Anime Traps : Top 25+ Anime traps that you’ll love

Anime traps

There are many characters in anime, but what about the anime traps? Although the definition of an anime trap has changed over time, it is a man who doesn’t fit into society’s ideal of what a man should look like. Often, he appears more feminine and gentler. There is also the reverse trap, which is a girl with more masculine characteristics. Traps are characters that don’t fit into the gender norms we normally associate with.

Contrary to popular belief, anime traps don’t include gender benders. These characters crossdress to appear to be other genders, but often lack a gender identity. Transgender people who identify as another gender are also not in the traps. This could cause confusion among otaku. What counts as an anime trap, anyway? We have compiled a list of the top 10 anime traps. Let’s show you the world!

Kino, Kino’s Journey

Kino's Journey anime

Kino has short-length dark grayish hair. He has the same outfit as his siblings in the game. It is probably a more formal school uniform.

The top part of the outfit consists of a red jacket and gold ornaments, a dark ascot with white fasten that dubiously resembles a skull.

You can also wear an untucked, white traditional shirt underneath with dark stripes around the sleeves.

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An aiguillette is also present as a small gold string that runs between the jacket’s shoulder and the skull fasten.

He wears a dark belt around his abdomen and underneath the overcoat with a rectangular, gold clasp.

His uniform’s base section consists of dark plaid jeans and dark shoes with dark soles.

Aura Bella Fiore, Overlord

Aura Bella Fiore Overlord

Aura Bella Fiore, a young darkelf, is his mother. He is a brother and sister to his two sisters. All of them work as floor guardians at Nazarick tomb.

He was born with his sister. He has dark hair and long golden locks. In addition, he has Heterochromia, which causes his eyes to have two different colors.

His pointed ears are a sign of his elf nature. Also, he is a mix of silk gloves and a skirt that confuses people about his gender.

Finally, he is introverted and shy, which is quite unusual for a floor guard. He stumbles when speaking, but he remains gullible through the anime. Despite numerous threats and warnings, he does not change.

Mare Bello Fiore, Overlord

Mare Bello Fiore Overlord

Mare Bello Fiore can be described as a cross-dresser. He is an Overlord supporting character. Fiore, a young mythical and mythical being, is truly amazing.

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Mare is also known for achieving level 100 in more than five positions. He is fair-haired and has blue-green eyes.

In addition, Mare only wears the clothes that are chosen by his maker.

He finds it strange, but he accepts that it is a custom among Supreme Beings for children to wear dresses worn by young women.

Although he was a supporting actor, his role was known for its action sequences. Also, he was a popular actor because of this.

Jakotsu, Inuyasha

Jakotsu Inuyasha anime

Jakotsu is a strong-bodied soldier who leads a battalion. His sword, which can inflict severe damage, is what made him famous.

It is difficult for others to combat his unpredictable nature. He was a homosexual character in inuyasha with some strange fetishes.

In addition, Jakotsu is a sociopath and enjoys killing others. He gets a sense of satisfaction from it . 

Although he is averse to women and he dresses up and looks like one.

Titus Alexius, Magi

Titus Alexius Magi

Titus Alexius, the incumbent Magi of Reim, is Titus Alexius. Before he was a magician, he interned under the previous Magi.

His appearance is very similar to that of the Mag of Reim. He is shorter than the majority of males and has a lighter complexion.

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His voice is feminine and high-pitched. Aladdin mistakenly thought. he was a girl during an encounter.

He is a mix of feminine and masculine traits and is the cloned of the former Magi and he has a lot in common with them.

Finally, he still has many female admirers, even though he married a mistress.

Kurapika From Hunter X Hunter

Kurapika girl anime trap

Am I the only one who thinks he isn’t a trap! When I first saw Kurapika, he did not come off as a girl, maybe his voice is kinda girly but really I did not think Kurapika was a girl.

Though according to public opinion he is a trap. His short blonde hair and big eyes make him more feminine and his voice adds to this by making it more convincing.

Kurapika has beautiful brown eyes which turn bright scarlet in color when experiencing intense emotions as a virtue of his ancestry. He belongs to the Kurta clan who are famous for their scarlet eyes.

