Black Hair Anime Girl : Our top 45

Black Hair Anime girl

Black Hair Anime girl (s) are the most appealing and gorgeous. They look elegant and beautiful with black hair, and you’ve guessed, they’re rare in anime women with black hair.

Today we will be covering the list of anime women with black hair. In this article, we will show you girls who don’t require bright hairstyles to look gorgeous and we are sure these girls will melt your heart by their beauty and looks.

Don’t waste any time we’ll dive right deep into our list of Stunningly Attractive anime Girls with Black Hair.

45. Suzune Horikita (Classroom Of The Elite)

Suzune Horikita (Classroom Of The Elite)

“Being alone is not synonymous with being lonely.” Suzune Horikita. Suzune Horikita

Suzune plays the primary character Suzune is the main character Classroom Of The Elite, an anime show with a school system which willfully makes students compete for success.

On the surface, she’s not bothered by much. It’s also not broken due to the pressure..

It’s also clear that she’s much more vulnerable than the majority of characters think, and this is shown later in the show.

44. Hana Isuzu (Girls Und Panzer)

(Girls Und Panzer)

Hana Isuzu is one of the main characters of The Girls Und Panzer.

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She is known for her “lazy eyes” that give the impression of being exhausted or tired or sleepy.

She plays a fairly balanced role in the show as an shooter on the team. This is not what you’d expect to see if you evaluate Hana by her soft kind, gentle personality.

43. Eru Chitanda (Hyouka)

hitanda (Hyouka)

Eru Chitanda is the type of character that triggers two types of reactions:

  • You’re either dissatisfied with her character.
  • You might be drawn by her character.

This is it’s because Eru Chitanda is a person who is curious with no limits.

If she’s interested in something, she’s not stopped from taking whatever action is necessary to discover the answer.

However, even if that means becoming an F’in annoyance even to Houtarou Oreki.

42. Hitomi Mishima (Hinamatsuri)

Hitomi Mishima (Hinamatsuri)

Hitomi can be described as a controversial personality. At first she appears as a adorable, innocent and kind heartfelt girl from Hinamatsuri.

The kind of girl who’s focusing on obtaining a high-quality education, and also taking care of the business of her own.

Moving comedy to the side You discover that Hitomi is really a bit of trash who gossips about people in private. He becomes arrogant when he gets an extremely lucrative job as bartender.

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However, she has positive traits of character.

It’s the truth – I’ve never witnessed a supporting persona “feel” like a main character in the same way that Hitomi does.

She’s thismemorable.

41. Shana (Shakugan No Shana)

41. Shana (Shakugan No Shana)

When she’s relaxed, chilled and free from the pressure of fighting the crimson-colored gangs of her neighborhood Her hair is jet-black.

Shana is one of the more “original” Tsundere character types who is frustrated and angry, only to find a friend they are drawn to later on.

She’s more mature and disciplined in her age than many people who are older. With the same skills as the best swordsman.

As she explains in her background story.

40. Yui

40. Yui  sword art online black hair anime girl

Anime: Sword Art Online

The admin AI Kirito and Asuna considered to be their unofficial child. She is typically the typical child who is around her age, but she has the maturity of an adult normally functioning.

She is also accountable for all that happens to Kirito and her gang in the virtual worlds of different SAO-engine-based worlds.

If you are inside the ALO she assumes the shape that of an assistant, or fairy.

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Her dark hair, fittingly sufficient, gives her appearance much more like Kirito’s real daughter.

In principle, anyway.

39. Shinomiya Kaguya The most manipulative Black Hair anime girl

Shinomiya Kaguya The most manipulative Black Hair anime girl

Anime: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (Kaguya-sama: Love Is War)

As a well-known student council member, Kaguya is expected to be an example for the other students.

However, we’re all aware that she’s nothing except a role model.

There’s one immediately evident feature however: that black hair, paired with eyelashes that are curiously red.

Oh, and the knack of hitting hard and ignoring thoughts and actions between Shirogane and her.

Let the ship go, dammit!

38. Kousaka Reina

Kousaka Reina

Anime: Hibike! Euphonium

In truth the truth is that there’s not really something we can say regarding our peaceful trumpeter’s dark hair… aside from the fact that she’s got it, and she’s on this list.

Her KyoAni version is now the most popular look for her character, and replicates her adorable and gorgeous features to an amazing degree.

It’s still a reminder of the quiet and aloof person she was always however. Particularly during times when she is in a serene face.

