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sexy anime girl

Once you started reading this post on sexy Anime Girl , a few of them immediately popped out of your head. To determine if the one you’re looking for was on the list, read on. Animation has seen a dramatic change in the last century just as have the other kinds of entertainment. It has gained a huge worldwide fan base that has grown exponentially with the advent streamers. A lot of the part of the credit for this global enthusiasm is due to the accessibility, massive improvement in animation and excellent storytelling, however, the importance of great characters is unquestionable.

As we’ve explored the best cartoon characters today we’ll be turning our focus to something more particular- the sexiest anime ladies ever. I’ve tried to bring in characters that range from adorable, sexy teens to sexy older ladies. Keep in mind that this list isn’t ordered. Therefore, with no further delay, this is the top 75 sexy anime girl ever. If you’re interested to see them live Well, we’ve included a link at the bottom of each list.

75. Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail – The Most Famous Sexy Anime Girl

75. Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail - The Most Famous Sexy Anime Girl

Ezra is a member of the guild Fairy Tail and a powerful wizard who always takes a stand for the downtrodden and disadvantaged. While the compassionate and gentle soul is is known for her fierce fighting style and impressive achievements as a magician, Ezra’s physical attributes are hard to ignore. The medieval beauty with her voluptuous body can make anyone sit and stare at their screens. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the enchantress is so high on this list of sexy anime girl of all time.

74. Mio Naruse, The Testament of Sister New Devil

74. Mio Naruse, The Testament of Sister New Devil

As the daughter of the Demon Lord, Mio is the rightful heiress of his position, but she ends getting involved in an incestuous relationship with his stepbrother after getting adopted. Over time the amorous interactions only get intense as she explores her sexuality with her servant. Some of the bold lovemaking that transpires between the trio has been forever immortalized in anime history. But a lot of credit for making these scenes so exciting goes to the erotic and titillating figure of Mio.

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73. Darkness, KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!

73. Darkness, KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!

The royal lady from ‘KonoSuba’ is a crusader and also one of its three main female characters. Darkness’ drop-dead gorgeous looks strangely complement her masochistic tendencies in a way and make her look innocent and cute. Moreover, the pride she has in her family’s rich history and her noble roots only goes on to show her grounded upbringing. Therefore, it won’t be far-fetched to claim that Darkness is a dream girl for every man.

72. Elizabeth Liones, The Seven Deadly Sins

72. Elizabeth Liones, The Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth Liones is the princess of the Kingdom of Lioness. She is the adoptive daughter of King Batra. She is a druid and later we find out that she is the reincarnation of a goddess and is very powerful. Elizabeth has silver hair and large eyes. One of her eyes is completely covered by her hair. She has a slim body and wears a tight top and a short skirt. Elizabeth is also kind, caring, and strong. She sets out to find the Seven Deadly Sins on her own to liberate her kingdom from the hands of the corrupted Holy Knights.

71. Lilith Asami, Trinity Seven – Red Hair sexy anime girl

71. Lilith Asami, Trinity Seven

The red-haired teacher may seem forgiving and sympathetic, but Lilith can become a badass who is not hesitant in taking up arms when the situation demands. Interestingly, the beauty with brains also has a very hot and curvy figure that has not gone unnoticed by the Trinity Seven fans. Therefore, it won’t be an exaggeration to claim that Asami is probably the most sizzling teacher in the anime world.  

70. Kiriko Shikishima, Denpa Kyoushi (2015)

Kiriko Shikishima-Denpa Kyoushi

Kiriko Shikishima is one the characters from the anime series ‘DenpaKyoushi’. Her hair is white that she braids at her lower ends. She is usually seen wearing the Hiiragi Academy uniform. Kiriko is an assistant maid and often appears dressed in her maid’s uniform. Although we can see in the beginning Kiriko is shy however thanks to Junichirou she is able to transform herself to be better. Kiriko is an gentle and a good-natured person. She’s quite adept in dance and singing, and, after Kagami challenges and encourages her to pursue her goals, she is able to take her talent more seriously.

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69. Laura Bodewig, IS: Infinite Stratos (2011)

Laura Bodewig-IS:Infinite Stratos sexy anime girl

Laura Bodewig is one of the characters in the sci-fi anime “IS: Infinite Stratos’. Her genetic abilities have been boosted to be a powerful soldier, which makes her a super-smart girl. She hails born in Germany as a first-year student at the Infinite Stratos Academy. Her home is in Germany Laura is currently a part of the military group there. Laura is awarded her rank of second lieutenant within her unit of home. Her style makes her look far more sexy. She is blonde and wears an eye patch on the left side of her eye. Laura Bodewig’s exoskeleton can be described as the Schwarzer Regen IS.

68. Eucliwood Hellscythe, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? (2011)

Eucliwood Hellscythe-Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka sexy anime girl

“Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?’ is a genre of comedy that is inspired by zombies. anime. The main character Ayumu Aikawa killed by the serial killer. Before we can get down Ayumu Aikawa is revived from the dead by the Necromancer with the name Eucliwood Hellscythe. The only issue is that he’s now the zombie. Things get more complicated when he steals the dress of a mysterious girl. He is then required to wear a costume and fight the evil creatures that are in her place until he has determined what must be done. Eucliwood is the person that returned Ayumu and is the one who is now his guardian. Eucliwood doesn’t speak, but her powers allow her to transform her words into reality. She’s pretty cute sexy and has long, white hair.

67. Lisanna Strauss, Fairy Tail (2009)

Lisanna Strauss-Fairy Tail sexy anime girl

“Fairy Tail” is a series of fantasy animation that is full of magical elements (It’s an enchanting show that is literally). The series follows Lucy Heartfilia who wants to become a mage and join a guild, but she is looking for a guild that she can join. Then she is kidnapped by a man. She is later rescued by Natsu. Natsu is one of the members of the famed Fairy Tail guild which Lucy would like to join. Then she is asked to join the guild by Natsu to become a member of the group and begins her adventures. Lisanna Strauss is among the female characters from the show. She is the sister to Mirajane Strauss. She has short, white locks and eyes that are blue. Lisanna is a fan of the Fairy Tail group a lot and considers it to be her family. She is willing to do anything to safeguard her friends.