Hime Arikawa and Himegoto (2014)

Hime Arikawa anime trap

What would you think if you had to wear cross-dressing every day to school? Himegoto’s Hime-Arikawa can probably give you the answer. His parents had taken large amounts of debts on his behalf. He doesn’t have the money to pay them back, but what can he do? The student council agreed to pay his debt, but there is a catch. He must attend school as a woman. Hime is often resentful of being in this position, but he can question his masculinity from time to time.

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Kikuchi Makoto, The iDOLM@STER

Kikuchi Makoto The idolmaster anime trap

Let’s now move on to Kikuchi Makoto. She is the central character in “The iDOLM@ASTER”. Kikuchi is a pop star. Although she is a girl, she draws a lot of girls to her boyish looks. Although she isn’t transgender or cross-dresser, she uses her gender differences to reach her goals. She is feminine deep down.

Saika Totsuka, Oregairu (2013)

Saika Totsuka Oregairu anime traps

This character is included on the list due to Trap’s meaning, which I explained in my intro. Saika Totsuka can be described as a boy. Although he tries to be as masculine as possible, his soft nature and feminine-like appearance confuse Hachiman (the main character in ‘Oregairu), who often views Saika as a young girl. This error has been repeated so often in the series that I couldn’t ignore it. Saika actually “Traps” people into thinking that he’s a girl.

Kuranosuke, Princess Jellyfish (2010)

Kuranosuke princess Jellyfish anime traps

Kuranosuke is an anime character who cross-dresses. He is from a wealthy family, but he doesn’t like politics. He is more interested in fashion. Kuranosuke dresses like a girl and believes every woman can be beautiful. Kurako is his alias and he crosses-dresses to conceal his gender.

Souta Takanashi, Working!!! (2010)

Souta Takanashi anime traps

Souta Takanashi is the main character of the anime series “Working !!!’.”. He is a part-time worker at Wagnaria as a waiter. He also cross-dresses, dressing in waitress’ clothes. Souta is a lover of all things cute and small, but he hates people over 12 years old. He calls them ugly and a giddy pig. His female alias is Kotori.

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Tetra (Log Horizon 2nd Season)

Tetra Log horizon anime trap

Shiroe, Shiroe, and the Japanese players have been trapped for half a calendar year in Elder Tales. However they have become accustomed to their lives. After the defeat of the Goblins in Zantleaf Region, the earthlings have been living peacefully with the players. Princess Rayneshia from the Cowen Family has moved to Akiba. The players don’t appear to be completely free from the game, so they need to decide what their next steps will be. Do they want to continue expanding or are they happy with the current situation? Will Shiroe be capable of leading Log Horizon members in the right direction or will he need to?

Tetra, the galaxy idol, is #10 on our list! Although his avatar is girlish, Tetra is actually a man. He was just unfortunate enough to be caught in the game with a female avatar. Tetra enjoys teasing others, particularly poor Naotsugu. It is not surprising that Tetra takes Naotsugu seriously and doesn’t realize the truth. Tetra, a man, is often not known to many fans. He uses the pronoun “boku,” which can be used as an informal way to say “I” by males. Tetra also likes to call himself a “bishoujo”, or “pretty girls.” Tetra has created an elaborate web worthy of an anime trap.

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Haku (Naruto)

Haku Naruto trap anime

Konohagakure, the Nine-Tailed Fox Kyuubi, was destroying it just before Naruto was born. The Fourth Hokage saved the village by using his life to kill the demon inside Naruto as he was being born. Now, Naruto is a young ninja with a flair for getting into trouble. Naruto was shunned throughout his life because he possessed the kyuubi, but Naruto didn’t let that stop him from being happy. Naruto is still looking for a place he belongs, as he strives to become a Hokage.

Haku is a master at specializing in anime traps. In addition, Haku wore a kimono and had his hair down to fool Naruto, who believed Haku was more beautiful that Sakura. Also, Haku seems to be conscious that others mistake him for a woman. However, Haku doesn’t make any effort to correct them, making him even more confusing to viewers. Haku has a gentle disposition, which is something that sets him apart from other assassins. Haku is a great example of an anime trapper, with his gentle nature and feminine appearance.