37. Kuchiki Rukia

37. Kuchiki Rukia

Anime: Bleach

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The legendary Captain in Soul Society’s 13th Division. Her inevitable encounter with a particular boy will be the catalyst for the sequence of events that would begin the whole series.

Visually the style of her hair black actually creates a very androgynous appearance.

Her gender would have been half-indistinguishable if not for the way she dresses. Perhaps it’s more difficult if you think about the uniform that is required for all Shinigami.

If you consider that many female Shinigami have a look that is similar to Ikemen androgynous, this trend is likely to be the case for the entire series too.

36. Akemi Homura

Akemi Homura

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

This girl is the one who’s witnessed everything.

Afraid of others, her high-end appearance and style, with her long black locks can be intimidating to anyone who attempts to strike an exchange.

Spoilers, she was not the same before.

A different arrangement of her black hair suggested that she’d be more of a shy kind of person.

However, after having seen everything, every moment may have just begun to fade away in her eyes as the time wore on.

35. Chi-Chi – The most maternal black hair anime girl

Chi-Chi - The most maternal black hair anime girl

Animation: Dragon Ball series

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At the start of the story, Chi-Chi was a young man who was wearing a dress that seemed something that was “bit more foreign” than the heavier Eastern martial arts inspirations that are part of the show.

Perhaps… could that was Goku and his gang who actually appeared different from the futuristic backdrop?

However it was when she began wearing Chinese inspired clothing after becoming Goku’s wife her hair, black, and Asian impression were more and more prominent.

It will be her primary motif throughout the rest of the show in the meantime.

34. Akiyama Mio

34. Akiyama Mio

Anime: K-ON!

The soft spoken, shy and sly, yet very refined and behaves more like a woman compared to Ritsu.

She doesn’t possess a lot of exuberant qualities.

However, her black flowing hair can help viewers recognize her immediately in comparison to her fellow Afternoon Tea Time members.

Akiyama is prone to being embarrassing, yet she has enough enthusiasm for the only thing that makes her eligible to be part of her group that is the desire to serve as a second-in-command, with the assistance of her bass guitar, of course.

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33. Mikazuki Yozora

Mikazuki Yozora

Anime: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

It’s not clear what the reason is, but Yozora’s sassy tendencies are evident when you look at her appearance.

No, it’s not the strict academically-inclined black-haired beauty that’s reflected on-screen.

Maybe it’s her famous pouty face? It’s really odd.

It was even said that she would look much more masculine in the past. That, incidentally is the look she did wear again after she decided to cut off that long flowing locks of hers as the story unfolded.

32. Kurenai Yuhi -The most underrated black hair anime girl

Kurenai Yuhi -The most underrat

Anime: Naruto

In a setting that is the fictional blend of modern and ancient Japan, Naruto sure has an egregious lack of black-haired females.

OK Hanabi, Tenten, don’t be angry with me, I wasn’t trying to say there’s nothing… However, there’s just not enough characters in this show.

Kurenai is perhaps the only designer to give an instant effect to her style and attitude.

In contrast to most of the refined women on the list below, this woman sport an untidy look.

The outfit is paired with a dress that is more questionable than the ones Ino usually dressed in.

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31. Tendou Akane – The black hair anime girl forgotten

Tendou Akane - The black hair anime girl forgotten

Anime: Ranma 1/2

The first is not as famous, but certainly among the top recognizable classic tsunderes ever to exist in the history of anime.

Her lovely black puffy hair is something she got from her mom. In addition, she inherited the general fascination with fighting arts that his father was known for but she didn’t become as elegant and gentle as her mother.

In reality her extravagant style is a part of her persona. Nearly identical to her own name.

30. Yaoyorozu Momo – The most scientific black hair anime girl

Yaoyorozu Momo - The most scientific black hair anime girl

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

A hero-in-training who has perhaps one of the most cheating quirks.

Yaoyorozu is the most refined Ojou-sama of her generation Always speaking in a clear and elegant manner.

While her black hair does not look like that of a sophisticated rich lady The unique look is a reflection of her determination very well.

A stereotypically wealthy person however, she has an ability to miss the point of the everyday things of modern life.

However, she’s also able to behave in a way that is smart, and therefore she’s an intelligent cookie.

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29. Sonohara Anri – The most mysterious black hair anime girl

29. Sonohara Anri - The most mysterious black hair anime girl

Anime: Durarara!

