Akame Ga Kill Season 2 : Everything You Need To Know In 2021

AKame GA KIll Season 2

Akame ga kill or “Akame ga Kiru” is an Japanese manga written by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro. The manga began its serialization in March of 2010 and ran until December 2016. The series is a gory one that doesn’t hesitate to show scenes that are graphic in nature. The show is believed to be so graphic that when it first began its run in Japan the TV screens blocked out certain scenes due to the graphic nature of the show. The show is full of it. The human corpse being cut up into pieces, to blood spilling everywhere, it appears that any person is able to get killed in any moment in the series. If you’ve watched in the initial season, it appears like there is no limit to boundaries, and that every character is able to end up being killed any time regardless of how significant the character may be. Additionally the deaths of some people can become so painful in certain instances that it feels as if all that is forecast is that nothing is able to be predicted. With that in mind, here’s everything you need know about Akame Ga Kill Season 2.

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Everything We Know About Akame Ga Kill So Far

Everything We Know About Akame Ga Kill So Far

We meet Tatsumi, a young Tatsumi who is a traveler to the Capital together and two buddies and earns money to ensure an adequate living for his family and him.

When he arrives the man is confronted with the injustice and corruption of the city of a million people.

Tatsumi has been separated from group of friends during an attack by a bandit and is not able to get admitted to the army.

When he is admitted by the noble family of the family, their home is targeted by the all-assassins the group known as Night Raid.

Tatsumi is apprehended by them, and then learns about the calamities the family has inflicted upon his family members and had similar plans for him too.

Tatsumi joins Night Raid. Night Raid.

He assists them in fighting the inequity and corruption imposed by the brutal Minister Honest who runs over the Capital out of the darkness.

They are the members of Night Raid are equipped with the most ancient and rare weaponry, called Teigus as well as Imperial Arms.

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Opposition i.e. the ruling party as well as its evil minions possess these powers, but only use them to cause suffering on innocent.

Some Teigu appear as weapons, while others take on the form in the form of living beings. These living creatures are referred to by the name of Danger Beasts.

The only disadvantage of being a user of Teigu is that if the utilization of the power is over the Teigu will deteriorate to the center.

So will the user. However, if these power is used to the extreme, they turn the people to Danger Beasts.

The story is conceptualized and created by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro.

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Official Announcements And Release Date Of Akame Ga Kill Season 2

Official Announcements And Release Date Of Akame Ga Kill Season 2

Studio White Fox has not made any announcements or updates, as of yet, and the website for them is not revealing any potential season 2.

As of now there’s no official announcement nor publication date of Akame Ga Kill season 2 has been made.

Season 1 aired its first episode in July 2014. It’s been over 7 years and no word has been said about season 2.

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In the absence of any official confirmation, we will have to look at other options to decide if we can hope for season 2 or not.

In this way we will take into consideration everything connected to the anime, including the source material, its ratings, popularity, sales, and so on. to determine the season 2.

Because any anime or television series must have all of these aspects for it to be seen by the public as being successful, it could be possible to draw some conclusion from it.\

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Source Material Information For Akame Ga Kill Season 2

Source Material Information For Akame Ga Kill Season 2

In the Anime series, Episode 24, which concludes the series The capital city of Capital is in total chaos.

The Emperor is decapitated with the guillotine due to not being in a position to perform his duties as protector of his kingdom. Najenda.

He also is responsible to the demise of Tatsumi. Akame accepts the blame for the shady actions of his Revolutionary Army.

She offers Najenda goodbye and dedicates the remainder of her life to rebuilding the empire.

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The records regarding Night Raid Night Raid are redacted and they have become complete legends.

The post-credits depict an unidentified Akame walking in the desert. He is confronted by a gang members of the Teigu community.

In the midst of the weight of her defunct friends, Akame battles the bandits.

BUT! It was not the way this manga concluded. Tatsumi actually is a character within the Manga series.

For those who sent Tatsumi and Mine and Mine, they marry and bear children together (despite being with Tatsumi’s Teigu Dragon form).

Talk about a perfect happy end to what that they endured! Phew!

This is a classic illustration of anime creators diverging from the source material.

Similar to Classroom of the Elite, which was a target of a severe backlash from its viewers.