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66. Five – Terror in resonance

 Five - Terror in resonance sexy anime girl

Well, Five from Terror in Resonance is the first on our list, for she has the most negligible “spectacular” effect among the others on the list. Her understanding character has an expectation that won’t attract you that much. While Twelve as well as 9 were messing around, it was Five that made a scene. So she could not be one of the most identifiable white head, however she without a doubt is just one of the most effective sexy anime girl.

65. Black Hanekawa – Nekomonogatari: Kuro

Black Hanekawa-Nekomonogatari:Kuro sexy anime girl

If the existence of catgirls doesn’t promote your hormonal agents, after that it’s very little of a criminal activity. But if the catgirl in question has 2 characters and among which is white hair charm, after that we can jail you. Simply take a look at her. She is nothing like the base Hankawa. This white equivalent is not only cute as heck however method a lot more dominant as well as hostile. We do not assume there is anything more to state concerning her to validate her getting on this list of sexy anime girl.

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64. Akane Kowata – Flying Witch

Akane Kowata-Flying Witch

An easygoing elder sibling is the imagine lots of. So it’s no surprise that sweet as well as laid-back Akane-nii is on the list. This dark-skinned charm is the older sister of Kowata and also it is her that gives Kowata such an unique individuality. She has the capability to make any conversation seem as if all stress of the world is gone. She is the perfect personality to chill with.

63. Alka – Blade And Soul – White hair sexy anime girl

Alka-Blade And Soul

As the main personality of this anime, Alka has a strong and also never-give-up personality. She is honest and also assertive. If you are into retribution, after that she is the ideal match for you. She is not just eye-catching but also has the capability to back it up.

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62. Urd – Ah My Goddess

Urd-Ah My Goddess

One more loveable and magnificent elder sister personality is Urd. She is not as caring and chill as Akane, however her personality has an unique panache. Her outfit as well as personality are everything about teasing. Urd will certainly make you lust for her however also not at the same time. In an anime concerning “Siren,” it’s no surprise the females will be extraordinary. But Urd is in a completely different organization.

61. Kamyu – The One Being Sung

Kamyu-The One Being Sung

Take an off-the-chart stunning teenage girl and also mesh her with a juvenile and innocent personality; this is when you get Kamyu. She is wonderful as well as innocent. With her favorable power, she has the capacity to make you succumb to her. It is rather transmittable. But her character is not the only point that will certainly attract you. Simply view the anime, and also you will certainly know what we indicate.

60. Krul Tepes – Our Prefer Sexy Anime Girl

krul tepes

Anime: Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End).

It resembles, they present Ferid Bathory as well as you simply think “male that needs to be a powerful vampire” and afterwards this pink-haired, child-looking woman comes onto the scene and absolutely mops the flooring with him. So yeah, she is powerful.Very powerful. Actually, she’s the queen of the vampires. How can she continue to be so cute while having so much blood on her hands?

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59. Mamika Kirameki.

mamika Kirameki

Mamika Kirameki in Re: Makers anime.

Anime: Re: Creators.

Mamika is so precious. She’s the token magic girl/Sailor Moon personality, but with even more pink, in the world of Re: Designers. To be much more specific, she’s within a program of their world where she fights bad doers to ensure that the smiles of the globe won’t fall under the wrong hands. I mean how valuable is that? Sure Altair didn’t locate it that cute, but she has no taste anyhow!

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58. Ram.

ram re zero

Anime: Re: Zero.

Rem could be the follower favored, but Ram is still pure gold in her own right. She’s even more outgoing than her dandere sister and also usually has to take the effort. She’s what I would call a “mood” character. As she is constantly somewhat snarky and also doesn’t obtain especially close to any individual in addition to her sis. Okay and Roswaal, she really fangirls Roswaal, in her very own deadpan manner in which is.

57. Ruki – Our little sister Cute And Sexy Anime Girl

ruki senyuu

Anime: Senyuu.

It’s secure to state that Ruki makes up the cuter part of this show. As everybody else focuses much more on being irrationally silly, abusive, or manly, Ruki is our only source of pure moe. Just obtain her far from that old guy. I understand she is adorable, most of us know she is cute, however he is in some Chris Hansen area. She belongs at Ross’ side, making fun of Alba.

56. Milim Nava – Pink Hair Sexy anime girl

milim nava

Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

Milim subdued the overpowered. I didn’t also understand that was enabled. So yes, Milim Literal Destruction Nava is a giant in this world with her only mistake being the naivety of a 7-year-old. Rimuru defeated her totally based on the ye old “be friends will certainly me and also I will feed you” grounds. Which is an effective technique, allow’s be honest. She after that just ended up being the wild card of the team, as a constant suggestion that she might finish the program if she had one poor day.

55. Kosuri Onigashira.

Kosuri Onigashira

Anime: Shimoneta.

We will not be talking about the shape of her head, okay? In art it’s constantly crucial to be inspired. So when drawing lewd images, as Kosuri does, she needs to obtain creative. As well as a bit pervy. But once she’s influenced she simply goes off, drawing picture after photo, apparently without taking a breath or praying to the Lord for forgiveness up until she is satisfied with the results.

54. Rumiho Akiha.

Rumiho Akiha

Anime: Steins; Entrance.

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In a show that can get as dismaying as Steins; Gate, it’ ss always good to have a person to brighten the mood. Misses out on nya-nya Rumiho definitely satisfies that duty with her actual eccentric character as well as constant nyas. This is particularly real when she remains in the firm of our madu researcher, as they go over the fight techniques the other might utilize.

53. Mei Hatsume.

Mei Hatsume

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia).

Mei is certainly not the greatest character in this cosmos. Yet I doubt that even Deku could match her ambition. Desiring nothing greater than for her “infants” to be seen by the world, she’s willing to benefit days on end without any rest, never when losing the smile on her face. Her peculiarity enables her to see even the smallest parts of any kind of machine making her flawlessly adapt to create the heroes’ support items.

