Evankhell Tower Of God : Everything You Need To Know

Evankhell Tower Of God TOG

Evankhell in Tower of God can be described as an High Ranker as well as the previous ruler of the second Floor. Due to its ancient power to ignite flames she is known as the ‘Infernal Evankhell’. At one time, she was ranked 60. Evankhell is now from her place in the Top 100 as a result of her loss in the role of Ruler for the Second Floor.


Evankhell Tower Of God

Evankhell is a dark complexion. That has a diagonal mark in her forehead, eyes that are red and silver hair. She wears a variety of military uniform, typically dark green and has red berrets in her head. Evankhell is thin and tall.


Evankhell Personality Tower Of God

What is known about her is she’s very tall and has a high rank in the rankings. She had the 60 place position in the ranking. Which is quite significant, and can be enough to scare Evan Edrok.

She is said to be extremely rigid, and Yu Han Sung was worried at the thought of Evankhell being able to find out the chaos on the 2nd Floor. According to Hachuling’s report, she’s known to have an extremely large Shinsu Resistance. Based on Yu Han Sung, she has seen her all the time with Evankhell. She appears to be acting in a reckless manner, without thinking, just similar to Yuri Zahard.

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There isn’t much information about Evankhell other than that she killed the previous Ruler, who was part of an Great Family who took over the management over the Second Floor. Since she isn’t part of an Great Family, she’s not a member or the Ruling Class. Also, it’s unclear why she agreed to the complicated testing system in the 2nd Floor.

Ability and Powers

As a Ruler who ruled the entire floor, Evankhell is a very powerful High Ranker. Her most famous record is the fact that she was able to kill the previous floor ruler who was part of One of the Ten Great Families and took the control of the 2nd Floor.

She’s not afraid of of Zahard’s Army. The army of 2 Top Rankers along with 30 rankers didn’t hinder her. Evankhell was able of dealing with the power that was The 4th Army Corp stationed in the Last Station. With Elpathion explaining her strength as similar to a natural catastrophe with only a fractional release of her strength. Afterward she was able to successfully thwart attacks by Kallavan by using his essence of Bravery and then was in a position to stop Kallavan’s movement with her strikes and gave Baam the time to escape. 

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In the Battle of the Nest and the battle of the Nest, Evankhell effortlessly handled her entire “leaderless” 4th Army Corp in her own way, despite their plans against her. To the point that she claimed she was confident she was able to handle the all-encompassing Army Corp from the Zahard Empire Military not accompanied by a “Corps Commanding Officer”.

Shinsu Control

Shinsu Control Evankhell Tower Of God

Evankhell’s shinsu control is extremely powerful to the point that she is able to create four giant Shinsu Orbs which is not something that is able to be learned quickly, because it’s a rare ability. It’s rare to find Wave controllers that are able to create Shinsu Orb.

Shinsu Resistance

Evankhell is a formidable shinsu resistance. She is able to free herself in a matter of minutes of High Ranker Elpathion’s Lighthouse Control. Control — Transcendental Skills: Crystal Mirror Room that used seven Lighthouses. Escape from Elpathion’s Lighthouse Flow Control that is a part of a high Light Bearers with Ranks like Elpathion won’t be a simple task.

Physical prowess

In addition to her amazing Shinsu abilities, Evankhell is a formidable physical force also. She proved to be strong and swift enough to quickly respond at Khul Nissam Kay’s attacks , and overcome it using her naked hands, breaking her needle with just one strike that sent him flying in just a flash of her fingers. She also managed to take out Kay’s subordinate Jay using her hands, halting his attacks even though the latter utilized Shinsu Boost by a single hit to the arm and delivering a series of blows that knocked him out within a matter of seconds.

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Red Sword

Red Sword Evankhell TOG

Evankhell is armed with an red sword that has the ability to produce flame. The sword was destroyed when Ari Bright Sharon targeted her blade with the The Fairy Light Needle technique. However, she was able to use the same sword in the fight on the Nest to take out the high ranker Elpathion.

Ancient Power

Ancient Power Evankhell

The Fiery Elephant Evankhell was a god of ancient power, which was in the shape of flames. It manifests as the fiery Ganesha. Ganesha is the host of an Ancient.


Yu Han Sung

Yu Hansung and Evankhell first encountered each other in the middle of an argument. As Evankhell was in danger of murdering Hansung she noticed Hansung did not seem to be scared. Bewildered by this because of the scared face of the previous victim, she asked what Hansung was afraid of. Hansung replied that he, in contrast to other rankers, was not convinced of eternal existence. And instead, he was afraid of the loss of his love for his ideals. The answer sounded like Evankhell’s philosophy and the two have been in a long-running relationship that has led them to share a common space in the 2nd Floor.

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Twenty-Fifth Baam


Evankhell observes Baam in his Last Station fight. After seeing the harm that Baam was a D-Rank in the moment, done to the Army Corps Commanders of Zahard’s Army and the fact that he’s as well an Orb user and a smuggler. She decided to give herself to her pupil Baam and give him the strength to take revenge on his master. They’ve been travelling with each other for the last two years.

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