Another character has the typical “timid bookish girl” look. It’s true that she appears as if she’s a shy person due to her apparent shyness typically the object of a sly fascination from classmates and comrades Masaomi.

It’s no wonder that she can also appear overwhelmed, even in calm situations.

However, just like each member of this tight circle of friends, she keeps an important fact.

One which is closely connected to her hair color (and the eyes).

28. Hibiya Chitose

Hibiya Chitose

Anime: Chobits

Why should all adorable characters in anime have to be MILF-worthy?

Chitose is the more traditional of the bunch, with a classic, well-maintained long black hair, which provides contrast to her typical contemporary outfit.

It’s this appearance that lets us make an impression as “a woman with a complicated past” which is further emphasized further by her serene demeanor.

It’s true that it’s a little obvious and deliberate. Yet, it was done well for her role.

27. Tsuyuri Kanao – The cutest black hair anime girl

Tsuyuri Kanao - The cutest black hair anime girl

Anime: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Because of the fundamental objectives I’ve set the ranking Nezuko has been disqualified.

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We are left with Kanao to fill in her spot.

An unquestionably skilled fighter of the highest quality She was initially hampered by the inability of her to select her individual path.

With the help of Tanjirou she conquers this and is a more useful asset to her allies.

She doesn’t have any particular characteristics about her hair color Unfortunately. However, she has gorgeous dark hair.

26. Sunohara Mei

Sunohara Mei

Anime: Clannad

The sweet Little sister of Sunohara Youhei the series’ punching bag.

Her hair black is among the most powerful evidences of how Sunohara used to look like prior to dying his hair.

A nerdy and busybody She often looks around to see what activities her brothers or friends might be interested in and is determined to assist them.

She has a adorable and stereotypically cute appearance that’s impossible to ignore. The kind that could have Tomoya identified as an obnoxious lolicon in just a few minutes.

25. Shiba Miyuki

Shiba Miyuki

Anime: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

The well-known Snow Queen. Miyuki is a different character on this list whose grace and elegance is the most powerful characteristic of her black, hem-shaved hair.

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If all of these characteristics are combined, she will be more suitable to her normal abilities, which fall within those of the extreme elimination of heat

The idea is to cool things.

As cute as she is in her college image She isn’t hostile to her beloved brother.

24. Reizei Mako

Reizei Mako

Anime: Girls und Panzer

The primary tank driver of the Anglerfish team Reizei Mako has been the most relaxed and comfortable student in the whole franchise.

She’s also a peculiar fan-favorite of “Girls und Panzer” lovers.

Maybe this may be due to her warm nature?

It’s a bit ironic that there’s nothing unique to say regarding her hair color. But again, it’s quite nice!

23. Dororo – The child among black hair anime girl

 Dororo - The child among black hair anime girl

Anime: Dororo

The name of the character Dororo is a result of the harsh conditions of her environment of the past.

Because she’s young and has a cute cut, she’s often misinterpreted as a male.

It doesn’t help that she frequently behaved like the boy she was raised with.

The modern version of her character is more sombre and you won’t see her to be as brutal as in her earlier versions. Then her androgynous locks will gracefully develop to locks that show her as the beautiful waifu that we all know her to be.

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22. Hino Rei

Hino Rei

Anime: Sailor Moon

A classic tsundere character the world over, Rei represents (at least during her time) the average traditional-yet-modern Japanese girl.

It is called a Miko or shrine maiden of her family.

This job(?) alone makes her black long hair a perfect match to her personality.

In the role of Sailor Mars, however, the deep darker hues of her hair and suit will make her fiery character more prominent, which cements her instantly recognizable status as an iconic figure in anime until this day.

21. Hanekawa Tsubasa


Anime: Monogatari

The ability to think critically and with sensitivity are two of the most valuable qualities can be easily added to her name.

Indeed, “Araragi-kun” even described her as the “class representative of all class representatives”.

However, she wouldn’t be included in the stereotypical if it wasn’t for her double-braided black locks.

When paired with glasses, creates an picture of the book-lover/library lover.

In fairness the black hair she has does not last as length… However, her first nerdy photo is worth mentioning on this list.

20. Tsukamoto Yakumo

Tsukamoto Yakumo

Anime: School Rumble

She could be quiet (actually she doesn’t speak very much) However, she’s stronger than elder sister, at the very least, when there’s a task that must be accomplished.

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For design aside from her name all that distinguishes her from Tenma’s younger sibling is the eye color and her black hair.