Shiota Nagisa (Assassination Classroom)

Nagisa Assassination classroom Trap anime

A strange creature has destroyed a part of the moon so that it is now a permanent crescent. However, this creature has shown up to Kunugigaoka Middle School to give the country one opportunity to kill him. Acting as the teacher of class 3-E, the monster given the name of Koro-sensei, is allowing himself to be the target of a series of assassination attempts by the class. Should they succeed, they will be given a large reward. However, Koro-sensei is almost indestructible with the ability to move at Mach 20. Despite the danger he poses, Koro-sensei has turned out to be the best teacher the students of class 3-E have ever had!

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Shiota Nagisa is one character who has confused many a viewer. With his quiet disposition and feminine appearance, he is even questioned by his own schoolmates who doubt his manhood! Nagisa’s feminine appearance is even capable of charming men, as he is shown doing towards the end of the series. Nagisa is a real man killer; too bad he doesn’t roll that way. Nagisa will just be a heartbreaker. Did Nagisa break your heart?

Shirogane Naoto (Persona 4 The Animation)

Shirogane Naoto Persona 4 anime traps

Narukami Yuu just moved to Inaba. Inaba is an ordinary town in the middle of nowhere. Yuu quickly makes friends with Hanamura Yuu, the former transfer student, and Satonaka Chie as well as Amagi Yukiko. A series of strange homicides that occur on foggy days have occurred just after Yuu moved. Yuu and his friends will explore the Midnight Channel’s world to solve the mystery. They will learn more about themselves along the way than they could ever imagine.

Persona 4 The Animation’s detective prodigy is a reverse trap. Naoto looks and acts like a boy but she’s all girl. Naoto is a female detective who often puts herself in danger to solve cases. This shows that she doesn’t conform to gender roles. Naoto’s androgynous looks and boyish behavior have even allowed her to confuse Kanji. Was Naoto a catalyst for you to question your sexuality?

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Chihiro Fujisaki, Danganronpa (2013) – Best Anime Traps

Chihiro Fusisaki Danganronpa anime

Chihiro Fujisaki’s appearance can fool anyone. Cross-dressing makes it difficult to identify that he’s a boy. Although we don’t know of any other reasons why male cross-dressing was common in the past, Chihiro is a different story. Chihiro was the victim of bullying and was told he was too weak to be a boy.  In addition, He was forced to cross-dress because he believed it would stop people judging him for his masculinity. He is one of the Traps on this list who has died.

Felix Argyle, Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World

Felix Argyle is a supporting role in the drama, fantasy and thriller anime ‘Re Zero – Starting Life In Another World’. The anime tells the story of a boy named Subaru, who travels to another world and meets Satella, a beautiful girl. Subaru wakes up to discover that he is in a loop that repeats itself every day.

Felix, as his name implies, is a hybrid human-cat. His costume makes it difficult to believe that Felix is a boy, even though he looks very feminine. Felix clarifies his position often, stating that he is still a man in his mind and soul. He is often seen using the third person to refer directly to himself. 

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Felix is a anime trap, and it’s hard to know if he is a boy or not. He is, but I can assure you that he is. 

Finally, he is a hateful person and we can see that he hates Subaru.

Kenjiro Hato, Genshiken Nidaime

You should watch ‘Genshiken Nidaime’, if you’re a fan the anime series ‘Genshiken. Kenjiro Hato is the main character in the series. He is also the latest member to join the club. In addition, He enjoys cross-dressing and is a big Yaoi fan. He can change his personality completely to act like a woman, which is a credit to him. His androgynous features allow him to pass himself off as a woman when he crosses-dresses. He looks very attractive in his female costume, making him an appealing trap.

Saika, Oreigaru

Saika, a boy who plays tennis with the club, is very girlish. He is actually more girlish than any of the actual girls in this series. Look at those eyes, they will touch your heart and soul. His feminine gestures are so charming, you can’t help but feel captivated.