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52. Inori Yuzuriha – Our unforgettable Sexy Anime Girl

Inori Yuzuriha

Anime: Guilty Crown.

Kuudere success stories are simply entertaining alright? Starting off we see Inori as a robot as well as chilly individual who cares little for others’ sensations, as well as likewise murders lots of individuals. Yet after some in the house “Inori: Becoming Human” wrongdoings with Shu, we (herself included) get a better peek into her emotions. Her attitude increases a little bit at the end, if you catch my drift. But that’s showbiz infant.

51. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière – The cutest sexy Anime Girl

Louise Françoise le blanc de la Vallière

Anime: Zero no Tsukaima.

If Black Clover’s Asta and also Noelle ever have a youngster it will generally be Louise. Just like her anime papa, she has an extremely low fondness in the direction of magic in a world where magic is whatever. Also landing her the label of Louise the Zero. And from her mom’s side she obtains an honorable history as well as the snobbishness that comes with it. She also gets that all so valuable tsundere vibe.

50. Momo Belia Deviluke.

momo Belia deviluke

Anime: To Love Ru.

If Gowther ever retires from the globe of 7 Deadly Sins and also becomes a genuine child, I can bet that Momo would certainly do an outstanding task completing as the sin of desire. She would even fit the expense a great deal better. So of course, if the tail really did not provide it away Momo definitely abides by the 34th policy of the net as she regularly both imagines Rito in NSFW scenarios in addition to tries to get him into NSFW situations.

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49. Madoka Kaname – Sexy Magical Anime Girl

madoka kamane

Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Puella Magi Madoka Magica).

An excellent quantity of magical girl anime is important for the watching diet of any type of person. Madoka is a wonderful lady, with a general pink visual, that we view as she does her best to assist people out in remarkable shoujo fashion. She is quite shy and timid … What? There was a button you say? She’s even more of the risk taking type. Well whatever, the crucial point is that she is cute and enjoyable to enjoy, whoever she is.

48. Hinagiku Katsura.

Hinagiku Katsura

Anime: Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Fight Butler).

Hinagiku certainly falls under that “student council president, beloved by all, a god among mortals yet humble” sort of personality. We likewise obtain a variety of clubs with which she comes together, most significantly the Kendo club as she is the captain. And also other wholesome senior high school activities. She does, however, get the Disney network moms and dads … however hey, I wager Mr. Katsura is means cooler than both of them incorporated.

47. Moka Akashiya.

moka Akashiya

Anime: Rosario to Vampire.

I’m actually noticing a pattern with pink-haired girls and also split personalities. However much more on that later. The pink-haired Moka is actually the kind as well as sensitive one, while the inner and original Moka has white hair. It’s normally the pink-haired ones that are psycho you know. Directly, it emits a strong Tsubasa Hanekawa vibe, which is constantly an and also. Additionally might I discuss that Moka is a vampire? Probably must have lead with that said one.

46. Ikaros. Ikaros in paradise’s Lost Home anime

Ikaros Paradise's Lost Building

Anime: Sora no Otoshimono (Paradise’s Lost Building).

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I didn’t also know this comprises as pink, however the wiki never exists! So Ikaros, an Angeloid that dropped from the globe of Synapse only to be saved by Tomoki, that she after that “imprints”. What does this mean? He obtains a cute animal girl as well as it’s not weird. We also later discover the specific reason she “fell” from Synapse. And also allow’s just state that she could not have the bark but she absolutely has the bite. I swear the pet thing isn’t odd.

45. Yui. Yui in Angel Beats! anime screenshot.

Yui in Angel Beats

Anime: Angel beats!

Energised isn’t a strong adequate word to describe Yui. If she could, I’m quite certain she would essentially bounce of the wall surfaces throughout the day in a weirdly adorable selection of balancings. As well as her mouth is as quick as her body, as she often tends to chatter a great deal. In an extremely loud fashion. In addition to slip into those DMs if provided the possibility. Why she’s like this, we have no idea. And do not explore it, please just look at her existing shenanigans instead.

44. Watashi. Watashi in Humankind Has Declined – Our Sexy Pink hair anime girl

watashi in Humankind Has Declined

Anime: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humankind Has Actually Declined).

Me, myself, as well as I is the mediator between fairies and also people, frequently called simply Moderator and even Okashi-chan, as she has discovered the charms of intricate carbohydrates. Regarding character goes, she’s a little bit of everything; she’s a little careless as well as likes to complain. Yet additionally appears to enjoy her task periodically. She’s cartoony, pleased, and also upbeat, yet also brandishes a knife and also knowns exactly how to control individuals.

43. Crona.


Anime: Soul Eater.

Not technically a lady, but because I question I will certainly reach create a “finest unclear sex people” list, here we are. Not just does Crona have an extremely unfortunate name in the year of 202X, however life as a whole isn’t as well type to them.

Crona is Ragnarok’s meister, and was initially under Medusa’s orders (and control) to take any soul they find, be it evil or good. Also, Crona is a very naive and submissive person who is constantly pestered by Ragnarok in the form of noogies and threats to eat their share of food. She does not like to fight but Medusa normally introduces a spell into their mind that increases their aggression.

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42. Amu Hinamori.

Amu Hinamori

Anime: Shugo Chara!

This character simply obtains a whipping “exact same” from me. She’s essentially a person that built up an extremely hard and great individuality at institution, rockin’ getup and all, yet’s simply a kind-hearted softy on the within. She burns out of this façade eventually and also wishes to be another person. Which is when she obtains magical eggs that hatch her three guardian characters. It went much better than with Meruem, I promise.

41. Akari Mizunashi.

Akari Mizunashi sexy anime girl

Anime: Aria The Animation.

As they say “one progression, two steps back, repeat it sufficient times and you obtain really efficient strolling in reverse”. Was this an allegory for Akari’s character? No. However, for paradise’s sake, the woman rows the boat in reverse and also is somehow faster this way. A minimum of she is very up FRONT in her relationships with people, as she relatively never has concerns with taking to people and also making tons of good friends.

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40. Utena Tenjou. Utena Tenjou from Shoujo Kakumei Utena anime

Utena Tenjou

Anime: Shoujo Kakumei Utena.

