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Broly - Second Coming

Dragon Ball Z: The Return of the Legendary Warrior (ドラゴンボールZ 危険きけんなふたり!超戦士スーパーせんしはねむれない, Doragon Bōru Zetto: Kiken na Futari! Sūpā Senshi wa Nemurenai, lit. The dangerous duo! This is the thirteenth film about Super Warriors (super warriors don’t stop) The 🐲Dragon Ball franchiseDragon Ball Z’s tenth anniversary. It was released in Japan March 12, 1994 (between Episodes 220 221Dragon Ball Z: Invincible power (of Dragon Ball Z) was released four months later. Dragon Ball Z: The Final Fight: Bio-Broly 👾.



The film opens with a Saiyajin shipYou fly through space and crash to Earth. A crater is created by the impact and an injured person exits the ship. The Legendary Super Saiyajin. Broly’s power decreases as the weather becomes colder. He then reverts back to his Super Saiyajin status, and finally loses consciousness, becoming a normal Saiyajin. Then water fallsHe is placed on him and frozen, trapping The sleeping BrolyHe is worth saving.

Quest for the Dragon Spheres

GotenImagine what he’ll want with the Dragon Spheres. Seven years later, Goten Trunks and Videl continue to search for the Dragon Spheres. Videl has always wanted to see them. Shenlong. They find out that Natade Village has a Shaman who believes everything in the world to be a curse. The chief of the villageThe monster is terrorizing the residents of Natade Village, and their only hope for help is from The shaman.

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Goten, TrunksAnd VidelThey decide to create a plan for Natade to be wiped out by hiding in the nearby woods and leaving food for it. Trunks and Goten are hungry so they try to steal an Apple. But when Goten catches them, it is too late. GotenVidel hits Goten as he attempts to take it. Videl apologizes and gives Goten a cake. Trunks then confesses to Goten that he was just pretending. Videl & GotenReport to Natade Village.

Then, The monsterThe dinosaur is revealed to have appeared. Goten defeats the dinosaur and eats him. TrunksVidel is invited to dinner. The shaman is then rebuffed by The villageThey were not properly protected. Natade village being peaceful, Goten and Trunks leave to pursue their quest. Dragon Spheres. Goten, weeping because he cannot eat. apple.

Unbeknownst to them, however, Goten’s previous cryingBroly was stuck in the ice because it causes the ice crack. Broly was woken up by Goten’s cry (which reminded him about). Goku is crying(when they were children). He breaks through the ice and transforms after becoming angry. Super Saiyajin.

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Fighting Broly: Round 2

Evening falls when GotenVidel, Trunks and Videl go to sleep so that they can continue their adventure to summon Shenlong the next day. Videl wakes up in the morning from explosions far away. He then goes to investigate the blasts at the lake nearby. There are Videl is confronted by a man with white pants, a gold belt, earrings, and blond hair: Broly in his 🐲 Super Saiyajin form. Broly appears as Videl.

As Broly and VidelBroly and Goten confront each other. Trunks and Goten go to see what’s happening and attempt to persuade Broly to stop. Broly’s anger escalates when he sees Goten. Goten for GokuDue to his declining mental state, Goten’s hair, his crying that is similar to Goku and Goten’s, Broly becomes irritable. Broly turns his attention towards Goten and TrunksThey are easily attacked and fought with.

Goten’s eyes drop on the battlefield during the battle The last Dragon SphereBroly tried to distract him while Goten took his Dragon Sphere. Goten loses the Sphere accidentally when he accidentally breaks into a place filled with crystal ballsTrunks are forced to fight Broly and dodge him, while Goten tries his best to find the Spheres in the crystal balls. Goten finally finds the Sphere, and tries to summon it. Shenlong. Broly is about to kill Broly when Goten attempts to call Shenlong from behind a waterfall. Shenlong does not show up. Just as Broly is about kill Goten and Trunks 👾Gohan saves the boys by showing up at the very last minute.

