Anime Smile : Our List 50+ Of Characters With Best Smile

Anime smile

If there’s something unique about Anime is the ability to convey emotions in a way that isn’t possible in the real world.

From the way that characters smile (male and female) from the way they smile to how they show the anger of their characters…

Along with other expressions or emotions we experience like stress, frustration angry, hurt embarrassment, shame and so on.

This is what makes Anime different from any other form of entertainment.

There’s nothing better to feel happy than to see adorable and energetic Anime smiles.

50. L lawliet

 L lawliet

For all the EMO girls You should all be watching L smiling! He isn’t the most happy but when smiles, it’s as if all my troubles turn into an opportunity. L is most likely to be among the seriousest characters of anime. However, here he’s smiling to brighten your feed. For all the EMO girls You should all take a look at L smiling! He doesn’t smile often however when he does, it’s as if all my troubles turn into an opportunity to be blessed. L is most likely to be one of the more serious characters in anime. However, here he’s smiling to thank you for your feed.
The Death Note Anime/Sauce

49. Mikaela Hyakuya

Mikaela Hyakuya

As a human Mika is kind and truthfully his gentle smile conceals the many difficulties he faced to get to know his brother after Mika was removed from his. When he finally met his brother Yuichiro He was in a state of mixed emotions as if Mika wanted to drink his blood as it was the time he became a vampire and instead was embraced by Yuichiro. That moment Mika’s smile seemed so beautiful it made me want to safeguard it as much as I could. So here’s Mika smiling to soothe your pain.
Anime/Sauce: Owari no Seraph

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48.Tetsuya Kuroko

Tetsuya Kuroko

Kuroko is a hard-working man and has every positive trait. He’s mostly a poker player, but His smile when he finishes a great match is incredible! It gives me the impression of a gentle and loving person who is filled with a never-ending affection. He’s more than an innocent-looking boy. “I am in love with Kuroko” will be the very first thought to be on your mind after reading this . If you didn’t it, then you’re than a fan of the bad guys. So my Kuroko is a sweet smile.
Animation/Sauce: Kuroko No Basuke

47. Mikasa

Mikasa ackerman

The Waifu content of Anime Community, Mikasa is well-known for her sexy yet attractive appearance. She is quite stoic. Stoics don’t display emotions. They believe that in the Anime world, everything can be done! So, Mikasa’s smile on the image below has won your hearts. She’s so sweet. Imagine your beloved fighting for her life and then at the conclusion of the day, she greets you with her heart-warming smile.
Anime/Sauce: Attack on Titans

46. Isla


The Loli culture is very increasingly popular So I’m just trying to inform you that we’ve got a candidate for a part-timer! Part-timer who will assist you during the most difficult moments. Isla is a tiny and gentle person who cares deeply for the people around her. Her smile is a sign that it will be fine keep going, you are a winner!
Animals/Sauces A: Memories made of plastic Memories

45. Kaneki Ken

Ken kaneki

Kaneki’s smile tends to be at the creepy end of the spectrum. In the majority of the Anime the actor kept his face concealed by an opaque veil. However, at first we could see the actor in his typical appearance, smiling like a typical tough Anime persona. From the beginning as a human the actor smiled extremely sweetly however, after several trials the smile that was so bright could never be seen again…
Cartoon/Sauce Tokyo Ghoul

44. Garou


Ladies, I would like you to be ready because what we’re going to see is something that you can only imagine in dreams! This is about a slender rough and tough guy who is here sporting an attractive smile. In truth, I wouldn’t be averse to him walking over me! The side smile of his make me happy, and I don’t know the motive. So, Garou has one of the most beautiful smiles.
The Anime/Sauce one Punch Man

43. Yuno


If we are talking about fashion sense I believe that Yuno has a great fashion sense, which has vintage impressions. In addition his reserved nature, he talks only when it is necessary. He unoften smiles. I’m sure Yuno appears very attractive while smiling. Curious? Go through Black Clover to see if it catches your attention or not.
Animation/Sauce Black Clover

