Hatz Tower of God : Everything You Need To Know

Hatz Tower Of God

Hatsu (or ” Hatz“) in Tower of God is a regular and a “devoutly” practicing swordsman. He was a team-up along with Anak Zahard and Ship Leesoo in”Deathmatch” Test on the 2nd Floor “Deathmatch” Test on the 2nd Floor . He later signed Khun’s list of friends.

Hatsu is currently on the 52nd floor in The Cat Tower, helping Twenty-Fifth Baam and his comrades.

Appearance and Personality Hatz Tower of God

Hatz Tower Of God

Part 1

Hatsu has a dark haired young man and has the beauty mark at the lower part of his left eye. He has a good amount of muscle, but is extremely thin. He wears a black maroon Samurai costume with a tying of an orange fabric to his waist.

His actions are determined by a code honour that has been drilled into him as a youngster. This includes repaying loans to other people and not betraying teammates. He believes that other people should follow his example and is angry when he meets individuals who don’t (Khun). He is also unable to accept people who commit suicide for their teammates because of fear, as demonstrated by He believed in Parakewl when he took the Hide and Seek Test.

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Except for outbursts when his honor is slammed, Hatsu is generally very cool-headedand able to think quickly when fighting. Hatsu is quite and doesn’t interact with people often, often being rude and having a difficult time in attracting friends. Also, he is not knowledgeable about the sexual aspects of life. He is not aware the reason why people might want to stare at Androssi in uncompromising clothes or even in positions. The ineptitude of his is evident when he keeps his eyes away, without blushing, or altering his neutral expression following Androssi remarks that he’s pretty attractive.

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Part 2

In the beginning of the Workshop Battle, Hatsu wore more casual attire, sporting an all-black jacket with red edges, over an unadorned black t-shirt, and dark pants. He replaced two swords by a single sword with an elongated cross-guard, with a red hilt wrapped over an hilt of black. Then in Name Hunt, at Name Hunt station Hatsu is back his traditional outfits, which include a dark blue kimono and large black trimmings. He also has a brand-new sword, which is stored in a beautiful red sheathe.

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Abilities Hatsu Tower of God

Abilities Hatsu Tower of God

Professional swordsman: Hatsu is a excellent swordsman, who wields his swords swiftly and with precision. He’s well-trained and physically strong. He is able to easily beat several Regulars in a battle. He even managed to fend off Blitz Quant Blitz for a short period of time,

Shinsu Detection: Hatsu is able to detect Shinsu from other people over a large distance.

Weapons Hatz Tower of God

Sword That Flys higher than any other (nuguboda gopi naneungam, nuguboda gop’i na’neun Gam) The sword is red in the hilt and a similar colored tassel that hangs from it. If Hatsu throws it in the sky, it can move by itself, striking and securing Hatsu in mid-air.

Sword That Flys Lower than Any (nuguboda nuguboda najge-naneun gam, nuguboda najge na’neun Gam) This sword is blue with the blue hilt as well as a the tassel. It could emit a small but powerful blast when Hatsu is swinging it with force.

Evankhell’s Hell

Evankhell's Hell Hatz Tower of God

Hatz was seen on the second Floor along with his fellow Regulars. He met Anak and started fighting Anak. Ship Leesoo appeared however, Hatsu and Anak both Hatsu and Anak were completely uninterested in the man. In the following, it was revealed that the Regulars needed to form three teams which was followed by Hatsu and Anak quit fighting right away and joined forces. They ignored Leesoo for a while however, when he grabbed the two, they formed an alliance with Leesoo.

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Yu Han Sung’s Examination

Hatsu was able to pass the barrier as well as the Door Test without much trouble due to Leesoo’s superior intellect. In a bizarre twist, Hatsu as well as Anak were disqualified almost immediately when Leesoo was unable to pass the barrier of Lero-Ro.

