Twenty-Fifth Baam Tower Of God : Everything You Need To Know
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Twenty-Fifth Baam Tower Of God : Everything You Need To Know

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25th Baam

Twenty-Fifth Baam is the main antagonist within Tower of God. Baam is among the most powerful characters from Tower of God. Baam can beat Jahard or so the people who watch the show hope for. What is Jyu Viole Grace? Let’s look at Baam on Tower of God and find out more about his character. Spoiler Alert!! There are a lot of spoilers, so be careful.

Who is Baam within The Tower of God?

Who is Baam within The Tower of God?

Twenty-Fifth Baam is an erroneous person who opened the gates into the tower. Nobody really knows anything about Baam at first however, later in the story, we are able to discover the true story of Baam. Baam begins to climb the tower to find Rachel but he meets Khun, Rak, Yuri and others in the process. Baam is a friend with them, and creates an impressive team and a heart-felt friendship.

What is the reason why Baam called 25th?

Twenty-Fifth Baam’s title refers to the 25th day on which he was born. There are numerous theories being discussed however the most reliable idea at this time is the date that he was born. We’re in need of more information to determine the reason he’s twenty-fiveth Baam. The webtoon says that was the day that he was born. Other parts of the webtoon talk about his mother. There are numerous theories floating around So, make your own choices!

Is Bam the strongest in the God’s Tower? God?

Twenty-Fifth Baam is extremely powerful. Because of his strength or the power of the thorn, the strength could result from his genetic lineage. Baam currently is an irregular of the C rank who even fought against Zahard. Zahard. He was a fierce opponent against the data Zahard. Through the course of the course of the game, he’s growing stronger and is now able for him to defeat Zahard. Zahard is aware that Baam could be a threat, and he sent his troops to deal with Baam.

Baam is growing more powerful as the show moving forward. It’s clear that he’ll be able to surpass the majority of the most powerful characters in the show in due time. Baam’s growth is rapid and he’s likely to be able to take on even more powerful characters.

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Does Baam get stronger In The Tower of God?

It’s funny how Baam began out as the most weak character. As the webtoon progressed, Baam evolved into a formidable character that has an impressive attraction in regards to strength and character. Baam will do whatever it takes to protect his family members. He grows stronger and is currently one of the most powerful regulars, even though it’s a C-ranker.

Is Baam Overpowered?

Baam is a powerful dog with his own strength and the power of the thorn. Baam is extremely powerful and has excellent Shinsu control. However, unlike Rachel He worked hard to enhance his abilities. He doesn’t rely too much on the power of the thorn and is always trying to enhance his abilities and gain knowledge.

Who is stronger? Is it Baam Or White?

Who is stronger? Is it Baam Or White? Baam vs White

Baam White and White did not directly fight however it’s not likely that Baam is more powerful than White. Both are FUG’s slayers candidates because of some reason. But, White is presently at his maximum power, so it’s impossible to ignore the fact that White is very powerful and strong. However, this is Baam who we’re talking about. In the course of time, Baam had a fair number of mighty battles.

Are you sure that Baam the highest ranker? Does Baam beat the High Ranker?

In the present, Baam is a C-level ranker. Baam’s abilities are expanding rapidly. He was able to defeat Kaiser and even Androssi could not beat. Baam can easily beat top-ranking players without breaking the sweat.

Do you think Baam take down Yama?

Baam is strong enough to be able to kill Yama. But instead of killing his opponent Baam teams up with Yama. Yama was angry when Baam confronted him. Baam was determined to save Dengdeng , and suggested to take on Yama. Poor Dengdeng however. We’re sure of the way that happened. Baam tried to keep everyone safe however it was outside his control. Baam awakes Yama and is angry. Since Karaka is on the scene, Baam and Yama didn’t engage in a fight right away.

The Tower of God: Baam’s Love Interest

The film Tower of God, even it’s not romantic, however, Baam almost has a marital harem. The harem of Baam is comprised consisting of Yuri Jahard, Androssi Jahard, Kaiser, and maybe Khun. There are others who show feelings either to one way or another towards Baam. But, Baam doesn’t look interested in any person. He is always friend-zoning everybody! Bravo Baam!

Does Yuri in love with him?

Yuri and Baam

Yuri Zahard has taken a great deal of notice in Baam from the beginning. She even offered her Black March to him without any hesitation. Yuri even went to save Baam & the company from the Hell Train.

Yuri hasn’t been the most open about her feelings toward Baam however she is in love with Baam. It will be interesting to see what Yuri is feeling about Baam.

It was fascinating to see that Yuri did everything to safeguard Baam and even betrayed Zahard and assisting them to escape from the station they were in.

Are Endorsi in love With Baam?

Are Endorsi in love With Baam?

Endorsi has been a lover to her numerous times. Since the start, Endorsi was a fan of Twenty-Fifth-Baam. Even during the name hunt station she admitted to Baam which made him frightened. She’s never afraid to express her love for Baam and her views on Yuri Zahard her love rival. Endorsi isn’t a fan of Rachel because she is aware that Baam truly cares for Rachel or did.

Does Baam Die in Tower of God?

Does 25th Baam Die in Tower of God?

Rachel has pushed him away in the course of testing. Everyone believed Baam might have died. However, Khun believed of the fact that Baam lived. Baam was dead in his name. The FUG helped to save Baam and declared Baam the slayer candidate.

Baam changed to Jyu Viole Grace. It’s interesting to know it’s true that Baam as well as Jyu Viole Grace’s father is V and his mother is Arlene Grace. This is the reason for the name Jyu Viole Grace.

Do 25th Baam and Jyu Viole Grace the Same People?

