Urek Mazino Tower Of God : Everything You Need To Know

Urek Mazino Tower Of God : Everything You Need To Know

Who is Urek Mazino?

Urek Mazino (ureg Majino, ” Urek Majino“) is an irregular and currently 4th in Ranking. He was the top currently active Ranker prior to Zahard becoming active once more. Also, he is currently the only to be included in the top 5 High Rankers within the Tower.

He is regarded as being at the same level with Phantaminum by lower Rankers. But, his actual rank is difficult to determine based on the top 4 ranks since the top two Rankers are not active and therefore can’t be compared to Urek. He had told Baam at the 43rd floor that they’d be meeting at a later time in the 77th floor and then went off the floor. The location of his current residence is not known.

Urek Sobriquet

Urek’s name refers to Ray Barracuda (rei barakuda, “Ray Barracuda”). Ray is a reference to his fighting style that involves firing Shinsu with speeds of light.Barracuda refers to the title given to the most fierce and violent White Steel Eel in the Tower. While his official name can be Ray Barracuda, just Barracuda can be used to refer to Urek in the Tower.

The second strongest in active Ranker in the world, just behind Zahard himself, as of recent as an Irregular as well for being among the founding members of Wolhaiksong. Urek Mazino is one the most influential and revered individuals within the Tower. It is also not exaggeration to say that every move he makes has an impact on what happens to the Tower.

History Urek Mazino

At an earlier time, Urek tracked Phantaminum and was able to track him inside the Tower. It took Urek just 50 years to be able to pass each test and climb to the summit of the Tower. He was credited as the fastest person to scale inside the Inner Tower through an orthodox method. It would be accurate to say that he reached the top of the Tower quicker than Zahard himself.

While climbing, Urek took Arie Hon’s special test on the 100th Floor The objective consisted of Urek to withstand his attacks for a period of 10 minutes, however Urek did not give up and was able to pass Arie Hon’s unique test, which led Urek to be the world’s most well-known Ranker of the Tower because of. When he became a Ranker Urek took his prize of the test and took charge of the 77th floor before transferring the control over to Baek Ryun, who set up the stronghold of Wolhaiksong on the 77th Floor.

His rank

There was a moment when Urek who was making complained about his rank being less than Phantaminum’s. He then broke in to the Ranking Administration Office, captured Robert Aisand and threatened him to increase his rank. To Urek Aisand, who inquired, “Have you ever seen me fighting Phantaminum?” Aisand responded quickly, and with no hesitation “You are the one who loses”. Urek Mazino was shocked and was unable to do anything but go home with a bitter sigh. In the wake from this event, a lot of jokes about Mazino popped up and nicknames such as Urek Ma-Loser as well as Loser Mazino appeared. This culminated in the making of comic strips based on the incident, which Baek Ryun said would “prove extremely helpful in the treatment of depressive disorders”. It seems Urek is able to overcome this issue.

His appearance in the Tower has upset the High Ranker rankings , which were kept frozen for a long time.

At one time, he was fighting with the high ranker Quadrado and obtained an Ignition Weapon called Kranos away from him

Urek Mazino Quotes

What would be fun to be the King over the Tower? Do not tell Zahard to take his dull seatI’ll climb off my Tower. Outside the Tower is an immense world. Rolling skies that never end and thousands of stars shine in the dark. It’s a place that’s 1000 times — or one billion times bigger and more open that the tower. When you consider that such is a place exists, won’t you feel that all the things you’d like to have are insignificant?

Capabilities Of This Ranker

Capabilities and Powers Urek Mazino

As the only holder of the rank of 4 in the Tower, Urek holds a vast amount of strength and expertise that easily surpasses almost all in strength, agility, Shinsu Control, and various other combat fields and is extremely adept and competitive in nearly every position in the Tower His primary Position is Fisherman. Urek Mazino, when he was at his last Position had knocked down an Light Bearer in the same position in a way that is like a goalie scoring a goal from every field.

When he entered the Tower after his entrance, he could pass through every Floor and become a Ranker the fastest in the history of the Tower and in a fraction of the time it takes people to typically climb to the Tower within (50 year olds). Before the Zygaena’s flower examination in the 21st Floor, Urek killed several Rankers who were sent following him. He then defeated Team Tangsooyook, and almost killing Baam with one powerful attack, but Baam did manage to scratch his body before he fell and he was guarding Miseng. In the aftermath of the exam, Urek had completely beat three Rankers who were able to stop him in just minutes. He claims that for him to avoid being embarrassed while discussing it, there must be at least 1000 other Rankers in opposition to him.