Scene 1: terrible, also throughout very early youth. Scene 2: yare yare, someone conserved you, it was me, Dios! Okay enough of that. Utena does truly obtain conserved by a guy called Dios as well as vows to never lose her nobility, as a royal prince. That’s right, this is a rigorous no princess area. With Anthy Himemiya at her side, we get a few of that great different good friend duo content, as they go through their life in the prominent institution of Ohtori academy.

39. Ritsu Tainaka

Ritsu Tainaka

Anime: K-ON!

Ritsu Tainaka is among the main personalities of the anime K-ON! She is the drummer of the band ‘Ho kago tea time’. Ritsu’s hazel eyes and brief light brown hair provides her a really charming appearance. In some cases she and also Yui are tantamount.

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Ritsu is a bundle of joy as well as laughter, along with a great deal of mockery. The computer animated version of Chandler Bing I presume! With a natural flair for management as well as those pretty eyes, Ritsu is a favorite of perpetuity.

38. Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui

Anime: My Hero Academia

Tsuyu is a pupil of course 1A in the anime My Hero Academia. She has long straight environment-friendly hair as well as unnaturally huge eyes. Her appearance is somewhat frog-like, and that’s what we such as about her.

Tsuyu is extremely encouraging in nature. A mature as well as responsible individual as she is, she splits her time appropriately between her institution and also house responsibilities.

From a really young age, Tsuyu has been caring for her 2 younger brother or sisters and has actually been handling every little thing solitarily.

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37. Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima sexy anime girl

Anime: High institution DxD

With her long black hair and violet eyes, Akeno wins everybody’s tourist attraction. Adding to it is her beautiful figure and also gentle and also Elegant nature.

Akeno personifies the principles of an excellent Japanese woman. She is a dropped angel, as well as her look is evidence of it. On the field of battle, Akeno is a completely different character. She kills adversaries without a stir.

The fatality of her mother before her eyes has made her cold from within. Issei is her love rate of interest. With the help of Issei, Akeno gets over the injury of her mother’s death and also ultimately ends up being a gentle human from inside too.

36. Moka Akashiya

Moka Akashiya

Anime: Rosario + Vampire

Moka is the female lead of the anime Rosario + Vampire. She is a vampire with 2 personalities. Her lengthy pink hair and enchanting face make her very attractive.

Although she is happy and sweet from outside (outer Moka), the internal Moka is cool and fierce. Moka is the love rate of interest of the only human examining in a college filled with beasts, Tsukune Aono.

When wearing the rosary, Moka has a really wonderful nature.

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35. Rikka Takanashi

Rikka Takanashi

Anime: Chuunibyo Demo koi ga Shitai!

Rikka is the Female lead character of the anime Chuunibyo Demo koi ga Shitai! She has dark blue hair as well as cyan tinted eyes. Also, Rikka resides in her own globe.

She believes herself to be a hag who has a ‘Tyrant’s Eye’, as a result she covers her ideal eye with a yellow lens. Rikka suggests ‘snows’, she was given this name by her mother.

Her attractive appearance and childlike thoughts make her a lovable character.

34. Minori Kushieda

Minori Kushieda

Anime: Toradora

Kushieda, from the anime Toradora, is a pupil of course 2-C. Minori always seems to be full of energy. Her pink tinted hair and eyes mirror the exact same vigor.

As a joyous personality as she is, Minori is additionally a good professional athlete. Some individuals are so loaded with delight that they brighten their surroundings also, and Minori is a living example of that.

Minori does not like being a concern to others and also for that reason does numerous part-time tasks to support herself monetarily.

Her sense and intuition are a little bit too precise. We have a great deal to learn from this pleasant, adorable, and also liable young girl. She declines her crush Ryuuji for her buddy Taiga.

This demonstrates how much she enjoys Taiga as well as also how generous she is.

33. Hiyori Iki

Hiyori Iki sexy anime girl

Anime: Noragami

Hiyori is the women lead of the anime Noragami. Hiyori is a very helpful person who is ready to risk her very own life to conserve others. She has pink eyes and also dark brown hair.

Though she appears to be average physically, her characteristics are worth considering. Hiyori is extremely sensible as well as matures to be ladylike.

She appears to have actually established solid feelings for the small God Yato, whom she saved from a crash as well as harm her own self. Hiyori is a very devoted as well as credible person. Such a young as well as endure heart is worthy of adoration.

Noragami has two seasons till now, as well as we really hope that creators restore it for season 3 so, we can see more of our cherished Hiyori.

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32. Morgiana


Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Morgiana, the descendant of the red lion. She is a pure-blood Fanalis of the Dark Continent. Her red hair, along with red eyes, are a particular attribute of all Fanalis. Morgiana rarely talks, but she isn’t always the same.

She is extremely effective and when crazy, she damages the ground with a stamp of her feet. (That’s outstanding).

Morgiana suffers from an inferiority complex, and she values it. According to her, she can never come to be an Empress because as soon as she made use of to be a slave. Morgiana’s love rate of interest is Alibaba.

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31. Mizore Shirayuki.

Mizore Shirayuki

Anime: Rosario + Vampire.

Mizore is just one of the protagonist in the anime Rosario + Vampire. She is a snow fairy or a Yuki Onno. She can literally ice up anybody. Mizore is always misunderstood and also is afraid to trust fund anyone.

Individuals run away from her when they familiarize her reality. Mizore has light purple hair as well as blue eyes and is very attractive (taking into consideration the fact that she is a fairy).

30. Mayuri Shiina.

Mayuri Shiina

Anime: Steins; Gate and also Steins; Gate 0.

Mayuri is additionally referred to as Mayushii, is a personality in Steins Gate as well as Steins Gate 0. She is a really childlike as well as ignorant personality. Although she is kind-hearted, she does not comprehend much of anything.

Mayuri is a short and also cute girl with black hair and grey pupils. Her childish actions as well as look, makes her look like a sweet little child woman.

29. Sawako Kuronuma – Black Hair Sexy Anime Girl

Sawako Kuronuma sexy anime girl

Anime: Kimi ni Todoke.

