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In Attack On Titan, Kenny the Ripper is the chapter number 57 in the Attack on the Titans manga. Written and drawn by Hajime Isayama.

Summary Kenny Attack On Titan

Summary Kenny Attack On Titan

Hange is a violent intruder into the room in the room where Erwin hangs out in the room where Erwin telling him, perhaps annoyed about the fact that Eren remembered important details about the titans and they should reconsider their previous plan. Then she falls to the ground in the room. Erwin says Erwin would like to know what her thoughts are, Hange replies that Reiss is planning to consume Eren. 

After that, Erwin together with Hange meet, and Erwin shows him the piece of paper Eren handed him, which contained the exchange with Ymir with Bertolt was recorded in which he says that Bertolt inquired of Ymir whether she ever wanted to eat people at all in response Ymir responds that she had been wandering around in the wall for sixty years. Hange tells Erwin how Ymir was one of the titans who escaped the walls and she was able to be like the people who were forced into becoming titans.

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Kenny and Livai Attack On Titan

Despite the fact that they weren’t aware of the process, it is evident that the 60 years they lived through were hell, and that titans don’t just go around eating humans. Hange shares with Erwin his theory that titans gain the ability to control the transformation into a human titan through eating a person with the power of the titan that is changing and simultaneously gain the power they had. Erwin also suggests that it could be because the monarchy is looking to utilize to harness the powers of “Coordinate” that Eren has and then transfer it to a altering titan they have within their grasp.

After having listened to his theories, Erwin shows him an article he had received the previous day, which contained it was the summary of the group of Reiss team’s encounter and he states that the people who follow the wall religion are a part of an “binding oath system” built on the basis of trust in bloodlines, in which History is seen as as significant by the monarchy just as Eren is regarded as.

Kenny Attack On Titan

In the room, a sudden interruption the soldier, who informs Erwin his that Military Police are outside framing the Exploration Corps for the murder. Erwin wears his jacket and orders Hange to go out and do the things that his gut instincts tell him and to leave the remainder to Levi while he investigates the problem. When he leaves the room Erwin announces Hange as his new commander. After leaving him with the Exploration Corps at his command. Hange is astonished and questions about the company using Pixis and Pixis, however Erwin responds that it was a disaster.

Outside, Erwin arrives to be greeted by a crowd of residents as well as Military Police, upon arrival Erwin was accused of being the one responsible for the death of Dimo Reeves as a retribution for his kidnap of Eren Jeager as well as Historia. The wife of Dimo’s wife claims that Dimo has come forward to claim him, but Erwin informs her that the murder will be retribution for his own and is made a prisoner by the Military Police. In hiding, Flegel Reeves is able to observe all the noise in the street but is then taken away and carried to a roof by Hange who informs him that he needs to learn everything he witnessed when his father was murdered. After explaining the incident, Hange tells him that thanks to him , they can show their innocence to the Exploration Corps, Flegel does not want to risk the possibility that the same fate will befall him as his father was. Hange states that the Corps does not have an era of defeat.

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Stohess District

The next day, inside the Stohess District. The members from the Military Police start handing out flyers that proclaim regarding the fact that the Exploration Corps have escaped and started murdering, Jean sneaks through the angered crowd and gets an advertisement with an image of Levi appears on it. She then goes to Levi’s current Squadron where she presents this flyer Armin and Connie, as Sasha, Connie and Jean share their views regarding Sergeant Levi and the fact that they’re not yet ready to take on human race yet. Armin offers them a talk about how the future is good and they put aside their thoughts and Mikasa who advises the group that it’s more important to believe in the sergeant.

 Kenny Vs Livai Attack On Titan

On the other hand On the other side is Levi and Hange Squadron watching on transfers of 2 The coffins in which Eren and Historia may be. On the roof of a home are Levi and Nifa monitoring the situation. Levi inquires Nifa whether she has heard of “Kenny the Ripper” however, she informs him that she believed that he was just a myth which has been around for a while However, Levi confirms the existence of the legend, adding that she was a part of his family as a young girl. But Nifa isn’t convinced and tells him it’s odd for him to laugh in a situation like that.

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Then they are confronted by gunshots that come through the rooftop of a second home, Nifa gets hit with an arrow in the face. Levi is able to avoid the bullet, and at the same time Keiji along with Abel get killed by unknown people. In the background of Levi is Kenny Ackerman with a device like his Three Dimensional Maneuvering Equipment but modified. In attack on Titan season 3, Levi and Kenny confront each other and are ready to engage in a fight.

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Nifa, Keiji and Abel died.


“The next commander will be Hange Zoe …. you. “
-Erwin to Hange

“Defeat is all the Exploration Corps has ever known! “
-Hange to Flegel

Curiosities On Kenny Attack On Titan

Curiosities On Kenny Attack On Titan
  • A member among Hajime Isayama’s assistants concealed sexual messages in his Levi’s quest poster Armin holds in his palm by concealing it in text inverted to katakana that mimics the writing system found on walls. After noticing the incident Isayama’s editor informed the twitter account that the assistant included the humorous sexual joke without author’s permission. Isayama apologized later to his followers via his blog for the incident in the past, stating that this kind of incident would never occur again.
  • In the following days, this hidden message was removed during when the chapter was published of Volume 14.
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