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Enryu Tower Of God : Everything You Need To Know

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Enryu in Tower Of God can be described as irregular. His status is not known and currently he is ranked 2nd. He was the very first Irregular to be admitted into the Tower under Zahard’s reign.


Enryu is among the more mysterious figures within the Tower and is almost as mysterious as Phantaminum. At present, the location of Enryu’s disappearance is undetermined and nobody knows where he is or what he’s doing.Enryu enters the Tower

Enryu was in the Tower under the rule of Zahard. The most memorable thing he accomplished was the killing of the Administrator of the 43rd floor, was a signal to the citizens in the Tower that administrators, initially believed to be immortal, were not in fact absolute beings. It was initially unclear why the Administrator of the 43rd Floor but it was later found out that He entered the 43rd floor thinking that Zahard had sabotaged the floor which was previously Arlen Grace’s home. Informing those who listened to the “fake King” were going to end up in destruction, Enryu began to destroy the fanatics of Zahard, killing the angry Director for the Floor and completely causing destruction to the floor’s landscapes. A large thorn was left on the spot where the Guardian was killed in order to bring the thorn that will cut through the throat of the King.

Before that, Zahard was #1 in the rankings at that time, but his inactivity resulted in him being dropped to 2nd spot by Enryu who had taken first place in the same year due to this.

Enryu was the No. 1 Ranker and was given the name”Administrator Murderer” “Administrator murderer”. In the following days, Phantaminum was in the Tower. In the aftermath of Phantaminum’s entry, and the Zahard palace intrusion incident Phantaminum quickly clinched the 1st position which pushed the Enryu race and Zahard lower to the 2nd and 3rd positions and 3rd, respectively.

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The sobriquet of Enryu, Red Tower, was awarded to him due to the fact that the shinsu in the Tower changed color when he was present, however the reason behind this is unclear.

Personality and appearance

Enryu is known as having eyes that are red and hair. He has his jacket in brown and is considered to be quite attractive.

Enryu is known as an experienced fighter who fights well to the point that his style of fighting is revered by a number of rankers. Enryu appears to have Arlen Grace to a high standard even to becoming angry and finding the notion of her favorite spot being used as a place of worship for Zahard to be unforgivable. 

However, he’s unremorseful when unleashing his destructive abilities, and completely confident in fighting opponents, ruthlessly destroying the entire Rankers of Zahard in one shot and confronting an Administrator from the 43rd Floor without fear , and battling with such ferocity that it destroys a large portion of the floor’s surrounding before finally destroying the beast, he does not appear to be completely untouchable, giving the Rankers of Zahard the chance to go home in peace and without harming the people who left.

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Capabilities and Powers

Enryu, tearing down”Red Rain” from his “Red Rain”

Enryu is an incredibly powerful and skilled Irregular who was in a position to kill the guardian of the 33rd floor. Because the Guardians were believed to be unkillable the feat was enough to propel Enryu to the number. 1 position, surpassing Zahard himself. He stayed there until Phantaminum arrived at Zahard’s Palace.

Highly Modern Shinsu Mastery

One of the most interesting characteristics of Enryu is his utterly overwhelming level in control of shinsu that is rated over the Guardians as well as a heretical capability, breaking the laws that govern the Tower. Shinsu within the region turns red when Enryu is seen. His mastery of the manipulation of shinsu is such that he’s rumored to be to be able to create life using Shinsu, something that cannot even Urek Mazino can even imagine attaining. 

Another proof of Enryu’s unbeatable control over shinsu is his ability of summoning and fully controlling a multitude of Baangs of shinsu, to the point where he’s managed the largest number of Baangs in the history of the Tower an incredible feat. While the exact amount isn’t documented, it’s evident that it exceeds previous numbers that have been recorded. According to an old Light Bearer who was able to capture the battle of Enryu.

Enryu is known to handle more than 10,000 Baangs in the battle. One of the most sought-after and well-known techniques of fighting is the capability to create thousands of strong spears of Shinsu, and then striking downwards. Some people employ the poetic term ‘ “Red Rain’ to describe the scene. The rare few people who have seen the scene say that it is beautiful. 

One single blast from the Red Rain was powerful enough to wipe out each of Zahard’s rankers who fought his efforts. Shinsu control is so powerful that he was superior to Guardians and Administrators, as demonstrated by the way he was able to harm the guardian of the 43rd Floor with the Red Rain and completely disable the Administrator’s ability to stop shinsu people from accessing shinsu futile and ultimately overpower the believed to be that the Guardian was invincible.


Enryu can propel himself from the ground and flying at great speeds through the air at a speed that is effortless this is one of his main combat abilities.

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