Sawako, the main protagonist of the anime, Kimi ni Todoke, is a senior high school trainee. Her negative interaction abilities make it difficult for her to be friends with others.

Sawako is lovely as well as has a slim figure. Her pale skin, huge brownish eyes, black hair, as well as slim lips make her an appeal to look upon. Due to her appearances, she sticks out amongst her fellow companions and is considered extremely fortunate when she grins (due to the rarity of the occurrence).

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Primarily, people misinterpret her, however Sawako is an extremely kind and also generous woman. She frequently goes out of her method to aid others, without considering her own self. Sawako’s love passion is Shota.

The next one on our checklist is …

28. Homura Akemi.

Homura Akemi

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Homura plays among the lead roles in the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She has black hair and violet eyes and also is the first one on our listing that uses eyeglasses.

Homura has 3 Avatar’s, as a typical indifferent schoolgirl, as a magical girl, as well as likewise as a devil. Regardless of acting to be cold-hearted, Homura is actually very caring, specifically towards Madoka to conserve her from being a wonderful girl.

Homura has experienced a great deal and also does not want others to go through the same, and she can most likely to any level to help them. Do we need any other additional attributes to consider her charming? I do not assume so.

27. Misaka Mikoto.

Misaka Mikoto sexy anime girl

Anime: Toaru Majutsu.

Misaka is among the primary characters in Toaru Majutsu no index and in the future plays the central duty in the anime Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. She is nicknamed Railgun because of her signature step.

Misaka entered Academy city as a Level 1 esper and also rose to Level 5. Her hair and eyes are of the same Chestnut shade.

Misaka is likewise a great student, always getting high qualities in college. Due to this and her being a Level 5 esper, she has been provided a nickname Tokiwadai’s Ace.

26. Tohru Honda.

Tohru Honda

Anime: Fruits Basket.

Tohru Honda is the lead character of the anime Fruits Basket. She is an orphan as both her parents are dead, and relies on her loved ones.

Tohru is a really liable and mature woman. She doesn’t like to be a burden and also therefore does a part-time task to pay her tuition costs herself. With her brownish hair, slim number, and also brownish eyes, Tohru is considered to be really adorable, which she is.

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Her love rate of interest is Kyo. Regardless of dealing with numerous problems, Tohru is an ever-smiling sweetie. Full of devotion as well as optimistic thoughts, she thinks every poor thing will most definitely come to an end. And so do we!

25. Ryuko Matoi – Sexy Anime Girl

Ryuko Matoi

Anime: Kill la Kill.

Ryuko is not a regular person. She is a production of an experiment done by her papa as well as mother.

She is the main lead character of the anime Kill la Kill as well as is a student of Honnoji Academy.

Her downy black hair and also blue eyes with peculiar shaped Iris makes her appearance absolutely various from others. Ryuko is intense as well as does not think twice to combat to the fatality if need be.

We like endure anime women.

Eliminate la Kill has currently one period as well as, if creators restore it for season 2, we can see more of our endure lady.

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24. Azusa Nakano.

Azusa Nakano

Anime: K-ON!

Another one from K-ON! Azusa is one of the main personalities in the series. She is a guitarist in the band ‘Ho Kaga tea time’ as well as later on comes to be a singer as well.

The ashy woman obtains embarrassed from time to time. She tries to hide her sensations for Yui, and also in order to do so, she sometimes ends up being rough. On the whole, she is a charming little lady, and also viewing her play the guitar is a treat for your eyes.

23. Yuno Gasai.

Yuno Gasai

Anime: Future Diary.

Yuno is the female lead character of the manga collection Future Diary. Yuno is the proprietor of the “Yukiteru Diary”. She had a crush on Yukiteru Amano. Although she is pleasant and also charming, she has an opportunistic and also means side also.

She does not avoid using others for her benefit. Yuno come to be Yandere after a great deal of bloodsheds. Talks a whole lot about her violet side.

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22. Orihime.

Orihime sexy anime girl

Anime: Bleach.

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Occasionally naive but mostly academic, Orihime, is an extremely pleasant and also caring person. She is an independent lady who is likewise over-imaginative. Orihime has orange hair as well as brownish eyes.

Although she is mentally independent, she has to rely on her loved ones for financial help. We know just how difficult her life is since whenever she obtains inadequate qualities she gets less support. Orihime’s love interest is Ichigo whom she later weds.

21. Yui Hirasawa.

Yui Hirasawa sexy anime girl

Anime: K-ON!

The main lead character of the anime K-ON!, Yui is the prima donna along with the lead guitar player in the band ‘Ho kago tea time’. Yui is the personification of words brave, as well as it appears she enjoys the stage.

She has brownish eyes as well as brownish thick hair. Sweets and Fashion are 2 things that Yui loves. Yui is similar to us, lazy when it concerns research studies, and also definitely energetic in her band.

This characteristic of her frequently costs her qualities to fall and sometimes fails her as well. Anyways, we enjoy her!

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20. Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist – our very useful blonde mechanic!

Winry Rockbell from  Fullmetal Alchemist - our very useful blonde hair anime girl mechanic!

Winry is a gorgeous young lady who has straight long blonde hair, which she typically wears in a long ponytail, which is high-up in the back.

In addition, she leaves an unruly strand of hair the sides of her face. Her bangs that fall casually from left to left on her forehead.

Also, Winry is an extremely emotionally, strong-willed and sensitive person who puts all of her heart and energy into her work. Passionate about machines. She is most at comfortable near gears that crank or whirring bearings. She also loves an oily smell.

Finally, She gets giddy whenever she is given the chance to talk with and discover these things. And she even causes Edward to call her an “engineering otaku” or a “crazy gearhead”.

19. Yuzu From Konohana Kitan

Yuzu From Konohana Kitan blonde hair anime

Yuzu is adorable anime girls and is the main character from the Konohana Kitan series. A sweet and hardworking country fox.

She grew up in the home of Bikuni who has an vast knowledge of the world and she’s an adorable anime girl wearing blonde locks.

