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Gravity Fall Characters

Gravity Falls This show is full of adventurers and heroes. Sometimes, characters have been dragged into the strangeness of the town. Each character is bravely navigating their own adventures, regardless of whether they are a willing adventurer like Dipper or Mabel. Here’s the Gravity fall characters list by category.

Top 10 Best Gravity Falls Characters

Gravity Falls: The Main Characters Ranked by Funniness

Gravity Falls: The Main Characters Ranked by Funniness

There are many hilarious interactions between main characters. This allows for some unique personalities, but it does mean that some characters can be more funny than others. One, they have a naturally funny personality, while the other gets more screen time to make jokes. However, there is naturally a hierarchy for funniness.

10 Grunkle Ford

Ford first appears in season 2’s second half. He doesn’t see as much screen time, so he isn’t as funny as the other characters. He still has many funny qualities.

His geekiness and love of all things scientific are often used to make fun of him. It’s hilarious to watch him and Dipper play Dungeons and Dragons. Ford has also been trapped in another dimension for years. He is not used to normal life and so gives small children deadly weapons to laugh at.

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9 Wendy

Wendy can have her moments of crazy, like when she dislikes a rap track that everyone else loves. Wendy isn’t always able to laugh because of her main character trait, which is her calm approach to everything. Therefore her lines are very subdued.

This can make for some hilarious moments, like when she confesses to being stressed all the time. And when Wendy does get a funny line, voice actor Linda Cardellini does a great job at bringing Wendy’s humor to life, and Wendy is considered by Rotten Tomatoes to be one of Linda Cardellini’s best roles.

8 Robbie

Robbie can be considered minor antagonist. She is creepy and unlikable but, just like everyone else. Gravity Falls character, he has his funny moments. His angsty and emo nature pushes him to the extreme. He makes dramatic and loud speeches about his life, which other characters can barely hear.

Robbie is the most common jokester. He often lays in a grave to mourn Wendy’s departure, only for everyone to ignore him and then attack by a vulture. There are many great jokes about Robbie’s obsession with Wendy.

7 Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher, the show’s main antagonist, is extremely sadistic and terrifying. This surprisingly results in a lot of laughter. Although he is a demon, his behavior is often that of a frat child who just wants to have fun with his friends. The final episodes of the show are full of jokes that stem from this idea.

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Bill likes to make people around him feel uncomfortable. He often gifts them troubling items like deer teeth. This can lead to some very funny reactions. He has a frightening sense of humor. Gravity Falls is an animated series that all ages can appreciate.

6 Pacifica

Pacifica is a member of Gravity Fall‘s most hated characters, she is still incredibly funny. As Gravity Fall’s resident mean girl, she is a meta rendition of the “one-dimensional bleach blonde valley girl stereotype.” Her snobbery and nastiness are in direct opposition to the Pines family.

Pacifica got a redemption arc which was very exciting for many. However, it was a shame that her redemption meant she lost a lot Queen Bee traits so that she wouldn’t be the hilarious caricature she once was.

5 Dipper

Dipper is often the straight man when it comes to humor, but his determination to be serious is often what makes Dipper so funny. He is obsessed with Wendy and constantly attempts to win her love.

Dipper’s joke about not being masculine enough isn’t a great form of humor. However, it is hilarious when he dramatically defeats Sherlock Holmes only for him suddenly to sneeze “like an kitten”.

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4 Soos

Soos is arguably the least intelligent character of the show, and that’s usually what makes him so funny. His lack of intelligence mixed with his genuine kindness and naive personality makes him a character that tends to land in sticky yet hilarious situations. It is often his quotes that hit comedy gold, such as when Dipper sees a version of himself dying painfully, and Soos simply responds, “Good luck sleeping tonight!”

Granted, the fat jokes that are often made at his expense haven’t aged super well, but overall it’s impossible not to love Soos, and it’s impossible not to laugh at him either.

3 Gideon

Gideon is an incredibly funny villain right from the first time he appears. The fact that Stan’s major nemesis is a literal child whose whole thing is cuteness is a great joke, and it only gets better from there. Gideon, who is borderline sociopathic and spoiled, has a hilarious way of making a child’s bloodlust-fueled rages during the first season.

