Fruits Basket Female Characters : Our Top 30+

Fruits Basket Female characters was published for the first time in 1998. It ran until 2006. The manga won many fans’ hearts and was eventually made into an anime series with 26 episodes in 2001. Takaya was inspired to create a sequel series, Fruits Basket Another, in September 2015, and a spinoff series called The Three Musketeers Arc (April 2019).

Fascinating Fruits Basket Female

30. Mayuko Shiraki

Mayuko Shiraki

Because of her teaching nature, Mayu has been a close friend to fans for many years. Tohru’s teacher at home, she is one of her side characters.

Her strength as an individual is further demonstrated by the fact she teaches at Kaibara Municipal High. Mayuko is a respected member of the community.

29. Hibika Sohma

Hibika Sohma

Hibika has many connections. Her father, Mine, is her mother, Ayame. This shows that Hibika’s presence is very strong in the series. She is also the eldest child in the couple. She is also from the Fruits Basket Another series, which would explain her strengths.

28. Motoko Minagawa

Motoko Minagawa

Yuki Sohma is loved by many. She is, however, the most popular of all. Motoko, one of the side characters in this series, happens to be at the Kaibara Municipal High School.

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She is also a huge Yuki Sohma fan and serves as the president of Prince Yuki Fan Club. Her appreciation is unsurpassed. Her family is now focusing on their grocery store business.

27. Kana Sohma

Kana Sohma

This character is not from the original Chinese Zodiac but she is very popular in the series. She is the only character who knows about the Zodiac curse.

Her presence will be a game-changer for us all. Kana Sohma will have the time and the joy of her life as she experiences the Sohma Family’s uniqueness.

26. Sora Sohma

Sora Sohma

This woman is very interesting. She is very interesting and she often appears onscreen. Sora is one side character who plays her role in Fruits Basket another.

This woman, as the daughter Isuzu und Hatsuhara’s daughter, is bound to be strong. Riku Sohma is her twin sister, which would explain her similar appearance.

25. Mina Sohma

Mina Sohma

She is charming and shy. She is charming and shy, which is why she deserves to be so high up. Mina is a recurring character in the series.

This is one reason she’s a little obscure to most people. She is Momiji Sohmaโ€™s daughter and gets a lot attention from this side of the spectrum.

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24. Mito


Mito has made a difference in people’s lives. Her presence is crucial for the audience because of this. This woman will be Sawa’s true friend. Sawa, Mito and Amane will form a trio unlike any we’ve ever seen.

Sawa is in the same class she is in, which is Class 1-A. This girl comes from Fruits Basket Another which makes it even more compelling to watch the series.

23. Kagura Sohma

Kagura Sohma

Kagura, a second year student in the Fruits Basket series, is also from the Private Girlsโ€™ Junior College. She is known as the Boar of Chinese Zodiac. This would explain her significance as a character. Kagura will also change how you view the characters on the show.

She is a little girlish, but she happens to be a sweet young lady which contrasts with her role as a boar. You know what? As long as it’s possible, let us ensure that this girl keeps her name.

22. Mio Yamagishi

Mio Yamagishi

This woman, a member of the Prince Yuki Fan Club was bound to have many great things in her future. That’s what makes her so charming. She was someone she admired Yuki Sohma deeply and was one of the first-year members for the club she was running for.

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She wanted to be president. She had high expectations for her goals as someone who represented the organization for the first time.

21. Mine Kuramae

Mine Kuramae

Ayame Sohma has a seamstress at his costume shop. And Mine is that seamstress. Ayame is her crush and it makes the series’ arc even more fun.

She doesn’t have all the details, but she has a general idea. She knows that either the Zodiac Sign is the main focus of the situation or the family itself.

20. Sohma Maid

Sohma Maid

Loyalty is a key component of any family. She is not a direct part of the family, but she does a great job maintaining it. The Sohma maid is exactly what she sounds like. She is a Sohma Maid and has many things going for her.

People look up to her character for a reason. For over 20 years, she has been a part of the family. This is why the series is so popular. Her complexity is more than her work.

19. Chie


Chie is one the most underrated characters of the series. She is also a member the Prince Yuki Fan Club. Her presence isnโ€™t just significant.

18. Ruriko Kageyama

Ruriko Kageyama

She is the president of the Sohma fan club. Let’s just say she is going to have the time and life of her dreams in this series. She isn’t part of the original Fruits Basket series, but she is still very remarkable. She is one side character in the Fruits Basket Another series.

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Her character is somewhat obscure because of this. She is, however, the daughter of the former president Prince Yuki Fan Club. This relationship strengthens her character for the audience. Kaibara High is her school. She is in her second year of academics.

17. Satsuki Sohma

Satsuki Sohma

Satsuki is strong as Hinata and Hiro’s mother. This fascinating character doesn’t often appear on screen. She leaves an impression, however. She is fair in appearance, as she has a bright complexion.

She is a good choice for her height, as she is of average height. This is why Satsuki is so beloved by people. You guys should also enjoy Satsuki’s cheerful personality.

16. Rika Aida

Rika Aida

The Prince Yuki Fan Club is still alive. Yes, Rika is a member. That’s where she finds most of her fans. She is close to Motoko Mikawa, and her association with him is what gives her more attention.

Rika’s personality and charisma are what make her stand out. It’s obvious that she admires Yuki Sohma, which is a fascinating thing for the audience.

15. Akimoto


Although this slim woman might not seem like an important character, it is something you won’t want to overlook. That’s why Akimoto is here on our list. She was part of The Ladies. If you guys donโ€™t know what The Ladies are, I will quickly remind you.

