GYUTARO DEMON SLAYER : Everything You Need To Know

In Demon Slayer, Gyutaro demon who held the sixth moon's highest and shared it with his twin sister Daka.
Demon Slayer Gyutaro

In Demon Slayer, Gyutaro demon who held the sixth moon’s highest and shared it with his twin sister Daka.

APPEARANCE Gyutaro Demon Slayer


In demon Slayer Gyutaro has numerous birthmarks of black across his face. The eyes’ whites are yellow while his eyes are lighter green. Gyutaro’s hair is black however, the color shifts to green when he gets nearer to his hair. About Gutaro himself, Gyutaro is described as extremely ugly.

He described himself as an animal and a demon. His body has a disproportional amount of muscles. He is extremely strong in his legs and arms, but there’s virtually no fat or muscle in his abdominal region. This is why his bones protrude quite a bit in the abdominal region.

PERSONALITY Gyutaro Demon Slayer


Because of his history and his past, he was attracted to other people’s looks. However, he regards his appearance to be an opportunity to be proud of himself, because he has accomplished a lot from it.

He’s always protecting his ducky. He is very fond of her just like her love for him. Gyutaro has cared for Ducky throughout his entire life, she’s a true love to him. He is devoted to her regardless of the insults thrown his way. But, he’ll never remain silent when he is attacked, and he’ll take action.

Gyutaro revealed his arrogant side by declaring Tanjiro and other people as pathetic beings with weak bodies.

HISTORY Gyutaro Demon Slayer


Gyutaro from Demon Slayer was a child who was not wanted. Prior to his birth his mother had attempted at suicide herself however as a young person, she had tried to kill him.

Gyutaro was often snubbed and criticized for his appearance as well as his unattractive voice. But he wasn’t disappointed and discovered a way to use his flaws. Gyutaro discovered that he was an extremely strong kid He chose to blend his ugly appearance and strength to collect debts from people. Gyutaro did a great job however, the locals disliked him more.

Then, Daki, whose real name was Ume was born, however, unlike her, she was attractive and beautiful. Their mother was not able to take care of them and they decided to stop from relying on her, and decided to work together to make it through. Ducky generated income, and Gutaro was a protector for her.

When Daki was thirteen years old Daki was 13 years old when she poked the samurai’s eyes out using a hairpin that was given to her by the samurai. She became angry at him and, along with other housemates were able to capture her and burn her alive. When Gyutaro discovered her, the body was still breathing but was burned. The ones who had done this started yelling at him and blaming him for the terrible misfortunes he brought to them. Then he screamed at them in anger , and took out all the people on the street without even thinking about it.

In the next moment, Gyutaro and the burned body of Daka is able to find Douma. The king invites his followers to become part of him as demons, and they accept.

STORYLINE Demon Slayer


Following the rage Ducky demanded help from the other, Gyutaro stepped out of her body quickly and moved her to another area in the area. He then reattached her head and embraced her during the process. Tengen was able to attack the two but Gyutaro quickly stopped him which injured Pillar. He later gave a kudos to Pillar for his bravery. Demon Hunter for stopping his attack.

This mystery Demon was also applauding Tengen’s facial and skin, muscles and size in addition to his supposed popularity among women. In awe of the Pillar, Gutaro threatened him with a brutal death . When Daka complained regarding Nezuko Kamado’s actions and threats to retribution, he vowed revenge on anyone who injured her. The sickle-shaped weapon was thrown with massive force, returning to him soon afterward Gyutaro did not injure Tengen or anyone else who he was protecting. He expressed his desire for the Pillar that only grew as The Demon Hunter revealed that he had three wives. It was then that the Mysterious Demon released its Demonic Blood Technique: Sickle Splatter, the bloody stream of blades. His attempt was unsuccessful however, as Tengen was able to escape through the hole that he created in the floor, astonish even the exhausted Demon. Gutaro directed Tengen’s attacks to turn around and show his auto-tracking capability. Tengen continued to repel the assault, dropping and detonating a number of small bombs within Gutaro’s range. The belt of his sister was wrapped around him Gyutaro was able to withstand the blast with a smile, confidently declaring that they were all one.

The exhausted Demon declared to him that his adversary was distinct to the previous Pillars that he had faced and expressed his admiration for Tengen’s talent. Tengen remained silent as The Pillar of Sound rejected his assertions, citing Goemei Himejima as well as Muichiro Tokito as two examples of extraordinary talents, however, the Demon demanded to know why the venom from his Blood Sickle did not yet kill his Demon Hunter. In a short time, Gyutaro smirked, declaring Tengen’s claim to Venom resistance to be an untruth, and put a stop to his blades from the Hashira twins with his two sickles. When he was confronted by his foe, Gyutaro was furious when Tengen kicked his sister. He was then shocked by the fact that Tengen launched a series of bombs towards him and his sister and he was able to escape unharmed. He soon realized the essence of the explosives. They were they were a specific powder that was that was capable of injuring the Demons and allowing him to be confident that they would prevail, however, he was surprised by Tengen’s next strike was more powerful. Bewildered by the power of the Pillar’s hold, Gutaro repelled the attack but suffered a small injury to his neck. Gutaro advised Tengen about his impending death. He was shocked by the appearance from Inosuke hashibir, and Zenitsu Agatsum.

