20 Best Female Follower Mods For Skyrim: The Ultimate Collection :Everything You Need To Know

I’ll tell you the truth:

I’m not getting enough human contact and I don’t even think about female.

There’s no reason to wait for Zuckerberg to develop the Metaverse to allow me to plug directly into the Matrix. It’s either out to join the nearby Tango classes to make new acquaintances and playing Skyrim.

Naturally Skyrim is the game we’re currently playing. Skyrim.

What do I have to say? I’ve known these people since to hold my hands.

I could have Ysolda on a date or have her ask Lydia to assist me in coping with my problems whether it be emotional or other.

By Just Call Me Frosty

However, I’m always looking for new players to bring into Skyrim.

There’s nothing more exciting than the opportunity to meet somebody new. And you won’t find more companionship than these customized female admirers.

Cyril the Porter

Cyril the Porter

One of my most favorite aspects of The Anniversary Edition was trying out the Pets of Skyrim add-on. Particularly, I enjoyed getting goats to assist Lydia carry things around.

Another good option that doesn’t require Bethesda additional money would be Cyril the Porter who is a customized female follower, who’s one of the few things Skyrim offers to a tanker for trading.

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This is because Cyril can carry an endless amount of things, regardless of weight.

Cyril is Skyrim’s top auto-loot mod.

She’ll continually search for valuable items and then make them available for sale the when you visit Belethor’s as well as any of the other retailer.

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19. Sylvanas Windrunner

19. Sylvanas Windrunner

Fans in World of Warcraft rejoice, for the most evil Warchief from the Horde is now in Skyrim in search of quenching the thirst of blood in the earth.

Sylvanas is perhaps among the top and most influential character in WoW history and is also among the most turbulent.

At its core she is a spirit seeking revenge. Only suffering can be found around her.

That’s the way it works in Azeroth.

In Skyrim there is a possibility that she could live a different life dependent on your choice that start with whether you’d like to see her as a banshee, or normal blood form.

18. Serana Dialogue Add-On

Serana is by far the most well-known vanilla follower and some enhancement tweaks could make her more enjoyable.

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Your most effective tool for making Serana the most effective she could get is the dialogue Add-On that allows her to chat with other options and offers her the ability to go deeper.

Engaging with Serana about her return to her human form after hundreds of years , and hearing her insightful remarks while you look around is a delight.

It makes getting to know Serana an experience that is more immersive.

17. Miri – Hybrid Khajiit

Vampires and werewolves can be fine and all – but what do you think of werecats?

Miri is a hybrid Khajiit also known as Catgirl who specializes on lightning fast “unarmed” combat.

She’s actually wearing daggers made of ebony that are in her gauntlets but that’s not the issue.

She’s not going to express much interest however, the moment you look back and see the adorable furry friend watching you as if you’re some kind of hero is what fantasies are made of.

Buy this if you are inclined to create unrealistic expectations of beauty to your fans.

16. Aurlyn Dawnstone – The Reclusive Philosopher

I think of myself as to be a bit of philosopher.

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If there’s a time when I’m writing not for you I’ll listen to a podcast on philosophy or read Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations.

If you’re like me, then you’ll be thrilled the idea of Aurlyn Dawnstone contemplating what life is all about as you lay down Draugr into a dark.

The Reclusive Philosopher is able to speak over 1000 lines of fully-voiced dialog that reflect her deep experience with Tamriel. She has valuable insights about nearly every place in the game and respond with dynamism to your actions as the way a philosopher would.

After a lifetime of doubting whether evil and good were actually real, the Aldmeri Dawn Sorceress is now ready to stand up for her part and fight against evil yet again.

15. Caesia – Borne of Magic

For a more active and active follower, look into Caesia, a fierce but confident mage who’ll bring your adventures more enjoyable.

Caesia was designed as part of the ongoing Borne of Magic quest mod however, this sequel is entirely standalone.

However, she’ll also make reference to the past events of the mod from time to time to give her a sense of mystery, and making her private life appear real-life as exciting like your own.

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She’s gorgeous dark-skinned lady with the cutest , short hair I’ve witnessed in Skyrim.

And her witty and funny conversation will definitely bring an chuckle out of your gamer’s heart.

14. Luna – Darkness Reincarnated

In Skyrim it’s easy to increase your power and become an unstoppable warrior of the dead.