Additionally, his childish activities such as lifting him or trying to learn how a skateboard works are hilarious because he fails so often. While his obsession with Mabel is creepy, it also makes for some funny jokes.

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2 Mabel

Mabel is the show’s most famous character. Her quotable personality and quirky outlook bring life to the series. She is undoubtedly the most funny character in many episodes. Although she can be selfish and sporadically impulsive at times, her good nature makes the bizarre situations she finds herself in even more fun.

Mabel’s view of the world is a great source for jokes. She often treats the audience to an 80s psychedelic-themed paradise, full of boybands and cute boys. This allows for surrealist humor and it works every single time.

1 Grunkle Stan

Grunkle Stan is one those characters that viewers love as adults but may not have appreciated fully as children. Although his humor is sometimes dark and dirty, he’s still funny enough to make the show enjoyable for younger viewers.

His funniness involves his obsession with money, his pulling of his friends and family into his money-making schemes, his violent rivalry with Gideon, who is a literal child, and even the painful past that Stan hides is often played for laughs. He is the reason people return to the show as adults, and he is most likely the main reason.

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Every Main Gravity Falls Characters, Ranked by Courage

Every Main Gravity Falls Characters, Ranked by Courage

Gravity Falls features many characters who are willing to take on unimaginable challenges.

10 Bill Cipher had nothing to fear

Although Bill could argue that he didn’t fear anything, it is the act of forging ahead even though you are afraid that defines true courage. Bill Cipher was incapable of being brave since he never had anything to fear in the millennia that he had lived and didn’t perceive pain in the same manner that mortal beings did. Despite not having any general fear during his long life, Bill Cipher eventually admitted that he was actually a coward. When faced with his own death, he begged for help, desperate to reach a deal before his memory and being were destroyed by Fiddleford’s memory gun.

Gideon Saves Mabel by Defying Bill

Gideon was a man who always hedged his bets when faced with conflict. He relied on backup plans to win. Gideon sided with Bill when that failed and made a deal that would allow him to remain free during Weirdmageddon. Gideon, a vengeful antagonist, was cowardly when confronted with the consequences of what he did. Gideon stood up to Bill during the finale. Gideon risked his life to save the townfolk from Bill’s petrification. This earned everyone’s respect. It was only when Gideon hit the lowest point of his life that he was able to show true courage.

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Wendy admits that her bravery was a front

Wendy proved her courage and determination every time she was called upon to lead an adventure. The cool-headed teenager was trained by her father to play Lumberjack games. She showed her abilities, finding her way through all situations. Despite situations such as the first lonely days of Weirdmageddon in the episode “Society of the Blind Eye”, the episode shows that she is resilient., Wendy revealed to Mabel that she was stressed almost all the time. The viewers were able to see that Wendy’s bravery was a facade. Wendy did not run from her problems and instead faced them head-on.

Soos Facing Every Challenge Head-On

There was nothing Soos could fear throughout the series. He was able to think about his family and friends even when he was afraid. His loyalty to them helped him get through the most difficult times. Soos saw Stan in the role of a father figure to replace his absent father. This was evident throughout the series. Soos’ greatest challenge was when he had the opportunity to confront Stan in order for him to protect Dipper, Mabel and a man he loved and worshipped. No matter what circumstances Soos found himself in, he would do anything for his found family.

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Fiddleford McGucket Struggled To Reclaim His Memories

Fiddleford was initially unable to cope with the darkness he saw through the portal he built. Fiddleford built the memory gun to help him cope with the unwanted memories. It also destroyed his sanity. Although running away from himself was a cowardly act, Fiddleford was finally allowed to access his past memories and find out who he was. Fiddleford faced the fear of the unknown after he felt the need to make amends for the past. He was terrified to learn why he had erased the memories. However, he decided not to run away from his past and became one the show’s heroes.