42. Grey Fullbuster

Grey Fullbuster

Most of the time, being shirtless, Grey has won the hearts of Fairy Tail’s women. Talking about Grey makes me blush! However, when Grey smiles with confidence his eyes, other women turn to hearts. Grey may not be able to express it, but he is a lover of his Nakamas. His smile is an ray of optimism that “I can accomplish anything”. I’m able to make the impossible possible. So, if you’d like to learn more about his big smile, take a look at Fairy tail!
Animation/Sauce Fairy Tail

41. Misaki Ayuzawa

Misaki Ayuzawa

Part-time maid wearing a dress, it’s a nice sounding idea from the look of it. Misaki is a dedicated student who works as a waitress in a cafe as well as the president of her class. This outfit looks great Kawai on her, particularly as she smiles. DAMN!! the lucky customers. You are thinking now. She is extremely nice to her customers and is always smiling with a smile. This is why she has one of the most beautiful smiles.
Animation/Sauce A Class President can be described as a maid

40. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock

She is a beautiful woman. Boa can be vulnerable, sensitive and compassionate towards other people. It’s like if the ideal woman is not real We are able to have Boa in our heads! If she is smiling, it looks as if a high schooler is smiling happily. Check it out!
The Anime/Sauce One Piece

39. Bulma


Beauty and brains. Bulma is alive and is a happy lady. She’s smiling most of the time when she appears in Dragon Ball Z. A smile that is like Bulma’s has caused Vegita’s heart to melt like the lava. Do you agree? Do you believe Bulma is beautiful enough that she makes your heart one or two beats? Tell me!
The Anime/Sauce Dragon Ball Z

38. Senku Ishigami


An intelligent scientist, with a charming smile. Yes! This is your son Senku Ishigami. Although Senku is a highly rational person, he’s a charming and also amiable! Thus, you can get an ideal mix of the two. When you talk about his smile is a sign that he is confident in himself. It also will make you want believe in yourself too. If you’re ever in doubt , just look at his smile and you will be able to forget your confusion and doubts about your own self.
Animation/Sauce Dr. Stone

37. Dio Brando

Dio Brando

Dio Brando is one the most popular villains from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. Because of his father, his relationship with his wife was destroyed. This led to him becoming inhuman and began to think about things that were materialistic, such as “Money” as well as “Power”. Yet, his smile still attracting. Take a look!
Anime/Sauce: Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

36. Trevor Belmont

Trevor Belmont

The first person who defeated Dracula is Trevor. His character is that of a powerful warrior who has gentle manners. A gentleman that can be sometimes hotheaded. Similar to others Anime characters, Trevor doesn’t smile as often. But when Trevor smiles my heart goes BOOM!
The Anime/Sauce Castlevania

35. Sukuna


Sukuna is the demon of Itadori who is also known by the name of “King of Cries”. His smile is strange, but, not lying It is a bit enchanting too! Sukuna’s smile is wide and his eyes do squint. His sadistic personality loves to witness other people suffering. However, his grin is one of the most beautiful. Tell me if like it!
Anime/Sauce: Jujutsu Kaisen

34. Yumeko Jabami


A lot more impressive than a smiling demon Yumeko Jabami, your beautiful lady with a terrifying smile when things go smoothly during her game of chance. She is a captivating persona who draws attention to all those around her. Thus, I am sure you’ll be amazed by the differences in her character when she’s matching and when she’s not. Watch the video below for more information about Yumeko!
Anime/Sauce: Kakegurui

33. Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro

We can’t forget that beautiful appearance and that gorgeous smile she showed during her very first meeting with Kaneki! Her smile was just enough to render Kaneki her next victim. Rize is well-known for being selfish , but with that beautiful smile, I’ll be fine. Additionally, she’s popular in those in the Anime community. Therefore, she must be one of the most beautiful smiles you’ll ever see in Anime.
Animation/Sauce: Tokyo Ghoul