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18. Mai Valentine from Yu Gi Oh!

Mai Valentine from Yu Gi Oh!

The most well-known and most popular persona that is on the list. The stunning and skilled Mai Valentine is one of the most famous characters from YuGiOh.

Born a stray, Mai grew up working in bars, where she would trick sexy males by claiming to possess psychic powers and letting bets on their cards.

In all seriousness, it’s a kid’s show too!

The skills she acquired with cards carried them well to duelling, during her numerous events to become an excellent duellist.

While often winning, Mai had very few acquaintances prior to getting to know Yugi and the group.

Even though she did sabotage them at least once in the course of her life, Mai nonetheless became a reliable ally and close friend.

17. Launch from Dragon Ball – Our first sexy anime girl

Launch from Dragon Ball - Our first blonde hair anime girl

Launch (ranchi which literally means “Lunch” This is the morning and am full of food) is a woman who has an uncommon disorder that makes her alter personalities each whenever she gets a sniff.

Welcome To Japanese animation.

In her usual shape, she has blue curly hair that is absolutely gorgeous.

When she coughs her hair will become longer and more hair becomes blonde (somehow).

In this version, she’s reckless, carefree, and always with an assault weapon (somehow).

The two personalities of Launch were distinct and had no memory of each other.

In later episodes of the show she began to be in control of her nose. I’m curious if getting her nose itchy could be her “secret.

She appear many in dragon ball filler

16. Sarah Dupont from Kaleido Star

Sarah Dupon kaleido star

Sarah Dupont is the main singer and dorm director of Kaleido Star Kaleido Star, a world-class American performance venue where everyone on the show performs at.

The actress is originally in originally from the UK, Sarah has long flowing, wavy locks and dresses in a huge Cinderella costume.

But don’t let her calm appearance fool you. She’s an expert in martial arts and has nunchucks rolled in her hands.

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After having lived in Britain for a long time it is evident that a little self-defense is more than needed. The initial episode on Kaleido Star kicked off with a robbery, so perhaps Sarah is able to figure out what’s going on.

15. Illyasviel von Einzbern From Fate/kaleid liner PrismaIllya – Cute + Sexy Anime Girl

Illyasviel von Einzbern From Fate/kaleid liner PrismaIllya sexy anime girl

Illyasviel of Einzbern is the main character of the film PRISMAILLYA.

She also is portrayed as a Caster and cute anime girl as one of the Caster-class Servants summoned from Ritsuka Fujimaru, in Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

14. Rachel Gardner From Satsuriku no Tenshi – Sexy Anime Girl

Rachel Gardner from Satsuriku no Tenshi sexy anime girl

Rachel Gardner is a cute anime character with blonde hair. She is called Ray and is the main character in her own game manga, anime and manga Satsuriku no Tenshi.

She is the very first character that can be played in the game. She’s an innocent girl who wakes up in a place with no idea of what she’s doing there.

13. Onna Shinkan From Goblin Slayer

Onna Shinkan From Goblin Slayer sexy anime girl

Priestess (Nu Shen Guan, Onna Shinkan) is the female main character in Goblin Slayer. She is the main female protagonist of Goblin Slayer series and is a cute anime girl wearing blonde locks.

After Goblin Slayer saves her life in her very first adventure She becomes the very first member of his group and often joins his adventures.

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12. Yue From Arifureta from Commonplace to the World’s Most Powerful

 Yue From Arifureta from Commonplace to the World's Most Powerful sexy anime girl

Yue is one of the vampires as well as adorable anime girl sporting blonde hair crimson-red eyes and a white complexion.

Although she is over three hundred years of age, the woman is sporting appear like a child 12 years old because of the consequences of immortality.

11. Filo from The Rising of the Shield Hero – The child among sexy anime girl

Filo from The Rising of the Shield Hero - The child among blonde hair anime girl

Filo is one of the Filolial bought along with Raphtalia at the beginning of the story. And yes, she’s cute anime girl with blonde hair. She evolves into a queen due to her connection to Shield Hero. Shield Hero, and is an unwavering supporter of the hero as she is the owner of distinctive effect effects for class.

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I hope you will enjoy this list of adorable anime ladies with blonde hair. Comment below which of them is your most favorite anime actress. Share this list with friends and save MOW to your bookmarks.

10. Margery Daw, from Shakugan no Shana

10. Margery Daw, from Shakugan no Shana sexy anime girl

Margery’s hair is darker golden blonde which extends to her calves, and is tucked to create a long ponytail. She makes use of the trendy method to make any pony look classy. By wrapping a portion of her hair to conceal the hairband and letting a few hairs go astray. What blonde vivacious would be complete without hairs on her sides curled in her bosom? Absolutely, Margery Daw is a stylish, elegant and classy drinker who certainly deserves a spot in this top 10 list!

Margery might be just a minor character however that shouldn’t mean we can’t love all of her! She’s a drunken flame haze who is originally an adversary for Shana In Shakugan not Shana. In the anime, Shana is a Flame Haze who hunts denizens along with Alastor who is known as the “Flame of Heaven” whereas Margery is a woman with Marchosias and transforms into a werewolf while fighting. The two are initially rough, but because they share the same enemies, they eventually work in tandem sometimes. Yuji Sakai is a student at high school gets into the battle and helps Shana in battle. However two of his fellow classmates are also caught in the midst of the chaos. These comprise Eita and Keisaku get saved by Margery who ends up following and supporting her every time they are able to.

Margery’s most famous power has to do with “Improvisational Poem of Slaughter” which is amazing enough. But she’s very powerful and a complete Fox. The series dives deep into her story of revenge and makes you fall in love with her even more, but the best part is that her relationship with Keisaku is made canon. This will satisfy fans around the world for romances with supporting characters.

9. Mami Tomoe from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Mami Tomoe from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) blonde hair anime girl

Her hair is one of the most simple hairstyles to identify to be her persona. It’s a lighter golden blonde, with more of the anime yellow, but she manages to pull it off with such grace. She sports the typical hairstyles, with a slight parted look and curly low hair pigtails. The reason why they’re unique is the fact that it’s just one big spiral curl. While there are different designs of this type but none of them are as beautiful as like the low. Blonde design that she’s sporting with the boing! you can find see it at the beginning of her locks! She is taking the curly pigtail and redefines it and all the while maintaining her poise and grace that she is known for.

