Anime Kawaii : Our Top 20+ That You Need To Know

Anime Kawaii top 20

If you’re anime lover who enjoys cute and kawaii things in the Japanese animation scene It is likely that you will enjoy watching these animated series whenever you can.

Finding the right anime channel to stream can mean endless hours of scrolling through Netflix or other streaming websites.

It isn’t easy to decide which show on kawaii-anime tv to catch, especially when there are a variety to pick from.

However, in this list, we’ve selected the best anime series, including the newest 2021’s series which ought to be on the top of your adorable animation bucketlist!

20. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei (Engaged To The Unidentified)

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

The kawaii-themed anime typically is set in the city. The main character in this anime is a 16-year old high school student known as Kobeni Yonomori. There’s not anything more cute than high school girls.

She finds out that she’s been married by Hakuya Mitsumine. In consequence, Hakuya as well as his sister came to stay with Kobeni and her family.

The story usually revolves around the life and times of Kobeni and Hakuya however, as time passes the past is revealed and the story becomes increasingly kawaii.

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One of the reasons which makes this show more cute is the characters. The main characters are Hakuya, Kobeni and Mashiro. Not only do they appear adorable, but also their personalities.

Their kawaii style fits in to the plot. Additionally, Mashiro is the cutest of all the characters. The Kawaii animation has great Kawaii-inspired appeal and excellent character development story.

19. Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop is a far more emotional Anime than others on this page. It’s not typical of silly, playing around kawaii Anime and yet it’s always adorable and sweet as it gets.

This is the story of a 30 year old single man, Daikichi Kawachi who was at the service for his grandparent, became aware that there was an unnatural child that his parents had. Conscient of the cruel intentions of his family to take the child to an orphanage Daikichi is willing to take in the girl of six years old known as Rin.

Rin is a beautiful young female (similar as Umaruchan) that will charm you and steal your heart. She’s adorable, and she’s encouraging the poor Daikichi to become a great father. Also, Daikichi himself isn’t likely to let himself fall behind. Daikichi is an uncanny ability to know from scratch how to become an ideal father figure and positive influence on Rin’s life.

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18. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka

What ever kind of anime you enjoy this one will have everything that fans are sure to be captivated by.

This is an anime that showcases cute kawaii ladies doing cute things and also a typical schedule of five gorgeous girls who will fill your hearts and give you an injection of humor with their easy-going silliness and caffeine-infused fun.

Overall, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? is a touching slice of life comedy that follows five waitresses in their teens and their fun-filled adventures in their hometown.

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17. Yuru Camp

Yuru Camp

Yuru Camp is an excellent choice for those who enjoy watching amusing adventures of adorable girls. First watched in January of 2018 the 12 episodes of this television show based on kawaii will tell us that there are times when our plans fail to succeed,

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that negative things that will be the result.

Watch, and behold, an adventure story about our female protagonist Rin Shima who wishes to enjoy her free time in the wilderness by herself.

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16. Barakamon


A good slice of life anime, with a few humor, and kawaii-themed themes, lets the expert craftsman Seishuu Handa undergo a transformation from being self-centered and narcissistic finally recognizing the pity he exhibited and figuring out ways to change his approach to living.

It was first seen at the end of 2014, this short animation will show us how a couple of individuals can make a change the way they live. All they have to do is to escape from the world to be at the center of no location.

15. Kakushigoto


The Anime tells the story of A Mangaka who creates adult comics and tries to keep his pervert activities secret from his cute daughter.

Kakushigoto promises twelve episodes filled with plenty of laughter, an unending circle of lies between father and daughter, that result in hilarious moments and many other bizarre scenarios that will keep you entertained the show.

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14. Acchi Kocchi

Acchi Kocchi

The adorable and petite Tsumiki Miniwa is obsessed with her most beloved companion, Otonashi. So far as she may be concerned, revealing her love is difficult however to her family and friends they seem to be the perfect pair. Attractive and modest, Tsumiki falls more in with her friends as a person, and her crush feeling towards her is more welcoming than her feelings toward other people.

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Despite the constant jokes and obvious clues that his pals have been giving, Otonashi consistently appears to not notice the signals.

13. Wataten!

Anime Kawaii  Wataten!

This Anime is a story about the adorable schoolgirl Miyako Hoshino who is extremely timid and reserved with other students.

For the most part, she spends her time in her bedroom, making costumes for cosplay. In the moment that her fifth grade sister Hinata introduces her schoolmate Hana Shirosaki home Miyako immediately becomes enthralled by Hana’s adorableness.

Miyako will try diverse things, ranging from creating Hana wear costumes to bringing her desserts.

This creates Hana an awful impression of her right from the beginning However, Miyako will eventually become nearer to angels that has been descending on her.

