Anime Femboy : Top 15+ Anime Femboy that You Need to Know

Anime Femboy : Top 15+ Anime Femboy that You Need to Know

There are numerous characters in anime, but what’s with the anime femboy? While it is true that the meaning of anime femboys or anime trap has evolved in the past, it’s an individual who isn’t able to meet the standards of society’s idea for what men ought to appear to be. Most of the time, he looks more gentle and feminine. However, there is also a reverse trap one, which is a girl with masculine characteristics. The traps are those who aren’t in line with the gender norms that we usually identify with.

Contrary to what many believe The anime traps aren’t gender benders. The characters wear cross-dressing to appear to be different genders however, they are often devoid of a gender identity. Transgender individuals who identify as different genders aren’t caught in traps. This can cause confusion among anime fans.

You may have already heard that femboys look like girlish boys who enjoy cute things and dress in girlish clothing. In anime, in which the majority voices are performed by females. there is no way to distinguish them from other girls, unless they are specifically mentioned from the actors themselves.

Because of their unconventional nature, they’ve been quite popular within the manga and anime community. Although there are certain people who dislike them however, many are accepting their existence and are learning to appreciate their characters.

 What is an anime femboys? We’ve put together an inventory of the most popular anime femboy. Let’s show the world!

15. Souta Takanashi, Working!!! (2010)

Souta Takanashi anime femboy

Souta Takanashi plays the lead character in”Working” the animated series “Working !!!’.”. He works part-time at Wagnaria as waiter. Also, He also crosses-dresses, and dresses in waitress’ clothing. Souta is a fan of everything small and cute However, he doesn’t like people who are older than twelve years of age. He describes them as ugly and an exuberant animal. His female nickname is Kotori.

14. Tetra (Log Horizon 2nd Season)

Tetra Log horizon anime femboy

Tetra the star of the galaxy is number 10 of our 10 most loved characters! Although his avatar appears to be female, Tetra is actually a man. He was only lucky enough to end up playing the game using the female avatar. Tetra loves to smack others and especially Naotsugu. It’s not unusual that Tetra does not take Naotsugu seriously, and isn’t aware of the reality. Also, Tetra is a male, and is not well-known to a lot of fans. In addition, he uses the noun “boku,” which can be used as a casual method of saying “I” by males. Tetra is also known to call himself”bishoujo,” or “pretty girls. “bishoujo”, or “pretty girls.” Finally, Tetra has developed an elaborate web worthy of a femboy from anime.

13. Haku (Naruto)

Haku Naruto femboys anime

Haku is among the first characters introduced in Naruto. The manga even mentions in the Manga that he’s so gorgeous that everyone mistake his appearance for that of the girl. While he does not actively attempt to look as a woman however, his appearance could appear deceiving.

His personality is most likely the most typical of the anime femboys on this list. Finally, His backstory is one that can break your heart.

12. Shiota Nagisa (Assassination Classroom)

Nagisa Assassination classroom femboys anime

Although Nagisa’s persona isn’t feminine (normally) however, when he wears a cross-dress, she gets extremely upset and appears more feminine. The way he dress while dressed in a feminine manner is adorable that we can’t not be included on this list.

There is however some dark background that explains why the actor looks so much like an adult girl. His mother was obsessed by having a girl in her child however, when Nagisa was born a boy, her mother forced him to appear like an adult girl. It was his mother’s decision to force him to cut his hair, even though the boy didn’t want it.

11. Felix Argyle, Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World – Catboy anime femboy

anime femboy

Felix receives bous points when he combines two different fetishes. He isn’t only an femboy, but he’s also catboy! And, of course, adding the word “nya” to his phrases is adorable.

Also, He is a character from the side from Re:Zero that is very committed to the master. Felix is extremely protective towards his owner and will take any action to protect her.

 10. Hideri

Anime femboy

Hideri is a jolly little boy who would like to be an idol. Naturally, since the majority of idols are females, he’s chosen to be one too. In addition to his love of adorable things, his character is more like that of the boy.

He’s able to easily make funny jokes and handle insects like no other that’s not exactly female, however that’s the thing that makes him different.

9. Aoi Hyoudou Kaichou wa Maidsama

Anime femboy

Aoi Hyoudou is a hilarious, charming romantic comedy. It is a great choice If you’re a lover of the rom-com genre. Also, Aoi Hyoudou is a character who plays an important character in the show. He is the son of Satsuki who runs the cafe in which Misaki who is the main character is employed. Aoi Hyoudou looks very feminine , especially with his facial characteristics. His eyes are huge and his eyelashes are long. He is spotted with curly blonde hairstyles and an old dress from his aunt to look like a woman when he wears the Aoi-chan (the most famous internet idol). 

Aoi is a sour person who has a hard time expressing feelings. Finally, Aoi loves being female and enjoys being able to play with men’s emotions.