Urek During Combat Vs Karaka

Urek’s amazing power and talent was further demonstrated in his time on the Floor of Death, where he dominated the Slayer Karaka with only one percent of his strength and the index finger of his hand, with Karaka declaring it was impossible to defeat even one of his fingers, and deciding to leave the fight after self-exploding. Urek also managed to beat and easily defeat Hell Joe, empowered by the Red Thryssa, with only 10% of his strength and left Joe and Baam completely awed by Urek’s incredible ability.

Po Bidau Gustang commented that should he not bring back the spirits of the residents of the Floor of Death, Urek with his rage might destroy his family. Po Bidau Family. Garam Zahard even was adamant that Urek to murder Zahard and suggested that she believed that Urek was powerful enough to take on Zahard.

Additional information about Urek

Urek is extremely strong even when he was an Regular climber on the Tower. He was the “God” Guardians claimed that Urek was more powerful than him when he confronted Urek in the Hell Train and he’s one of the very few who, with the sole alternative that being Zahard along with the other 10 family Heads that have ever beat Urek.

Baam later said that although the “god”‘s incredible power was similar to Urek however, his power was more powerful. What was more remarkable was the fact that he was able to compete with the same intensity with Arie Hon, the most powerful among the Ten Great Family Heads, and was the first person in Tower’s history to pass the special test in where the guidelines were “enduring” the attacks of his adversaries. Urek’s incredible power and strength allowed him to defy the rules and to fight with him in a battle that was with equal force. Arie Hon admitted following this fight Urek was “far superior”.

Intense Physical Strength

Urek has displayed incredible levels of physical strength, to the point that even though he was limited to a maximum of one percent power output and using just the index finger Urek was able to surpass Karaka and hit Karaka with a shockwave that struck Karaka’s body, and destroyed the region. Hoaqin stated that he would be dead from the attack too in the absence of being protected. Hoaqin was also able to make a cave to Baam to take the two and Yuri to safe. When he injected Joe into the drug that started to seperate him from the Red Thryssa, Urek was capable of forcibly kicking the Red Thryssa away from Joe’s body. He was then could make the Red Thryssa ineffective, and grab his throat to hold it.

Incredibly Shinsu Resistance and Durability

Urek has displayed unheard-of levels of incredible shinsu resistance. He has the ability to easily defy all Lighthouses up to the point where Urek boasts about how useless lighthouses are to Urek and claims that even Opera will not be able to stop Urek for more than 0.1 minutes. In an earlier fight, he emerged totally unharmed from Karaka’s shinsu assault and afterwards was completely unharmed by Karaka’s self-explosion. just shrugging it off and guarding Ha Yura, Miseng and Wangnan. Urek has also been able to easily fend off Red Thyrassa’s beams of shinsu and showed incredible physical strength when he took on Red Tyrassa and not causing any damage to his own.

Amazing Speed and Agility

The people who have watched Urek Mazino fighting have described his style of combat as “aggressive aggressive, fast and ferocious and beautiful”. Mazino has sufficient raw speed to be able to move about fifty meters from one position to an air kick in just a few seconds. In the battle with Hell Joe, Urek proved adept enough to maneuver effortlessly through the Shinsu Bubbles of Baam to stay clear of Hell Joe’s attacks. He was able to swiftly take him out of the way and grasp his arm, and then stab Hell Joe with the syringe to take Red Thyrassa away from him , without not even noticing.

Shinsu Mastery:

Urek is exceptionally skilled when it comes to Shinsu. It manifests itself as yellow-white tones, as Urek has been shown as able to control the shinsu technique with ease like if it was purely bodily instincts. This can be done to great effect. He is able to produce huge explosions and massive Baangs and also greatly improve his punches using minimal effort. He is able to unleash shinsu with speeds of light a capability which is fired using such power that even special equipment can’t block it such as when he launches an immense white shinsu beam, which destroys the two rankers in front of them before they can even even close.

The mastery and power of his shinsu is so impressive that even with just 10 percent of his strength, Urek effortlessly outmatched Hell Joe driven by Red Thyrassa. He was capable of sending Urek flying for a long distance and, with just a single shot released by the touch of his fingers, completely smothered the attack of his and completely shocked Joe with his extraordinary ability to outshinsu.

He even went as far as taking it to ridicule Joe by saying that the power his technique could easily be replicated by other people in the Tower and afterwards, nonchalantly directing the powerful beam of Red Thyrassa by a single motion of his hands after pulling it away from Joe. With just a single Baang the shinsu master easily destroyed Red Thyrassa , striking its weak point. It was pointed out in the words of Yu Han Sung to Lero-Ro that Urek is the only person who can use Shinsu without a written contract that comes from his Guardian as opposed to the Great Family.