12. Kinmoza

Kinmoza Anime Kawaii

Cute art-style, fun comedy, lighthearted romance and an eagle in an apple tree. If you’re looking for something that’s cute and enjoyable to watch without too many laughter, then check this anime out!

The 2013 anime series that follows Shinobu Omiya an Japanese high school student who, just five years ago, was the opportunity to stay at home in England with the name of Alice Cartelet.

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In the morning, Shinobu receives a letter from Alice telling her she’s moving to Japan to stay with her. Sure enough, Alice arrives and is joined by Shinobu and her fellow students at school.

11. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Anime Kawaii

While life in general can be fulfilling, leaving the actual world through dreams and images can make it more enjoyable.

I am unable to comprehend why this kawaii-themed anime is not rated highly, or isn’t known and few viewers have seen it.

Also known under its English title “Love, Chuunibyo, and other disillusions” We watch the main character go through his daily life with a lot of awkwardness even when the character tries to improve his life at the high school level however, he fails and is still awkward.

10.  Anime Kawaii Non Non Biyori

Non Non Biyori Anime Kawaii

The Slice Of Life Kawaii Anime starts with Hotaru Ichijo, a cute girl who lived in Tokyo all of her life relocates to the countryside as a result of the work her parents do.

Then she starts to meet local kids and begins to a new location where she can adapt her life.

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This show does a fantastic job of capturing the daily life of those who live in the countryside or in counties. The things the characters on show are doing each day are just too witty to be described in words.

One of the great things about this show is that every character has distinct attributes and characteristics. Furthermore, character development is also a big factor when they live their lives out in nature.

9.  Anime Kawaii K-On!

9.  Anime Kawaii K-On!

This anime tells a story about a kawaii model known as Hirasawa Yuei. The only issue she has is school. However, that was changed when she joined the club for light music, where she started playing guitar, because she believed it was cute.

She is in a band featuring three other characters, Ritsu as well as the drummer Mew the bassist and keyboardist Tsumoji.

The group realized that Hirasawa was extremely talented and was eventually chosen as the singer and guitarist of the group. Then, a different character called Nakano Azusa joined the group.

The story is memorable and the music is fantastic. Each episode is ever more absurd. The artwork is adorable and definitely an anime with kawaii characters, paired with their adorable voices.

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To summarise this show the story is enjoyable featuring cute characters, and a good balance of comedic and entertaining music.

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8. Anime Kawaii Engaged To The Unidentified

Engaged To The Unidentified Anime Kawaii

The majority of the time, this anime is set in the city. the main character is a cute 16-year-old high school student called Kobeni Yunomori. And there is nothing more adorable than following the lives of Japanese high school girls.

She discovered her engagement with Hakuya Mitsumen. Due to that, Hakiya as well as his sister moved to stay with Cobain as well as her family.

The plot usually is based on the life of Cobaini and Hakuya however, as time goes by the past begins to surface and the story gets increasingly dramatic.

One reason this anime is more beautiful is the cute characters. Particularly, the main characters Hakuya, Kobeni and Mashiro. They appear adorable and sweet, they also display their personality.

The gorgeous aesthetic is well-matched with the plot. Additionally, Mashiro is the cutest of all the anime characters in this episode.

Absolutely, this kawaii-anime is very cute all around and an excellent improvement of the character throughout the story.

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7. Anime Kawaii New Game

New Game Anime Kawaii

The main character in this story is Aoba Suzakaze, a beautiful girl who recently completed her high school graduation and began as a worker for a game firm.

The kawaii-themed anime contains plenty of cuteness. It is a wonderful combination of school-based creation and games.

This tale is about the conflict for the protagonist within the company that makes games and his fellow employees. There’s plenty of kawaii within the show, and how people interact is adorable, but also a dangerous style.

Another amazing aspect of this kawaii-themed anime is the characters. The four main characters are presented to display her charm and charisma. Her personality improvement helps her gain popularity in kawaii.

Another reason for this to be one of the most adorable lists of anime is the art. It’s straightforward, nothing complex, but the style adds an array of sweetness to the show.

It’s a blend of humorous, cute and serious work-related moments. The audio tracks are excellent and help create the right mood for the viewers to the right level.

6. Anime Kawaii Hanayamata

Hanayamata Anime Kawaii

This show on tv is of cute women being adorable girls who will melt viewers hearts.

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This kawaii anime tells the story of five middle school students who join a club named Yosakoi that was devoted to performing a contemporary Japanese dance.

The show is about the friendship of these gorgeous girls named Naru Sekiya Hana N.Fountainstand, Yaya Sasame, Tami Nishimikado, and Machi Tokiwa.