The mysterious Demon continued to threaten death in the belief that the coming of the second Pillars wasn’t enough to be enough to win . Tengen was confident about his victory, and determined that beheading both siblings at the same time was the key to victory, however Gutaro assured him it wasn’t easy. He also said that the two of them had consumed a number of Pillars 15 and 7 each. He sat in silence as Zenica was battling Daki from the top as well. Inosuke would soon assist Zenica during the battle but was still convinced that she would win . Utilizing his connection with her sister Gyutaro shut one eye, and swiftly attacked Tanjiro Kamado. He almost punched Tanjiro on the head, however in the final seconds the fight was interrupted by Tengen who smacked an attack on his chin just a few inches away of the death blow and continued to fight to his foe. In the midst of the fight, the flaps of the fight between his sister rolled over the pair and caused Gutaro to declare Tengen’s claim of victory is a sham, and to declare his adversaries incompetent due to their inability to control motion.





Human beings the man learned the use of the hand scythe when playing with children as an infant at the bottom of the casting in Red Light County. His abilities improved dramatically as he began to use this ability as an debt collector. Already capable of moving his body quickly enough to take a skilled Samurai and then eliminate him.



As the real Holder of the position of the Sixth High Moon and also receiving liquid from Muzan, Gyutaro was an extremely powerful demon, since his own strength, ability, experience and strength to effortlessly fight Tengen and Tanjiro as well as a highly skilled fighter who annihilates both in battle.

Gyutaro’s skill and strength is outlined in Tanjiro’s words following the time that his Demon Hunter first met him and observed that Gyutaro’s auraand bloodlust and murderous motives were a step above his sister’s, which caused him to resign himself from him in fear. Gyutaro added later that he killed and eaten 13 Pillars throughout his time as Demon. Demon which further proved his capabilities as the High Moon.

Another proof of his power is that, even while Gyutaro lost his life in the battle, he was capable of severely wounding Tengen Uzui as well as who was the Pillar of Sound and poisoning the Pillar of Sound. He could be dead Tanjiro along with Inosuke without the unique Nezuko’s blood method that was possessed by the devil. If it wasn’t for his arrogance which ruled him, he might have defeated them all and killed them himself.

Gyutaro Demon Slayer
  • Enhance Regeneration As with the other demons Gutaro is also blessed with incredible regeneration powers as well, with his own regenerative rate increasing further following his joining of twelve Demon moons, and then becoming an High Moon. The large amount of Muzan blood will further boost the power of his body which allows him to fight off and be able to adapt to the powerful wisteria-based poisons without difficulty and quickly regenerate the limbs that were lost in just a few seconds.
  • Flesh Manipulation: Gutaro as well as other demons, is able to manipulate and control his flesh to suit his needs as well as Gutaro being skilled enough in manipulating his body at an cellular level, and mixing the body with that of his sibling’s body to boost her abilities. Due to this, Gutaro can also grant Ducky an immunity from decapitation so that regardless of what number times the head of her is cut the head will not start to break apart until Gutaro is killed and also. Gutaro has also shown the ability to move his joints in any way he likes and manipulate his flesh as demonstrated when he is able to complete a full 180 degrees by turning his neck.
  • “Core Detachment”: Gyutaro is able to completely remove from his “Core” from his own body. It appears to assume the form that of the right side which he later implants into the eyes of his sister Daka. This forehead increases the abilities of his daughter, enhances her physical vision to the point that she is able to easily deal with the speed of Lightning Breath attacks. Due to this, Gutaro also builds an emotional connection with her, and enables him to hear, see and feel her actions as well as possess and manage his body to more effectively coordinate his attacks.
  • Invulnerability to Decapitation This capability lets Gutaro to segregate the “core” from his own body, thereby protecting him from decapitation and death because his core does not reside inside his body. This ensures that the two of them will not be killed through decapitation, in the event that both heads are cut off simultaneously.
  • Psychological perception It was discovered that Gutaro had extremely sharp senses, in a position to keep a clear view of all that was happening around him , and also to follow each person that he and his sister battled via his psychic connection which allowed him to follow the battles with ease and identify any hidden attacks as well as the presence of human or demons when they came close to either.
    • Large Information Processing It is discovered that Gutaro possesses the ability to subconsciously handle the vast amount of sensory information that is sent to him through his and his sister’s highly refined senses, through the psychic link. He is able to act intuitively on the information that is given to him by pure instinct and to perfectly control his and her actions and actions in battle. This was they did during their fight against Tengen, Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenica in which he expertly combined his attack with Daki. He could use multiple simultaneous attacks against each of the four opponents even though they were fighting in different locations and facing two different adversaries, manipulating his sister’s actions as well as using her belts to strike simultaneously with his swaths of blood to attack.



Gyutaro fFrom Demon Slayer utilizes the blood Sickles ( the Xie Chi Lian Ga Ma Chigamo) by separating his own blood and flesh to create a pair of double sickles. The sickles are used together using his Demonic Blood Techniques to carry out attacks. He also covers the sickles’ blades with poisonous toxins to enhance its effectiveness during combat. Gutaro also demonstrated that he was able to easily control and manipulate the cells that contain the sickles as demonstrated when he was able to make the Tengen Uzui along with Tanjiro Kamado’s swords by letting his flesh stop the blades from slipping and hold them in their place.


The raging archways filled with evil — Gutaro with swift circular movements reflect external attacks.


  • In chapter in chapter 98, Muzan Kibutsuji declared that Gyutaro was the real person who held that position for the sixth High Moon and not his wife.
  • Gyutaro is one of Muzan’s top High Moons due to his respect for his circumstances and his shrewd personality.
  • The term “Gyu” refers to the people who ply their trade in an entertainment area. After his time as Gyu, he was able to make a name for himself. Gyu He then took the name and employed it to refer to himself as Gyutaro.


  • “My ugliness became my pride.”
  • “When Ume came into the world, something inside me began to change.”
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