Do Twenty Fifth 25th Baam and Jyu Viole Grace the Same People?

After Rachel had betrayed him After Rachel betrayed him, Twenty-Fifth Baam was a part of the FUG. He was Jyu Viole Grace, and also the FUG’s slayer-in-waiting candidate. To summarize, Baam and Jyu Viole Grace are the same person.

Does Baam Kill Rachel?

Does Baam Kill Rachel?

As as much as fans want for it, will Twenty-Fifth Baam murder Rachel? The truth is, Baam as well Rachel have a very difficult relationship. In the eyes of Baam, Rachel is the most important person, and he went to the tower in the search of her. After Rachel is injured by Khun, Baam is finally over her.

It was a very enjoyable moment to watch Bamm finally say to Rachel to go on a journey. If Rachel continues to cause pain to Baan’s family He might eventually make a decision and do something shocking to Rachel.

Does Khun and Baam Meet Up Again?

Does  Khun and Baam Meet Up Again? Tower of God

Baam died for a short period of time (not in the literal sense). Everyone believed that Baam was dead following the test, all because of Rachel. Later, Baam and Khun reconnect in the form of Jyu Viole Grace. It was a touching moment to watch Baam back together and with Khun Rak and Rak. Baam even tells the business to go and Khun is not happy. Khun is hesitant to take the initiative. But, their reunion does bring many tears for their fans.

Abilities Tower Of God

Shinsu Control

Shinsu Control

Although Baam at first was unaware about shinsu but he demonstrated an astoundingly high level of skill and ability in controlling shinsu during intense learning and taking an wave Controller class on the level of the test. The highly skilled Phonsekal Laure stated the fact that Baam is born with “talent”. In addition the class’s wave controller instructor, Ranker Ren, was amazed by his abilities to the point where the teacher praised Baam as the “most skilled regular”. Baam’s talents are way beyond the standard Regulars and at one point it was apparent that the shinsu surrounding him fought Hwa Ryun on its on its own. He can also utilize shinsu baangs, without forming an agreement with an Guardian this is considered to be impossible and in violation of the laws in The Tower.

Shinsu Quality

Shinsu Quality

After Baam discovered how to make and determine the basic shape of an orb Baam practiced on his own to boost the power of the orb. By an ardent determination orb was then filled with a shinsu wave. After getting a clear reason of the orb’s power from Khun Eduan Baam, Eduan applied his pressure, and unleashed orb’s power for the very first time, showing it’s destructive capabilities. A Orb that could produce numerous Shinsu waves.

Shinsu Loop

Shinsu Loop

Shinsu Loop is a specific method used to “gathers and stores” Shinsu continuously and then releases it. Yu Han Sung explained the concept behind this technique to Baam as he was unable to apply it, as it requires the stability of dividing shinsu power. Baam was successful in overcoming this weakness because of being “blessed by Shinsu” that is to say, the power of shinsu is a source of stabilization and does not weaken when he divides his shinsu strength. Han Sung specifically invented this technique to aid Baam grow stronger to take on Kallavan. Baam makes a revolving ring of shinsu to create the shinsu loop.


Master Hand-to hand Combatant After having been trained under one of the top High Rankers in the Ha Family, Ha Jinsung, Baam has mastered close-range combat through martial arts. He has demonstrated the ability and knowledge of various combat styles. It is not known which kinds of schools or styles that he was taught by Jinsung. He used Shinsu as a way to increase his abilities to amazing effect. Even without shinsu due to his experience of fighting and his ability to compete with Aleksai Amigochaz.

Technique Replication

Technique Replication

While Baam is able to copy techniques of rankers quickly, it’s been pointed out that he does not possess some of the strength of the attack (relative to the power of a Ranker). The ability to duplicate techniques also extends to being able to duplicate physical moves after studying the movements of a person and studying the technique following the contact.

It was due to this fact that he was able learn a variety of fighting arts in time during the Hell Train time skip. Here is a list of shinsu techniques he copied from his battles as well as the person copied it from.


Baam Thorn

In the second part, FUG chose Baam to serve as an experiment subject to develop an actual ignition weapon. FUG put an implant, the “Fake Thorn” or as they called it, in Baam’s body. It is believed that the Fake Thorn is the container created to house the actual Thorn and used to summon and bound this to Baam. Even though it’s called the Fake Thorn is not invincible alone, as can be seen when a huge “scar” is created in the wall when Reflejo first grants Baam an exact replica. Then, it was utilized to give Baam the ability to take on both Aleksai Amigochaz as well as Vespa simultaneously. When activated by the Fake Thorn creates an red light or spark, rather than manifesting as an actual thorn.

Power of The Souls

Power of The Souls Tower Of God

When the White’s final Clone was amazed by Baam’s resolve to ” not to sacrificed others” and determined to offer Baam one of the billion souls of revenge that comprised her. The clone said that If Baam could stand up to their anger and bitterness, then he’d receive a tremendous amount of power. It had a huge power since it was the culmination of the power stored by White during his time as an FUG Slayer and a high rankinger.


First Revolution: After completing the initial portion of the Revolution, Baam displayed immense improvement, effortlessly destroying Hell in a Cell’s Shinsu chain and beating Yama’s Mad Dogs by using the thorn. Baam was capable of battling and, in a way, compete with Hoaqin who had already taken on three of his brothers.

Second Revolution: Prior to getting to the Name Hunt Station, Baam had a second revolution following that Baam could evade Kaiser’s invisible attacks, make use of seven Baangs to beat Yukan one of the most powerful Regulars of the Ten Bosses and without the thorn.

Post Revolution: After having completed the Revolution in the Hidden Floor, Baam gained an understanding of himself as well as his abilities.

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