Ford conquered his fears

While Ford and Dipper are similar in many aspects, they differ greatly when confronted with dangerous situations. Dipper can be a doubter, but Ford is fearless and uses his analytical mind, finely tuned reflexes, and extensive research to guide him. Ford was never afraid to believe in his abilities. This helped him survive his time in multiverse. Ford wouldn’t have been able to survive his many years of research into anomalies if he had not shown courage.

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After coming across alien robotic defenses during his time in Gravity Falls, Ford managed to master his fears and keep calm under pressure. Ford was able to remain calm, despite being subjected to torture by Bill Cipher.

Stan gave his life to save Dipper and Mabel

Stan’s past revealed that he was a selfish con man who valued himself above all else. Stan changed when he was put in charge of Dipper’s and Mabel’s safety. He would risk his life to save them. Stan had been protecting Mabel (and Dipper) all summer. But it was only in the episode “The first time” that it was shown.Scary-oke’ Stan battled a horde zombies during this time.

Stan’s character was tested later during Weirdmageddon. At that point, Stan gave up his consciousness to trap Bill, and burned away his memories. While this did ultimately save Gravity Falls and the known universe, Stan didn’t do it for that purpose; the only reason Stan made the ultimate sacrifice was to save the people he loved most, Mabel and Dipper.

Dipper was always anxious

Mabel was the brave twin who rushed headfirst into situations without considering the consequences. Dipper on the other side seemed to be focused only on the consequences of their actions. Dipper was always anxious, overthinking every possible outcome. But Dipper’s hunger for knowledge outweighed all his anxieties. He didn’t let his fears control him. Instead, he fought through them and focused on the benefits he would get from his adventures. Although Dipper was initially the most afraid of all the characters, he didn’t let that stop him. He persevered every time.

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Mabel gave up her dreams to save Gravity Falls

Mabel was often more excited than she was afraid during her adventures. Mabel was still frightened by her fears, and she was most afraid that Dipper and her close relationship would end. Mabel was so scared by the thought of losing her brother, Bill came up with the perfect prison for Mabel. It was a land where Dipper would never be lost.

Mabel was content in her prison cell, but she was not happy when she discovered that Gravity Falls was in danger. The real Dipper needed her. Mabel gave up her dreams to defeat Bill. This was a rare kind of courage.

Pacifica had emotionally abusive parents

Pacifica was one of the bravest characters in Gravity Falls. She faced one the greatest threats in the series. While other characters were off braving monsters and oddities, Pacifica was faced with emotionally abusive parents. Although Pacifica initially appeared to be a bully stereotype, viewers soon saw her parents in action and realized she was much more.

Pacifica was brave enough to ask her parents for a simple, but beautiful, dress. Her parents humiliated her and even rang the bell when Pacifica didn’t comply with their standards. Pacifica’s response to the bell indicates that she was trained to use fear tactics and manipulation to do so. Despite the fear Pacifica felt towards her parents she stood by them when it mattered. She knew that there would likely to be consequences.

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Every Main Gravity Falls Characters, Ranked Based on Intelligence

Even less intelligent characters can sometimes show their intelligence. Mabel solved Quentin Trembley’s case, Stan spent years trying to unravel the mysteries of the town by himself, and Gideon located the second journal. Gravity Falls is a place that brings out the best of its citizens, given the right circumstances.

10 Pacifica Was Learning Emotional Intelligence

Her activities during Pacifica’s initial episodes didn’t show her intelligence. Her knowledge of how things work in real life was minimal. She only knew what her social graces were. Due to the abuse that her parents gave her, Pacifica is now emotionally disabled. Pacifica developed into a caring character after spending time with Mabel (and Dipper). Even though Pacifica didn’t quite get the whole picture, it was a good start.

Soos Is An Expert Handyman

Soos may seem a bit dumb compared with the other characters but he is an expert in the things that interest his. Soos loves Stan and his main interest is to be the best handyman for the Mystery Shack. Soos is an excellent learner. He usually needs to be shown how to do something once, as Mabel did when she traveled back in time to show him how to get the goods from the vending machines. Soos may not be a brilliant thinker, but he is able to quickly learn what he needs, when he needs it.