32 Midari Ikishima

Midari Ikishima

Midori Ikishima, who was an antagonist in “Kakegurui” got enough screen time. She’s one crazy girl , whose smile tells much about her insaneness. Her desperation for gambling makes her smile erratically! You can see it in the above photo. For more details on Midari look up the Anime listed below.
Anime/Sauce: Kakegurui

31. Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel

Spike? I am in a constant mood! Though, Spike isn’t the most laid-back guy, his nonchalant actions with a smoky smile which made us women, mad! His body and his beautiful smile make for a stunning man. Yes, You heard it right. I really love the young man. If you’re curious about Spike You must see this show! !
Cowboy Bebop Anime/Sauce

30. Natsu Dragneel

Nats Dragneel

Do you need a safe and tough guy for you? You’re in the right location. Here, you will get fire free of charge as you can exhale fire, however, I’m pretty certain that you do not want to burn yourself, too. No worries! Natsu is kind and a person who is friendly and has an eye that is brighter than any superstar! His smile has me wanting to get him on my side. How about you guys? Tell me by leaving a comment!
Animal/Sauce Fairy Tail

29. Kurosaki Ichigo

Ichigo kurosaki

A man who has a good sense of laugh and smile that is full of faith. I’m sure this guy has numerous girls! You are thinking, aren’t you? Most of the time, he’s worried about problems however, at the same time we look at his beautiful smile. This is why he’s my favourite persona to date. Do you want to learn the more information about Ichigo? Go to the show!
Animation/Sauce: Bleach

28. Killua


Killua is among the most intriguing characters in the series. At first, we only got to see him struggling, but later in the series, at some point, we were able to see his good aspect too! He is an Kawai smile as well as blue sparkle eyes. From the creepiest of smiles to the most natural one, there’s a variety with regards to his smile.
Animation/Sauce: Hunter”X” Hunter

27. Naru

Naru from barakamon

In the Anime Series, “Barakamon” Naru appears as a very active kid who is happy to laugh a lot and assist everybody. If you’re experiencing a difficult time, just take a second to consider this selfless child who loves to be apathetic and just play. You’ll be reminded of your childhood when you watch her happy about the little items that show her innocence smile and joy.
Anime/Sauce: Active one

26. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia

Although Lucy is very proud of her appearance, she’s exactly as beautiful. Imagine your beloved being so perfect! She’s smart, kind and adorable. The cute girl is known to smile frequently and heals all wounds. Her gorgeous smile wash away my imperfections. If we were to talk about the best animated smiles I would put her in the category!
Animation/ Sauce: Fairy Tail

25. Yato


Yato may not look like him, but Yato is a god in the show “Noragami” which translates to “Stray god.” Yato is incredibly entertaining and is a child. He was responsible for many things in the show as a god, but was able to return home with the most charming smile.
Animation/Sauce: Stray God

24. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno

In one world-renowned, Sakura has many admirers from the Anime Community. Although, I’m not a girl, but when I look at her smiling my heart says “Pit the pat”! What makes someone so flawless? She’s humble, kind, and is concerned about the well-being of others. Her smile is a relief from my anxiety. So Sakura is one of the more adorable smiles you’ll ever see in Anime.
Naruto/ Anime: Naruto



Tatsumi is your typical boyfriend. He is a positive person with traits such as kindness, friendliness and bravery. Trust me! Tatsumi has a lovely smile that can provide confidence in times when you don’t feel comfortable and his smile is among the most beautiful anime smiles. Animation/Sauce: Red Eye Kill

22. Goku


Everyone, including adults and kids is a fan of Goku The Goku gang is everywhere! Why? Because Goku is extremely entertaining. Goku is loved by all and is very well-known. Take a look at the Colgate smile. It’s smooth and soothing like he’s helping us. Did you have any idea? Goku is the prince of the universe! It’s no wonder he appears beautiful and smiles beautifully. Animation/Sauce: Dragon Ball Z

