Blood Lad Characters : Everything You Need To Know

Blood Lad Characters

Everyone has their favorite Blood Lad characters, and everyone has their least favorites. Whether you love the hotheaded Staz or the adorable Bel Hydra, this list has both. Here are the Top 10 Blood Lad Best Characters!

Top 10 Blood Lad Characters


staz blood lad

He is the protagonist in the Eastern District demon realm. Staz is a brave and stubborn man by nature.

He is also willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He is not afraid of his rivals, but he is loved by his friends.

The demon world revered him and admired him. A demon named Staz can paralyze an enemy and then sucking their power to crush their hearts.

He was able to recover quickly from injuries, making him seem invincible.

Staz will change your perception of Okatu. Staz is obsessed by Okatu (Japanese Culture). He spends his days dreaming about the human condition and studying manga and anime.

His henchmen, who were sent to manage the district’s affairs, treat him with contempt. Fuyumi is saved by him.

Braz, his brother was also aware that he had these abilities. He knew the danger and sealed it using a small pellet.

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Fuyumi blood lad season 2

Fuyumi, a high school student in the Human world, is Fuyumi. A portal also accidentally allows her to enter the demon world.

Futhermore she seems innocent and naive but has no idea of the demon realm.

Staz meets her there and they form an intense bond. Also, Staz is fascinated with the human world.

Staz loves and protects her. He sees her as a way to discover more about the human condition.

Staz was fighting an invading demonic, but she is attacked by a man-eating herb.

She transforms into a ghost to save herself from being dematerialized and becomes dependent on Staz.

Staz is upset at this and promises to bring her back to human form and to accompany her on a adventure towards civilized humanity.

Fuyumi secretly has a relationship to Bell Hydra. Legend has it that the two sisters were in a cross-dimensional relationship.

Bell discovers later that she was unaware of this. Only a handful of times were they in conflict.

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Bell Hydra blood lad

She is a powerful sorceress and well-known for her spatial magical abilities. She is able to manipulate both time and space.

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It is also a trademark of her ability to spy on other parts and share information.

Fuyumi trusted her and did the right thing. Fuyumi is approached by Staz, who offers to help her. She does all she can.

Staz has an intimate relationship and confesses to her while she works with him.

Fuyumi is determined and determined to catch and punish the thief. This thief enabled Fuyumi to reach the demon realm.

She initially thought it was Staz. She later discovered it was Akim. It is important to recall that Fuyumi wasn’t a fan of Akim at first.

This was only later that she realized and promised to protect her.

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wolf blood lad

Wolf is close friends with Staz and once was a rival. He was expelled from Acropolis for his “impure Blood”.

He was a fierce fighter and had a lot of willpower to be a werewolf. When he was excited, his snout resembled that of a Wolf.

Fuyumi, Staz and his companions have him as their guide. He is also a friend and friend who cares, despite his rough exterior.

Staz shares this characteristic. He is a friend who risks his reputation and lives.

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He feels also cheated and unhappiness.

5. Braz D Blood

Blood Lad Characters

The Blood Family’s oldest child, and brother to Staz & Liz. Braz’s goal is to defeat the king of Demon World who are also the murderer his father, Wolf Daddy.

6. Papradon Akim

Papadron Akim Blood Lad Characters

Akimu Papladon is an artificial demon (dubbed “Artificial Demon No.9” ) who was delivered to Franken Stein to have experiments performed on him. He used to be known simply as Pantomime when he was alive as a demon, though it’s hinted that he plays a pivotal role in Braz’s overlying desire to overthrow King Wolf.

Akimu is a phantom presence, which means the body he is shown with is simply a “decoration”, while the phantom manipulates the body parts through magic.

7. Liz T Blood

Liz T Blood Blood Lad Characters

Liz Tiffany Blood is the youngest child of the Blood Family. Also, Liz is in charge of keeping order in Hell and determines the guilt or innocence of an individual and subsequently delivers a deserving punishment.

She initially despised Staz and disowned him as her sibling due to the amount of attention that he received from their elder brother, Braz, in comparison to herself.

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8. Richarz Blood – The Most Badass Among Blood Lad Characters

Richarz was the king of Demon World and the guardian of Door of Magical Essence, which held Herrschaft Grimm’s magic essence. Also, Richarz and Wolf Daddy fought materialized magic to get it through the door. Richarz’s wife was also dragged into the room, and Richarz had a hard time absorbing some of the magic.

He knew that Grimm’s magic would continue to live in him and eventually overtake his body so he asked Wolf Daddy for help. Wolf Daddy kills him by removing his heart from his body. Richarz’s child Braz watches as his father dies, believing Wolf Daddy murdered him to allow him to take the throne.

Braz resurrects Richarz 10 years after his death, in order to kill Wolf Daddy, and take his rightful place of king. After explaining to his son that Wolf Daddy wasn’t his betrayal, Richarz is again killed by Akim, a demon who took Richarz’s heart and drank all of Richarz’s blood.

9. Heads Hydra

Heads Hydra

Heads Hydra is Bell’s and Knell’s father and the ruler of his own zone.

Hydra is usually seen in his human form which is dark blonde, beard and wearing regular modern clothes. However, in his true form, he is a giant three headed Hydra dragon with wings.

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10. Franken Stein

Franken Stein

The mad scientist of demon world. He assists Wolf in keeping Fuyumi safe. His medical knowledge is amazing, despite his oddities. He is not good at making explosives, and he often blows up his lab. 

He is currently helping Braz with his experiments on Akim. Fuyumi is also a subject of his scientific interest. He believes that her potential and ability to be a perfect specimen for his research into creating the perfect demon.

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