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Wendy knows who the lead is to follow

While Wendy was not an expert in reading social cues, even though she had very little knowledge of the Pines family’s adventures, Wendy was a master at reading them. Because of this, she became an invaluable member of the team, using the social ticks she picked up on to comfort her friends and help them escape danger. Wendy was also able to recognize when her intellect wasn’t enough to help her get through difficult situations. However, instead of panicking, Wendy was wise enough look to the smartest person and follow their lead.

Mabel Is A Creative Genius

Mabel is creative and more intuitive than Dipper. Most people assume she’s not smart but that’s not true. Mabel is able to use her right brain more because she uses it more for artistic and imaginative purposes. Mabel’s creative genius is best shown in the episode Irrational Treasure. The twins wouldn’t have solved the mystery of Quentin Trembley if Mabel didn’t see the world in a different light. Sometimes creative weirdballs are more important than deep thinkers.

Gideon has a good memory and strategic mind

Gideon’s greatest strength is his strategic mind. With it, he could see every angle of a plan. Gideon knew exactly who he had to befriend or manipulate to get what he wanted, rooting himself in the townsfolk’s hearts before making any big plans to take over. Gideon proved to be a worthy adversary, even after he lost the second journal. He used his knowledge of the townsfolk in order to achieve his goals. Gideon, who was sent to prison, could be frequently seen carrying books that outlined the art of prison break and law. Gideon eventually moved to Bill’s last resort when all else had failed. Gideon did not have a journal and had to draw the complicated ritual chart himself. This proved that Gideon has an amazing memory and keen eye for detail.

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Stan Rebuilds The Portal

Stan Pines grew up alongside his genius brother Ford, and as such, he always felt intellectually inadequate. Stan was never able to dedicate himself to any project, except when he accidentally activated a portal and lost Ford. Stan could not repair the machine without Ford’s journals.

Stan knew that the machine was impossible to fix without blueprints. But he kept at it. He worked diligently for more 30 years trying to repair the machine with the only journal that he had. Stan managed to repair Ford’s machine without any assistance when he finally found the journals. McGucket had been unable to help Ford build the machine. But Stan was able repair the machine himself, despite not having any expertise in the subject. Stan is unstoppable when he’s focused on a goal.

Fiddleford McGucket Is A Technology Innovator

McGucket was summoned to Gravity Falls in order to help Ford with his research. He was probably the only person who could have drafted the blueprints of the portal. Even after seeing the end of the world through the portal, McGucket managed to stay sane enough to invent the ray that ultimately erased his memory. Even though he ended up going insane, he still managed to invent machines that both helped or hindered Gravity Falls. McGucket’s last invention was the Mystery Shack, which was transformed into a mech to aid the townsfolk during the Battle of Weirdmageddon.

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Dipper is a researcher in the making

Dipper performing math on a popcorn machine

Ford said that Dipper was a younger version if his grunkle. Dipper had a never-ending mind and was always on the lookout for the next mystery. Dipper had a keen analytical mind and was adept at solving equations. Dipper believed he was worthless with the journals but he quickly learned to live without them and that he was much more than the information he had read.

Ford Pines Was A Pioneer In Anomalies

Before Ford joined forces with Fiddleford Mcucket, Bill Cipher, and Mabel, he was on his own adventure to find the mysteries of Gravity falls, writing his research in journals. Thanks to his research, Dipper, Mabel, and Stan were able survive their own adventures. Even Stan, who isn’t well-known for his brilliant intellect, was able to reconstruct the portal he designed from the blueprints. This is a clear indication that Ford’s research was simple to follow for the untrained eye.

Ford’s time spent in the multiverse was not shown but it was clearly demonstrated that he was able to think on his own, and was able to navigate the dangerous life of an interdimensional traveler for thirty years. Ford managed to survive despite not having the time to create new journals that would help him in other dimensions. The only gap in Ford’s knowledge stems from is inability to master magic. However, this isn’t a major weakness considering Ford’s other accomplishments.

