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Traute carven aot

In Aot, Squad Leader Traute Care Carven is part of the Central Department Of The Gendarmerie Corps. It is affiliated with the Anti Human Suppression Squad. She is Kenny Ackerman’s right-hand woman and serves as Deputy Chief.

“We enlisted in the Gendarmerie Corps with the intention of joining the Central Ward, working alongside Kenny and trying to give meaning to this worldless World. “

– Traute speaks to Subordinates



In Aot, Carven Traute stands tall and has a slim build. Her blonde hair is usually tied back behind her head. In the past she wore her hair loosely on her shoulders with her bangs swept in the middle. You can often see her looking serious, calm and even sad. She has dark circles and depressed eyes. She is often seen wearing her standard military uniform when she joins the Gendarmerie Corps. During Suppression Squad operations she wears tight black pants and a white shirt with her Three Dimensional Anti-Human Maneuvering Device.

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In Aot, Traute Carven is disappointed by her life and the suffering of the Walls. After meeting Kenny Ackerman she discovers a purpose in her life and decides to help her boss reach his goal of omnipotence. She will try to follow all his instructions to fulfill his wishes. She is a serious woman who keeps an eye on her every move.

She is a serious woman who manages to keep her emotions under control. When her men are defeated by the Special Operations Team, she attempts to devise a defense strategy. She manages to inspire her subordinates before the confrontation with the Special Operations Squad by saying that although they may be defeated, death is better than living inside the walls after fall of the Royal Government. However, she insists that she believes in Kenny‘s dream and will fight for them until their end to give meaning and purpose to her life.

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PAST Traute

Traute is made a member in the Year 847 and goes to Kenny Ackerman’s meeting. After introducing himself to the group, Traute apologizes for any discomfort caused by his past as “The Ripper”,. He had previously murdered more 100 Gendarmerie Corps members. The man also admits that it is quite surreal that he has been appointed leader of the Squad while not having ever been a Soldier. In the midst of all the silence, Traute talks to Kenny and tells him she’s okay with being an assassin.

This is because, two years after the fall of Wall Maria humans have stopped fighting the Giants. They have begun killing each other for their last territories. These events are due to the trust they have in the Army and the protection offered by the Walls. Although she believes she can follow Kenny’s orders even though she has lost all hope for her future, the girl tells him she is happy to do so. After the girl has revealed her depression, Kenny approaches the girl and, with a strange smile, explains that being part his Team fighting the Reconnaissance Army was just a facade to gain approval from the Royal Government. The real reason for the founding of the Team was to pursue Kenny’s Dream, which is to obtain the Giant’s Power. Traute is motivated to continue her adventure and is now the Deputy Chief for the Anti-Human Suppression Squad.

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Traute is with the rest of the Suppression Squad when Eren Jaeger, Historia Reiss and the Reebs Corporation are removed. Kenny removes Dimo Reebs from the Suppression Squad upon their arrival. This is because Dimo was believed to have made a deal and collaborated with Levi Ackerman, the Special Operations Team, and other members of the Corporation. After the old man has been killed, Traute informs Kenny of the death of all the Corporation members and the fact that Eren and Historia have hidden blades that could be used to transform the boy into a Giant. Kenny orders Traute and other members of his Suppression Squad, to prepare three-dimensional Anti-Human gear and be ready to take action.

Later, at the Stohess District when Kenny leaves for Levi’s elimination, Traute takes over Keiji, a subordinate to Hanji Zoe. Traute then infiltrates the District streets to spy on Eren and Historia’s movements. Traute rushes to the alley and shoots the boy in the head, while the boy is intently watching the targets from a distance. When Levi escapes Kenny, Traute joins the chase and hides in a tavern. Kenny goes into the tavern to settle the matter with the Captain in the Reconnaissance Army.

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Traute and other members of Anti-Human Suppression Squad surround him to keep him inside the building and stop him getting out. Kenny suddenly bursts out of the tavern with a shotgun blast. Levi escapes by making his way through enemies and killing them all one by one. Traute approaches Kenny’s helpless body to ask if he is still alive. However, Kenny gets up and shows that he survived the gunshot by using a chair to protect himself. Kenny realizes that Levi took refuge in this bar due to the permit to carry firearms in such establishments and how clever and strong he is. Kenny laughs at Traute’s sarcasm and says it will be harder to get his Dream once they discover their opponent’s incredible skill.

