4th Hokage Minato Namikaze : All our theories about Naruto dad

Naruto Dad Minato Namikaze

The 4th hokage Minato or naruto dad is one of the most appreciated character of the manga. Here you could have every information or theory about him

1. Minato’s name means “going with the flow”

Minato means “harbor” and Namikaze means “waves of wind”. Minato Namikaze, in other words, means to go with the flow.

This word may be familiar to you from other animes. In the 43rd episode, Boruto: Naruto next Generation, Shikadai spoke of Namikaze. You can see that he meant “going with the flow”.

2. Toshiyuki was Minato’s Voice actor

He was also the voice actor for One Piece and One Punch Man. Toshiyuki was the Lord Boros character in One Punch Man anime, and Enel Hatchchan and Hatchchan respectively in One Piece.

3. Minato loves to read.

Minato loved to read. He was a prolific reader. From the beginning, we can see his sharpness, tactical awareness, wisdom and sharpness. Minato was a hobbyist and knew a lot about the history and jutsus of other clans. Minato loved Jiraiya’s books.

4. Before Naruto was born, Minato had met Naruto.

Minato met and held Naruto before Naruto’s birth? Yes.

It is not clear why he didn’t use it in battle. His skill in senjutsu is limited. He also admitted that senjutsu wasn’t his style.

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Naruto and Captain Yamato go back to the past in the movie “The Lost Tower”. His father Minato Namikaze saved Naruto when he was attacked and couldn’t run.

If you are interested in seeing Naruto movies here is the list of all Naruto movies.

5. Minato Namikaze, a Sage, was born in Japan.


Minato was also a sage. To learn the sage jutsu, he went to Mount Myoboku along with Jiraiya, his sensei. In a matter of seconds, the Fourth Hokage could enter the sage state. This was a lot faster than Naruto (Pain arch). The natural energy could be balanced perfectly by the yellow flash.

fighting. He likes to end a fight as quickly as possible.

6. Minato’s official missions

Minato Namikaze was a veteran of 847 official missions. There were 122 D rank missions and 147 C-rank mission. 39 S-rank missions were also part of these missions.

Although Minato’s death was very premature, 847 missions were completed. Minato was 21 when he became the Fourth Hokage. That was quite a few missions in such a short time.

7. Minato Namikaze wasn’t a fan of ninjutsu.

Complex jutsus were not liked by the Yellow Flash. Because waving hand signals was too time-consuming for him. Minato was, as we all know by now, the fastest shinobi on the show. He didn’t have to resort to ninjutsu most of the time to defeat his opponent. Minato was able to engage his opponent and catch him off-guard with the help of body flicker.

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8. Minato had 3 Chakra nature

Minato can use three types of chakra. Like Naruto, he could also use wind. He could use fire and lightning, just as he can use wind. We mentioned that he didn’t like complex ninjutsus and we couldn’t see him using other chakra types.

9. Minato Namikaze, a Jinchuriki, was Minato Namikaze.

Naruto dad sealed the 9-tail fox within him with the Reaper Death Seal during the attack on 9-tail. Later, when Orochimaru reanimated him, we saw him controlling the Kyubi soon after arriving at the battleground.

10. Minato’s favourite food

Minato loved Kushina’s homemade food. It can be used to describe both how well Kushina was at cooking and how much he loved his wife.

11. Minato Namikaze was a sensory type ninja

The Fourth Hokage was himself a sensory-type ninja. Minato Namikaze could see the enemy from far away. He was as sharp and able to sense enemies from miles away.

Naruto dad could engage them and defeat them before anyone else could. Minato, after being revived by Orochimaru instantly saw Naruto’s Chakra along with 9 tails.

12. Minato dreamed of fighting Jiraiya

Minato, a student, wanted to fight Jiraiya. It would not be a battle to the death. He just admired and respected his sensei’s abilities as a ninja.

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13. Minato’s favourite phrase

Minato’s favourite phrase was “Shadow that lights up the village” Kage, which means Shadow and Hidden leaf, was the land of fire. As you can see, it refers to the Hokage who enlightens the leaf villages with his light.

14. Minato scored the highest in Chunin exam

Minato Namikaze was the first to achieve the highest score. He was the greatest hidden leaf shinobi ever made. Also, The Yellow Flash was a talented ninja, and everyone recognized him when he scored a record in the chunin exam.

15. Flee-on sight order

The village leaders instructed their ninjas not to approach the yellow flash of a leaf and ordered them to flee. This speaks volumes about his fearlessness towards his enemies.

Minato was fear by all the shinobi from the other villages. According to Minato Namikaze, “He who crosses the Yellow Flash’s path could never complete the mission he was on.” This also refers 100% accuracy in mission execution.

16. Minato Killed 1000 Stone ninjas

Naruto dad killed 1000 hidden stone shinobi during the third great ninja battle. Minato Namikaze ended the war by killing the 1000 ninjas. The Tsuchikage claimed that they sent 1000 ninjas to attack in the 349 episodes Naruto Shippuden. They were stopped by one of the hidden-leaf ninjas.