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This group was made up of all females working together in a gang. This gang has been the subject of much discussion since Arisa Uotani, at one time, was also part of it.

Akimoto is a person you won’t want to miss. You should also make sure you see her on-screen in her exotic look.

14. Sawa Mitoma

Sawa Mitoma

Fruits Basket Another is an obscure series that many people overlook. Those who have seen it know that it is well worth your time. Sawa Mitoma is the reason the series has continued to be enjoyable even after the final season. She serves as the main antagonist of the series.

Her personality is a little odd because she is shy and extremely apologetic. But if you allow her to unfold, you will find troublesome characters in one way or the other.

13. Okami Sohma

Okami Sohma

Sohmas Hot Springs is a wonderful place to visit. Okami Sohma is a great option for those who are aspirants to that area. This woman is one side character who happens to be in charge at the Sohmas Hot Spring.

She is Ritsu Sohmaโ€™s mother, so their relationship is strong. Contrary to her age, this woman is quite attractive.

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Her presence is an inspiration to all of us. What makes her even more fascinating is her willingness to go out and try her best to make a name for herself.

12. Momo Sohma

Momo Sohma

Momoji Sohma’s siblings, Momo Sohna, steal the show. Momo’s birth however was more fascinating. Her mother asked her for a favor and she gave it to her. The favor was about her forgetting her son.

Momo was born under such a condition. This woman is for you if you’re looking for a warm, caring character that you can relate to. She is also petite and has a sweet smile.

11. Amane


There are many great people in Class 1-A. Amane is just one of these people. She is one of the side characters from Fruits Basket Another. Sawa Mitoma helped her to attract attention.

This is why she deserves our attention. Kaibara Municipal High School was where she studied. Sawa was one of her closest friends.

Amane was an engaging character because of this. If you enjoy the show, keep your eyes on Amane without breaking a sweat.

10. Arisa Uotani

Arisa Uotani

Uo is quite extraordinary. Tohru’s best friend, Uo appears on the screen repeatedly. This is how her audience now recognizes her. Her excellence on screen is what makes her a lasting impression on the audience.

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Everyone around her was bound to notice her cheerful personality. That’s what makes her even more intriguing. This girl is also a big fan of Kyoko Honda, as she was the Gang Leader in her time.

This is why anime has so many wonderful qualities that you will love it.

9. Kyoko Honda

Kyoko Honda

She was simply stunning. This is why she’s a topic of conversation for us all. It’s clear that this little girl has changed the way we view the Honda family. The anime was turned on its head by just a few of her experiences. A car accident claimed her life.

However, her death incident is quite respectable because she was a courageous woman. She was a woman of courage, passion and confidence.

8. The Chinese Zodiac

This entry is quite interesting, so please bear with me. The Chinese Zodiac doesn’t just apply to one person. It is actually a mixture of male and female individuals.

It is therefore placed here. The official system includes 12 animals. The Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Horse, Horse, Dragon, Monkey, Dog, Ox, Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Sheep and Rooster are all part of the official system.

These animals will always have human counterparts in the series. This is why the entire zodiac makes it onto our list.

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7. Mio Hasegawa

Mio Hasegawa

Mio Hasegawa served as treasurer during Hajime Sohma’s presidency. That’s how her story began. Her position on our list is due to her being from the Fruits Basket series.

Even though she was a minor character, the girl managed to show that even normal people can be interesting. This is why the show is so amazing for us all. Her overall appearance is very petite.

6. Mitsuru


Shigure Sohma is having a hard time with Mitsuru. This is why she has been added to our list. This girl is Shigure’s editor. That’s why she is so close with him. As time goes by, however, things get more interesting for the two of them.

Soon enough, we begin to see that these characters are much more fascinating than what is first apparent.

This character will at least remind you of how warm and wholesome the series is. Her relationship with RitsuSohma makes it a little more romantic.

5. Akito Sohma

Akito Sohma

This woman is a baddie. We know this because she is the main antagonist in the series. She was the one who made this series so entertaining. That’s what makes her character so interesting.

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Fruits Basket isnโ€™t a story about a hero-villain, but there are times when a negative aspect of the story seems necessary. This is why Akito Sohma’s character and story are worthy of endless discussions. She is a great leader of the Sohma families.

This entity, standing as God, is much more fascinating than what the eye can see. Akito I’d is at the top of our list because of this.

4. Tohru Honda

Tohru Honda

Tohru is the next girl on our wish list. She is the main character of the series, and even though she isnโ€™t part of the Sohma clan, she did end up becoming one through a few events in her life.

Tohru is a happy girl who wants happiness for everyone around her. Although this idea may seem odd at first, the series does a good job of promoting it.

3. Saki Hanajima

Saki Hanajima

Even outside of the Fruits Basket, she is a very popular character. Saki deserves to be on this list for all the reasons. She is a side character who enjoys being in the spotlight. This woman will be a delight to the audience, without even breaking a sweat.

Despite her deadpan personality, she is a very funny person. Her personality was more than being a dumb friend. She is entertaining because of that.

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2. Ren Sohma

Ren Sohma

Although she may not be directly a villain, this woman is certainly not a bad person. Despite her being a good-looking woman, you cannot help but notice the negative aspects of her.

This is part of the charm that makes her character so interesting for us all. Let’s just say her insaneness is what draws the audience to good action.

1. Machi Kuragi

Machi Kuragi

The series features this girl over and over. Let’s just say things will be fine for her. Kakeru Manabe’s younger sibling, she is. This connection is more complicated than it sounds because Kakeru has a father in common with her.

So, she makes recurring appearances on the series. On the outside, she seems emotionless. But there is more to her character.

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