Crown Game

baam Crown Game

He was a participant at his participation in the Crown Game with Anak and Leesoo. He defeated majority players, including Regulars who fought him. But, Phonsekal Laure blasted him off by using his Shinsu. When Anak was defeated by Laure and placed an offer on the other side with Baam, Hatsu watched the remainder of the Crown Game in a moody manner. When Anak began to confront Androssi and was about to attack Androssi, Hatsu stopped her, reminding that she was part of the team. He received a icy reaction.

Position Test

Hatsu was assigned to the Scout position to train. While in the classes He tried to make Khun to be on the “friends” group. At first, they resented one another However, Baam was able to ease the tension between them , and Khun was soon Khun’s best friend.

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Hatz was placed on the team B to take part in his Hide-and-Seek test. He was on the team alongside his fellow Spear Bearers in the group. Both were extremely angry until Hatsu defeated them. He spotted Quant’s fearsome appearance through his shinsu, and ordered that the Spear Bearers to sprint as well as throw their spears at away. Hatsu realized that Quant was extremely angered, making the Ranker more risky. He pulled his swords out and prepared for the upcoming attack.

The moment Quant was revealed by a Lighthouse was revealed as Quant, Hatsu blocked his attack and began to fight Quant. He observed that, while Quant’s actions were feasible for normal humans however, they had been refined to a point that went beyond human ability and even into the realm of a being who was known as a ranker. He decided would finish the fight while Quant was playing with him. Hatz jumped into the darkness. He emerged at a rapid speed and was able to take on Quant but the Ranker just grabbed him in mid-air before slamming him against the wall. But, Hatsu was able to remain alert and grab Quant’s hands, telling him that he wouldn’t let go, as well as instructing Parakewl as well as Mauchi to shoot, not aware that they fled.

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Final Examination Hatz Tower Of God

Final Examination Hatz Tower Of God

In the conversation that the Regulars engaged in following the revelation that Baam declared himself an Irregular and he was the first to mention Baam positively. When Khun appeared to be leaving Baam because he was the Irregular, Hatsu became enraged and was about to assault the man, calling him an oaf.

When taking the Submerged Fish Test, Hatsu has a small role in being a watcher of the thieves’ movements. Following the exam, Hatsu was angry at Parakewl, who seemed only interested in whether they failed or not as it violated the code of honor he was raised to. When Parakewl said his belief that Baam is dead, and was talking about dead Hatsu was threatening to kill him. He felt obliged to Baam and convinced everyone else to assist Rachel get to the summit to the Tower.

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Relationships Hatz Tower Of God

Relationships Hatz Tower Of God

Ship Leesoo:

Ship Leesoo

The two are very compatible. Although Hatsu did not want to be associated with Anak any more when the teams disbanded He still stayed in touch with Leesoo. They would go on a friend hunt together, and were able to add friends to their list. Leesoo is often the glue or mediating force in the relationship between Anak Hatsu and Anak. Hatsu.

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Then, in Part II their trust and bond have been significantly strengthened. They remained together for the eight years, and have given each other their complete trust ever since.

Anak Zahard:

Anak Zahard:

The two don’t agree and frequently disagree about issues. Although Hatsu accepted her selfish ways up to a certain extent when they were part of the same team, he did not desire to be with her when the teams disbanded. Ship Leesoo is typically the reason they work together.

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Twenty-Fifth Baam:


They are great and good friends. Hatsu seems to love Baam’s honesty and willingness to assist others in regards to their friendship. Sometimes, they are seen having fun outside of the classroom. Baam has been a big help in helping Hatsu to complete his list of friends. Hatsu has been quick to support Baam and was furious for Baam’s sake when it seemed that Khun was leaving Baam. When Baam was believed that he was dead Hatsu had the initiative to suggest helping Rachel due to the belief that the obligation was due to Baam.

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Khun Aguero Agnis:

Khun Aguero Agnis Tower Of God

They are good friends They also play games with one another. Hatsu is known as Khun “ear decoration” and Khun is in turn called “halbok warrior”. They often gain respect from one another. Even though Hatsu had the idea who proposed aiding Rachel but he is more likely to follow in Khun’s footsteps on how to go about it, and letting himself be separated from the other team.

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