It’s all you need are just a handful of Daedric artifacts and a nice armor set, and a few nifty spells to build a single-man army.

It’s the reason that almost every regular follower fall into “sidekick” status. Whatever fighter you are the Dragonborn’s strength level is far beyond 9000.

But Luna isn’t a vanilla follower.

This powerful fighter comes from a race older than those of Snow Elves and houses a dark power that is comparable to the Dragonborn.

Her spells aren’t just devastating, but her power over the dead lets her resurrect her enemies who have fallen as tremblers that are bound to her will.

13. Freya Gray-Mane

I can remember my first encounter with Is it Battle-born, or gray-mane?

When I was asked I replied Battle-born simply because I could recognize his name in the Idolaf Battle Born asking. I’ve regretted it ever since.

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The Battle-Borns might have money and fame However, they’re utterly pricks.

They’re the main reason behind Stormcloak radicalization within Whiterun young people. They’re just deplorable.

On the other side on the other hand, the Gray-Mane have a long history integrity, and are currently, the most beautiful fan in the world.

In terms of aesthetics, Freya Gray-Mane is basically Ciri from The Witcher – and she’s almost as powerful. The Stormcloak heroine is set to take her own Empire from the North.

12. Neisa – Definitive Edition

Neisa is among the most adorable followers you could ever ask for.

She’s also a skilled healer, and an excellent tank.

Tanks aren’t always cute and tiny women who’s skin is soft and smooth as the baby’s bottom However, they are Skyrim mods that we’re discussing. It’s your job to push the boundaries!

The cuteness of her face isn’t the only method Neisa is pushing boundaries. Neisa is also known for her cleavage of anime quality which shows off her generous size.

With a unique voice and some engrossing quests and a lot in fan service, Neisa is a must-have.

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11. Celestine – Healer Support Companion

If you’re looking for followers with impressive figures Meet Celestine one of the best healers you’ll require.

The mod’s lore states that Celestine has been branded an “true Breton,” but she really looks like she was directly from the Vatican. This is a highly risky model that is of the Vatican.

The red, white and gold colors of her outfit give them the fresh and elegant appearance like an angel. The wing-like, floating ornaments on her back give the gorgeous impression.

In the same way that she assists you fight as well, she can also provide quality-of-life enhancements.

She’ll shine brightly through caves, disappear whenever you’re sneakingabout, and even turn your ore into ingots while on the move.

10. Mirai The Girl with the Dragon Heart

Mirai is an all-voiced character with great dialogue that will make you feel awestruck by her. But first, you’ll need to gain her trust by traveling together , and finishing her mission.

In contrast to some of the other contestants on the list the adventurous girl won’t be able to take on armies with one hand, but make you immortal by the other.

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She’s a little light on her feet, and adept at beginner-level spells, but that’s all until you finish her quest and unlock new skills.

If you find yourself falling to love Mirai you could get married her. She even can design a wedding dress for you.

9. Yennefer of Vengerberg – TW3 Voiced Follower

The Witcher 3 was the biggest thing to happen in open-world fantasy gaming since Skyrim.

It was a magical experience of dragons, dragons, conflicts, and amazing adventures that would put Skyrim in the shadows most of the time.

Since long-time Skyrim fans began experiencing Geralt’s adventures, more and The Witcher-themed mods started appearing such as armors, weapons and even followers.

One of the most popular of them is Yennefer of Vengerberg with a full-voiced custom follower, based on Geralt’s real love (sorry, Triss).

The scent of gooseberries and lilac guide you to this sorceress or try giving Triss Merigold a go.

8. Vilja in Skyrim

If you’ve been in Tamriel for so long that your skeleton naturally transformed into Bonemold will be able to recall Vilja as the funniest and most adorable custom follower that was created for Oblivion.

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The use of voice-controlled followers is commonplace today however, it was an amazing feature in the Oblivion times.

Vilja was a trailblazer in the field of follower, with a lively dialog, full voice acting and her personal mission in Cyrodiil.

By the time the Dragonborn appears to challenge Alduin, it’s been 200 years since the Oblivion crisis, and Vilja is long gone – but her great-great-granddaughter is looking for an adventure in Skyrim.

She has the same charm that made the first Vilja so popular. Her appearance may not be impressive initially but you could refresh her appearance by using Vilja Newly Imaginated.