They even managed to cancel Season 1 and nothing was ever mentioned about the show after that. Will Akame Ga Kill! be able to avoid the same fate?

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In the year 2000, Takahiro received an invitation to write manga for the series of Square Enix’s Gangan Joker.

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His concept of an all-female killers’ group and a kid who is taken in from them”.

The idea was endorsed by the editor magazine.

After a few bumps in The company Takahiro was able to create the universe and develop those characters that he wanted to liking.

He discovered Tetsuya Tashiro who could make his characters come to life.

The first serialization of the series began in the month of April 2010 and continued through 2017 with Gagan Joker.

VolumesEnglish Release Date
Volumes 1January 20, 2015
Volumes 2April 21, 2015
Volumes 3July 21, 2015
Volumes 4October 27, 2015
Volumes 5January 26, 2016
Volumes 6April 26, 2016
Volumes 7July 26, 2016
Volumes 8October 25, 2016
Volumes 9January 24, 2017
Volumes 10April 18, 2017
Volumes 11July 18, 2017
Volumes 12October 31, 2017
Volumes 13January 30, 2018
Volumes 14April 24, 2018
Volumes 15July 24, 2018

It was a huge success for shounen lovers in Japan as well as in the west.

The first tankobon was released in August of 2010 , and fifteen volumes have been published up to February 22 2017, from Japan with each volume containing 5 to 6 chapters.

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“Special Volumes” of the manga, each with 4 EXTRA chapters also were published between the dates from September 27th, 2014.

The first release was released and on December 25, 2017 seeing that the sequel release. This series is licensed to Yen Press.

In order to get to the main point The storyline of the manga appeared to draw more attention from readers than the adaptation of the anime.

The manga is a look at the terrible corruption, horrors and the evils that are being slapped on the Capital.

The stories behind each of the assassins of Night Raid are explored, we learn the method by which Leone obtained Lionel out of The Black Market.

An important thing to remember here is that those who’ve read it say it’s a grisly read.

The Wild Hunt arc (which apparently includes 20 pages that were not included in the animated series) is a particularly gruesome read.

And Akame did not engage in an argument with Esdeath.

She had to search through an ocean of Teigu with Revolutionary Army members to get into a fight 1v1 with her.

Leone’s murder of Honest, Minister Honest is not a case for the faint of heart.

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It’s a heart-wrenching experience and blood spillage is to the extreme. It is also a bonus that the soldiers who line up take home a piece of Honest.

Akame Ga Kill! Zero A sequel of Akame Ga Kill! is a manga released by Takahiro that features the art of Kei Toru.

Zero explores the life of Akame before becoming part of The Night Raid and covers a significant portion of her previous time as an assassin of the Empire.

Zero’s serialization began on the 25th, 2013, by publishing the issue 11 of Monthly Big Gangan.

The series consists of ten volumes, with 6-9 chapters per volume. The latest issue of the series was published in Japan on April 25, 2019.

In the form of a continuation of Akame Ga Kill! Takahiro created the manga series, Hinowa ga Yuku! Or Hinowa ga CRUSH! The artwork was done by Strelka.

The story takes place in an east-central country called Wakoku. Hinowa is the main character of this story, who is caught in a turmoil.

For those who love the original storyline Akame can be seen in the series too.

Hinowa Ga CRUSH!’s serialization started in June 2017 , and the most recent volume came out in August of 2020.

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The series has five volumes that have 7 to 8 chapters in each. Six chapters of the Crush series are yet to be released in tankobon format.


The anime adaptation of the series was revealed on the 14th of July 2014 before it started to air on TV screens in Japan from July to December.

Akame Ga Kill! was broadcast in the US a whole year later, from August 2015 until February 2016.

On the 19th of June, MAL (My Anime List) informed that Akame ga Kill!’s anime adaptation was granted greenlight.

The animation is produced by the same company, Square Enix along with TOHO animation. It is licensed from Sentai Filmworks for its release in North America.

The animation was commissioned by WHITE FOX. They selected director Tomoki Kobayashi of Steins Gate and Tears to Tiara fame.

Makoto Uezu was composer for the series and director of animation for the chief. The Character Design team was led by Kazuhisa Nakamura.

Takahiro was in charge of his Scenario Manager.

The story is broken down to make it easier for your understanding, the show was developed in the course that of Takahiro writing the original material.

