How Strong Is Black Frieza In Dragon Ball Super ?

Black Frieza

Spoiler: The spoiler has revealed the most powerful fighter of all time in the universe. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, titled Reveal the Greatest in the UniverseThe episode, which was released a few hours earlier, is called. The episode will not only be the end of the most powerful villain the saga has seen yet, but it will also divulge into Frieza’s new power.

Since the raw scans for the episode came out, fans have been trying to guess identity of the mysterious figure who killed Monaito. Fans were not prepared for the chapter’s contents, despite speculations and theories.

How Strong Is Black Frieza In Dragon Ball Super

Continue reading for more information about the spoilers released. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 and what looms in the franchise’s future.

Warning! This article contains spoilers to Dragon Ball Super Chapter.

Frieza is who?

Frieza is who?

Introduced in the early stages Dragon Ball ZFrieza is the franchise’s most vile villain. This galactic tyrant was responsible to the destruction and subjugation of many planets, including Planet Vegeta. Goku reached the base level Super Saiyan during a fight against Frieza on Namek. This battle almost ended in their deaths. Future Trunks later killed Frieza. Despite this death, Dragon Ball Super In fact, the villain was resurrected by him and he received a new transformation called Golden Frieza. As the manga shows, Black Frieza is much more powerful than that form. At this point, it’s unclear how Black Frieza will be incorporated into future stories or if it will be included in the anime.

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How Did Frieza Achieve His Black Form? 

How Did Frieza Achieve His Black Form? 

Frieza has returned with a new transformation. According to the manga, the tyrant had been training for ten years in a Hyperbolic time chamber that he found on a planet he conquered. He unlocked a brand new transformation called “Black Frieza.” 

How Powerful Is Frieza Black?

Black Frieza
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We believe that Black Frieza will pose the greatest threat to Z-fighters ever. Is there a greater threat to Z-fighters than Gas? Yes. In Dragon Ball Super chapter87, Frieza suddenly appears and kills Gas in one blow. He then kills Elec and reveals his new transformation, “Black Frieza.” 

While the most powerful entities found no match to Gas’ powers, Frieza’s arrogance and excellence are enough to prove that he is now unstoppable. Furthermore, he defeats UI Goku and UE Vegeta with a single blow. What do you think of his power? He is a living beast now… 

He Will Be the Main Threat To Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc.

Black Frieza
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You thought Frieza looked just like Vegeta after her Tournament of Power victory. No. He remains one of the Z-fighters’ biggest enemies. We believe that he will continue to follow the dark paths and will be the biggest threat in the newarc. Are you ready for another bombastic arc? Comment below to share your thoughts. 

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How Strong is Black Frieza in Comparison to Other Dragon Ball Characters

How Strong is Black Frieza in Comparison to Other Dragon Ball Characters

Black Frieza made quick work out of Gas upon his introduction. He was known to be powerful enough for both Vegeta (and Goku) to struggle when they were at their strongest. Black Frieza stabbed Gas through the chest using his hand and proceeded to crush his skull as the Heeter’s bones crumbled to the ground because his lifespan had already run out.

It’s worth noting that Gas was the strongest mortal of Universe 7 before Black Frieza arrived. He was far stronger than Granolah Goku and Vegeta. Both Goku and Vegeta have their Ultra forms, which are quite powerful and are probably strong enough for them to defeat Broly, who they couldn’t defeat using their Super Saiyan Blue forms.

Who Is Black Frieza & How Strong Is He Compared To Other Dragon Ball Characters?

Remember, in DBS: Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan was basically toying with Golden Frieza, who himself was actually quite strong. In this regard, Ultra Instinct Goku & Ultra Ego Vegeta may be stronger than Legendary Super Saiyan broly, but they struggle against Gas shows that Black Frieza is far more powerful than the most powerful mortal in Universe 7.

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Black Frieza didn’t take too long to prove himself the most powerful mortal in the universe by knocking both True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta with one blow to their respective abdomens. Black Frieza is the only character to have knocked out Vegeta and Goku simultaneously in their Ultra forms at this point in Dragon Ball’s storyline. This is a sign that Black Frieza just reached a new level in power that Vegeta as well as Goku must reach if the tyrant wants to stop his evil plans.

Is Black Frieza Stronger Than Goku’s Ultra Instinct And Vegeta’s Ultra Ego (Together)?

Is Black Frieza Stronger Than Goku’s Ultra Instinct And Vegeta’s Ultra Ego (Together)?

While in their Ultra forms, Black Frieza is far more powerful than Vegeta and Goku. Although Frieza was able to knock them out quickly, it’s possible that things could have been different if they weren’t tired and weary. They might have fought a tough fight against Black Frieza together.

Whis always suggested that Vegeta and Goku would have to learn to work together if they were to surpass Beerus. Black Frieza may be the perfect platform for them to learn how to properly fight in their strongest forms. Let’s now take a look at the power of Black Frieza.

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Power Levels

Black Frieza VS Goku & Vegeta All Forms Power Levels

We were misled to believe that Goku had already revealed his Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power events. He was at the level of Beerus and even Whis. His power level far exceeded that of Super Saiyan Blue. He continued to refine Ultra Instinct until he was able to use it against Gas in the Manga’s Granolah the Survivor arc. This allowed him to harness Ultra Instinct with greater clarity and efficiency in his movements. He was able to fight Gas for a while even though the Heeter was the strongest mortal in Universe 7.