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Bill Cipher Knows All The Secrets Of The Universe

As a dream demon, Bill was revealed to have an almost infinite knowledge of the universe, including the different dimensions spread across it and the manner in which each realm worked. There were some gaps in Bill’s knowledge but he was able to fill them in through trades for information or by entering people’s thoughts via the dreamscape. While Bill could be deceived, these were only the times he was physically present and not on his original plain. The Pines family would likely have lost if the final battle had been fought in dreamscape.

Gravity Falls: 5 Most Likeable Characters (& 5 Fans Can’t Stand)

Love: Dipper Pines

Dipper Pines is the protagonist of the story. He’s an awkward and loving teenager. He becomes obsessed with a journal he finds that documents strange supernatural occurrences in the town and he wants to figure out the secrets of Gravity Falls. He’s relatable and has an obsession with everything. He wants answers to all his questions regarding the supernatural science of Gravity Falls.

Hate: Pacifica Northwest

Pacifica Northwest is a spoilt rich character who relies on her wealth and status for what she wants. She does enjoy getting to know Dipper and Mabel, but she is most interested in beating Mabel at different competitions. Pacifica is determined to get what she wants, and Mabel doesn’t like her being scared of her or letting Mabel have her way.

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Mabel Pines – Love

Mabel Pines (voiced by Kristen Schaal) has an outgoing and quirky personality that makes her a unique character. She can’t be stopped when she decides to do something and is so optimistic that it’s hard to not love her.

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Mabel loves and cares for everyone. She’s quick and honest to share her feelings with them which is always charming. Mabel is Dipper’s loyal, supportive sister.

Hate: Li’l Geideon

Li’l Gideon is a more polished con man than Grunkle Stan is, but he has none of the gruff lovable charm that Stan has. Gideon tries trick Gravity Falls into believing he has psychic abilities. But Ford’s journals show that he is receiving supernatural help. Mabel is not interested in him dating and he becomes upset and vows revenge. Stan is always trying to steal the Mystery Shack.

Love: Grunkle Stan

Grunkle Stan is a gruff but lovable character who is given a large amount of screentime so the audience can warm up to his particular personality. While he may not be someone you would want to see in real life, he is a charming and charming screen character. Even though Stan can be a bit rough around the edges it is clear that he loves Dipper, Mabel and Soos and would do anything for them.

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Hate: Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher is a character that most fans love to hate as he’s interesting and tends to be at the center or at least involved in most of the mysteries and cryptograms in the show, but he’s also the evilest character in the show. He is the main antagonist of the series, causing all beloved characters pain every time he appears. He’s been able to control Dipper and manipulate Mabel, as well as torturing the entire town until he is finally freed to create chaos in Gravity Falls.

Love: Soos

Soos is one of the most lovable and hilarious characters of the series as he’s completely naïve, blissfully happy, and unaware of their dangerous supernatural surroundings. Grunkle Stan is a father figure to him and he has been working at The Mystery Shack his whole life. He is devoted to Mabel and Dipper, and would do anything for them and the Mystery Shack.

Hate: Robbie Valentino

Robbie Valentino (voiced by T.J. Miller) is a typical teenager who is helplessly in love with Wendy and likes to complain about everything. Dipper is also a fan of Robbie, but he believes Wendy would be happier if Robbie wasn’t there.

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Robbie isn’t a terrible character but he’s not the most interesting.

Love: Wendy Corduroy

Wendy (voiced by Linda Cardellini) is a strong, capable, and independent character who is effortlessly cool. She is a balance of being distant and caring deeply about her friends. This allows her to be both carefree and supportive when needed. Dipper was a crush upon her throughout the series. It’s easy to see why all of his fans and friends love her so much.

Hate: Ford Pines

Hate is too strong of a word for Ford Pines (voiced by J.K. Simmons), but his introduction to the show caused a lot of issues with the otherwise happy trio of Dipper, Mabel, and Stan. Ford makes an interesting introduction. Mabel and Dipper had no idea he existed, and he becomes so upset about Stan’s return to his dimension that he won’t even try to save him. Although he is a rough character, much like his brother, the audience will have a shorter time to get to know him.

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