui was terrified of being rejected.

Maid Sama Season 2 will continue from the point at which Season 1 stopped.

If you read manga comics that appeared following Episode 26, you’ll be able to get an indication of what’s going to happen in Season 2.

There’s been 85 main stories and more than 10 additional stories.

This implies this means that Season 2 if at all it is released, won’t be able to fully cover all of the sources.

A few of the episodes that could be coming up in Season 2 are also part of the Manga.

These include school elections, outdoor camping, a fight with Usui and a relapse after more affection.

Similar to the previous season Season 2 will also include the mix of all of these.

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Why Do We Need Maid-Sama Season 2?

There could be several factors that affects the outcome of the next anime season.

This could be the profit it earns from it or the material that it comes from. But, be aware that there are plenty of other elements to consider like fandom, demand and so on.

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Maid Sama Season 1 featured a constant battle within one of the principal characters. Misaki faces the difficulties of her life, while wearing an impressive appearance.

Usui is able to see an entirely different side in Misaki and is astonished. Misaki did not hesitate to come out as herself in front of Usui.

However, she was worried that he might make a fuss about her presence in the cafe as she was a maid.

We shouldn’t forget that she was worried that her job as a maid would make her feel inferior. She was scared that she’d have to explain every detail of the reason she was doing the job.

Misaki was not a normal girl, who was not well-known. She was the face of students , and a popular image.

When she realized that Usui is trustworthy She opens herself to Usui and starts to talk to him. However, she had a difficult relationship with males in her life prior to that.

from her dad to the people she came across. Season 2 of this show will focus on her struggles with herself.

Can she be certain and certain to remain with Usui? What can she do to ensure that she will not betray him?

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Will Usui be able to comprehend her dilemma and be supportive of her? There are many concerns in the minds of the fans.

Therefore, you can see that Season 2 is essential for this season.

Reviews And Rating Score For Maid Sama Season 2

There are several sites for anime and movies that review and rate anime shows. This is in order to give you an idea about the success of Maid Sama.

Let’s examine the IMDb ratings of Maid Sama. The most votes was for a rating of 10/10. The second-highest rating was to 8/10.

The second highest number of votes was to give it 9/10. The number of votes to indicate that the rating of the show is lower than 5 and was very low.

But, this affected the overall ratings , and that is the reason the median rating dropped to 8/10.

Here are the scores from the most popular websites:


Before we dive into the profit and sales figures, you should have a look at the reactions of famous reviewers.

Sales And Profit Details For Maid Sama Season 2

Profit and sales have a significant role to play in the selection of sequels. This is due to what motivates the creators to create.

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If it is something that convinces them, they’ll surely result in an ensuing.

Usually, the margins of profit for an episode of an anime are smaller than the Manga. The anime series are more of an advertising model for variety of other things.

They comprise the original material as well as DVD/Disc sales and the Merchandise. Let’s take a look at them in isolation as follows:

Manga Sales

There were 18 episodes of the Manga. There were only 4 or 5 episodes that the episodes were telecast as anime in Season 1.

This means that there is plenty of material to make Season 2. This also helped boost the number of sales for the Manga.

According to an estimate on According to an estimate on, there was an increase of over 15,000 copies.

This could be due to the hype generated from the Anime.

DVD/Blu Ray Sales

DVD/Blu-Ray discs account for between 15% – 20 percent of the earnings for a series of anime.

This might sound unprofitable, and even made a lot of animes to fail. However, if you look at the motive behind the anime, it is simpler to comprehend the context.

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Estimates indicate that they made about 88.7 million Yen in the first launch. This amounts to about the amount of 8 millions US dollars.

Even though the margin was smaller but it was still profitable and the producers are able to observe that it did well.

Merchandise Sales

For Maid Sama the singer, it was this element that earned her an enormous amount of money. It is estimated by the conservatives at between 60 – 70 percent.

The Anime shows can advertise numerous products, which makes it a lucrative business. The products that were offered as merchandise included:

  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Pins
  • Badges
  • Digital Prints
  • Phone covers etc

They’re expected to have sales going on this moment, while fans wait for the second season.

The price of an average product is about 10 dollars, which is a bargain. This strategy would target an influx of customers with a small margin.

Etsy stores are still showing plenty of stock for these items. Plus, they have a great review projection.

Production Cost And Success Of Maid Sama

While there is no precise details about the cost of production however, there are certain standards to be used.

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These figures are industry standard. It could cost anywhere from 120-140 million Yen to produce the 30-minute episode.

This amounts to around 12 million US dollars. Keep in mind that each episode in Maid Sama Season 1 were around 24 minutes long.

The show had 26 episodes as well as the one episode that was special. This means it would roughly 324 million US Dollars.

The primary source of income is not through animation. The success of the anime is dependent on the overall collections generated by the company.