Ruka, Steins gate

Ruka is very shy and fragile, but he strives to be a better person. His feminine personality and appearance causes him trouble with men.

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You can’t help but love him and want to protect him at all cost.

Pitou, Hunter X Hunter


Neferpitou, a chimera-ant that looks almost like a neko girls, is called Neferpitou. He is a happy and cheerful chimera ant with a sadistic and scary side. In addition, He plays with the bodies of his enemies as if that wasn’t enough and turns their bodies into his puppet.

He showed a new side to his character when Gon overpowered him. 

Finally, he almost became like a protective mother and did everything in his power to protect Komugi.

Lol With Kurapika and Kalluto, Togashi like anime Traps

Aoi Hyoudou Kaichou wa Maidsama

“!” is a funny, charming, and romantic comedy. You might enjoy it if you are a fan the rom-com style. Aoi Hyoudou plays a supporting role in the series. He is the nephew to Satsuki, who manages the cafe where Misaki, the protagonist, works. Aoi Hyoudou is very feminine with his facial features. His eyes are large and he has long eyelashes. He wears a curly blonde hairdo and an aunt’s old dress to make him look like a girl when he is wearing his Aoi-chan (the most popular net idol). Aoi is a short-tempered person who isn’t good at feelings. Aoi enjoys being a woman and loves to play with other men’s feelings.

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Honjo Kamatari, Rurouni Kenshin (1996)

“Rurouni Kenshin” is a tale about a samurai, who vows to never kill anyone after a tragic event. He carries a sword that has been sharpened on the wrong side to make it more difficult for him to strike a fatal blow. This entry isn’t about him. Honjo Kamatari is a cross-dressing, woman-loving man. He can be seen dressing up as a woman and flirting with other people. He can be very serious when he is about fight.

Seishiro Tsugumi (Nisekoi) – The perfect Anime Trap

Seishiro Tsugumi Nisekoi

Raku is a high-school student and the heir to the Ichijou yakuza clan. Raku grew up in a yakuza household and isn’t interested in the business. He wants to spend his time with Onodera Kosaki, his crush. In addition, Raku was forced to enter a false relationship with Kirisaki Chitoge (the Bee Hive chief’s daughter) because of a turf dispute between the Bee Hive Gang. This is to bridge the relationship between the two groups. Raku, however, has made a promise to marry his childhood friend. This was 10 years ago. Raku is trying to deal with his bitter relationship with Chitoge. The promise from long back is starting to come back to him and he will be even more surprised at the end result.

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Tsugumi, a charming young girl with the appearance and personality of a bishounen is often mistaken for a man. Tsugumi’s boyish appearance has made it difficult for adults to recognize her even as a child. Tsugumi is more comfortable in the boys’ uniform, which makes it easier to fight in. Tsugumi has deceived viewers and characters of anime alike. Claude doesn’t believe that Tsugumi, despite the ribbon in her hair, is a girl. Claude raised Tsugumi a boy, and she will likely never see her as a woman. Even if you appear like a boy, it’s hard to be a girl.

So character Raku is an anime trap.

Hideyoshi Kinshita, Baka To Test Shoukanjuu

Hideyoshi Kinoshita

“Bakato Test to Shoukanjuu” is a comedy and romance anime. The series centers on an academy that segregates students according to their grades. Students with higher grades are able to sit in well-furnished classes, while students at the other end (i.e. Class F has a very poor arrangement. Akishisa Yoshii, the protagonist of the anime, seeks to prove his class’ worth.

Hideyoshi Kinishita is the main character of the anime. He is a charming boy who can cross-dress to look like a girl. Many people forget that he is a boys and there are many confusions around him. Hideyoshi’s bathroom photos sell at a higher rate than Akihisa’s in women’s clothes (yes, anime is strange). Although he would prefer that others treat him as a man, he seems to enjoy this side of himself.

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Last Thoughts

The subject of anime traps is a complicated one. They don’t have the ability to bend genders or be transgender. They don’t conform to the social norms expected of certain genders. Are there any anime-lovers out there? It’s not shameful; it’s clearly the intention! What should you do if you fall?

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