She’s unique in that she has many talents, something with which Harima Kenji would most likely personally be acquiescent to.

20. Akame From Akame Ga Kill! – The most intriguing black hair anime girl

Akame From Akame Ga Kill! - The most intriguing black hair anime girl

Akame is a cute anime girl sporting black curls that extends down to her knees with red eyes. She wears a dark , sleeveless tank top that has white collar and a tie in red; she also wears a red belt which is a red side skirt that covers an untidy black skirt.

The outfit is worn with black long shoelaces and socks in black. Also, she wears red gauntlets, black gloves. Sometimes, she wears a dark coat during battle.

She’s often seen with their Teigu, Murasame. After activating the trump card of Murasame She has faded red marks across her body.

The dress is the Soukai, Akame wears a short black Yukata with an embroidered white sash during the wartime. When she is in war she wears her traditional dark un-sleeved dress.

19. Satsuki Kiryuin From Kill la Kill – The most charismatic black hair anime girl

Satsuki Kiryuin From Kill la Kill -  The most charismatic black hair anime girl

The character Satsuki is a slim and tall woman with a angular facial shape like her mother’s. She is an anime-style girl with dark hair that runs beyond her thighs, with blue eyes.

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The eyebrows of Mako are rather large and a rather big breast (although Mako stated in her first head-tohead encounter with Ryuko that Ryuko’s was sporting “bigger b00bs”).

She is known for constantly frowning, but she does smile, though only on occasion. Satsuki had hair that was long as an infant, and although it was cut shorter during her teenage years but she was able to grow it out later.

18. Mayuri Shiina From Steins;Gate – The nicest black hair anime girl

Mayuri Shiina From Steins;Gate - The nicest black hair anime girl

Mayuri is one of the short anime girl with dark hair that is black and a light blue the iris. Her hair is a fringe that are swept from one side to the other. Mayuri’s eyebrows are noticeable thick.

Mayuri’s outfit is simple but comfy, comprising a one-piece dress in light blue and a hat in the same shade. She also has leggings on top of her clothes.

While she is at her duties at May Queen Nyan Nyan Nyan her hair is her blonde hairstyle that is tied into the ponytail of her long length.

17. Nico Robin From One Piece – The most popular black hair anime girl

 Nico Robin From One Piece - The most popular black hair anime girl

Nico Robin is a tall and slim anime girl with dark eyes and black hair with dark, large eyes (her eyes are shown as brown in manga, as well as in the tenth and the 12th film; however, in the anime her eyes are depicted as blue).

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The actress also has a lengthy thin and well-defined nose. In the show Robin’s skin tone is slightly darker than in manga illustrations where it’s lighter.

Robin is also like her mother in a significant way however, she is different in the color of her hair and how it is styled, as and having a slightly darker skin tones in comparison to her.

Robin’s legs are extremely tall, especially her legs, which contributes greatly to her combat capabilities and overall height.

16. Mei Misaki From Another

Mei Misaki from another black hair anime girl

She is intrigued by a pair conjoined dolls she saw in her grandmother’s shop. She is asking how they could be so serene despite the fact that they’re joined. In response to Kouichi Sakakibara suggests that this is the reason behind it, Mei says that it isn’t possible.

The reason for her muddled eyes is that she has a prosthetic eye on her left. an eye for dolls that can see things in a way that Mei describes it, is able to observe things that are best left unnoticed.

The eye was a present from her mother who gifted her with a eyeglass after Mei lost her eyes due to a disease at the age of four. The eyes have a distinct shade because Yukiyo Misaki believed that eyes with matching colors are boring. But, Mei dislikes the dual shades and hides them in an eyes patch.

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15. Yukino Yukinoshita From Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru

Yukino Yukinoshita From Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru black hair anime girl

Yukino is an adorable anime girl with dark hair that is tied with two red ribbons on each shoulder and has angular blue eyes.

She altered her hairstyle to twin tails after she went to the mall along with Hachiman Hikigaya, and Komachi Hikigaya to purchase an anniversary present to Yui Yuigahama.

Yukino is usually seen in the her school outfit, which is comprised consisting of black pants, the white shirt underneath with an red ribbon tie with a plaid skirt, and black stockings that reach her knees.

Although she is regarded as having a flat chest compared to many female characters, she’s still considered to be attractive.