One of the coolest aspects of this anime is the characters. The girls are very cute and do it without the need for more information on the subject.

Hanayamata isn’t a show for girls who are just happy and are adorable There is actually an underlying story, but it still has amazing overload scenes.

There’s a lot of visual appeal with an enormous growth in the character. It’s a vibrant and exciting experience which shows plenty of energy, but it can also take you to the depths.

Each character has their own characters have a distinct personality. Animation is featured throughout the show and every character is a different level of adorableness. It’s a fantastic show, and the character development is fantastic.

5. Anime Kawaii Hanamaru Kindergarten

Hanamaru Kindergarten Anime Kawaii

This show is about an elementary school where the children vie for an attention from their parents.

The characters on this page are the most gorgeous you’ll ever meet. It’s hard to imagine how the kindergarten classroom not have a beautiful theme?

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This is one of the most popular Kawaii-inspired animes that have an extremely high degree of adorableness. It’s a charming and romantic comedy.

The primary characters from kindergarten just spit remarks that will make you laugh due to their appeal.

The kindergarten is the place that makes you wish that you had been enrolled at that school when you were only five years old. There’s even the slide that is located on to the 2nd floor.

The episode is packed with funny moments that aren’t so obvious, and filled with sweet moments overload. There are plenty of adorable and funny instances that’ll make you wish that you had adorable kids like the ones in kindergarten here.

4. Anime Kawaii Himouto! Umaru-chan

Himouto! Umaru-chan Anime Kawaii

The show tells the story of a beautiful girl called Umaru Doma. Like the other kawaii-inspired anime the story tells the story of a girl who is in high school.

What makes this unique is that it’s an excellent example of how people are not always as they appear.

Umaru Doma is the perfect high school student until she gets home, and Umaru Doma is the actual Umaru Doma emerges.

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She slips her hamster’s coat on and changes from a school student to a lazy, messy couch potato who consumes junk food and plays video games. She also she leaves all tasks at school to her brother who is responsible Taihe. It’s a lot similar to Himouto! Umaru-chan, a slang word, means “my two-faced little sister.”

The show is a story that take place in Umaru and Taei’s adventure and is a enjoyable show. What makes it even more adorable is the way Umaru is this gorgeous girl with blonde hair with pale skin, a petite face, and rosy cheeks.

This show is relaxing, while providing the best comic characters in the world and adorable characters to accompany them.

3. Anime Kawaii Pokemon

Pokemon Anime Kawaii

It could be the most well-known Japanese anime ever created in addition to the Pokemon characters provide enough reason to be thought of as an Kawaii anime.

The show revolves around Ashe who has a dream throughout his life of becoming the most successful Pokemon trainer. Through the assistance of companions and Pokemon Pikachu Ashe explores across the globe to become the best. He defeats all the gym bosses and takes home new Pokemon along the way as he avoids the likes of Team Rocket.

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The thing that makes this anime great is the style of it and the ability to explore the endless Pokemon as well as the story.

Truthfully, however they aren’t, the Pokemons provide enough enjoyment and cuteness to warrant a spot in our list of.

The storylines are interesting and it’s not surprising why they’re continuing to make episodes featuring new Pokemon to match the existing ones. It’s an amazing television show that has been a major part of American media.

2.  Anime Kawaii Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children Anime Kawaii

The story is centered around more than 20 characters that are in a high-school setting. Each episode has two characters and appears to flawlessly depict real-life puppy love scenarios that will keep you smiling and smiling on the inside.

The art is amazing and this kawaii-inspired anime is super entertaining and enjoyable to watch. This isn’t your usual romantic comedy , and each couple is different and has a different ending.

If you are a lover of the joy of laughter and romance This show is for you. The show features a vibrant ensemble of characters, however, they’re not linked, making it an original.

There are so many that there is a wide range of kawaii-themed characters to watch and, in every episode, they show something adorable and adorable, making it among the top anime to watch.

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1. Anime Kawaii Nichijou My Ordinary Life

Nichijou My Ordinary Life Anime Kawaii

The story of this anime is centered around the life of three high-school classmates who have known each for years since they were children. The names of the trio of girls are Mio Naganohara Yuuko Alioi, as well as Mai Miankami.

They will soon cross paths and meet three more characters. The genius Hakase Shinonum, who is the caregiver of Nano, the robotic Nano and Sakamoto the cat who talks.

The story is centered around cute characters in every way possible. In addition, they certainly should be included in the top 10 anime kawaii shows.

There are a lot of occasions that one day is an ordinary day, and the next it turns chaotic and messy. It’s equally random and adorable.

It’s the number one choice for me as the show’s humor is fantastic and there are plenty of kawaii overload episodes, which will surely bring you joy and delight in every moment in the show.

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