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Why we love this blond hair anime girl

Mami has a curvaceous and beautiful character with a memorable and gorgeous color scheme. She’s graceful and quick when she’s robbing her foes which makes you wonder what caused her to lose her head. Har har. In Madoka Magica the character is a seasoned magical girl, and a student in her third year and is referred to as Senpai. She let Madoka in on the magic girl world and the things it’s like. Madoka isn’t sure and doesn’t know if wish to be a magic girl, or if even be able to pledge her life to.

Mami On the other hand, was left with no other choice. She was involved in a car accident that killed her parents and she was allowed to get away with her life after she agreed to an agreement with Kyubey. Since, she spent the bulk in fighting by herself and feeling lonely. In addition, she is left with a profound feeling of isolation until she gets to meet Madoka as well as Sayaka. The anime is stated that there are several time lines that all five of them fought for a while before they continued to the same end. Mami is never a mess throughout it all.

8. Kaori Miyazono from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – The most nostalgic sexy anime girl

Kaori Miyazono from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - The most nostalgic blonde hair anim

Kaori is the top choice for the most realistic, fluid gold blonde hair. Her hair isn’t incredibly curly, nor is it straight, but it is typically worn down using a clip or with her hair in a long ponytail. Her hair truly conveys the essence of her personality since it’s unruly and chaotic. It evokes an enthralling sunrise that lights the dark world of Kousuke and as her violin playing creates a sense delight in our minds.

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Kaori provides us with something to admire with her positive outlook on life and overall positive outlook regardless of her circumstances. It’s difficult to tell if Kaori is so stunning due to the vibrant animation, the amazing violin music or her appearance, but it’s normal to be completely captivated by this beautiful blonde. Kaori revives Kousuke the genius pianist who had lost the ability to play, but gradually recovered because of Kaori creating his “spring’.

In the beginning , we see Kaori as a jolly cheerful young woman playing the violin in her own way and eventually gains the approval of the audience, rather than the judges. Kaori declares to Kousuke she is in love with his girlfriend and, throughout the show, we follow the four characters in a love square and also navigating the challenges of life. Kousuke and Kaori are a team to help Kousuke make a comeback in the world of competition. But we are given a glimpse of the reason behind why Kaori is living her life in a tizzy state and what her real feelings lie.

7. Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute)

Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute) sexy anime girl

Kirino’s animation style makes her hair among the most elegant and sleek styles that can be on this listing. Her hair color is fiery as is her personality and can be taken down, minus the occasional treat of a cute hairstyle. Her hair has to be so gorgeous with all the shine and she certainly provides the proof that blondes are more enjoyment!

On the surface, this series appears to be an incestuous tale about two siblings experiencing their feelings for one the other, but it can be in a variety of ways depending on the way you view it. Whatever way you interpret it, Kirino is one of our top blondes from the tsundere! Kirino is 14 years old And her friendship with her older brother begins with a rough start. They don’t have much in common and haven’t been able to get along for many years. Her brother is one day shocked to find the secret about their love for romantic relationships with her brother and from the moment, they begin talking to one another more.

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Kirino is a complex woman with a strong fetish for brother and sister. Kirino seems shy, but she cannot express her emotions effectively. She is extremely successful at all the things she can do, including school, sports and modeling, that she employs to fund her passion for adult games. Sometimes, she can be quite bossy but then she starts to open to the world, just like the lovely tsundere that she is. The two eventually admit their feelings to one another after having expressed their displeasure at one another having significant other.

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6. Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online The best fanbase among sexy anime girl

Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online  The best fanbase among blonde hair anime girl

Asuna is more than a rosegold, with her hair extending to her waist. There’s no jokes about blondes to be had in this well-dressed, professional woman who is a person to look at despite her tsundere-like tendencies! Hairstyles are always down with a bit put back in braids as well as the classic locks that hang to the sides of her face. It’s a pretty but simple hairstyle that is very well-suited to her, and I’m sure Kirito does not mind at all!

Asuna is a complete different level of elegance and elegance using swords. When we first meet her in the episode one she’s timid but strong-willed. The next time we meet her, she’s an officer of high rank within a large group of people fighting on the battlefield in the virtual reality online game Sword Art Online. The game’s creator who is a psychopath. Keeping them all trapped in the game to fight that is either life or death every person’s inner strength emerges and Asuna truly proves herself to be an ace.

When Kirito comes across her the two of them squabble for a bit longer and we get to see Asuna as a cute and slightly tsundere-like character who quickly changes to admitting her feelings, and eventually marrying Kirito (something that we fans of anime aren’t often able to watch). While Kirito is prominent, Asuna is just as important and as powerful as a female lead which is not often the case to witness. The harmony between Kirito and Asuna is wonderful. And though she is often a sideline during the latter portion of the show as well as seasons is never stopped being Asuna.

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5. Chitoge Kirisaki, from Nisekoi (Nisekoi”False Love”) The most adorable sexy anime girl

5. Chitoge Kirisaki, from Nisekoi (Nisekoi) sexy anime girl

Her hair is certainly filled with anime yellow, however with a delight of pink at the end! It’s not often that anime fans experience the joy of blondes with colored ombres, so be sure to cherish her style! You can always see her wearing her hair down, and pulled back, with a the most striking bright red bow. She wears the shorter form of hair that is positioned on the sides of her face. This is actually a popular hairstyle in Japan. Chitoge You’re so trendy!

Chitoge Kirisaki broke a vow with a boy while she was younger. She also presented him with her pendant. They promised to be married when they met one day. The day finally came when Chitoge was transferred to Raku’s boy’s class. They were not able to get along. Raku was the child of an Yakuza family and Chitoge was the child of the chief of the Bee Hive Gangsters. Through a variety of plot devices from anime the two end up in a fake romance with Raku’s heart aching for an additional girl from the school.

