Zombie 5e D&D Guide and Tactics: Everything You Need To Know
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Zombie 5e D&D Guide and Tactics: Everything You Need To Know


Zombie, 3If you are scurrying through a cemetery at night, fighting the necromancer’s tower, or fighting the undead, they’ll meet zombies.Zombie 5e D&D Guide

The well-known creatures are sure to moan and shuffle around the DnD theme of your party. They are a difficult challenge to defeat.

By How to D&D

Of course, watching animals shout and move around your guests can get dull after a certain amount of time. how can you make fresh zombies in the minds of the characters and players who play with them?

Zombies have some tricks up their sleeves for the undead, and there are ways to make your experience more enjoyable among the animals. Learn more about them in our comprehensive Guide to Zombie 5e Handbook.

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What are Zombies?

The shuffle that never stops the feet of necromantic armies in five-eighths as well as the fantasy world. the zombies, undead creatures who have returned from the dead.

Most zombies are humans and dressed in human clothing as they die and the injuries they sustained are evident on their yellowed and corpulent corpses.

They are released in the form of a light and are activated when activated by darkness magic whether it is done intentionally or when dark magic has infiltrated the region where they were.

If they wake, they either follow the commands from a master, or they sit in the area and search for something that can kill or harm any living thing after they’ve been watched.

They don’t have to drink water or foods and air. They also don’t require to sleep which makes them hard to eliminate through attrition. The most effective method to take out zombies is to take them down using the speed of their movements, tricks, or fighting.

The zombies don’t have a lot of intelligence. They aren’t very intelligent If they are not told otherwise they’ll take the most efficient route to reach their destination.

That means they’ll fall from windows and walk across hazardous terrain, and continue to barrel over obstacles till they reach the target they’ve chosen to hit.

What is the way Zombies function in 5e?

What is the way Zombies function in 5e?

The zombies from 5e can be described as mild undead monsters. They advance towards the party with no regard for the strategy or security.

The fights are in groups thanks because of their classes’ 8 armor and an average HP of 22. It’s not an issue for players of the lowest level.

The most significant stat for them is their constitution, symbolized by the characteristic known as Undead fortitude.

The block which defines the stats of their character, this traits accomplish what it claims to do if the attack results in the zombie dropping to zero hit points.

It must make an Constitution saving throw. It must be five DC in addition to the damage that is sustained in the event of damage that’s intense or a critical hit. If the save succeeds, the zombie’s health will be reduced one point.

For instance, if an enchanter kills a zombie with spells that deal with a number 10, the creature would require to make a DC 15 save roll.

If they win in their fight, they’ll not die, but they’ll decrease their HP to zero instead. They are able to fight for another round.

They don’t carry weapons and instead, they slam into you with their hands maybe to knock them into submission.

If there is a large number of zombies around there is a chance that they will take you by the throat and knock you down by power of their army especially within a tightly-closed area.

The Advantages of Zombies

There’s a reason why zombies are present in every undead army. That’s the reason why every necromancer is protected by a few zombies. Also Read: Identify 5e D&D Guide

Zombies are easy to control and manage through those who rule the darkness and for as long as you provide them with basic commands to follow according to the laws. The primary advantage of zombies is double. Their size, and their massive HP pool.

22 hitpoints, on an average is quite impressive for a solitary, walking corpse. Because of its lower CR 4 players, the adventuring heroes must fight often to ensure fair play.

Although zombies do not have any intrinsic advantages when working alongside other animals, their hitpoint pools and the Undead Fortitude characteristic make them very powerful.

Although they’re unlikely to take over the party at all, unless dice rolls that aren’t a good idea occur or the party was wounded with blood because of an earlier incident, they’ll force the group to invest in healing machines, slot machines objects, and other things that could have been used against larger adversaries.

The more time your team consumes fighting zombies the better for the BBEG as the actual fight begins.

The Disadvantages of Zombies

If you see zombies as a fleshy tank that absorbs harm as well as tanks and tanks, then you are right in their mission. Two flaws that zombies have is their lack of thinking, and their speed.

They are able to travel at speeds of 20 feet, which is lower than the average speed of adventure.

If zombies can’t keep the players in an area that is tight enough to allow them to move, they can allow the players to be able to move their vicinity.

In addition, their wisdom and intelligence isn’t good and they’ll be afflicted by spellcasters.

A skilled wizard is able to utilize any ability they desire regardless of whether they succeed in saving the opponent.

How do you make Zombies entertaining?

They’re slow, they sway and then beating on the victim until they’re dead. While they’re doing it, you’ll find it quite entertaining.

But, if zombies and undead are the primary enemies to the campaign and you have your team increase their level by a substantial amount, it won’t force the group use its resources.

Though you could throw a lot of these at the walls, but it’s more enjoyable to introduce new rules and capabilities. Different rules and abilities to create a fun and exciting environment for zombies!

Combine them in conjunction with Undead

First off, anyone who’s deserving of his name is not going to be inundated with zombies. There will also be undead.

The most successful combinations that has given players with an opportunity to win money is the combination of zombie and skeleton.

