Who is Kuriza In Dragon Ball?


Kuriza is Frieza’s son. Nekomajin has him as an antagonist. Nekomajin is a manga series that consists of eight chapters. These manga chapters were created by Akira Toriyama. They span eight installments. It is notable for its last section, “Neko MajinZ,” that parodies Dragon Ball’s most famous work. This section features frequent appearances of Dragon Ball characters.

Kuriza Everything You Need To Know

Appearance of Kuriza

Appearance of Kuriza

His father Frieza looks very much like Kuriza. Kuriza is shorter and more chestnut-shaped than his father. His bio-gems are either purple in manga or brown in games. In his first form, he does not have horns.

Kuriza Personality

Kuriza Personality

He doesn’t look like his family and isn’t particularly evil. He will, however, have a fit if the manga is too short. World Mission shows Kuriza as an anomalous world caring for his father and grandfather, and respecting his uncle Cooler (whom he refers to as “Uncle Cooler”). Kuriza, like his uncle is determined to restore Frieza Clan’s honor after King Cold and Mecha Frieza were defeated by DBH Team. To restore the honor of his grandfather and father, he transforms into his True form to fight alongside him. This shows Kuriza’s similarity to Chilled his ancestor, who is well-known for his caring for his family.

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How Strong Is Kuriza?


Neko Majin Z

How Strong Is Kuriza?

Kuriza claims that he is stronger then Super Saiyan Onio in his first form. In his first form, he is knocked to ground by Z and he then takes on his true form. He cannot fight Z until all the pages have been completed. He appears to be fighting Z in the five chapters that follow and is easily defeated. Onio tells Vegeta that Kuriza and he were both helpless against Z. Vegeta is also reported to be weaker than Onio.

Statements by guidesbooks and authors Akira Toriyama said in an interview that only Frieza or Cold are the most powerful Frieza races. Naho Ooishi stated in an interview for Resurrection F, that Frieza is the only one who has this power, even though Frieza’s family is strong.

Techniques and special skills

Black Frieza son
  • Flight – Flying with ki.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave. This energy wave is used in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Death Beam: Kuriza used the Death Beam to destroy Thunderbolt and Honey’s cars. 
  • Overhead kick – He did this backflip kick with Neko Majin Z (Z’s best friend and Onio).
  • Death Wave- Kuriza is an alternative to Frieza. It uses the Death Wave from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 as a costume.
  • Death Ball – Kuriza uses a large orange Death Ball from Dragon Ball Heroes for his Super Attack in The First Form. V Frieza may use a Death Ball with a face in Dragon Ball Z 2.
  • Full Charge Death Ball – This is a stronger, larger version of Death Ball that can be found in Dragon Ball Heroes as Super Attack of Final Form Kuriza. The Full Charge Death Ball is available in black with an orange outer border.
  • Tail Attack – Kuriza attacks Dragon Ball Heroes using his tail
  • Challenger’s Mettle (Tia Zhan De naTai Du – Challenger’s Mettle) – Kuriza’s HGD2-40 Dragon Ball Heroes Card uses this CAA Special Ability. It locks onto an enemy and increases their Charge impact speed.
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How Strong Is Kuriza?
  • Clan of Terror (Kong Bu Yui Zu Ji Jie Clan of Terror) Kuriza’s HGD2-40 card in Dragon Ball Heroes. It increases his enemies’ damage up to 300. The effect is increased by each ally who has the same ability.
  • Fearsome Double Attack (Kongbu Nodaburuatatsuku fearsome double attack) is a CAA Special ability that Kuriza’s HJ2-SEC2 Card uses in Dragon Ball Heroes. This allows him to perform Double attacks with an ally, increasing their power by 1.5x if they achieve a Super Double effect. 

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  • Fearsome Father & son (Kong Bu NoQin Zi Fearsome Father & Sohn) – This ability can be used by Kuriza’s HJ2-SEC2 and HJ4-61 cards from Dragon Ball Heroes. This ability increases Kuriza’s power level by 1000. The Power Level of Frieza Frieza and Mecha Frieza will increase by 2000 if they are part of the same team. The Power Levels of their respective Power Levels will increase the same amount.
  • Iron Will (Tie NoYi Zhi Iron Will): Kuriza uses this ability during Dragon Ball Heroes to protect himself from stamina damage in the Big Gete Star Saga.
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Kuriza equipment
  • Battle Armor- Kuriza wears the same Frieza Force battle armor as his father.
  • Bio Suit Kuriza wears the biological armor of his race in his True Form, just like his father and uncle.
  • Kuriza’s Spaceship- Kuriza appears in World Mission to own his Frieza Force mothership that is identical to the one used to transport him to Earth with his uncle, father and Sorbet. Kuriza uses the ship to travel to Earth with his subordinates Abo and Cado.

Kuriza Forms and transformations

Kuriza Forms and transformations

Kuriza could have taken on other forms, but he chose not to.

Initial Form

Kuriza Initial Form

His father, Frieza in his first form, looks very similar to Kuriza. He his head is pointed towards the top, making it look like a chestnut. His “plates” in games are dark red/brown and he doesn’t have any hair.

Final Form

Black Kuriza

Kuriza’s Final form is very similar to his father. However, Kuriza is shorter than his father and his head still looks like a chestnut. His body parts in games are darker brown than the purple used by Frieza.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission: Kuriza, the game’s version Kuriza, will transform into his final form to fight alongside Aka, his uncle Golden Cooler, and the Dragon Ball Heroes who defeated his grandfather, and father.

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  • Kuriza’s pun, like Krillin’s, derives its name from the word kuri, or chestnut. Kuriza is one of Frieza’s races without a full-cold-related name pun. The name Kuriza retains a bit of the play on the word “Freezer”, as “Furiza” may be spelled differently.
  • Kuriza’s date of birth is unknown. Cooler, who was the last Frieza Clan member, is the only one to survive Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II. World Mission indicates that Cooler was born before Age 764. He appears only in the SDBH game world’s main timeline. This could indicate that events were altered by game-world anomaly. If Legacy of Goku II is correct, Kuriza would have been born sometime between Frieza’s second and first resurrections. 

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