Other Capabilities Urek Mazino

  • Shinsu Reading: Urek was able detect the strength of Red Thryssa within Baam’s body.
  • flight: like most Rankers generally, Urek can also fly as well as levitate and stand the air as if sitting on solid ground.
  • Wonsul: Urek created a white-colored round barrier to shield Ja Wangnan, and Yeo Miseng from attack in the event that he planned to take out Karaka as well as White.
  • The Supreme King’s Scorching Fist of Death (paewangyeolsagweon, Paewangyeolsagwonprobably Ba Wang Re Si Quan ) : A method in which Shinsu is packed into a fist, then unleashed in a huge explosion. Urek says it’s an “legendary” method. Although he was able to massively hold back the power that the method possessed, it proved strong enough that Urek could easily seriously injure someone with Viole’s strength in one strike, though it is important to note that Viole was blocking Yeo Miseng and wasn’t completely focused, but it could have made a minimal difference. It can be concluded that the true destructive power and lethality when applied at maximum force is numerous times greater.

Spatial Distortion Urek can distort space so that it can swiftly travel over long distances. As Gustang pointed out, it’s a highly risky technique that could have grave consequences for any organism that is on the floor.

Relationships Urek Mazino

His relationships tend to be dull, partly due to his masculine behavior. He is an incredibly kind person however he is not popular with women. However the man has a lot of admiration and support from men because of his immense force and his infamous ruthlessness.

Garam Zahard

Urek discovered she was into love with Garam Zahard while on the Floor of Death but Garam was adamant about her rejection by telling him to screw off, and even calling him a shitface. his repeated efforts led to her to exile Garam Zahard from her Floor of Death. The truth that Urek Mazino was in love with the Zahard Princess, but Garam herself is not fond of Urek Mazino has become a well-known report, although it wasn’t confirmed. In spite of Urek having a night on dates with girls, he was unable to forget his feelings for the Zahard Princess. The thought of Garam finding out that Urek had invented Hell Joe was enough to cause Urek not want to take on Hell Joe, but once Garam said he would accept his apology, even if he did not know it, Urek happily jumps at the chance to make amends.

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Ha Yuri Zahard

Ha Yuri Zahard

In the event that Yuri was at the time of the planting in “Wolhaiksong”, Urek has been in a good rapport with her, and is willing to do tasks for her. Yet, Yuri spoke of him and said, “He’s the best man to fight and the most difficult to have around”. Even though he’s more powerful as Yuri, Yuri doesn’t seem to be hesitant to get mad at him.

Urek himself appears to comically worry about Yuri’s temper. He even expressed fear when she kicked and beat him up after discovering he took an involvement in the creation of Hell Joe and avoiding her questions about his role in creating Hell Joe the way he did. Urek himself seemed to find Yuri’s love of males amusing, saying she shouldn’t be judging men just because they’re cute and Yuri evidently saw Urek as a pervert declaring she doesn’t want hear it from him.

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Zahard and urek

Urek isn’t interested in Zahard’s title as Zahard’s King in the Tower as he believes it to be insignificant when compared to the freedom of the vast world of. Urek particularly has no plans to comply with Garam’s demand to eliminate Zahard.

Baek Ryun

Baek Ryun, known to Urek’s closest friend, has said that Urek is the most popular male comrade. Since they both are co-founders of the band ‘Wolhaiksong’ Baek Ryun has a special relationship with Urek and their influence within the Tower is similar in the same way as one of the The 10 Great Families.


There is speculation it is possible that Urek was Joochun’s drinking companion but it isn’t confirmed.

Hell Joe

Hell Joe

While Urek was wailing about Garam’s total rejection in his Floor of Death, he came across Hell Joe, who wasn’t terrified of him and was in fact enthralled by Urek because he was from outside. Urek was enthralled by Joe’s enormous goal of getting everyone of the Floor to leave and believed that he could bring everyone out. He even provided him with Red Thryssa to help him. After their second meeting, Urek was visibly shocked and disappointed by what he had become and did not decide to take down the monster for good, but instead he holds the back to let Red Thyrassa take over so that he can eliminate it.

Twenty-Fifth Baam

Twenty-Fifth Baam and urek mazino

Yuri said the fact that Urek has been waiting to meet Baam at the top of the 77th Floor following his disappearance. missing.When they met for the first time Baam in the role of first Slayer contender Jyu Viole Grace Urek was immediately impressed by the character of Viole, more than when Viole was able to poke Urek on the cheek when he was protecting Miseng and even going so the extent of using Wolhaiksong’s resources for monitoring Viole. 

Then, Urek admitted he was aware Viole was on into the Floor of Death and came to assist him, as they both had the same aim to take down Hell Joe and they had no issues working together. Urek expressed his personal desire to Baam for him to become a member of Wolhaiksong. He then suggested Baam to pay no focus on what that he’s heard or seen from the residents of the Tower and what they would like to see from him and that Baam must remember not to let himself go.

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