14. Yuuko Ichihara From xxxHOLiC

Yuuko Ichihara From xxxHOLiC black hair anime girl

Yuko is a tall, slim female with pale skin tone and dark hair that extends to her knees. She is an anime girl with dark hair. Her hair is cut into many layers with bangs on the front that go all the way to her eyebrows. followed by a layer that reaches upwards to her jawline, and then a layer on her hips, and then a final one that rests on her knees.

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The color of her eyes is typically red, but sometimes it’s purple or turquoise, and it is recommended that she change her the color of her eyes randomly. She is always wearing a kimono at home, and likes wearing more open-faced outfits in public, however, she will not the same outfit more than once.

If Yuko dresses in a kimono she will offset it with appropriate accessories. For instance, if her Kimono features a floral pattern that is laced, she’ll wear the rose on her head along with a lace choker as well as bracelet. If she can, Yuko will style her hair in a stylish but creative fashion by adding accessories like chopsticks with colors or colored pins.

13. Azusa Nakano From K-On!

Azusa Nakano From K-On!

Azusa is very thoughtful on the aspect and is often concerned about her ability to be competent enough with playing the guitar or becoming a great president for her Light Music Club and yes she’s also an anime-style girl who has black hair.

However, she doesn’t worry about her personal issues that might hinder her when her leadership is required, and she will do all her power to assist her fellow classmates, and she became the kind of leader her fellow students required.

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The show illustrates that Azusa is extremely fond of animals, however she can be distant or scared of them initially.

Azusa could be thought to be an Tsundere since she is able to conceal their feelings towards Yui by being shy and feels embarrassed when kissed, hugged, or amused by her.

12.Tomoko Kuroki From Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

Tomoko is a pretty pale-skinned girl with pale skin and large eyes of jade green with dark, visible purple shadows under her eyes, and she’s an anime character with black hair , which is worn down on her shoulders, usually covering her right eye.

Tomoko is a tiny, round face when compared to her fellow actors and her body is extremely delicate and petite.

If she imagines what she could achieve, she typically imagines herself as an erect, curvaceous and tall woman that is not her actual body.

11. Sawako Kuronuma From Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako Kuronuma From Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako is gorgeous and very slim and petite girl. Her looks stand out in the High School students, since her skin is pale, slim lips, large brown eyes. Sawako is an anime girl with dark hair, and a look that resembles her horror movie character Sadako Yamamura.

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The smile of her is believed to bring luck because of its rarity, and its beauty. gorgeous to look at.

Chizuru mentions that Sawako’s facial features and figure resembles her mother’s. However, most of Sawako’s other characteristics such as her frame, which is short are the dad’s.

10. Nana Osaki From Nana

 Nana Osaki From Nana

Nana might appear to be a tough Goth-punk rocker but she is a warm-hearted person and is a loyal companion. She is also one of the anime ladies with dark hair.

She was abandoned by her mother and fostered by her grandmother, Nana was kicked out of high school after being misinformed about her prostitution.

Despite the challenges, Nana “polishes the shards of her dreams” and is determined to succeed as the vocalist in charge of Blast. She’s now married to Ren Honjo (Nana’s first love) but she has unanswered feelings towards Yasushi Takagi.

Despite her insistence that she wants to be an independent woman – and even being called “a stray cat, full of pride” by Nana Komatsu – Nana often will turn to Yasu for assistance.

09. Kurumi Tokisaki From Date A Live

Kurumi has been described as “a girl with astonishing beauty” as stated by Shido Itsuka. She seems elegant and elegant, and she has impeccable manners. She has ivory skin , and anime women with black hair that is typically tied with the form of long twin hair.

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The right eye of her is tinted red and her left eye is a gold unorganic face of a clock. The locations of the clock’s hands are the remaining “time” and are covered by her bangs. These only become visible when she changes into her Spirit body.

The Astral Dress the dress Kurumi dresses in, is constructed from black and crimson frills. This gives her the look of a classy medieval Lolita with asymmetrical twin tails.

08. Ruri Gokou From Kuroneko

Ruri Gokou From Kuroneko

Kuroneko is 160cm tall and weighs 43kg. The measurements for her are: B77/W53/H80. She is an anime girl with black hair that is neatly cut to the forehead with a hime-style. She has pale white skin, blue-grey eyes that sleep and a birthmark beneath one of her eyes. The actress was described by Kyousuke in the form of a Ghost-like Japanese beauty in the style of Kyousuke.

The style she chooses for Ruri is mostly of a gothic-inspired lolita style She is wearing white frilly tops and a black bolero over it.