Vegeta had to catch up with Goku, however, because he wasn’t the type of fighter and personality that Ultra Instinct needed. In the manga, Vegeta went through God of Destruction Training with Beerus. He was then able to unlock the Destroyer God form that he called Ultra Ego. Granolah was almost defeated in this form. Vegeta’s Ultra Ego was supposed be the form that enabled him to be equal with Goku.

However, Black Frieza was able to surpass the limits of his former form, Golden Frieza. He was able achieve this form by training in the HyperbolicTime Chamber for ten year. This training was what ultimately enabled him to surpass the power and might of the strongest Universe 7 mortal.

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Frieza’s power level is quite different from Vegeta or Goku, as neither Vegeta nor Vegeta were able to beat Gas. Frieza is the clear winner of this round. His power level is likely closer to Beerus than any other characters.

Saiyans 0, Frieza 1

Black Frieza New Form Explained


Goku has achieved many amazing feats with his Ultra Intelligence form. He also used Perfected Ultra Instinct in order to push Jiren to his limits during the Tournament of Power. Moro had his own Ultra Instinct. After defeating Moro in manga, Goku was able to unlock True Ultra Instinct. This is a derivative from his Ultra Instinct Sign. Gas was able to use this form to cause trouble even though the Heeter was the strongest moral in the Universe.

Black Frieza New Form Explained

Vegeta’s Ultra Ego transformation, which he only was able to unlock during his battle against Granolah (who used to be the strongest Universe 7 mortal prior to Vegeta and Goku surpassed their limits), is still relatively new. Vegeta could push Granolah away and even make Granolah’s other eye stronger. Granolah nearly used a suicide attack against Vegeta to defeat Vegeta, but Vegeta was still extremely powerful. Vegeta, who was able to work alongside Goku’s powerful form, pushed Gas to death.

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Vegeta and Goku in their Ultra forms drove Gas to the edge of death, but it was Frieza who killed Gas with just a single stab through the Heeter’s chest. Black Frieza accomplished what neither Vegeta nor Goku could do. He defeated Gas and killed him with minimal effort. After revealing his Black Frieza form, he quickly defeated the Saiyans with punches in the gut.

Frieza defeated Gas instantly without showing any signs of trouble, which is a feat neither Vegeta nor Goku could match at this stage in the storyline.

Saiyans 0, Frieza 2

Fatigue Factor

Black Frieza Power

It’s worth noting that Goku was already tired from fighting non-stop in the battle against Gas. In addition, the Ultra Instinct forms he assumed, including his True Ultra Instinct were draining his energy quickly. This meant that he was already tired and worn out when Frieza came to surprise him and Vegeta.

Vegeta’s Ultra Ego is held back by the fact that the Saiyan Prince doesn’t care about getting hurt while in Ultra Ego form. It is because he goes all out and has no reservations that he can bring out the best from this form. This simply means that Vegeta can take a lot of punishment in his Ultra Ego form. He could also impose his own punishment. His body was already very worn and tired by the time he met Black Frieza.

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Essentially, he was fresh as a daisy when Frieza appeared in the Granolah the Survivor Saga to spice things up. This means that he was well rested and had plenty of stamina. It’s worth noting that stamina is a big factor in Dragon Ball. Goku in Super Saiyan Blue was able to push Jiren back with Frieza’s help, even though he couldn’t hurt him. Given that Frieza was still quite young when he arrived, it was very easy for him bully Gas, Goku and Vegeta.

Although we know that Black Frieza is stronger than Vegeta and Goku, it’s possible that things would have been different if he had fought them while they were at their maximum strength. While it is possible that Black Frieza might have won the fight, we cannot be certain until we see Vegeta and Goku well rested fighting the evil tyrant.

Saiyans 0, Frieza 3

Black Frieza is stronger than Goku’s Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego.

Black Frieza is stronger than Goku's Ultra Instinct and Vegeta's Ultra Ego.

It is obvious that Black Frieza can defeat both Vegeta and Goku while they are in their Ultra forms. When Frieza quickly defeated a dying Gas (who Vegeta and Goku couldn’t even defeat), it was obvious as day. The tyrant then knocked out the Saiyans with one punch.

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Whis had told Goku and Vegeta that they must learn to work together if they are to defeat Beerus. It doesn’t matter if he meant to say that they would work together, or if they mastered the art of fusion, there is a chance that Goku & Vegeta could match Black Frieza in battle.

Also, Goku just learned True Ultra Instinct and Vegeta just unlocked Ultra Ego. Golden Frieza was once told by Goku that they had to learn the form before unlocking another form. This is because it is important to keep your stamina high in such powerful transformations. Given that Vegeta and Goku have yet to master the new transformations, it’s possible they will end up fighting Black Frieza.

Black Frieza vs Jiren Who Would Win ?

Black Frieza vs Jiren Who Would Win ?

Frieza worked hard for ten years to build his strength and be able to outmatch the Saiyans. You will recall that Frieza did not give training much importance in the past.

Jiren has been training for many recent Dragon Ball Super manga story series. Black Frieza might be the strongest right now in the Dragon Ball Super world, but Jiren vs Black Frieza could bring down Frieza’s ego a notch… and you just know Goku and Vegeta will be itching to train and figure out yet another new level of transformation power to achieve!

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