7. Ambriel – The Lost Princess

The Dragonborn has had a conversation with many of Tamriel’s most powerful people from Tamriel. The Emperor is also a possibility, especially if you read into the Dark Brotherhood storyline!

But, they was interested in following your example – until now.

Ambriel is an old princess from Tamriel who was born in the past, around 280 years prior to Oblivion and 480 years prior to Skyrim.

In some way, she was immortal, and she’s asking for your help to save the realm and fight the Thalmor.

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Years of fighting and hiding to defend Tamriel are what have made her strong, making her a fantastic partner for more difficult times.

6. Recorder – Fully Voiced Follower

When I read this Quest Log, I’ve always thought of the Dragonborn noting down their adventures. One day, they’ll be made into an ebook.

If this isn’t enough, we can use Recorder.

The fully-voiced custom follower comes as an agent of an inter-dimensional journalist group who follow heroes and record their tales.

Recorder makes witty remarks for any situation, many of them include humorous reference to other games or more specifically heroes she’s met in different dimensions.

She’ll also get to have a few hilarious interactions with Ambriel which is funny given that the two voices are both with the help of PotasticPanda.

5. Song of the Green – Auri

As an environmentally-conscious person who loves nature and wishes he could move to a cabin in the woods, I’m a big fan of Wood Elves.

Protecting the forest with bow and arrow, and living a life that is in sync with the nature is a way to live a life worth living, particularly when you’re next to people like Auri.

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This Bosmer archer is home to more than nine hundred fully-voiced dialogue lines that span from idle conversation to deep dives into specific aspects of Bosmer culture.

She’ll be interacting with her vanilla followers such as Serana and Faendal, and some of the most popular mods such as Lucien as well as Inigo.

The creator even offered to create a custom horse that she’ll summon every time you’re riding the back of a horse!

There’s no more waiting for marathon-running Lydia for her to catch up.

4. Sofia – The Funny Fully Voiced Follower

Skyrim is a game that’s a bit bizarre in which immersion is combined with humor.

The game goes to great lengths to entice you however certain characters and scenarios are simply absurdly comical and that’s not even to be forgotten how hilarious ragdoll deaths can be.

The hilarious adventures you experience during Skyrim is among my most favorite aspects of Skyrim.

A follower such as Sofia could elevate this medieval fantasy show to the next step.

She’s unpredictably, a rebel without a reason and is more than small amount of a fan of Honningbrew Mead. Everywhere her travels, trouble will follow and I’m sure that is true for the Dragonborn too.

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3. Pandorable’s Heroines

If you need to pick one mod and then be done with it will enjoy Pandorable’s Heroines which is a set of eight gorgeous and varied female characters to fight with you on your adventures.

The mod has followers from all sorts of backgrounds and classes.

There’s a Khajiit brawler an Imperial wizard and an Imperial wizard, a Nord shieldmaiden, and an Orc/Dunmer hybrid that’s unmatched by a weapon that can be used two hands.

Pandorable’s Heroines can meet the needs of your followers for at most an entire game.

2. M’rissi’s Tails of Troubles

My most favorite type of followers are the ones I actually get to get to.

In Skyrim there are people who will risk their lives simply due to the fact that you’ve won a fight against them, but they won’t go into more about their past as well as their interests or any other information that is noteworthy.

“M’rissi” is the the complete opposition of these followers.

The character is a complex one with the most dramatic background story you’ll learn more about as you progress through her unique questline. It’s a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t recommend it for those who aren’t prepared.

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With more than eight hours of video content and more than 2000 audio voice tracks, this mod is one of the largest follower mods to be made.

1. Shirley – A Skyrim Follower Mod

I determined to find the best female female follower that I could mod into Skyrim.

It wasn’t about being the most technologically advanced, stunning or powerful – it was about “the best”.

By Akatosh I think I’ve come across the right one.

Many of you may remember Shirley Curry, the “Skyrim Grandma,” who gained notoriety at 80 as a well-known Skyrim creator of content.

It was quite enchanting to watch her embrace the new, exciting world and also to remind us that age is really only an amount.

Bethesda has announced that they’ll pay tribute to Shirley with TESVI in the form of an NPC Modders already have done it with Skyrim with Shirley the custom follower that is voiced by the legend herself.

She has her own personal house, lots of intriguing dialog, and she looks as real!

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