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The anime series is presented as a raunchy, sexy and provocative series.

The show is a contemporary animation with vibrant colours. A remarkable quantity of visual effects be added to it’s a fast-paced action series.

White FOX included details that elevated the level of entertainment in the world.

The anime series continues through the manga in only 8 volumes. manga.

The storyline is a compilation of specific story arcs of the subsequent volumes, and has an exclusive ending for anime.

For those who aren’t familiar the story diverges in Episode 19. It runs for 24 minutes for each episode.

It’s too close to create both the character and setting.

The most notable thing is that Tatsumi’s death in the final chapter, is discussed previously is not a part of the manga’s storyline in any way.

A few people dispute that he gave himself up to benefit betterment.

In response to the question during an interview, Takahiro stated that “by the time the anime had ended the manga series was surpassed.

To make the story more exciting I decided to alter the ending because those readers who read manga have an idea of the ending..

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He added that “the ending of the anime was great but the manga’s ending is going to be even more amazing!.

But people who read both the anime and manga didn’t appear to be too thrilled with the end.

A few omake segments was packaged with the anime show, Akame Ga Kill! Theatre.

On the other hand, ONA (Original Net Animation) was created by C-Station in conjunction with the cooperation from WHITE FOX.

The director was Masafumi Tamura, and was designed by Asami Watanabe.

Since that time, there’s been no information whatsoever on the anime show returning.

What has happened to the storyline? Has it affected the return of the series?

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Popularity Information For Akame Ga Kill Season 2

The popularity of the sport itself is a key aspect in determining the next season.

Popularity can be a positive signal to producers to put more money into their production to keep the series moving ahead.

Website & Merchandise

Last updated on August of 2015.

“The “Goods” section boasts a assortment of merchandise, which is not something you find in an anime.

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A variety of backpacks towels, Backpacks, Carry Zipper bags, Phone cases, pillows, and other merchandise that isn’t traditional.

The two figures that depict Akame and Esdeath are also available but they’re not on the main site.

Sentai Filmwork’s most recent update on Akame Ga Kill’s merchandise came out in 2016 and featured new t-shirt and hoodie designs.

Expected Plot Of Akame Ga Kill Season 2

Expected Plot Of Akame Ga Kill Season 2

We’ve already discovered that there is sufficient sources for the story to move forward.

But, Akame Ga Kill! Zero and Hinowa ga CRUSH! can be helpful in creating an exciting new season.

Therefore, the viewers might be expecting a sequel with Zero’s story that is being investigated.

This is the story about Akame as well as her sister and younger brother, Kurome representing the Jaegers.

The girls are both convinced of the health of the Empire and working to ensure the peace of the country.

They continue to carry on this practice even after they have been separated. The girls form a group of assassins and begin training in martial art.

The story revolves around Akame’s previous investigation into her character, and several other assassins.

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With 10 volumes, each with a total of sixty chapters, it’s plenty of material for the prequel series.

It is possible that they may make a season of the universe of anime.

The finale episode of the series concluded by having the main characters taken away. This left no room for taking the story any further.

And Hinowa ga Crush! is currently in serialization on Gangan Joker.

Thus, it’s waiting for the manga’s series to conclude. A lot of people who are fans of the series say that the story doesn’t come close to the original in any way.

Fans of Akame Ga Kill! We can only hope for news about the new season, and continue looking for clues until the end of the year.

Reviews And Rating Score For Akame Ga Kill Season 2

The IMDb rating for The show’s rating is 7.9 stars out of a possible 10. However, if you look at a tiny chart on its page it indicates an erosion in the popularity of the show.

The score for the MAL of this show stands at 7.91 and a popularity rating at 29. This is quite impressive for a show that has no new season.

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We can conclude that the show has received good reviews from the users and is an encouraging signal for the upcoming season 2.

Here’s a brief review of the site IMDb.

What is it that it suggests? Do we need to make a decision on the next season basing it off of an IMDb rating?

Sales And Profit Information For Akame Ga Kill Season 2

Profit is the most important factor. I believe it’s the primary factor that drives farmers to put their money into the coming season.

In the case that of the anime genre, it’s tough to get the exact figures therefore we’re able to only guess whether the show was profitable in any way or not?