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Broly - Second Coming

Gohan land safely with Goten and Trunks secure and explains to Broly that Broly the fearsome.Legendary Super SaiyajinHe was with Trunks and Goten seven years ago when he fought alongside the Z Warriors. Gohan is surprised to discover that Videl is also with Goten, Trunks and his team. Now, think about that. Gohan is GokuBroly calls Gohan Kakarotto and attempts to attack him. Gohan tries head-on to defeat Broly. Both Saiyajins seem to be equally matched. Videl then appears and Gohan, Broly and Broly fly up into the skies to fight. Broly then looks at GotenTrunks, Videl, and Trunks are on top of a cliff, watching the battle. Broly launches an energy ball at the three below. At the last second, Gohan appears in front of the others, reflects the energy sphere, and tries to defend 💪 his friends from the attack, but is unable to. The attackGohan injures all the others and is the last one standing to fight Broly. Gohan becomes his own anger over these events. Super Saiyajin 2 form. Broly crushes Gohan.

He’s being outclassed GohanBroly transforms from his Super Saiyajin 2 to his Legendary form. Gohan is defeated after a short struggle but cannot defeat him. Broly. Broly gives Gohan a blow in the stomach and then hugs him. Gohan realizes this is the only way to defeat Broly. Gohan unleashes his last strength, kicks Broly in Broly’s face, and he is unable to stop him. This injures Broly and distracts him from escaping. GohanBroly is lured to a lava lake Broly created with his previous energy sphere. Broly appears to fall into the moltenlava. GohanKuririn (in Piccolo costumes) saves Broly before he falls into the lava. Broly launches an assault.

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Broly appears before the eyes of a new energy shield that he had created to protect him. The Z WarriorsKuririn was shocked by this and Gohan became annoyed. Kuririn then knocks him out with an anachronistic weapon. Energy attack. Broly then tortures Gohan with all the other helpless and exhausted people.

Broly is just about to die GohanVidel intervenes and throws a crystal at the giant Saiyajin, distracting him for a while. Gohan becomes angry after Videl is seen falling from the crystal. Broly then kicks Gohan in the stomach. GohanBroly shouts angrily for him to stop. Broly however tells Gohan he will not stop until his death. Gohan transforms into Super Saiyajin, attacking Broly with a Super Kamehameha. Broly responds with an Omega BlasterGohan is stopped from attacking. The Dragon Spheres begin to glow and fall from Goten’s bag. Broly knocks Goten unconscious and he transforms into a glowing ghost. a Super SaiyajinGohan is helped by his Kamehameha. Goku, GohanGoten, et al. Kamehameha.

But even with this, Kamehameha combinedBroly, still with the advantage, launches the enormous energy bomb forward and launches several attacks on him. Goten is now scared of losing and begins to think that Goku might be there. The Dragon Spheres appear to hear Goten’s wishes and glow. The Spheres seem to have a secret identity. Geten’s wish fulfilledBroly, Goten, Broly, and Gohan hear a familiar voice from the sky: it is Goku. Goku suddenly appears from the darkness and lands next to his sons. He transforms into Super Saiyajinhe launches his Kamehameha to aid his sons. He encourages them to fight in the duel. This works until Broly starts throwing more ki at it. The bomb.

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Trunks awakens from The energy fightBroly falls down after he launches a Ki beam at him. Trunks’ attack blocks Broly from his enormous energy bomb. Broly can’t throw more ki at it to make it move forward. This opportunity is now. GokuHis sons and he charge all their strength into the Kamehameha, which is defeated Broly’s bomb. His last attempts are futile, as he is thrown in the sun. His chest explodes and he screams. The sun.

Broly - Second Coming
When the dust has settled, The 🐲 Dragon SpheresGoku is gone, and scatter. Videl is furious that Gohan has not arrived earlier to assist Broly. Trunks declares he’d like to eat, and he walks off wearing the necklace of the Shaman. Goten following himAs they walk. Kuririn is still on the rock he was thrown and asks for assistance before the movie ends.

Place the timeline

The film takes place in a time that was not yet known. The 25th Martial Arts Tournament 💪It begins because Goku is still alive and Gohan is already close friends with Videl. This occurs while Goten is training for the Tournament. Great Saiyaman SagaAfter. VidelTo continue his flight training, he cuts his hair Gohan.

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