8. Titus Alexius, Magi

Titus Alexius Magi femboys Anime

Titus Alexius, the incumbent Magi of Reim was Titus Alexius. Before he became a magician, he worked under the prior Magi.

His appearance is like that of his fellow Mag of Reim. Mag in Reim. Also, His height is lower than majority of males and has more luminous complexion.

The voice of his is female and high pitched. Aladdin misunderstood. He was a girl in an encounter.

In addition, He has a mix of masculine and feminine characteristics. He is the clone of the previous Magi and shares a lot with the Magi.

In addition, he has admirers from women, even though he was married to his mistress.

7. Chihiro Fujisaki, Danganronpa (2013) – Best Anime femboy

Chihiro Fujisaki, Danganronpa (2013)

Chihiro is the greatest programmer who fell into a victim of bullying as a youngster because he was so weak for an adult. To stay away from critics and bullies, Chihiro decided to dress as an attractive girl. But this only increased his anxiety of being bullied in the future when people found out his real gender.

6. Saika, Oreigaru

 Saika,  Oreigaru

Sakia is, according to me the most pure female there is. He is warm and kind and a great person in every way. Also, He is the definition of pureness.

Saika was one of the protagonists from Oregairu. The MC in the show clearly loves Saika however, he is able to hold himself back due to being an adult. But, that does not stop the MC’s heart from racing every time he interacts with Saika.

The manner in which Saika becomes agitated when Hikigaya (the Oregairu’s MC) Oregairu) plays with him is just adorable.

5. Pitou, Hunter X Hunter – An another Catboy anime femboy

Pitou HXH

Neferpitou is a chimera ant that appears to be akin to Neko girl, is named Neferpitou. Also, Neferpitou is a joyful and cheerful chimera-ant that has some dark and sadistic sides. Additionally, he uses their bodies as if he were adversaries as if this was not enough. He turns their bodies into puppets.

In addition, He revealed a different aspect of his character when Gon took on his opponent.

In the end, he almost looked like a mother figure and did everything he could to safeguard Komugi.

Love With Kurapika And Kalluto, Togashi like anime femboy.

4. Seishiro Tsugumi (Nisekoi) – The perfect Anime femboy

4. Seishiro Tsugumi (Nisekoi) - The perfect Trap

Raku is a student in high school and is the heir to the Ichijou yakuza clan. Raku was raised in the yakuza household , but isn’t interested in the industry. He would rather spend on with Onodera, his love interest. Additionally, Raku was forced to join a fake connection in a false relationship with Kirisaki Chitoge (the Bee Hive chief’s daughter) due to an argument over turf with both the Bee Hive Gang. This is in order to strengthen the gap between both groups. Raku however, has made a vow to marry his former friend. This was over 10 years ago. Raku is trying to work with his long-running relationships with Chitoge. The promise of long ago is beginning to return to him, and he’ll be more than awed by the final outcome.

Tsugumi is a beautiful young girl with the look and character of a bishounen can be misinterpreted as the man. The girlish look of Tsugumi has made it difficult for people to identify her as a young child. Tsugumi feels more at ease in male uniform which makes it much more comfortable to battle in. Tsugumi has deceived the public as well as characters from anime. Claude isn’t convinced that Tsugumi even with the ribbon on her head, actually is actually a girl. Claude was raised to make Tsugumi as a boy and she’ll probably never consider her an adult woman. If you appear to be the typical boy, it’s not easy to become a girl.

The character Raku is an anime femboy.

3. Gasper

Gasper femboy anime

Gasper Vladi, a half vampire that can make time stop. He likes wearing female clothes because he believes it’s cute.

Also, He was a timid person initially. However as the series advanced, he was able to be confident and courageous.

2. Hime Arikawa – most feminine of all anime femboy

femboys anime

Hime Arikawa looks like a beautiful boy who ended up in trouble due to his parents’ obligation to him a large amount of money. Thankfully the student council was able to take care of the debt, but he ended up becoming their servant and dress in cross-dress at school due to.

Although he began cross-dressing for no reason, he was forced to do so because he had other choice be a girl, he soon grew fond of being a girl and started to appreciate it.

1. Hideyoshi Kinshita, Baka To Test Shoukanjuu

Hideyoshi Kinoshita femboys anime

“Bakato Test to Shoukanjuu” is a romantic comedy anime. The story is set in an academy which separates students based on their grades. Students who have better grades can be in class with a nice furniture as students at the opposite side (i.e. Class F ) are in a inadequate arrangement. Akishisa Yoshii, who is the protagonist of the cartoon, is trying to prove his class’s value.

Hideyoshi Kinishita plays the principal character in the show. In addition, Hideyoshi Kinishita is an adorable, charming boy who has the ability to dress like a woman. People often forget that he’s a male and there are a lot of confusions regarding his appearance. Hideyoshi’s bathroom pictures are sold at a higher price than those of Akihisa’s dressed in women’s clothing (yes anime is weird). While he’d prefer people treat him as male, he seems to be enjoying this aspect of his.

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