Anime girl curly hair : Our Top 10+

anime girl curly hair

Curly haired anime girls are becoming extremely well-known with the passing of time. Also, Curly hair has always been adorable and beautiful. But the anime girl have embraced curly hair in a manner that is unambiguous about the beautiful and elegant look of hair with curly curls.

Curly hair is commonly employed for anime characters that need to be innocent, naive , and shy, as well as possessing an attractive and feminine look. The curls usually fly across the entire world and can be quite wild that show how relaxed and youthful the anime characters are. Sometimes, the villains have curls too but their curls are always ferocious and sleek , which indicates that they’ve got negative energy around them.

However the situation is, most anime girls have curly hair. Their hair can be a source of model for girls all over the world. Curly hair from anime isn’t always straight or has an identifiable pattern, however it’s usually loose and features abstract styling that is distinctive to every character.

However, today we have some cute curly hair anime characters to choose from. It’s strange that most anime girls have straight hairs, as I’ve found curly hair anime girls to be very beautiful and adorable.

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Let’s begin with a list of cute curly female anime characters from the world.

11. Mai Valentine From Yu-Gi-Oh! – Blonde anime girl curly hair

anime girl curly hair Mai Valentine

Mai’s design was overseen and supervised by Kazuki Takahashi. The anime Duelist Kingdom, Mai wore the short-sleeved, purple coat with her black tube-top exposed her midriff, and black socks, and recurring high-heeled purple boots, and yes she was a curly anime girl.

Since Battle City on, she changed into a sleeveless purple vest with white tank top. She was wearing white gloves that were long and long.

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10. Suzuka Dairenji From Tokyo Ravens

Mami Tomoe From Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The blonde blonde hair falls with curly twin-tails, and blue eyes. She first appears wearing the purple and black lolita dress. However, after enrolling in Onmyou Academy, she changes her outfit. Onmyou Academy, wears the Academy’s jacket over her dress.

In her Lolita style dress, she has two bows in black on her hair, one on top of each drill. For the jacket, which is her Academy coat, she sports pink bows instead.

A self-confident onmyouji is able to appear as being innocent and young to those she wants to impress, but she is actually pompous and a bit sadistic.

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9. Mami Tomoe From Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Mami Tomoe From Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Tomoe Mami has curly hair that is very curly anime girl, often with twin drills. Mami has eyes that are yellow. She is dressed in a uniform that includes a checkered skirt and beige coat. When she is in Her Magical Girl form, she wears a beige skirt that has black tips. Her top is a white short-sleeved shirt that has pockets and armwarmers.

Between her skirt and top, she wears an apron-like brown corset. Additionally, she wears a brown hat that has white fur that is coming out along with the white and gray stripe leggings, as well as the knee-high black and yellow boots.

8. Elizabeth Midford From Kuroshitsuji

Elizabeth Midford From Kuroshitsuji

Midford Elizabeth is a curly teenage hair anime model with emerald green eyes and waist-length golden-blonde hair that’s worn in two huge drills, with only an unnaturally curled cowlick in the front.

Elizabeth is often seen wearing extravagant dresses and gowns, jewelry, low-heeled shoes and many headbands decorated with ribbons or flowers.

7. Launch From Dragon Ball

Launch From Dragon Ball

In Dragon Ball, Launch’s wardrobe changes frequently however, they all have an red ribbon on her head. Launch’s first look consisted of an edgy belly-baring light-green crop tank top and yellow shorts, red belt as well as brown fingerless gloves. red sneakers with the Nike insignia paired along with green socks.

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Launch’s main appearance changes throughout her General Blue Saga to a pink tank top and dark pair of black pants that have kneepads of white. At her participation in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament she wore the black shirt with green pants.

The King Piccolo Saga the actress wore a purple unisex top that had no sleeves, paired with gray pants with a brown belt and an ash in brown.

6. Kagari Izuriha from Black Rock Shooter

riha from Black Rock Shooter

Kagari Izuriha of Black Rock Shooter has lovely curly hair, which is blonde. Her curly hair from anime is messy and falls naturally curly down her back. She was a user of wheelchair, but she became more mobile and began walking. The messy blonde hair she tucked with a pink ribbon looked very adorable.

The pretty anime ladies with curly hair are extremely popular and have become a cult image of curly hair around the world.

5. Mami Tomoe, from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Mami Tomoe, from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The elegant and beautifully cut curls of Mami Tomoe have become a symbol of her personality. Her beautiful eyes with a yellow tint and flawless magic ability are the main reasons that people admire her for and her beautiful yellow curls play a significant role in making her look as beautiful as she is. Most of the time, she is seen wearing a uniform, which emphasizes her curls and makes her look younger and beautiful.

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4. Biscuit Krueger, a.k.a Hunter x Hunter – Blonde anime girl curly hair

anime girl curly hair Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger in Hunter x Hunter is another extremely powerful anime girls with curly hair who make use of her cute appearance to conceal her real abilities. Her curly blonde hair that is perfect with the type of dress that she typically wears. Pink is a girly color that is often worn by her. It makes her appearance as youthful or innocent as she would like to look.

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3. Sadi of One Piece

Sadi of One Piece

Curly hairstyles from anime aren’t always about being innocent or shy, but they can look similarly good on villains that are clever and have more clever schemes to their sleeves. Sadi From One Piece is just the perfect example of this, and her hair reflects her character in such a way that it’s impossible to imagine that she is not wearing it.

Aria, from Omega Quintet

Aria is a tough and gorgeous anime model with chic white curly hair that is long enough that it falls completely into her calves. Her hair is arranged with natural and soft waves which makes it look even more appealing.

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Ravel Phenex from High School DXD anime girl curly hair

Ravel is a gorgeous young anime model sporting eye color of dark blue. Her long blonde locks are braided into twintails, with big curly, drill-like curls. She also has blue ribbons to keep them in the right place.

Her frontal hair is adorned with numerous bangs that hang over her forehead, and the shape of a V hanging over her bridge of nose.

The body measurement of Ravel is [B85W59-H84 cm] [B33 – W23-H33 inthe height of 153 cm (5 feet 5 inches) and weight is 47 kg.

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