The model also wears black skirt that has an elongated design, and black Mary Janes paired with gray stockings.

07. Ryuko Matoi From Kill la Kill – The most combative black hair anime girl

Ryuko Matoi From Kill la Kill - The most combative black hair anime girl

Ryuko is a girl of 17 years old with a medium height. She is anime girls sporting black hair that has just a red highlight left-swept in her bangs. Her blue eyes are unique. eye-shaped gears, with eight grooves along the edges.

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The outfit she wears in the show is a basic white shirt, with an red ribbon tie, an miniskirt of black with white sneakers, and the black and white jacket with sleeves that roll up.

When she was a child she wore a collared red shirt, white skirt , white footwear and a white skirt. Her clothes were later replaced by Senketsu an active navy blue sailor’s uniform.

The top (Senketsu’s lower jaw) is cut-off with sleeves that are mid-length and expose her midriff. The sailor-style collar that has red stripes is adorned with multicolored scarf which also acts as her left “eye.”

06. Himeko Inaba From Kokoro Connect

Himeko Inaba From Kokoro Connect black hair anime girl

Inaba is a beautiful anime girl with dark hair with one strand that falls in the middle, and brown eyes.

In contrast to the majority of girls with uniforms color-coordinated yellow, the uniform is brown. In casual clothes her style is often described as being dressed in something more elegant or simple.

Inaba is known for her posture and good posture. She has an elongated, but slim body, and her eyes have been described as sharp and captivating.

05. Rukia Kuchiki From Bleach

Rukia bleach hair anime girll

Small and short, Rukia has blonde skin and eyes with purple and she’s anime girls with black hair, with numerous strands of hair being tucked between her eyes. Byakuya has claimed that she a lot likes her sister Hisana Kuchiki.

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As a Shinigami from the Gotei 13, Rukia wears an ordinary Shihakusho. 17 months after the defeat of Aizen, Rukia wears her hair cut short into a bob that rests on her face. She is wearing a fingerless white tekko similar to Byakuya’s, that extends over her elbows.

As Lieutenant is a lieutenant, she is required to wear the Division Badge around her uniform’s left sleeve. The sleeves have been cut down to barely reach the upper arm of her.

04. Hinata Hyuga From Naruto

Hinata Hyuga From Naruto

Hinata is a slim girl with fair-complexion. as a Hyuga, has her most distinct characteristic is the Byakugan which gives her asymmetrical blue eyes (lavender as in the manga).

She is an anime girl with black hair , which she wears in a heme-cut with different lengths: in Part I the hair is cut to just above her forehead in a way similar to a bowl cut with long strands of hair that frame her face. In Part II, the hair is affixed to her lower back, and the framing strands stretch to shoulder length and in The Final: Naruto the film the hair extends over her hips, and she would sometimes tie it into ponytails.

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At the time Boruto was accepted into the Academy the hairstyle was cut into a bob that extended her shoulders.

03. Mio Akiyama From K-On!

Mio Akiyama From K-On! Black hair anime girl

Mio is 5’3 (160cm) tall. (160cm) and is the tallest among the group. She’s anime girls with gray-blue hair and black eyes. In episode 4 from season one she’s also quite larger than the other girls (except Tsumugi Kotobuki), much to the annoyance of Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka and later Azusa Nakano, too.

Pants over skirts. In the summer, Mio likes to wear sleeves-less clothing, like tank tops.

02. Homura From Mahou Shoujo MadokaMagica

Homura is an anime girl of a young age with violet eyes and black hair. In the present time she usually presents herself with an unmoved (stoic face) on her face.

Before she was able to accept the ghastly consequences of her fate in the past timelines, she wore red glasses and two braids and causes hair to split into the present timeline following taking off the braids.

Near the end of the film Rebellion In the brand new universe she created by herself, it’s demonstrated that she wears earrings of purple.

01. Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on Titan – The best black hair anime girl of the moment

Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on Titan - The best black hair anime girl of the moment

Mikasa is quite tall, physically fit and toned woman who has muscles that are lining her legs, arms and abs.

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She has a partial Asian origin and has pale skin, gray eyes and is anime females with hair of black, which was quite long before she cut it short to chin-length. At the time of 854, the hair was shorter and has been cut to the back of her neck however, with noticeable longer bangs.

There is a tiny scar under her right eye, which was caused to the Titan of Eren’s Titan in the Battle of Trost District. Jean believes Mikasa to be gorgeous.

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