In order to make an estimation, we’ll take a look at manga sales, DVD/Blu-ray sales and the merchandise that is available in the case of Akame Ga Kill.

Let’s look at what’s going on in this place.

Manga Sales

The manga’s serialization started in April 2010 with Gagan Joker, a magazine published by Square Enix. Gagan Joker and was sold on the 20th of March, 2010.

The Volume 7 in the Series sold 24,181 copies within its first week. Volume 8 sell well, selling 37,833 copies during the first week of its release as well.

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The manga in English translation by Akame Ga Kill! was featured in the NY Times Manga Best Seller List in 2015, with Volume 1 shrinking between #8 and #10.

Volume 2 included an impressive position of 2nd at the top of that list, in May.

Volume 8 was also included in The Top 3 ranking at #3 of the list. The first manga series concluded in January of 2017.

Akame Ga Kill! Zero also made an appearance at the NY Times list, ranked at #6 for a single week.

According to some reports, the manga and prequel series have been sold 3.3 million copies in the first.

DVD/ Blu Ray Discs Sales

The website currently hosts 8 volumes of the collection with Blu-Ray and DVD versions. The first Summer 2014 sales for the series was 3,154.

The following time Volume 1 sold a total of 2,378 copies, which ranked #10 in all Blu Ray Discs sales in Japan and 776 copies of the DVD were sold which placed it at the 5th position.

All discs on Blu-Ray and DVD were issued through Toho Co. Ltd.

The first episode began its run at Tokyo MX on 7th July 2014, and continued until December. Sentai Filmworks licensed the anime in the year 2015.

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Adult Swim’s Toonami started airing the show from August 8 through February 20, 2016.

The show was so well-loved that it became one of the most watched shows having 1.8 million viewers watching the show!

The series is currently shown through Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video.


If you browse through the e-commerce sites you will find T-shirts, stickers, as well as other merchandise that are based on themes of Akame Ga Kill. A few figures are available.

It indicates that the merchandise did not make a profit in the right amount.

Now let’s go to the cost of production.

The Production Cost Of Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill! It is an Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy genre anime series.

Animation series that are being created of this same style are typically considered to be high-value production projects.

It is possible to conclude that it took at 350 million yen at a minimum to start Season 1. If the show was to continue that would lead to more deaths.

A few more special effects, and a compelling storyline people will be happy with. It’s possible to double the budget for another season of blood and bloodshed.

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With the current situation of pandemics as well as the fact that seven years have been passed since Season 1 was over, it seems somewhat bleak to launch another season.

In addition to that the backlash of fans isn’t making the process any easier for producers and creators either.

Famous Characters For Akame Ga Kill Season 2

Let’s begin by saying the fact that the Akame Ga Kill! has the most deaths of all time, with 35 in Season 1 in the show itself. As per the show the show, there are only two characters remaining, Akame and Najenda.

If they do decide to produce another season, they are sure to be in the mix (no no pun meant! ) A few new characters could be introduced, as many have passed away. There is no official announcement or information has been made available for speculation on what we’ll get?



Our main character, Akame is a member of the Night Raid, she also is the first character who is able to kill Tatsumi.

She is initially cold-hearted but she’s always worried about her safety and that of her family members.

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Her combat skills are in her side with the all-powerful General Esdeath of the Empire.

The herb Teigu, Murasame is known for being coated with an extremely poison that could instantly kill a person.

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The heart of the rebels, Najenda leads The Night Raid. She is calm, confident and guides the group with focus and clarity.

It is easy to mistake her for male at times due to her appearance . She is also given the nickname “hunk. Najenda is well-known for her rude remarks and bad puns.

Susanoo, Susanoo is a humanoid living which acts as a bodyguard for the user as well as performing household chores.

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No, a Season 2 for Akame Ga Kill! is still to be confirmed like other shows that only have one season.

Since the top people in the world are dissatisfied with the anime.

It appears unlikely that the series could continue for another season.

In spite of the fact Takahiro has been producing loads of the raw material for a while, the most recent coming in 2020.

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There’s no shortage of an outline for the creators to follow and perhaps even play around with.

The silence of 7 years and the lack of communication from the production company and creators can be taken as a signal to gradually pull back the entire series.

We are able to only conclude by saying that the chances are low in the case of Akame Ga Kill! Season 2.

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