Chitoge has a hafu half Japanese half American who speaks both languages. She also is the kind of aggressive typical American since she grew up in the United States. She’s a nice friend once you get to know her. It’s well-known that she struggled to establish friendships in her youth as she was the daughter of a gangster. Due to this, she created a notebook with the names of her classmates to try to befriend everybody. Claude is a member of the Bee Hive and is overprotective of Chitoge. Which has led to her being unable to make friends.

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4. Tsumugi “Mugi” Kotobuki from K-ON!

Tsumugi “Mugi” Kotobuki from K-ON
sexy anime girl

Mugi’s hair is more soft and sandy blonde than other hairstyles listed on this list. However, her hair is much loved! Her eyebrows , which have inspired numerous memes are a different color by themselves , but they suit her extremely well. The hair of her is always straight and perfect as do the majority of rich ladies. The colour and style is perfect for her charming personality and makes her look more attractive!

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We have a love affair with Mugi We are in love with her eyebrows and we love her sweet nature. Mugi plays her Korg Triton Extreme 76-key keyboard in the keion club at her school (Light Music Club) that was almost dismissed due to its absence of members, but they managed to get Yui and keep it in operation. Alongside Ritsu, Mio, and Yui They take on the challenge of preparing to perform at the school’s festival.

Mugi is a piano player since she was four years old, so she’s gifted, beautiful and sweet! She is from a wealthy family. So she is able to find pleasure in everyday things such as eating fast eating and bargaining. She also breaks away from her sweet nature to display her more rebellious side. She has a lot of physical strength since she is able to carry around all amps and instruments as if it’s not a big deal. In addition she also wins in arm wrestling. Finally, she also smuggles yuri around by creating scenarios that aren’t real, as everyone else!

3. Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail – The cutest sexy anime girl

Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail - The cutest blonde hair anime girl

Lucy would not be Lucy without her shining golden locks, which are styled into various hairstyles through the seasons. Many anime fans with different tastes all over the world enjoy her regular change of outfits and, occasionally, the lack of outfits. Hairstyles are always put in a haircut or braid. Unless, she’s just come out of the tub or shower and typically is a combination of ponytails and hairstyles that are in a higher or lower. Her blonde is vibrant and lively, which is similar to her cheerful personality. It blends perfectly with Natsu’s pink salmon!

Lucy might perhaps not be the sole curly blonde in this list, however she’s definitely the most popular! Fairy Tail starts out with Lucy trying to find her admission into the notorious group, Fairy Tail. On the way, she meets an individual named Natsu and his flying chattering cat named Happy. After a series of events she discovers Natsu is the well-known Salamander fire mage who can be found causing destruction everywhere the he goes. They quickly become friends and he takes her to a fairy tale where she makes numerous new people and makes friends who have many adventures to have.

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Evolution of our favorite sexy anime girl from fairy tail

Fairy Tail is a long running show, with its current season going on. It’s not a problem because everyone is in love with our favorite Lucy! Lucy is more than a gorgeous body, she is a lover of her Nakama (comrades) very much. Also, we’re all waiting for the day that the creator of the show. Hiro Mashima, will not be teasing fans anymore and create Natsu as well as Lucy canon! Through the entire series Lucy’s power seems to fluctuates. In the beginning , she’s fragile, but then she’s got her moments in which she pulls out all her celestial spirits in one go (where nobody ends up being able to see) and then later, in The Grand Magic Games, ends in losing to a variety of tricks and deceit. For a long time, Lucy fans await the long eagerly awaited release of her power.

2. Sena Kashiwazaki from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (I Don’t Have Many Friends) – Blonde Hair sexy anime girl

Sena Kashiwazaki from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (I Don’t Have Many Friends) sexy anime girl

Sena is a rich and beautiful girl thanks to her shining, platinum blonde hair. It’s stunning with her butterfly-clip that matches her blue eyes. She’s very aware of it, with a confident body posture, and of course. The rich girls are known to keep their hair shaved and simple but not for maid Sena which has the most adorable maid style ever. Sena performs a stunning blonde, with the occasional blonde moment and is loved for it.

If you’ve ever struggled with getting along with others, you may be able to relate to Sena. The story of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai the main characters discover themselves in some way. Unable to form friends, he joins to make up The Neighbor’s Club. The members of this group attempt to build friendships and keep friendships through various activities while being friends. Regardless of regardless of whether they acknowledge that or not. Particularly Sena named Niku (Meat) is one of them. She isn’t able to act normal with people. Although she claims to be normal her name is a favorite of hers. Niku because it’s the first nickname that she’s received.

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Sena’s lavish and elegant look should catch your eye immediately, but if she doesn’t then maybe her tsundere side might. She’s beautiful and not arrogant, but she simply wants to be acquaintances underneath all of it. She is a fan of dating sims and Eroge as it allows her to make female friends. We’ll be your Sena’s friend! Sena!

1. Saber from Fate/Stay Night – The most combative sexy anime girl

Saber from Fate/Stay Night - The most combative blonde hair anime girl

Saber is a blonde light and sandy that is often seen with the same hairstyle. An elegant bun with a braid tucked around it. In addition, she has a sweet blue ribbon to finish the look. Her bangs are a part of the well-known longer side bang style and everything about her clothes gives a elegant, old-fashioned look that exudes elegance. It’s logical considering her background and the country she hails from!

Although Fate/Stay Night dates back a couple of years, and even before the remake that was recently released. Saber has always been in the top spot on the list of most people’s favorite blondes. She’s as tough as they come, has the ability to kill everything. In addition she is a queen and has enough sexy visually-driven novels to keep fan’s thirst sated. Saber is basically the perfect woman. She’s beautiful and powerful, with a charming, amazing appetite that we enjoy in our anime females. Saber can go from destroying anyone to remaining innocuous and unaware, because she’s not of this time.

in Fate/Stay Night, Saber is Shirou Emiya’s servant spirit fighter in The Holy Grail War with the prize of the most powerful power. But it’s also a risky war in which death and fighting are on the way. There are seven teams that he’ll need to defeat. Some of them consist of sly, nefarious fighters who will do whatever they can to be victorious.

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