Kenny And Traute Attack On Titan

Traute and the Anti-Human Suppression Team’s remaining members are waiting for the Special Operations Team to arrive. They are supported by wooden supports on top of Cavern columns. Kenny will be supervising Rod Reiss during his Coordinate Succession Ceremony. Traute informs his subordinates about the arrival of Levi, and explains that the Captain of Reconnaissance Army is the only one who has been able to eliminate the entirety of the Suppression Squad . Traute attempts to learn a way to confront Levi but soon changes the subject and says that the Central Department of the Gendarmerie Corps was subjugated that morning. 

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The girl believes that death would be a better option than the days she would have to live after Kenny’s defeat. She beats herself up knowing that the situation within the Walls won’t change. Traute, despite this, finds the strength to continue, stating that she and her friends joined the Gendarmerie Corps to become part of the Suppression Squad to make their lives more meaningful. She then convinces herself that fighting to the end is the best way to help Kenny realize his Dream of Omnipotence, and facilitate the real change in the Fate of the World.

When the Special Operations Team behind him throws barrels of flammable oil down the Cavern’s steps, Sasha Blouse explodes the barrels with flamingarrows. This creates a curtain of smoke which allows Levi and Mikasa to enter the Cavern. Traute’s men become disoriented from the smoke and cannot understand Levi’s intentions. He turns around and identifies the location and the total number of members in the Suppression Squad. He then orders his subordinates not to kill them. The girl leads her Team members inside the smoke, and commands them to break into teams to eliminate their enemies one at a time. 

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As Sasha continues to blow up barrels, the smoke quickly builds and the Special Operations Team utilizes the three-dimensional equipment closer than the Suppression Team. This leads to Traute’s death. Traute realizes the tragedy and waits for the right time to attack an enemy. This allows his Squad to regroup. Hanji falls for the trap of the girl, who with a clever strategy manages to poke her shoulder with a grapplinghook and then throw her against one column of the Cavern. She is left unconscious. Traute and his Team are distracted by Levi, which allows Traute to escape from the smoke and go to Kenny to rework their plan.

Carven Attack On Titan

The final events see Rod Reiss consume the Giant Transformation Srum. He grows bigger by the second, burning the air around and weakening the Cavern ceiling, which starts to collapse. After witnessing the scene, Kenny retreats and Traute and the remaining survivors of the Anti-Human Suppression Squad catch him. Their leader orders them back as Rod Reiss’ Giant is destroying the structure’s ceiling. After several boulders have fallen from the ceiling, Traute and his Squad die. Kenny watches the scene helplessly before running out with the three-dimensional equipment.

Kenny spends his last moments thinking back to the past. He recalls his first encounter with Traute in the year 847 . Kenny, when Levi finds him and questions him, states that everyone must be intoxicated if they want to keep going. He also remembers Traute’s smile.

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Kenny Ackerman Traute admits to her loss and is willing to take orders from an assassin. Kenny then explains that the creation of his Team was for his own Dream, which was to get the Coordinate. He promises that he will change the world with the power. Traute found the motivation to continue following Kenny’s instructions and helping him as much as she could to reach his goal. Over the years, she is trained by Kenny and eventually becomes the Deputy Chief of the Anti-Human Suppression Team. Traute is loyal to her Chief to the end. She decides to go with him to the Cave, where Rod Reiss’ transformation takes place.

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  • Keiji


  • Hange Zoe

TRIVIA Carven Aot

  • The name Traute Carven is not mentioned in the main work. Hajime Isayama confirmed the above via Twitter in March 2016.
  • Traute was already a member of the Gendarmerie Corps during the year 847. This indicates that Traute graduated among the top 10 from her Training Corps prior to or during the year. Keep in mind that Traute could have been between 15 and 17 years old when she graduated from the Training Corps. Therefore, in 850, she may be between 18 and 20.
  • Traute is a tall female character who stands at 172cm tall. She also shares the title with Nanaba, Ymir, and Ymir.
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