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It was the yellow flash of a leaf. He was later elected the fourth Hokage.

17. Minato could erase your memory

We saw in The Lost Tower that Minato could use jutsu to erase other people’s memories. Minato uses that jutsu in the movie to erase the memories of his team members, Naruto and Yamato.

18. Minato was proud of being the Hokage

Minato used to refer to himself in Japanese as “Watashi” before he became the Fourth Hokage. After becoming Hokage, Minato began using the ‘Ore” instead of ‘Watashi. Watashi and Ore, as we all know, can be translated to’me’ or “I”. However, Ore is used by Japanese people to express pride.

19. Minato could move the jutsu marker

Minato used Flying Rijin Jutsu, also known as Flying Thunder God Technique, to teleport. It was originally a jutsu created by Tobirama the Second Hokage. However, Minato was able to make it his own.

Yellow flash, for example, could move his marker at will. This gave Minato a significant advantage in battleground combat and he was able to use them to exploit enemy forces.

20 Minato was left-handed

Yellow flash was left-handed. His summoning jutsu was performed with his left hand. He signed the contract also with his left hand. We found out later that he was also ambidextrous. He used his left hand quite a bit.

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Our theory Minato vs Itachi who would win ?


Namikaze Minato vs Itachi Uchiha

Itachi has 6 things that make him unstoppable, despite being a weak power guy.

  1. Amaterasu, unstoppable flames
  2. Tsukuyomi, unstoppable genjutsu
  3. Unstoppable sword, the Totsuka Blade
  4. Yata mirror, very resistant shield
  5. Even the sharingan could not keep up with his hand seals. Sharingan could see lightning.
  6. Intelligence. He is very intelligent, got the second highest grade in academy history, and was quite knowledgeable.

Itachi’s opponent must be able to counter these 6 things. This is almost always impossible. I’ll address minatos counters to all 6 skills/abilites/tools


Namikaze Minato vs Itachi Uchiha
  1. Itachi must focus his attention on minato. I don’t know how he can do that to a man who can teleport.It seems that he takes a while to use it. He doesn’t see for a millisecond before you start burning. Sasuke couldn’t do it during the fight against the killer bees.
  2. Itachi must look minato in his eyes to use the uchihas genjustu. He also has to focus on his eyes for a time that was not shown. 4th Hokage was a fighter in the third great Ninja War. It is impossible for him to not know about the uchihas’ genjutu, especially considering that fugaku had made a significant contribution in that war. He was also named wicked eye fugaku.
  3. The yata-mirror is imbued in all natural elements. It can transform into the opposing nature of an attack, becoming extremely resistant to it. The rasenagn or the tailed bomb are literally the only counters. They’re pure chakra, so they have no weakness. Minato invented the rasengan. It’s not clear if he will be able to read it in base mode, but I do know that he can in sage mode.
  4. Because I want to discuss his speed to show how he overcomes the totuska knife, this is about speed. Naruto dad was called the fastest shinobi, even surpassing the fourth raikage. This was due to his quick reflexes as well as his teleportation. Teleportation can be very fast, but it doesn’t move you anywhere instantly. If your opponent is faster you won’t have time to strike. Minato’s reflexes are similar to raikages, and his teleportation was instant. Sasuke was being blitzed in the raikage’s teleportation which means the same thing will happen with itachi. Minato is in another league
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Conclusion Minato vs Itachi

Naruto dad Minato vs Itachi Uchiha
  1. Minato is faster than itachi so itachi can’t hit him with anything as large as that
  2. Itachi was second in academy history but minato was his highest grade.

Winner : Minato Namikaze

Minato sage mode

Sage Mode Minato vs Uchiha Itachi

Sage mode puts you at the level a tailed animal, which is equal to a perfect susanoo. Even an armored susanoo can’t be considered sage. Garaa is at tailed-beagle level. Yellow flash was able to manage 5 humanoid susanoo from madaras wooden clones simultaneously. If the armored were even 25% stronger than a tailed animal, those 5 would have crushed garaa. The humanoid susanoo are stronger.

Naruto dad can also use larger rasengan than Naruto. Minato’s chakra reserves are large, while itachi feats only has the smallest. Itachi is limited to three mangekyo techniques. After that, he must deactivate his sharingan.

Itachi’s stamina problem is eliminated if we add edo-tensei versions. Naruto dad also gets a significant boost. Because he has the yin kurama, his strength increases and he is immune to any genjutsu. Yellow Flash also becomes invulnerable against amatarasu as he wears a chakra cloak.

Conclusion Minato Sage mode vs Itachi

Despite all the strength of Itachi, he will have a hard time winning a normal Minato, so Minato sage mode is much stronger than Itachi. However, since Minato needs to concentrate more in this mode, Itachi could use this flaw to win.