Skeletons are strong and have low HP they are also more susceptible to the harm from bludgeoning strikes. They’re not as strong as zombies in straight-up combat however , they can offer some advantages.

They’re swift and can be slain at a distance by using small bows. They are slightly higher in the way of HP than zombies. Combining them could be exciting. Also Read: Hex 5e D&D Guide

The zombies can invade and shut down the party by their huge bodies, while the skeletons may attack the group by using bowsmen.

Although it may not seem like an intense fight, however the undead adversaries are able to easily make a dent in a perfect dungeon adventure.

Other undead can be paired with zombies as well, giving your guests something to do. combat ghosts or ghouls operating behind the scenes. Create your own ideas, and then throw a few different options at your party and then watch the results!

Zombie Variants

It’s simple for you to create your own zombie fun by using a few different variations. Add some features that allow you to mix and match various zombies to cause your players to shake. Maybe these variations are based on the way that zombies died in the real world.

For instance, those who have been poisoned to death carry poison within them, which is referred to as Zombie Bloaters.

The zombies could explode into toxic clouds after their death instead of relying on the strength of the undead. If you don’t make a dex save and avoid poison, you’ll be poisoned.

Zombie wizards are afflicted by darkness which grants them existence and allows them to do necrotic damage whenever they come into contact with. They might be able to make the ability for a single time or spell or some other magic power.

Certain zombies know how to use the weapons they employed in their fight against foes.

They may not be as efficient in combat rolls because they’re armed with a body that’s damaged, but they’re still armed.

It could be that a graveyard containing heroes was damaged. The heroes who perished wearing amazing weapons and armor are likely to be killed. They will be able to have more AC and could prove more challenging to take down.

There’s the possibility of zombie runners having lower health, but who can be able to run for 40 yards instead of 20 feet. This could make your heroes nervous. They’ll also make sure that they do not attempt to take down zombies using melee weapons.

Zombiefy Other Creatures

The zombies don’t have to be human. Incorporate some fun into the mix by adding zombie halflings Elves, dwarfs, dwarfs and other race.

They might be statistically similar to regular zombies, however the change in appearance is always enjoyable.

Zombie creatures can be fun to fight as well, since they’re not just buried in a grave or graveyard.

It is also possible to find zombies, such as bugs or minotaurs and undead dragons.

They’re similar in the sense of statistics to their counterparts found in the wild, but they lack intelligence or knowledge, and are invulnerable to poisons.

In other situations the battle will be conducted as normal. Have fun making zombie versions of traditional combat and be aware that they are Undead and are not feeling any pain.

There’s nothing like combating the zombie bugbear by cutting its arm off with a quick strike only to see it relentlessly attack you. Also Read: All D&D Maps: Overview

It will continue to battle with the other arm , and it’s somewhat frightening for the person on the other side!

Zombie FAQ

Zombie FAQ

Are there weaknesses in zombies? Zombies aren’t immune to weaknesses?

The majority of horror films advise to focus on to the front when facing zombies fivee’s official statblock does NOT provide any weaknesses or strengths for zombies.

But, there’s no reason to not create some weaknesses for zombies. It is possible to make your zombies vulnerable to the silver of holy fire, and particular zombie-killing tools.

Perhaps being killed through one of these means removes the Undead Fortitude trait, while any other cause causes Undead Fortitude to kick in immediately, and without needing to make the saving throw required for zombies. Take your time and play around with ways to create unique zombies.

It is possible to create this effect by combining it with other Undead as well, possibly using the same rules and letting them save themselves to stop the death. If they’re successful in their quest, they’ll survive with just one HP, and continue fighting.

It could give holy characters like the cleric aswell as the Paladin the opportunity to showcase their demon-slaying abilities.

Furthermore, your team could improve the efficiency of their loadouts to eliminate the undead, and stop them from getting back to their powers again.

Do Zombies have diseases?

Yes , in 5e, zombies don’t possess a bite attack, and they do not transform you into zombies when their attacks come in contact with the skin.

There’s no evidence to suggest that zombies don’t possess the ability to bite with necrotic injuries , or possess other capabilities that can achieve similar results.

It’s vital that you opt to do this way , your team is not in a position to fix the injury in the shortest time possible without the help of magic.

The healing potion or spell may be able to heal physical injuries, but it can also cause necrotic and dying energy in the body.

The process of healing is best performed by a physician in the local church. Even if the damage from the drug isn’t cosmetic, however you can still make it appear damaging and embarrassing for the patient.

Necrotic damage is what happens when you use radiant spells. When a healing spell capable of knitting you skin back into its natural form necrotic damage spells may divide it, and later cause damage to the area that was affected or even cause burns or marks.

It’s an excellent way to relax and proclaim that only higher level spells can fix the issue. This can reduce the risk of your party being attacked by zombies who haven’t been ready!

Are Zombies mindless?

Although necromancersand lich and other dark magic spells can provide dead characters with their own power and also revive dead ones they’ve been buried in, they aren’t able to control them.

The murder of a necromancer that has brought back ten zombies life will not stop the magic that gave the zombie its existence. It’s self-contained magic, which will keep them alive.

The zombies are controlled by the individual who introduced them, however they’re not able to do anything other than advance and striking an opponent.


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