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rachel tower of god

The Tower of God was a story on the way an inexperienced girl must plan and plot in order to reach to the top of Tower, Rachel‘s name would have been used similarly to Light Yagami or even Shogo Makishima. The protagonist we meet is a childish and kind-hearted simp who was snubbed by one of the best written characters in the series. Welcom to Tower of God and its fans, a cult of relentless Rachel Haters! !

We’re not trying inspire you to love Rachel’s motives or actions here. Absolutely they’re meant to cause you to think and question her character. But, it’s completely wrong to dislike Rachel as an individual since there aren’t many characters who can be as real and relatable as Rachel in the series. Although she isn’t the main character from Tower of GodSIU has stated that she is the main character in the tale. She is also his favorite protagonist from the story!

What’s wrong with Rachel in the Tower of God ?

Rachel is a female character from the Tower of God universe. Rachel is the SIU’s most beloved character. From the first glance, she seems just like every other character, but what is the real story behind her? What’s the issue with Rachel? It’s obvious that Rachel is bizarre and not only simple degree weird. 

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Her motives, her reasoning don’t make sense. She had taught her good things to Baam however, why didn’t she try to implement the same ideas on her own? A sham? Rachel said to Baam not to lie to anyone, especially when she’s the first to leap the betrayal train and destroy Baam (Quite actually). She didn’t hesitate one second to hurt Baam. In the webtoon later she was the reason Khun almost passed away. If words could describe Rachel her, she’s to be described as a backstabber that is an expert. Rachel is unstoppable. There is no way for Rachel to change her ways. In simple terms there’s something wrong in her.

Does Rachel Hate Baam?

Does Rachel Hate Baam?

Rachel is perhaps the most skeptic persona Rachel is the most shady character Tower of God. There is no way to know the truth of what Rachel might be thinking. Does she really hate Baam? But the issue is whether she actually has a love for anyone? She’s completely selfish and doesn’t think about anyone else but herself. Rachel has a strong dislike for anyone who loves Baam. What can we infer from this? 

Truthfully speaking, Rachel as a character isn’t a well-rounded character within the Tower of God. She’s just random , and she lusts after Baam. The inferiority complex she has toward Baam, Androssi and Khun is so evident that it is difficult to tolerate her. Rachel doesn’t deserve support from anyone. If things don’t go as planned the only thing Rachel does is whine and scream, and throw temper tantrums. Rachel’s yanking people off the tower is a bit obnoxious.

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What was the reason why Rachel Make a Push Baam?

What was the reason why Rachel Make a Push Baam?

Does she require any reason to take action? Then again, she’s Rachel. Rachel has pushed Baam for a reason, as she had made an arrangement with Headon to remove him into the tower. Rachel and Headon came to a deal on the first floor to get Baam from the building because the latter is a rogue. However, that’s just a superficial motive. Rachel is in love with Baam and is envious of all he has. According Rachel Rachel, Baam gets everything effortlessly. She has pushed Baam away from her bubble because she is looking to climb higher, she wants to be able to see the stars. The reason she has is valid but is it appropriate to force people out of the bubble. You can decide by yourself.

Does Rachel Refuse to Betray Baam in Tower Of God?

Does Rachel Refuse to Betray Baam in Tower of God?

Do you believe that someone like Rachel has the capacity of remorse or feeling guilty for something? If someone with her capabilities can murder people in a matter of minutes Do you believe she should be believed? Rachel appears to be a wild wolf dressed in sheep’s clothes. Rachel in a nonchalant way took the life of Ja w***nan and stole his ring and was responsible for the deaths of his acquaintances. Can Ja w***nan forgive Rachel? Will Rak or Khun stop and stop hating Rachel. By no means. Rachel was guilty of so many negative things that, Slayer white looks like an actual villain. In addition, Rachel didn’t have any development of her character at all. Finally, Rachel is a simple, flat character that only cares about herself and becoming the hero in her tale.

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Why Do We Hate Rachel?

Why Do We Hate Rachel in Tower Of God ?

She’s given a lot of reasons for people to hate her. Rachel’s actions cannot be accepted as mistakes. She isn’t accountable for any of her actions. It was a pleasure to watch Rak offer his heart to his girlfriend. He actually said to her leave for hell. The most memorable scene in this webtoon came when Baam finally broke off from Rachel and actually said goodbye this time. The poor Baam was the sole one who was pushed to the ground by Rachel twice. Rachel hasn’t been nice to anyone, and not even Baam. All Baam ever required was a little warmth from Rachel But that, also, he couldn’t receive. Baam is just too wonderful to be true.

Tower of God Why Do People Hate Rachel Betrayed?

Tower of God Why Do People Hate Rachel Betrayed  In Tower of God ?

Tower of God Tope 10 Betrayals is likely to be her reigning on the list. The Tower of God reasons why everyone dislikes Rachel can be summarized in a meaningful manner. Rachel is the one who deserves to be vilified from this fandom. She has a huge inferiority complex toward all. In the show she’s even using Ha Yura. What happens to w***nan’s ring? It’s unlikely to be during this time. It is possible that the Tower of God is set to be coming out of suspension in the near future. It is recommended to read and re-read the book.

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But, she also gave priority to her dream. Did her actions have any merit? While it’s not a matter of debate in the world of the Tower of God these actions will surely draw a lot of hate from viewers. Rachel isn’t fooled into taking these ominous actions. She knows that there’s no way back from the road she’s onand is even angry with herself for taking this path. However, by the close of the season her character is a complicated mix of resentment, jealousy for her own self and self-disregard.

When it came to the end, after she lied to Bam the gang, there was not a uncharacteristic grin, no sign of joy, but an uneasy exhale of relief. Rachel was the one who completed her portion of the bargain. Her wild laughter in the closing scenes of Tower of Godepisode 13 hint that she went through an emotional breakdown. Did she feel guilty for lying to Bam? Rachel did not know about the entire plot that included him, and we can conclude that there was no way to know the man survived. However, these are questions that can be addressed when the show returns for the 2nd season. Tower of God!

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