After looking at the manga, products, and DVD/Blu-ray profits It is possible to call it a good achievement.

Famous Characters We Hope To See In Maid Sama Season 2

Here are a few characters that will make a mark in the next Season:

Misaki Ayuzawa

Misaki Ayuzawa - Maid Sama!

Misaki is the main character who is a brand new addition into The High School. The high school was open to girls only recently.

She has had strained relationships with her father as well as other males. She’s a girl who hates males, to cut it short.

The result was that she became angry and detest their presence. She is employed as of a maid in the cafe in order to earn money for herself.

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For a long time, it was her mother who took care of her. After her mother fell ill and she had to take on the financial burden on her shoulders.

She’s skilled in Aikido and has a positive picture of her. After winning the Presidential election and is in a difficult situation.

Usui is a student who runs into her at the café. He’s shocked but is understanding of her situation and assures her that she will keep it a secret.

Misaki is in love with her and shares the love story with him at the conclusion of Season 1.

Usui Takumi

Usui Takumi Wallpapers - Maid sama season 2

Takumi Usui, a tall, young man who is a good choice for almost every aspect. This is why he’s well-known at school.

Whatever his skill however, he doesn’t take seriously any curiosity in any subject. He prefers to remain an observer.

After meeting her outside restaurant, Maid Cafe, he falls in love with her.

Misaki is often unable to ignore or even accept his feelings towards her as a way of provoking. Misaki even views him as to be a ” perverted outer-space alien”.

He isn’t affected by the incident and continues to pursue her. He even provides her with a many helpful tips.

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The focus is on how she manages the males of the school effectively. He is the one who earns her respect in the same way, and is also the first male in the school to achieve this.

He hides his past. The only thing that is known is that he has an older sibling.

Satsuki Hyoudou


Satsuki is the cafe’s manager in which Misaki was employed. She’s a middle-aged lady who wears a uniform that is different than the other maids in the cafe.

This is so that she can distinguish her different function. While she’s strict, she’s also kind to Misaki.

When Misaki is in depression, She would always encourage her. She also has a sweet hand to employees who do a great job.

She let Misaki to miss the “Little Sister’s Day” when she was unable to.

Aoi Hyoudou

aoi hyodo | Maid sama manga, Maid sama, Kaichō wa maid-sama! season 2

Aoi is the nephew of Satsuki. Since he’s a trap is not enough, he’s also a cross-dresser and is a designer. He’s attractive and shares similar passions.

The boy is constantly subject to insults and admonishment by his dad. The result was his abrupt exile from the family home.

Aoi plays an important role in the relationship with Usui with Misaki. Aoi is often the victim of miscreants and bullies.

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They criticize him over his different methods.

Hinata Shintani

hinata shintani - Hinata Shintani

Misaki’s friend from childhood who was a fan of her. He later got married Suzana Ayuzawa later.

He’s charming, young, and jovial. Hinata was determined to get married Misaki and never complained or was jealous of Usui.

He’s well-liked by his peers and has a charming look about him.

Yet, at the at the same time, he is able to stand his ground and is assertive.

Other Decisive Factors For Maid Sama Season 2

All of the factors above that we talked about cover nearly all aspects.

There are a few things such as the conclusion of the previous season controversy, or trailers could offer vital clues.


The conclusion of Season 1 was the most significant reason for Season 2 to begin. It wasn’t something that could be viewed as a complete conclusion.

The story’s writers made sure there was a little suspense and intrigue. Usui and Misaki were two characters from different backgrounds.

A lot of their character characteristics were polarized. The end of the episode revealed their confessions. While Usui was unwavering, Misaki showed signs of nervousness.

Misaki may have appeared to be a bit squishy, however her wounds were not as fresh. She had never had a long-lasting connection with anyone during her lifetime.

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The way she thought men were wasn’t positive. The remainder of the story concerns how she fights her internal struggle.


There hasn’t been an official announcement, there isn’t a trailer for Season 2.

If an official update or confirmation arrives, we’ll notify you.


Maid Sama has received some bad reviews due to stereotyping.

It was noted that gender roles had been the subject of scrutiny (for the sexism) and certain sequences were referred to Shoujo.

A few reviewers have even criticized the layout and portrayal of the characters. They thought it was excessively talkative.

Takumi the character who was unneeded according to some critics. So, They felt that the character didn’t provide much value to the story.


Maid Sama is a romantic comedy series which was sure to entertain viewers. It was a hit and received acclaim and appreciation from a large viewers.

Although it wasn’t the type of joke that would trigger an explosion of laughs, the one that did was entertaining enough to warrant the term humorous.

The main attraction was the realistic sequence of things.

Finally, It’s not simple to convince the viewer to watch more than 26 hours of nothing but pure Rom-Com. Don’t let the absence of official announcements concern you.

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