5 Dragon Ball characters Gohan will soon surpass : Everything You Need to Know

The Dragon Ball community was thrilled to see Gohan reach new heights in the “Son Gohan Beast” form. As his new powers are only speculations, the pacifist’s unending fighting potential should not be doubted.

He may have the ability to take on several powerful and well-respected characters with his newfound powers, but there are still some people he can’t defeat.

Frieza and 4 other Dragon Ball characters who are soon going to be overtaken by Gohan

1) Piccolo


Piccolo, a Namekian fighter and skilled trainer joins Goku to defend the earth against several alien and android threats. In Goku’s absence, he trained and raised Gohan but has since been forced to retire.

Piccolo seems to be returning for the lead role in Dragon Ball Super Hero. Namekian, a fan favorite, has learned a new form called orange Piccolo.

Gohan could still surpass his new form. The difference in their power levels even in the Tournament of Power Saga was very noticeable.

2) Frieza


Frieza has been one of the most notorious villains in the Dragon Balluniverse. He was powerful even though he didn’t attain his “Golden”, form. He could keep up with Super Saiyan Blue Goku when he achieved his “Golden” status. He isn’t invincible despite his sadistic fighting style, multiple forms, and it has been proven repeatedly.

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Gohan with his new form could easily surpass Frieza, but that is just the beginning of the controversy. Fans are still not fully understanding the extent of Gohan’s newfound abilities. It is safe to say that he would be at the same level as Frieza’s peak.

3) Hit

Hit, a vicious combatant from Universe 6, poses a serious threat to Goku. Hit’s time-skipping abilities and overall strength are something to be proud of.

Goku eventually caught up with Hit in the Tournament of Power Saga, and defeated him. Although Hit is a formidable opponent to Gohan’s, it is likely that Gohan will surpass him in his new form.

4) Kefla


Kefla, the Saiyan fusion of Caulifla & Kale, is her speed and power. Her Super Saiyan form was strong enough to keep up with Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue. Goku had to up his game and use Kaio Ken x20 in conjunction with his transformation to get the upper hand.

While Gohan’s win over Kefla is a matter of speculation, Gohan could still be up for another victory if his new form looks good.

5) Toppo


Toppo, a powerful warrior hailing from the 11th Universe. Toppo has the skills and capabilities to be the next Hakaishin. He can also use Destroyer energy easily.

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It is not easy to surpass a potential God for Destruction, but it is possible to see Gohan push his limits and take on this enemy.

Gohan still wouldn’t be able to catch up with these characters

1) Beerus

How Strong Is Beerus

In Dragon Ball Super, Beerus has shown his extraordinary power numerous times. Although he watches over Universe 7, he is not interested in anything. He is capable of destroying almost anything, but he chooses to not.

If Gohan were to confront Lord Beerus in battle, his newfound abilities wouldn’t be enough. It is impossible to conceal the vast differences in their strength.

2) Whis


Whis is stronger than Broly or Beerus, which means that he is the strongest being of Universe 7. He is believed to be the fastest person in the universe, and can move across Nebulas. It is almost impossible to score a hit due to his mastery of Ultra Instinct.

Given the current state in Gohan, it is very difficult and unrealistic to challenge Whis.

3) Zeno

How Strong Is Zeno Dragon Ball

Zeno reigns supreme over all that has ever been, is, or will become in the Dragon Ball world. Zeno, also known as the Omni King, can instantly destroy all of the multiverse.

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He isn’t known for his fighting skills, but he can train with the best martial artists. Zeno will never be defeated no matter how powerful the “Son Gohan Beast” mode is.

4) Grand Priest

Grand Priest

Whis’s might cannot be defeated by anyone other than Zeno. He is the father of all 12 Angels. This deity is said to be the most powerful “warrior” in all of the multiverse. Zeno is the only one who could face him in hopes of winning, while the Grand Priest acts as his mentor.

Gohan can’t be buffed so hard that it would challenge the immortal Grand Priest who can stop Gods of Destruction with a single finger.

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5) Jiren

How Strong Is Jiren

Jiren, the Universe 11’s strongest being, is stronger than his Universe’s God Of Destruction. He is so powerful that he began to meditate on the lack of worthy opponents at the Tournament of Power. He was also seen defeating some of the most powerful warriors in the multiverse. Goku was unable to make Jiren sweat without the help of the Angels.

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Gohan may be able to beat Jiren if he surpasses his father with his new form.

It’s difficult to assess Gohan’s place among the most powerful beings in the multiverse without knowing the extent of the power “Son Gohan Beast”. Probability must be considered in any comparison. Piccolo and Gohan deserve the spotlight.


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