21. Guren Ichinose

Guren Ichinose

Are you aware of those who prefer to cover up their work, and then pretend that they are lazy? I know one and it’s Guren! He’s a real guy and is the reason I went to see Seraph of the End. Guren is extremely attractive. It’s almost like”attractive” is a word “Attractive” can be the meaning for his smiling. Are you interested in knowing more about his personality? Go through the Anime.
Animation/Sauce: Seraph of the End

20. Kaori


Kaori is a fun-loving woman who is a violinist. Also, Kaori is simply beautiful! Her eyes, when they smile are like the sun is setting. Kaori is a wild and sly. Her vibrant personality is something worth taking note of. However, those gorgeous eyes of the ocean may seem like ocean waves when she is crying. Her smile is happy!
YouTube: Your Lie in April

19. Violet


Violet was a soldier for the majority part of her life in military. In addition, Violet was not able to live her life like a normal girl, and she has poor social abilities. Also, Violet is extremely fragile and doesn’t smile often however, when she does, her eyes are deep blue and get smaller creating a super cute look. There’s a spirited choice between Kaori’s smile and Violet’s smile , but I’m still going with Violet.
Anime/Sauce: Violet Evergarden

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18. Satoru Gojou

Satoru gojo

The most popular Anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” is a character called Gojou. A lot of girls are swooning over Gojou, and so am I! He’s a nonchalant person and loves to tease those close to him such as his colleagues and friends. Alongside his excellent style of fighting and his fashion sense He has a stunning smile. With that gorgeous smile, he is driving everyone crazy!
Anime/Sauce: Jujutsu Kaisen

17. Gin Ichimaru

Gin Ichimaru

If there were a prize for the creepy smile, Gin Ichimaru could be an ambassador for brands! Despite being in danger, he always smiles. Inflicting a dozen deaths without feeling even the slightest guilt? It’s not a problem This man would smile the biggest smile! Therefore, if you’d like to learn the more details about his life, read this Anime!
Animation/Sauce: Bleach

16. Osamu Dazai

Osamu Dazai

Dazai is lazyand unproductive and makes suicide jokes, without even looking an eye. He has a gorgeous smile. His smile could even convince you to commit suicide along with Dazai. The jokes aside, mental health is a priority! Dazai creates Bungou Stray Dogs more enjoyable. So, his smile is sure to be included in Best Anime Smiles.
Animal/Sauce Bungou Stray Dogs

15.Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa zoro

One of the most hot guys, Zoro is known for his muscular physique as well as a stunning smile. Zoro is a serious guy however, he also has a playful side too. Zoro is known for his slashing of enemies, as seen in the smile seen in the picture above. I wouldn’t have to be slashed until I be killed, but I’d be dead after watching his smile!
Animation/Sauce: One Piece

14. Mizuhara


Many guys around the globe are in love with her! Mizuhara is not your average girlfriend material, or could I call her waifu? In any case, she is a charming person with a beautiful smile. With her beautiful long brown hair, she puts her hands on her mouth , and smiling. Oh my! you’re aware of what I’m becoming. In the shortest of terms, she has that beautiful smile that will make you feel awestruck by her.
It’s like renting a Girlfriend

13. Emilia


Emilia loves to smile and is a good-natured person. She loves her family but doesn’t wish to confess it as she doesn’t want to appear as selfish. In regards to her smile, it’s an amazing place! When she smiles, I’m able to see rainbows. Her smile is truly beautiful!
The Anime/Sauce Re Zero

12. Kirari Momobami

Kirari Momobami

This woman captivated me when I first saw Kakegurui. The actress usually wore the mask, but when she took it off , her face was gorgeous! The moment I saw her, I was absolutely stunned. I thought “Why did she keep her beauty hidden for many years?” If you’re curious about that, then check out this Anime. When she smiles in a mysterious way, her blue eyes shine!
Anime/Sauce: Kakegurui