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Minato sage mode vs Itachi

Our theory 4th Hokage vs 1st Hokage (edo tensei) who would win ?

We will take Minato KCM (Kyubi chakra mode) without edo vs Hashirama prime

Hashirama vs Minato KCM

Some people judge on Minato or Hashirama without really knowing the characteristics of each character.
We will make a review and if you don’t agree, you can give your opinion in comment.

First of all, know that in Naruto the ninjustu makes all the difference, if you don’t know how to counter the ninjustu of your opponent it’s impossible for you to win especially for the ninjustu of rank S

We can see with Hidan’s justu, Itachi’s genjustu, Obito’s kamui or the operating mode of the akatsuki.

According to you, how did the akatsuki always manage to win?

The answer is simple, it’s the information.

How Konan lost against Jiraiya so easily but gave Obito a hard time?

The answer is also simple, because Jiraiya knew the paper technique and Konan knew Obito’s technique.

How could Naruto manage the Pain ?
He had the information from Jiraiya

Intelligence Namikaze Minato vs Hashirama Senju

Fourth Hokage

Namikaze Minato vs Hashirama Senju

We are not going to repeat a course of Minato but his capacity of analysis is superior to Hashirama. He was able to analyze Obito’s ninjustu which seems to be complex and found a flaw in a short time. It took Konan years of study and Obito was untouchable during the whole manga.
Naruto dad was stated to be the greatest genius ever since which would mean he was better than the likes of Itachi, Shisui and Kakashi etc.. who had come after him in the academy. And even in the time of Boruto, his score is still not reached.
Moreover, he created the rasengan which is the most successful chakra transformation according to Jiraiya. Maybe you would be interested in Kakashi rasengan.

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First Hokage

Namikaze Minato vs Hashirama Senju

Hashirama is a fighting genius and is intelligent, but like Naruto intelligence is not his specialty. If a justu is complex, he would not know how to analyze it.
example 1: he was trapped by Madara during the 4th war
example 2 : Naruto’s reaction to Jigen who didn’t know how to analyze the ninjustu without Sasuke’s help ( For us Naruto Hokage has a similar intelligence to Hashirama )

Winner : 4th Hokage

Healing factor KCM Minato vs Hashirama

Healing factor Hashirama Overrated

Naruto dad Namikaze Minato vs Hashirama Senju vs Madara uchiha

Madara was forced to use the most powerful bijuu by the man who could do it.

They also greatly underestimate his mortality and limitations.

Hashirama is a bloody man. He also gets tired when he’s pushed to the limits.

Few people have ever been able to do this, but Madara was one of the few who did.

But Hashirama cant regenerate lost limbs. Katsuyu can’t save him from being cut in half like Tsunade. Even summoning the 1000-armed buddha statue while in sage mode was too difficult for him, resulting in him sweating profusely.

Some even go as far as to believe he can heal severed heads with hulk-level regeneration.

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Hashirama is revered as a god of the shinobi because of his unparalleled battle prowess, and not because he has some strange regeneration.

Madara said that Hashi’s and Tsunade were simply comparing Hashi’s regeneration. However, neither of these can regenerate missing or damaged organs. Tsunade was able to restore her after she was cut in half.

Minato KCM mode

Minato KCM mode Minato Kyubi Chakra Mode

what can we say about Minato?
Here it’s simple, we will talk about Naruto and Kyubi’s self-healing factor.
As Hashirama said during the war. Naruto had a life force and a chakra similar to his own.
The warfare being linked to chakra + life force, these words mean that with Kyubi, Naruto has a warfare factor that can be compared with Hashirama’s.
We can see it in the fight Naruto vs Delta or Naruto vs Jigen. In other words, Naruto regenerates automatically after big injuries.
If Naruto does it thanks to Kyubi then Minato KCM mode will have a healing factor less than Naruto but not negligible.

Winner : Hashirama

Speed 4th Hokage KCM vs 1st Hokage

Hashirama is certainly fast but we are not going to debate on that and give directly the victory to Minato

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Speed Minato Kyubi chakra mode vs Hashirama

Winner : 4th Hokage

Attack Power Senju Hashirama vs Namikaze Minato

To put it simply, Hashirama has powerful techniques in his panel that can even change the environment. As well as the 1000 hands status which can fight against a giant susanoo.
However Minato only has rasengan as a powerful technique.
However with KCM he would be able to make planet rasengan which can give very big damages.
Naruto dad also possesses the toad summoning and the giant Kyubi mode to fight on a large ground.

Fourth Hokage vs First Hokage

Winner : Hashirama

Verdict Minato KCM vs Hashirama

Some people think that Naruto das doesn’t have enough technique to fight Hashirama but he is wrong and at the same time not.
Minato < Hashirama Minato KCM > Hashirama
In terms of speed, healing, intelligence and raw power, Minato Kyubi chakra mode is comparable to Hashirama on all levels.

Winner : 4th hokage Minato

Minato KCM mode Minato Kyubi chakra mode

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