11. Eren Jeager

Eren jager

The Anime “Attack in Titans” Eren is a very enthusiastic guy. Congratulations ladies! His desire to defend humanity and his companions will make him even more fascinating. As you can see in the photo above, you can see his lovely smile that is ready to capture your heart. But are you willing to wait for it or not? Comment below!
Anime/Sauce: Attack on Titans

10. Mugen


Mugen has a reputation as a female. Hearing this didn’t make me feel better and this side smirk makes me heart beat. I’m sure you ladies have the same feeling! Mugen loves to fight and even win them! Mugen is more on the villain side. His eyes are tired of fighting, but he puts all of his pleasure in doing things which he likes or dislikes. To get a glimpse of more of his happy moments, check out the animation!
SAUCE/Anime: Samurai Champloo

9. Jin Mori

Mori jin

Jin enjoys nothing more than fighting. The man is very healthy young man. Jin Mori makes my day when I am feeling down. His smile is as radiant and as beautiful as the eyes. Therefore, he is one of the most beautiful smiles seen in Anime. Apart from helping strangers and developing an excellent relationship with them, he’s also a fairy.
Animation/Sauce: God of High School

8. Kou Tanaka

Kou Tanaka

I would like someone similar to Kou for my man. As a cheerful person, his smile is infectious and will make you smile too! Futaba is unbeatable! Futaba is fortunate to have a guy like him.
The Anime/Sauce Blue Spring Ride

7. Yuigahama


Yuigahama is a short-haired lady with a hair color that is distinctive. However sad she is, that beautiful smile will never fade on her face. She is extremely cheerful and constantly wants to blend into the crowd. She simply wants to be loved by everybody. It’s adorable, isn’t it?
Animation/Sauce: My Youth Romantic Comedy is Not as I expected (OreGairu)

6. Erza Scarlet


Erza Scarlet has one Erza Scarlet has one of the Best Anime Smiles! She’s always keeping her head up and gets her job completed with ease. Erza’s physique is as beautiful like her smiling. Strangely enough, the name Erza is very similar to her smile. Does it happen to me or is it just me that believes this way? Tell me via the comment section!
Animal/Sauce Fairy Tail

5. Chika Fujiwara

Chika Fujiwara

Hah! It’s already a smile. I’m sure that you’re thrilled to see your beloved in the top five of this list. Chika is a vibrant and captivating girl who can dance and dance. Chika is like cotton candy to me Her smile is as delicious as cotton candy! So, in your tough moments, remember that Chika’s dance will always be available to help you feel better.
The Anime/Sauce Love is War

4. Elaina


Elaina was a quiet child. Her life is full of adventure and exciting new things. Hers is one of the very first witches who is friendly and cheerful. She is an intriguing character with a smile that is more much more soothing and more soothing than lavenders. Her smile will cheer you up within a matter of minutes! If you’re interested in learning more about this type of smile, go to the Anime!
Animation/Sauce Elaina Walking Witch

3 . Hisoka


I believe in Hisoka supremacy! It’s the very first smile that is creepy enough to make you love Hisoka. The moments he has within the Anime are jaw-dropping. Do check out “Hunter X Hunter”.
Animation/Sauce Hunter X Hunter

2. Tetora


Tetora loves to make fun of those around her as well as being confident. She’s extremely hyper and impulsive. If you are feeling that you are about to quit an endeavor or feeling in despair, she’s the kind of woman that will make you feel better quickly! Her smile is incredibly charismatic and captivating that she’ll change your mood.
Animal/Sauce Log Horizon

1. Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D Luffy

Luffy is cheerful and caring. Always ready to risk his life for the ones he loves. Even during the toughest times, he could not ever stop smiling. Whatever happened, Luffy smiles. I believe it’s a great quality. Do you have a thought of Luffy’s calming smile?
The Anime/Sauce One Piece

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